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Regular Sea life Expected In River Wye Because Of Global Warming

Hereford Voice

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Dolphins are often spotted in the River Wye as seen in this footage and we could soon begin seeing other marine life such as sharks in the River, that’s the claim by local flood expert Stefan Copinio.


Stefan is a local flood expert and has been studying the water levels and floods in Herefordshire for many years and says the world’s climate is changing, and these changes are having an enormous impact on our planet, especially our oceans and rivers.

Speaking as part of Ocean and Rivers Podcast, he says: “Short-beaked dolphins or common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) can be seen in the estuaries, though sightings of these species are becoming far more common in the River Wye. This species can be seen travelling at rapid speeds in groups. They have large, triangular dorsal fins that curve slightly backward. From above the water, the common dolphin appears dark grey in colour but underneath the water the white underside and yellow-cream hourglass pattern on their sides becomes visible”

Stefan said that we could even start seeing Sharks visiting our rivers saying; “The most common sharks in the UK are the basking shark and the porbeagle, but they are entirely harmless but we could soon start seeing other sharks. The great white shark also has the same capacity to raise body temperature as the porbeagle, allowing it to swim in cooler waters and climate change is believed to be the reason sharks have started appearing in areas they have never been seen before in other parts of the world, and even venturing hundreds of miles up rivers in search of food.

So keep an eye open in the River Wye in the coming years as you may spot the occasional mammal or marine life that you did not expect to see.

M Thomas

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