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Freedom Church Submit Revised Planning Application

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Hereford Freedom Church have submitted a revised planning application for;

"Proposed fascia sign above doors, fascia sign lettering Freedom Church and fascia sign logo. All internally illuminated"

Revised Application

This application for advertising consent proposes the installation of a Lightbox above the porch entrance and illuminated lettering across the long street elevation of 100 Commercial Road. These two elements are designed to be in step with the Art Deco design of the building and represent a limited change to the facade.

A previous advertising consent application related to this building was withdrawn (P233317/A). The withdrawn application included a large mural and a digital screen along with other changes and overall, was a more significant visual change to the building.

Original Application 

Revised proposal for advertising consent

This revised application represents a scaled-back approach, and takes into account the design of the building and the character of the Conservation Area. 

Previous application for advertising consent

The previous, withdrawn application proposed two vinyl fascia signs, four demountable hoarding panels, one Gloshine LED video wall and vinyl signage to the existing building shutter. The proposals were not physically intrusive on the building, however they did represent an evident visual change to the street elevation. The application received 18 representations, eight of these were in support and ten were objections to the proposals.

Planning Application P241428/A

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