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  1. @Arron_banks Fine if you can cut out the references to mass immigration.

  2. @CarolineLucas Nasty nasty... join the fascists.

  3. @UKIP @GerardBattenMEP Simple 'no surrender = no country'

  4. @WestmonsterUK @UKIP @Jacob_Rees_Mogg And down the pan..

  5. @UKIP For once I agree with you. I wonder where they got the idea?

  6. @FoxNews @Nigel_Farage because we know he would be lying.

  7. @BrexitCentral @georgegalloway Remeber you are BrexitCentral. You would say that as clearly you don't understand th… https://t.co/Odu1zH7j2C

  8. @UKIP That is not an argument, it's just abuse.

  9. @jessphillips_HT I see Bill Wiggin was rubbishing your (failing) paper like Trump. Congratulations on exposing his… https://t.co/Avhm4x8nv7

  10. @LeaveEUOfficial @Arron_banks And leaving will weaken them too. Leaving them pray to Beppo or Berlusconi. Let's send them Boris.

  11. @AsBrexit @Nigel_Farage Agree. May is baking cherry cake.

  12. Too difficult. Too expensive, too complicated. https://t.co/uaDKKCyoQK

  13. @faisalislam 1.Flawed referendum 2. Endure only as long as the Tory party is in power. 3. It will threaten jobs and… https://t.co/1yhh1cQkqE

  14. @Jacob_Rees_Mogg @donaldtusk is strong and stable. @theresa_may spouts rhetoric from a delusional dreamer.

  15. @7SunnyView @hewitt_riri @dherman001 @Jacob_Rees_Mogg Oh dear. What price nationalism? USA has set a fine example o… https://t.co/oEG23CDXgp