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Leominster Fire Station Show Devastation Caused From House Fire In Leominster.

Hereford Voice

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On Saturday morning, our crew were turned out to a fire in a residential area of town. On approach to the incident, it was clear that this was a well developed house fire.

402139116_366048829156477_6808706263228499158_n.thumb.jpg.bdd22c03b4cf4f388010dea7358f2362.jpg 402047858_366048835823143_5674111135414260796_n.thumb.jpg.de71eccecab13644130fb621e30266b7.jpg

"The crew of four set to work quickly, rapidly deploying a breathing apparatus team to tackle the fire using door entry equipment, hose reel jets and ladders, to stop it spreading to other attached properties.

After entry was gained, the BA team located the seat of fire in a rear bedroom and set to work extinguishing it. Supporting crews at this incident were provided by Hereford Fire Station and Leintwardine Fire Station. The Leominster crew went back to the fire ground twice through the night to re-inspect the property, and dampen down any hotspots present.

As the pictures show below, this fire has had an absolutely devastating impact on the occupier and their family, highlighting the importance of having working smoke alarms installed"

Source | Images Courtesy Of  Leominster Fire Station 

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