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Local Election Results

Hereford Voice

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🟩 Ledbury West ward - Justine Haslewood: GREEN GAIN
🟩 Leominster South ward - Mark Woodall: GREENS RETAIN
🔷Three Crosses ward - Jonathon Lester: LOCAL CONSERVATIVES RETAIN.
🔷 Leominster West ward - Allan Merlyn: CONSERVATIVE GAIN
🔷 Kings Acre ward - Robert Geofrey Charles Williams: CONSERVATIVE GAIN.
🔶 Red Hill ward - Dan Powell LIBERAL DEMOCRATS GAIN
🔶 Widemarsh ward - Polly Andrews: LIBERAL DEMOCRATS RETAIN.
 Tupsley ward - Jim Kenyon: INDEPENDENT RETAIN
🔶 Newton Farm ward - Jacqui Carwardine: LIBERAL DEMOCRATS GAIN 
🟩 Ledbury South ward - Stef Simmons: GREEN GAIN
🔷 Bromyard West ward - John Stone: CONSERVATIVE RETAIN
 Stoney Street ward - David Hitchiner: INDEPENDENTS RETAIN 
🔶 Ross East ward - Ed O'Driscoll: LIBERAL DEMOCRATS GAIN.
🔶 Ross West ward - Louis Stark: LIBERAL DEMOCRATS RETAIN.
🟪 Whitecross ward - Dave Boulter: IT'S OUR COUNTY RETAIN.
🔷 Hampton ward - Bruce Allen Baker: LOCAL CONSERVATIVES GAIN.
🔷 Weobley ward - Nicholas Mason: LOCAL CONSERVATIVES GAIN.
🔷 Penyard ward - Harry Bramer: LOCAL CONSERVATIVES GAIN.
 Hagley ward - Ivan Glenn James Powell: INDEPENDENT RETAIN.
🔷 Golden Valley North ward - David Phillip Price: LOCAL CONSERVATIVES GAIN.
🟩 Leominster East ward - Jenny Bartlett: GREEN PARTY RETAIN
🔷 Kerne Bridge ward - Simeon Wood: CONSERVATIVE GAIN.
🔶 Saxon Gate ward - Aubrey Oliver: LIBERAL DEMOCRAT GAIN.
 Golden Valley South ward - Peter Charles Jinman: INDEPENDENT RETAIN.
🔷 Old Gore ward - Barry Alan Durkin: LOCAL CONSERVATIVE RETAIN 
🔷 Mortimer ward - Carole Gandy: LOCAL CONSERVATIVES RETAIN.
🟩 Hope End ward - Helen Ruth Heathfield: GREEN PARTY GAIN.
🔷 Llangarron ward - Elissa Jane Swinglehurst: LOCAL CONSERVATIVES RETAIN
🔶 College ward - Ben Proctor: LIBERAL DEMOCRAT GAIN
 Credenhill ward - Bob Matthews: INDEPENDENT RETAIN
🔷 Castle ward - Robert Arnold Highfield, LOCAL CONSERVATIVES GAIN.
🟩 Greyfriars ward - Diana Toynbee: GREEN PARTY RETAIN.
 Eign Hill ward - Elizabeth Mary Foxton: INDEPENDENT RETAIN.
🔶 Belmont Rural ward - Mark Eden Dykes: LIBERAL DEMOCRATS GAIN.
🔶 Ross North ward - Chris Bartrum: LIBERAL DEMOCRATS RETAIN.
🔷 Bircher ward - Dan Hurcomb: CONSERVATIVE GAIN.
🔷 Bromyard & Bringsty ward - Peter John Stoddart: LOCAL CONSERVATIVES RETAIN.
🟩 Bishops Frome & Cradley ward - Ellie Chowns: GREEN PARTY RETAIN.
🔷 Backbury ward - Graham Russell Biggs: CONSERVATIVES GAIN.
🔷 Wormside ward - Richard John Thomas: CONSERVATIVES RETAIN.
🟩 Central ward - Catherine Ruth Gennard: GREEN PARTY RETAIN.
🟥 Aylestone Hill ward - Adam Spencer: LABOUR PARTY GAIN.
 Bromyard West ward - Clare Davies: NO POLITICAL PARTY RETAIN.
🔶 Hinton & Hunderton ward - Kevin Tillett: LIBERAL DEMOCRATS RETAIN
🟩 Birch ward - Toni Anne Fagan: GREEN PARTY RETAIN.
🔷 Dinedor Hill ward - David Eirian Davies: CONSERVATIVE GAIN
🔷 Holmer ward - Frank Cornthwaite: CONSERVATIVE RETAIN 
🔶 Bobblestock ward - Robert Charles Owens: LIBERAL DEMOCRAT GAIN
🔶 Kington ward - Terence Morgan, James: LIBERAL DEMOCRATS RETAIN.
🔷 Roger James Phillips: CONSERVATIVES RETAIN.


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