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  1. @UKIP As many of them are UKIP. I would not consider thier opinion valid.

  2. @michaelgove Not true, a tight margin, manipulated by rogues, most didn't have a clue about the CU.

  3. @babibeanso @noUKIPhere @MatthewLumby @Nigel_Farage Elected yes, fined and censured yes.

  4. @DFID_UK @hbaldwin Especially all the Carribean Islands who are having to cope with a disfunctional Tory policy.… https://t.co/DCXitJos1r

  5. @NeilUKIP @UKIP Well said as someone who will sell his soul for reality TV.

  6. @realDonaldTrump The more you squeel the more it seems you have to protect. Where are your Tax returns?

  7. @UKIPNFKN It id do good to watch Trump squirm. He deserves everything he will get. Pee Brain.

  8. @Jacob_Rees_Mogg You are being selective with the numbers 16141241 voted to remain, A 3.8% margin A flawed and dish… https://t.co/ZzJ3klhxeF

  9. https://t.co/dL59SGQ2s3 via @MichaelLCrick

  10. @BorisJohnson You mean add a garden to the viaduct and get your mates to design it.

  11. @Anna_Soubry Absolutely a call for a 2nd Referendum. I think the Electoral Commission was remiss too. A poor questi… https://t.co/bOfRCLcAjp

  12. @BorisJohnson That what you think. Clearly the referendum was invalid. Get on the right side now.. Remain.

  13. @Jacob_Rees_Mogg Did you ask how many want to abandon Brexit?

  14. @bbclaurak Dominic Cummings is wrong, they may not have paid the bill but they did benefit from their services. https://t.co/BlQ5Zbj7m2

  15. @Jacob_Rees_Mogg If not a fish thrower then a pheasant plucker.