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Herefordshire Council Approves New Taxi Policy

Hereford Voice

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A meeting of Full Council today (13 October) voted to adopt the new Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Policy, 2023-28.


The council has 900 licence holders in the county, including Hackney Carriage Proprietors, Private Hire Vehicle Proprietors and Dual Driver holders, and the Taxi Policy sets out the expectations of Herefordshire Council as the licensing authority.

The review of the existing policy is required due to a number of changes and recommendations contained within new government statutory guidance issued in July 2020.

The new policy further enhances the Council’s ability to carry out suitability tests and ensures that all licence holders are informed about their safeguarding responsibilities. In addition it offers the opportunity to share information regarding issues surrounding child sexual exploitation, modern slavery and illicit trade practices with other authorities.

Following extensive development and consultation, The Taxi Association has indicated that they are in agreement with the changes at this time and are now in support of the revised policy.

Cllr Barry Durkin, Cabinet Member Roads and Regulatory Services, said: “The new Policy has been created by a legal specialist following consultation with taxi trade members and meetings with both the local and national trade associations. Due consideration has therefore been given to all the comments received, and we’re very pleased to have the support of The Taxi Association.

The revised policy is not expected to have any major impact on the trade which also includes consideration for direct environmental impacts, such as encouraging as many different fuel types as possible, including small two seat electric and hybrid vehicles.  The implementation date will be two calendar months from the date of this decision to allow time for existing licence holders to achieve compliance.

“We would like to extend our thanks for the time and work that the Herefordshire Taxi Association Members have provided, and I would like to express my appreciation for the contribution they have provided to the development of this new Policy.”

For more information and to read the new Taxi Policy, please view the meeting papers.

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