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About the Venue

The Courtyard Centre for the Arts is the leading arts provider in Herefordshire and a registered charity.  We have a 400-seat main house, a 120-seat studio theatre, rehearsal rooms, a gallery, meeting spaces and an award-winning cafe bar.  Whilst being primary a receiving venue, we also produce in house including our annual panto, youth theatre shows and some co-producing.  We have a varied live, film and visual arts programme, a thriving youth theatre and work extensively with people of all ages in the community.

Our Mission: 

A dynamic arts centre creating artistic excellence locally and nationally, building opportunities through participation, diversity and inclusion and growing sustainably.

Our Vision:

The Courtyard is an inclusive and welcoming arts centre aspiring to achieve artistic excellence in all that we do within an environment that is welcoming to everyone.

The Courtyard is a sustainable, robust and resilient organisation continuing to develop and add to the quality of life for the people of Herefordshire.

Our Values:

PARTICIPATION: Promoting a programme of participatory and non-participatory engagement ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to get involved.

INCLUSION:  We are a welcoming organisation and believe it is important to have a diverse team and programme that is reflective of our community.  The Courtyard is committed to proactively engaging with people and making sure everything that we offer is accessible to all. We are passionate that everyone in Herefordshire has the opportunity to experience and be inspired by the arts.

EXCELLENCE:  We are extremely proud of what we do and work as a team to ensure that we achieve excellence.

RESILIENCE:  Continuing to be resilient and sustainable, seeking out new income streams and being economically efficient whilst ensuring we maintain and improve artistic values.

PARTNERSHIP: Building on effective collaborations and partnerships in order to achieve shared goals and aspirations. Developing new partnerships to achieve goals of artistic diversity and audience development.

Upcoming Events


A hilarious play about real-life journalist Jeffrey Bernard who was notorious for his bad behaviour - drinking, gambling, smoking, failed relationships and swearing are the central themes.
Thurs 16th Sep
Fri 17th Sep
Sat 18th Sep
Tickets £10-£12: https://www.courtyard.org.uk/.../jeffrey-bernard-is.../
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