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  1. You must LIKE & FOLLOW 👉 Hereford Voice on Facebook.
  2. Free are adverts promoted on our Facebook page only.
  3. Limited to one advert per business however, we may find additional free slots to re-advertise again during the month.
  4. You can have a free advert providing you are NOT paying to advertise with any other local page within the same period.
  5. Free adverts are subject to availability on a first come first serve basis.
  6. Free adverts are only for local independent businesses. 
  7. Existing clients will benefit from additional free adverts during this festive period.
  8. Free advertising is only during the month of December.
  9. Make sure to email your advert content together with any good quality images to news@herefordvoice.co.uk
  10. Free Events - email news@herefordvoice.co.uk



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