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  1. bobby47

    It never rains, but it pours at Plough Lane office

    You just know how this little slice of joy is going to work out don't you! God help us I say. Their preferred provider will throw up some scaffolding, swarm the roof with clip boards, hard hats and bloody yellow vests, spend ages piddling about and when nobody is looking, they'll tip fifty gallons of liquid sealant purchased from the firm who laid the High Town Block Paving onto the Clown-Cil roof, sweep it about, and then after they've popped downstairs and told the suits it'll cost a lot more than was first thought, they'll walk away confident that the next Monsoon will see them back on the bloody roof and heralded once again as their Preferred Provider because the water is still pouring in and soiling all our bloody Council Tax demands that read, 'Pay Us. Pay Us Now Or Else'. And when it's all gone wrong again, and it bloody will, it'll be lessons have been learned and our once uPreferred Provider who buggared the job up ain't no longer our first choice Preferred Provider as they once were before the public were shafted out of another big lump of public money. Then, to make your testicals twitch a little more, the hierarchy within Plough Lane will call upon a recently departed CLOWN-CIL Director who's gone self employed to advise Local Authorities on how to provide value for money. Thereafter, after piddling about, not lifting up stones and ignoring the bloody obvious, he'll announce, 'Plough Lane Is Clean' 'Best Practices' have been employed, value for money has been attained, global warming is to blame for the monsoon, sack the bloody tea lady because her eyes are to close together for my liking and round and round we go again shifting from one self inflicted fiscal disaster to the next one. Well, it'll be something like that!
  2. bobby47

    Misconduct at HC - one arrest

    Denise, Given that I've met you and you're clearly a very bright young woman, I'm surprised that you've bothered to ask a question you already know the answer to. And you do know it's answer! i suspect when you took to your keyboard asking about this issue it probably did cross your mind that you were wasting your time even bothering to resurrect this topic that saw a million quid disappear from the public purse, but in the faint chance somebody knew anything, you concluded you'd give it a shot! Well nothing has happened and if it ever did, and it won't, you, me and anyone else who's bloody bothered about our lost bloody million quid, will never ever be told about an outcome. Not while I've got breath to suck upon my hand rolled cigarette. if anything, my sympathy lies with the poor sod the Clown-Cil threw over the hedge and to the dogs simply because they needed someone to sacrifice in order to give the impression that they were as bloody bothered as we were about corporate theft. And if for some strange reason, and it ain't going to happen, someone does have to bite the dust and walk away, you can be sure they'll be Gagged with a big fat juicy wedge of our money that'll send them on their way into self employment consulting other local authorities on the joys of spending our money on a bucket of boll.ock.s that's of no use to those of us who have to fund this ravenous gravy train.
  3. bobby47

    Jean Claude bloody Juncker.

    He's blocked me on Twitter. The President of the European Commision has bloody blocked me from insulting him ever again. Its a disgrace! That's what it is and worse, it's a bloody personal attack on my inalienable right to tell him what I think of him and his ungodly force for bad, the bloody European Union. Who does he think he is? Doesn't he know who I am? I'll be damned if I take this lying down. I'll be damned if I take it standing up. In fact, I'll be damned if I take it at all in any position I choose to position myself in. He's bitten off more than he can chew because I ain't having it. I know what I'll have, what I won't have and what I'll be made to have if I'm beaten senseless and told, 'have this', and I'll be damned if I have it. It's not as if I deserve his bloody Twitter response that reads, 'you are blocked'. After repeatedly telling him that I despised the European Union, him, Verhofstadt and bloody Tusk and getting no response from him, I bloody found an Internet Search Engine that translated me bloody insults into French and I pressed the 'Send' button. Course, after translating me insults back into English I found that bloody French is a complicated language that's full of bloody unhelpful masculine and feminine words that can quite easily make my heartfelt insults worse in translation. Besides telling him, ' I hope your Marigolds wilt in the broad Strasburg mid day sun, I accused him of being drunk, hating British people and their domestic pets and having a close allegiance to the Germans who bombed my local chip shop. In only 140 characters, I've managed to get myself blocked by Juncker, probably got myself into someone's intray at GCHQ and it's all because of the bloody French and their bloody unreliable language. It's to complicated. French should be banned. It's a menace to the Free World. Well I ain't for stopping. Never! I've got that wild eyed gap toothed crazed federalist Verhofstadt in my sights and this time I'm not using that bloody French Translation Tool to send him me EU insults. I'm sticking with English. English is a good and fair language that doesn't distort your words and their intended meanings. And I won't stop! Juncker can get the remaining 27 Member States together and get them all to agree that I should be banned from entering their air space, travelling by land or sea to Calaise and starved from eating any French Brie, Wine, Ale or smoking their tobacco that I purchase twice yearly from Adinkerke, it won't stop me. Never! This blocking that I've been given is going to create an escalation between me and this dreadful Union that's intent upon destroying my Country. It's inevitable. By the time I'm finished I fully expect NATO forces to get dragged into this dispute and begin a bombing campaign on my three bedroom Semi Detached that's now located South of the Wye. This is what happens nowadays. You get bombed! To stop it, end this conflict and compel me to moderate my insults they'll have to get Jean Claude Juncker to unblock me on Twitter. i must be the only person in bloody Europe that's been blocked by Juncker and I say it's wrong, unfair and bloody niggling to someone like me who likes to excercise their inalienable rights and question why the EU would ever wish to destroy a nation of people who freed them all from German occupation.
  4. bobby47

    Change at the Council

    If ever I got the chance to get into Plough Lane, it'd be like turning the public service model clock back to Year bloody Zero. I'd be like Pol bloody Pot, but a kind and goodly soul who was unburdened and without his narcissistic psychological faults and his need to collect skulls. To begin the culling and leaving their blood on the carpets, my approach to cleaning up the whole gaff would be a combination of an ordained Catholic Priest carrying out an exorcism, Dyno Rod flushing out the drains and Rent O Kill driving out the vermin. Then, after the whole cleaning up job I'd get all the staff together and I'd tell them, 'from hereon, there'll be no more bullsh.it' and I'd tell them to curtail their use of bloody email. And if there was any bullsh.it spoken, no matter by whom, I'd have a zero tolerance toward it. If I heard it, got wind of it or some ally told me about the bullsh.it, they'd be up in front of me desk and I'd tell them, 'you've been bullsh.itting. You're on your final warning. Thats what I'd do! Second day I'd begin me search to find the Chief Executive. I'm certain he doesn't exist but if I'm wrong and he is real and he's in there hiding I'd send him packing, probably through the top floor window with an instruction, 'be gone and don't come back. Your days of bloody outsourcing anything that's in your rotten in-tray are at an end. Clear off and take you're George Medal with you'. And that's just in two days! There's lots that needs to be done but in a month I reckon I'd have the good ship Plough Lane steering a steady course away from the fiscal brink and back to safer waters where common sense and good economic governance became the normal. Then, after I'd sorted the whole place out, supped me way through God knows how much ale, folk could knock on me door saying, 'pull your pants up we're coming in' and they could politely ask me to leave because my work was done. And I'd bloody go! There'd be no siege or barricading me door to continue me reign of terror. I'd pop me stuff in a bag, say me fare thee bloody wells and I'd get back in the Commercial where I belong with the lads. And that's what I'd do Nick and Martin. No more. No less.
  5. bobby47

    New Safety (speed) Camera on A465 Belmont Road Hereford

    It is what it is and you all know what it is. A cash generating machine placed in this particular place for no other reason than to make some money for them to spend. And once the Safer Roads Partnership meet again at Plough Lane, and they will, they'll be discussing the installation of other cash collecting cameras to be installed across the City that'll all be dressed up in a cleverly spun corporate message, 'we want to keep you safe'. Course, once some fool pops a blag bin bag over its lens or even paint sprays the accursed thing, we'll all be howling, 'how dare they do this to our speed camera' but quietly thinking, 'shame on me. I'm quite happy to see someone fighting back against the Council Spending Machine!
  6. Whilst I 'get' that many of us no longer care whether or not we stay or leave the Union, it shouldn't stop people at least thinking a little about the simple and straightforward economics that drive this particular business who now bemoan their plight and have become alarmed that the wealth creation model that's thus far created them wealth may be coming to an end. This business employs around 1400 people from continental Europe. Whether they are permanently resident in Herefordshire or seasonal, there is a cost to maintaining all of them in the County and that cost does not fall upon the shoulders of this particular business. It falls upon you and I. The indigenous tax and rate payers who fund the public services. The civic responsibilities that this business have, and many many more like them, is to provide a business product and to sell it and at the same time providing the work force with a safe working environment, training and to deduct tax and national insurance contributions. And that's it. Nothing more. Other than the business paying its taxes to the exchequer and complying with the demands of its local authority, there is nothing more required of them to pay and maintain their workforce. I repeat, the entire burden of financial responsibility lands on us the general public. And it doesn't come cheap! When you consider that 800,000 EU migrant children are in education in Britain and the cost to the exchequer is around 4.6 billion pounds, surely you can grasp that the Well of cheap labour isn't as fair as one might first think. Consider the cost to your local Doctors Surgery, the Hospital, the Council and all the other free public services! You are paying for all of this. The business that's subject to this discussion isn't. It's down to us! Quite simply, in an economic nutshell, the general public subsidise this workforce of cheap labour by paying to maintain its workforce of 1400 people. You can't just deposit 1400 people and not think that there isn't a cost. Yes, the workforce pay their taxes and national insurance contributions, but when you consider their low wage and our future pension liabilities that'll hit Britain in the next two or three decades, you've gotta ask yourselves, 'was it all worth it'. Now we're told that China could be the preferred destination. Why? Cheap labour. Even cheaper labour and the promise of bigger profits. Sadly in this era of modernity where British creativity has got our society to where it is today after the horrors of World War2 , the EU, our Government and the ideology of Big Business and global capitalism, have managed to turn the clock backwards to a time where grafting, sweating and working like stink for a low wage out trumps the creativity and genius of a bright young mind. Give me creativity every time! Rather that than relying on some poor desperate world citizen being forced to fly, drive or sail to a place where their creativity and intelligence is of no consequence. Seems to me the global message is, give us your young, your fittest and your finest physical specimens and we'll work them hard and ready them for World War3 where they'll be fit and ready to be first up and on the front line to face our enemy that's as yet to be clearly identified by the European Commission.
  7. Elucidate you say Martin. I'm not sure I or anyone else can explain clearly just how fu.cked up its all become. But here goes! Think of Tony Johnson, John Jarvis, Pat Morgan and all the other local political lightweight idiots that got us all to pay nigh on forty million quid for a road less than half a mile long, multiply that idiocy by a factor of fifty and everyone should be halfway to understanding just how useless this current Governments Cabinet really are. I've come to the conclusion there is absolutely no difference in ability between Members of Parliament and County Councillors. If there is, it's because some are either less ugly than others or they managed through skillful guile to secrete the obvious fact that they were completely thick and should never be allowed anywhere near someone else's ten pound note. And as for this capitalist money grabbing chancer who's thinking about moving his wealth generating business to China because he's worried that his source of slave/cheap labour is about to run dry, I hope he moves his seedlings to the Orient and when he's successfully caused the seeds to germinate, the fruit they bear either rot on the vine or become infested with black fly or aphids.
  8. bobby47

    Brexit: If you agree sign this petition

    Martin, if those figures are correct it confirms to me that our people are indeed stupid and highly susceptible to dictatorship. It's desperately despairing to watch our people ignoring the warning signs that tell me we are in a big hole of trouble and have no interest in discovering how deep our hole has become. As for your interest in our future military role of strategic importance, it's not a short hop of thought to imagine NATO crumbling because parts of Europe refuse to pay their way and support the Americans and then the EU Commission forming their own EU Army and allowing its forces to be directed by German leadership. Fanciful thinking? Not really. Once the ability of NATO diminishes to be replaced by the ideology of the EU, any restraints applied to Germany during 45/46 will no longer be applicable. German defence spending will increase, their power will grow and despite the WW2 understandings that bind Germany to non aggression, those ties will slowly loosen or disappear, and without anyone's asking or NATO control or leadership, the Germans, followed by their poodles France, will begin for a third time their quest to win back the glory that has eluded the pair of them for over two centuries. As for Germany and it's people, they simply cannot help themselves. They have to orchestrate. They have to meddle. They have to organise and they have to control and dominate. It's their nature and there seems to be little appetite to stop it before all control of them is lost and once again we will be faced with finding solutions to 21st century problems caused by Germany and it's quest for domination.
  9. bobby47

    Brexit: If you agree sign this petition

    I've signed it Martin but it is really a pointless excercise. Our wonderful Vote To Leave wasn't supposed to have happened and so, because 'they' don't want it to happen, it will not happen. Not in the way we wanted. The EU Commission, our members of parliament, our ruling elite and big business want their Empire to continue and so we will continue to be ruled by German arms length control, we will continue to absorb the millions of people generated by Free Movement Of People and we will eventually, once we've been smashed, crushed and generally given a good kicking from our continental friends, reapply for new membership of the EU. Sadly, as has been pointed out by a particularly nasty MEP who's a slavish follower of Verhofstadt, we will be forced to adopt the Euro currency and surrender much much more to please our political masters. It's gone and the petition is a last ditch excercise in pointless futility. Every single Empire in human history, including the British Empire and the European Union rely upon only two single things. A source of cheap labour, which at present is generated from the East of the Continent and the stupidity of the people who are required not to think for themselves. As for the future, once the current source of cheap labour runs dry,,,, they'll speedily admit three or four other poor nations, get them to move West or East, depending upon who's got the wealth then and they'll become the new source of cheap labour. Course, once they run out of poverty stricken countries who are prepared to graft like stink for low wages there'll only be one available option Martin!!! That's right,,,,Russia! They'll continue their expansionistic policies, provoke Russia, create a regional conflict, have a war, hopefully win, liberate the Russians who never ever wanted a war in the first place and get them to become Europes last source of cheap labour. Thereafter, once we are all fu.ck.ed up and Europe is ruined, all the other member states will get together and conclude, 'Britain was right to Vote Leave'!
  10. bobby47

    More Shop Raids in Hereford and Ross

    The problem is Rag, they're not the idiots. It's us and the investigative teams who are tasked to investigate these offences. These idiots my good old friend know that they're going to get a 'knock' every so often and they're more than happy to lose a stash now and then. They couldn't care less! The approach to this problem is all wrong. It's no different to the Police standing in HighTown searching a few kids and bagging up a few blimps of resin and then proclaiming that 'we're fighting back against the importation of huge loads of Cannabis.' It's simply low hanging fruit and unfortunately each time they pick a bit off and conduct one single operation the cost to the public is somewhere in the region of forty thousand quid. Instead of wasting their time and our money going round and round in a pointless cycle they should climb the ladder, recruit a good grass and treat it for what it is, organised crime, and do some some long term surveillance to develop some conspiracy charges and hit someone somewhere near the top of the pyramid. As things stand, I'd sooner see them do buggar all than continue doing something that they'd probably readily acknowledge has been a complete waste of time. What they're doing is a pointless excercise in futility!
  11. bobby47

    Stop Talking About The War!

    When the lessons of history are ignored and the European continent slides ever closer to German domination of all its citizens, it's very hard not to talk about the war. After the cessation of hostilities of World War 2, the British and the Americans ensured that every country affected by German aggression waved their right for Reperation Damages that quickly resulted in Germany becoming able to develop into the European Economic Super Power that it is today. As early as 1960, only fifteen years after the conflict, Germany began its economic domination of Europe and it was all achieved because Britain and America paid for it and small countries like Poland and Greece were ignored. Without a single shot fired and without one act of aggression Germany has become the ruler of Europe and we are destined to repeat historical mistakes in allowing it to happen again. The mistake thats created German domination of Europe is all based upon a political decision made in 1945/46 that concluded that The Versailles Treaty of World War 1 was harsh upon Germany and it's people, and post World War2 the allies would ensure that Germany would be relieved of the burden of its shame to avoid a third German act of European aggression. It was all done with language. The War very quickly became the responsibility of the Nazis. The German people very quickly became the victims of the Nazis and over time Germany and it's people were moreorless exonerated from any responsibility because it was all the fault of the Nazis. Now to my point......that rejects the European Brexit Commission and German political leaders who say we should stop talking about the war. Recently, the Polish Government are introducing legislation that'll make it a custodial offence for anyone to refer to the Holocaust Death Camps as 'Poland or Polish Death Camps'. For decades since the passing of the Nazis it's become normality for these terrible places to be referred to as Polish Death Camps. Because of political language designed to be gentle toward Germany and it's people, these camps have never ever been referred to as German Death Camps. That shameful burden and cruel unjust label is one now carried by the people of Poland and quite rightly, despite objections from Israel, Germany and the EU commission, the Polish people no longer wish to carry the shame that belongs to the Nazis and the German people. Why shouldn't Poland pursue this aim? They didn't build the camps, they didn't exterminate millions of Jewish people. The only reasons they are called Polish Death Camps is because of political language and a strategic and geographical decision made by the German Armed Forces to build these evil places in a location that was far away from German conurbations and not to distant into the east of the continent. Because of easy established rail and transport links the German Reich picked Poland and that was that. Now, over time, they've become The Polish Death Camps and the people of Poland should be supported and not accused of trying to dilute the story of the Holocaust. The story of the Holocaust will never be lost. Neither will their geographic locations in Poland and other neighbouring countries. Everyone will forever know where these atrocities took place but it is now very wrong that Poland or Polish people should take on the ownership of these terrible places. The ownership belongs to The Nazis and the Germans and this is where the ownership belongs. With one word from Germany the British people would receive a kinder and better Brexit. One signal from Angela Merkel and she'd be able to call the attack dogs off the Polish and all the other member states who are clinging onto their sovereignty. And with just one single thought for the people of Greece, who are now essentially owned and run by German financiers, the Greek people could once again claim back their sovereignty and begin to live their lives free of German influence. Stop talking about the war! How can you?
  12. bobby47

    Housing Plans - Keepmoat Appointed As Preferred Bidder

    The Preferred Bidder! Carillon were often the preferred bidder and companies like Keepmoat will continue to be the preferred bidder until they inevitably overstretch themselves, run up massive debts to the little self employed guys, have a couple of hundred thousand pounds worth of assets left on their balance sheet and then go belly up leaving everyone scratching their heads wandering why they were appointed the preferred bidder over and over again. It's ridiculous and it'll continue this way because those at the helm are thick!
  13. bobby47

    Man Charged with Murder Appears in Court

    Well, according to my sources, and granted I have to get them blind drunk first before they tell me what they know, the notion that the lad acted solely on impulse because of mental health issues could be a little misleading. Elements of premeditation, namely the earlier purchase of a knife and a rope from a City Store before the criminal act was carried out suggest some thought or planning went into this terrible event. The rope? To hang the family cat!
  14. My God! The Cheeky Girls. Good grief! Well I'm not going. I couldn't risk it. The moment these two Transylvanian beauties started gifting my ears,that God equipped me with to hear, and began their song, 'We Are The Cheeky Girls, I'd just as likely get up, mount the stage and throttle the pair of them until life became extinct. Bloody 'We Are The Cheeky Girls'! It's down there in the depths of popular European music dross with Paper bloody Lace's, Billy Don't Be A Hero'. It's the sort of song that you hum in your head. There's no getting rid of it.
  15. bobby47

    BBC Question Time to broadcast from Hereford

    Martin, The high point for me was those few painful moments when the screen went black, transmission was halted and for a brief few moments in time it crossed my mind that their was a God and the Council had inadvertently made a decision many years ago to build a terrestrial transmitter upon an unstable marshy bog and the whole structure had succumbed to gravity and fallen bloody down. Course, the real low point was when the programme actually began quickly confirming to me that nobody in that audience voted to leave the European Union and whatever our current woes, particularly within the NHS, it was all the fault of the Tories and nothing to do with successive governments who've all helped to buggar it all up. A complete waste of time. The only happy news is, after fifteen years of people like us moaning about the inequities of PFI, the politicians are now openly saying, 'it's all been a terrible mistake'. Other than that, and we didn't have a streaker or a death amongst the audience, I can't recall anything that made me think it was a good idea to watch the bloody programme.