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Pupils from St Thomas Cantilupe primary school to feature on BBC Countryfile. 

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The project, Stories of Change, is funded through an #iwillfund grant via Herefordshire Community Foundation and is an opportunity for the children, who are all in Year 5, to find out more about the pollution of the river Wye. Pupils at Lea primary school are also taking part. 

So far, the children have met campaigners and some of the groups held responsible for the pollution. They have created artwork and started to plan short films for a launch at The Bishop's Palace on June 26th. 


Countryfile filmed a session where the children met representatives of the Friends of the Upper Wye and a local citizen scientist called Fran. The children gathered natural materials from around the river and then worked with poet Jean Atkin to create 'spells' to reverse the state of pollution within the river. (The group have called themselves Turn it Around). They then watched a short film about the state of the river Wye made by Friends of the Upper Wye and there was a Q and A where each group asked the other questions.  


We all walked to the Victoria Bridge to work with the citizen scientist and this is where we met Anita Rani. The children learned how to collect water and test it for phosphates. 

The children were extremely excited to meet Anita and asked her lots of questions about her time on Strictly which she was happy to answer. 


This will feature on Countryfile on the 19th March. 

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