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Speed Enforcement Camera A465 Belmont Road Hereford. Freedom Of Information Request

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I write in connection with your request for information which was received on 29th January 2024.

Please find below the response to your request:

  1. How many fines have been issued in relation to the fixed speed camera on the A465 Belmont Road in Hereford during the last three financial years.
  2. How much money has been has been paid in relation to these fines?
  3. What is the highest speed recorded on this camera during that period?
  4. And could this information be broken down into each financial year?

Information that can be disclosed is below:

                                Yearly total         Monthly average             

Apr21-Mar22            2986                     248

Apr22-Mar23            1866                     155       

Apr23-Feb24            1616                     146

Period total               6468                    

  • Highest speed recorded                            75mph
  • NDOR courses completed                        5683
  • Fixed penalty notices                                785

All Fines from HM Courts go to the Treasury.

West Mercia Police receive no money from fines issued from the offenders.

Only the £45 element fee charged from an NDORS referral will be collected by West Mercia Police. In the time period stated West Mercia Police received £255,000.

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