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Designs agreed for Leominster High Street and Corn Square improvements

Hereford Voice

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Plans for improvement work to Leominster High Street and Corn Square have taken a further step forward as the preferred design is agreed and work set for work to start in January 2024


The High Street, Iron Cross, Victoria Street and Corn Street in Leominster will be enhanced with attractive surfacing, improved paving, wider pavements and raised tables at the major junctions making it easier for pedestrians. Corn Square will also be resurfaced in materials which will make the square more aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with its historic setting.

The proposed new timeline for these street works will see Corn Square and Leominster Town Centre remain open throughout the Christmas trading period and minimise disruption to residents and businesses at one of the busiest times of the year for the town.

Councillor Graham Biggs, cabinet member for Economy and Growth said:

We’re acutely aware of the pressures faced by small businesses across Herefordshire and where possible we will always seek to minimise the impact of street works especially at peak times such as Christmas. I would like to thank Leominster Town Council and all of those involved in delivering this scheme who have worked tirelessly to secure a commitment which will see the proposed street works delayed until January 2024 to allow full access to Leominster Town Centre throughout the Christmas trading period. Under this administration the Council will always act to support businesses and promote the local economy wherever possible and we will be offering to meet with local businesses to see how we can support their Christmas plans going forwards.

Original proposals had included the pedestrianisation of Corn Square to allow for events, and a reduction of traffic entering the High Street during the day. Due to feedback received during the consultation earlier this year there will be no immediate changes to the current parking or traffic arrangements. We can confirm that no formal decision on this has been taken by Herefordshire Council and nor will it be until a full consultation with residents, businesses and local stakeholders has taken place.

Plans for the improvement work will be available to view at Leominster Town Council Offices, Tourist Information Centre, 11 Corn Square, Leominster, HR6 8YP and on the Herefordshire Council website

The tender for this work is now live online. We value expressions of interest from local businesses 


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