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A report outlining current financial pressures and the measures being taken to address them is to be considered by Herefordshire Council’s Cabinet


Like many other councils across the country, Herefordshire Council is experiencing significant budget pressures as it faces rising costs due to inflation, the cost of fuel,Β  and the continuing impact of increasing demand for adult and children’s social care.

A report to the council’sΒ Cabinet meeting on 28 SeptemberΒ sets out the first financial forecast of 2023/24 of a projected overspend of Β£13.5m and outlines initial actions expected to reduce this to Β£9.5m. Further action is needed to respond to the financial challenges the council is facing and ensure spending is within the resources available.

The council has a revenue budget of Β£193.3m in 2023/24 to deliver services, which includes Β£20m of planned savings to balance the books. The most significant budget pressure is in children and young people’s services (Β£10.6m) where a programme of improvement is underway.

The council will need to focus on the most essential activities and priorities if it is to balance the budget.

There are services the council must continue such as delivering statutory services (services the council is legally obliged to deliver), maintaining health and safety of staff, residents and businesses; and fulfilling contractual obligations.

Areas where action is already being taken to address the cost pressures include restrictions on the purchase of non-essential items, a reduction in the number of interim and agency staff, restrictions on the recruitment of permanent staff.

A review of services is also underway to ensure the way they are delivered offers the best value for money.

To see the cabinet meeting papersΒ click here


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