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  1. Hereford is twinned with Polish City Jaworzno, so are there plans in place to update our Welcome to Hereford signs etc?
  2. Britain's WORST drink-drive towns revealed: Cities in North West and Wales have most drunk drivers while Londoners are better behaved Hereford, Crewe, Blackpool and Sunderland are top four towns for worst drink and drug driving convictions London dominates the list of postcodes with the lowest conviction rates for the third year in a row Analysis looked at over six million car insurance quotes run on MoneySuperMarket over 12-month period Plumbers, scaffolders and builders revealed to be among most likely to be caught drink or drug driving. Hereford emerged with the greatest number of drink and drug driving convictions at 2.30 for every 1,000 drivers - with Crewe coming in a close second with 1.86. Article source
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    Interested? Talk to us..

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    Happy New Year 2019

    I would like to wish all of our members at Hereford Voice a very Happy New Year!
  5. Herefordshire Council’s Trading Standards carried out a joint raid as part of a Multi Agency Targeted Enforcement Strategy operation A Hereford City shopkeeper has been fined for selling illegal tobacco in a case taken to court by Herefordshire Council’s Trading Standards service. Adam Ibrahim, 26, of Bank Street Dudley, pleaded guilty yesterday (Monday 1 October 2018) at Hereford Magistrates’ Court to six offences of possession and sale of illegal tobacco, all of which was non UK duty-paid. The former owner of the Zabka shop at Eign Gate, Hereford, was fined and required to pay costs totalling £2472. Mr Ibrahim is the fourth consecutive owner of the Zabka shop in four years to be convicted of selling illegal tobacco. In January 2018, Herefordshire Council's Trading Standards, Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service and West Mercia Police undertook a joint raid as part of a Multi Agency Targeted Enforcement Strategy (MATES) operation. 1580 packets of illegal cigarettes and 132 pouches of illegal hand rolling tobacco were seized; products were found in sophisticated concealments hidden in the floor and in false backs to large fridges. Marc Willimont, Herefordshire Council’s Head of Regulatory & Development Management Services, said: Sergeant Duncan Reynolds from West Mercia Police said: There is further information about Herefordshire Trading Standards on the Herefordshire Council website at www.herefordshire.gov.uk/trading-standards
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    Burger king coming to Hereford

    Planning submitted for Commercial Street HERE
  7. Plans have been submitted for the proposed demolition of existing hutted wards and a new build construction of a two-storey ward development with roof top plant space at Herefordshire County Hospital. Planning Application P180679/F
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    We have noticed all this new graffiti locally, some will claim it is street art but the bottom line here is that this is plain criminal damage to someones property and this criminal damage costing the taxpayer thousands of pounds for the local council to clean it up. This has popped up at the Oval and along the Belmont Road over the past week.
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    Just spotted this lot again over the past few days You cannot miss this lot it is on the main Belmont Road This has been sprayed on the back of someones garage in Belmont.
  10. County Councillor for Widemarsh Polly Andrews in her recent new letter has criticised the fantastic work achieved by the City Council in providing a memorial bench sited at the recently restored War Memorial on Widemarsh Common. How anyone in her position can possibly justify complaining about a beautiful bench? Which is a place for contemplation of our lost heroes during the two World Wars. We visited the memorial shortly after Armistice Day to see the recently added names from World War II and took these fabulous photographs in the Autumn sunshine and as you can clearly see there is no litter in site.
  11. New Cinema with table service and comfy sofas opening in Hereford next week! The Loft Cinema is opening on December 19 in West Street. Fiona Bain and Jon Jones are the brains behind the new venture in the space which was formerly AJ's pool and snooker venue. The first film to be shown on Wednesday is Pulp Fiction. There are 14 sofas to sit on, which works out at about 35 seats. There will also be a bar serving alcohol and drinks can be brought to your seat. They are also considering running screenings which include a meal during the movie break. For example, having a Sunday lunch from the nearby Stables during a Sunday screening of a classic film. Prices include £12 for a two-seater sofa at the front up to £26 for a three seater recliner at the back. To find out more go to @loftcinemahereford on Facebook.
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    Plans to demolish the Broadleys Pub!

    Plans to demolish the Broadleys Pub! - ( 3 years on from the original proposal here ) Co-Op proposal dampens the Christmas Spirit. Residents are up in arms that the Co-Op have drop leaflets to their houses this evening with proposals to demolish their local The Broadleys Pub and replace it with a Co-op store! Tonight is the annual community carol service which is always well attended by the community and disappointment in the Co-Op is palpable. Mark Haslam from Herefordshire CAMRA said:
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    Plans to demolish the Broadleys Pub!

    Another great turnout in support at the Broadleys Pub last night.
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    Plans to demolish the Broadleys Pub!

    This is the leaflet dropped today
  15. Elevate Property Group (developers of Alban House) have purchased the Booth Hall. Work will soon begin to build 18 residential dwellings and two ground floor retail units. Initially, The Booth Hall will be used as a site office and storage facility for the overall project, once completed the developers will then look to restore the interior and bring it back to life. Below is an illustration of how Alban House will look once completed. (Photo courtesy of Elevate Property Group) Full details can be found here on the developers website:
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    Elevate Property Group Purchase The Booth Hall

    Plans have today been submitted: Planning application P184217/L
  17. A Volvo car has crashed into the wall at St Nicholas Church in Barton Road this afternoon. We are not sure how the vehicle managed to crash into the wall with the car facing in the wrong direction...We understand that an elderly couple were in the car. There is a recovery truck on site and we do not believe anyone was seriously injured. So our question now is should people have a mandatory re-test every two or three years once they reach the age of 70-75?
  18. Herefordshire Council is proposing to invest £1.5m to convert the former Hillside Rehabilitation Unit to nurse residents with dementia. The Redhill centre, which was run by Wye Valley NHS Trust, Hereford Voice reported on it's closure in April after clinical commissioning group representatives said the move would save some £500,000 which would be re-invested in healthcare provision in the community. But now the council, who owns the site, hopes to use it to plug the county’s dire need for nursing facilities for residents with dementia. In a report to this week’s adults and wellbeing scrutiny committee leader Jonathan Lester said: “There is not enough current capacity to meet the high demand for nursing/elderly mental infirm placements. “The risk of not undertaking the redesign of Hillside will exacerbate the current situation by putting a greater strain on the adults budget and will not plan effectively for the expected increase in future demand.”
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    Agree, also was this person doing this on their way home? If so, they could live in Newton Farm, just a thought..
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    Burger king coming to Hereford

    Another position advertised here
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    Burger king coming to Hereford

    Could this just be where the manager lives?
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    This graffiti is located at the Oval shops On a wall on the Belmont Road
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