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Colin James

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My son is looking for funding for his final project at Uni, any help would be greatly appreciated as Tesco say 'Every Little Helps'


A Fifteen-minute documentary that will follow Simon Taylor (our Presenter) aiming to gain an understanding of just how significant Robert Howlett’s portrait ‘Isambard Kingdom Brunel and The Launching Chains of the SS Great Eastern’ was to the Industrial Revolution. 

Simon Taylor will chat with historians & photographic analysts to find more information around the photograph so that he can recreate the photo in a 21st Century version of its original setting - Burrell's Wharf in Millwall, London. 
Isambard Kingdom Brunel was an inspirational and hugely talented engineer who revolutionised Industrial Britain and architecture to what is it today. Much of what he created is still seen and used today. This is the primary photograph that is used wherever Brunel’s name is mentioned.
With the money raised we plan to use to cover expenses for travel and resources for the final product. 
Any donation would be massively helpful to allow us to explore who one of the Greatest British Men, Isambard Kingdom Brunel was. It will also allow us the opportunity to acknowledge how the work of Robert Howlett portrayed such a historic figure.
Don’t forget to share this project and like us on Facebook @thelaunchingchain and try to and get as many people behind this fascinating documentary as possible.
Thank you, 
The Launching Chain





Link To Donate Here



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Just a couple of questions:


What happens with the (often) £9,000 that is borrowed from the 1%, handed to universities to fund the 99%'s education, then paid back with interest?


Who saw to it that that £9,000 wouldn't quite cut it, and wasn't enough to cover projects like this?


I may well be asking awkward questions / coming across as some sort of 'skinflint', but I hanker for the days when our young people didn't have to go cap in hand to the general public to better themselves.  Back then the government was far-sighted enough to make sure our taxes were invested wisely.


In countries like Germany, where they see the value of educating the masses, learning is still free, not the preserve of the super-rich, AND you can even emigrate there / visit and be educated without being forced to plead for people's financial support.

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