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  1. @WeeMissBea Honestly after Ireland's first half performance I can't see England winning this. Then again egg chasin… https://t.co/nJSWL6Iwz3

  2. I so have to watch this movie https://t.co/bWCZKYefnP

  3. ???????????????? https://t.co/mQ32UtPubh

  4. @theyrwatchingus @LBC Yep,look in the Bible belt of the U.S and see creationism being taught as fact in place of th… https://t.co/8t8YLdIXye

  5. @JimSmithGB Lmfao ????????????. Think I prefer their Kent police mugshots tbh #CriminalWrongUn's https://t.co/mcSb965xnH

  6. @eucopresident Dude dont use someone's death to push forward a barely hidden jibe aimed at the Brexiters in London.… https://t.co/LwQ1LzleMa

  7. RT @UKLabour: After eight years of the Tories, our country desperately needs a pay rise. #SpringStatement https://t.co/h0riRFY0SK

  8. @Fr33domF0x @jessphillips 40 years eh? Who has been in power for the majority of that I wonder? Couldn't have poss… https://t.co/6bSknWjgCT

  9. Pretty much sums up my thoughts on the lib Dems... https://t.co/s1P3Vb6dI4

  10. @Beerboy85 @eurogamer From a business perspective that's suicide lol

  11. RT @OrkneyLibrary: 'A lady just came in asking for a book about black and white birds but she doesn't want penguins or puffins. I haven't g…

  12. @Alexlarge75 @JamesSACorey @SAghdashloo Avoiding spoilers is gonna be a nightmare but us UK fans and fans of U.S TV… https://t.co/e2VAaXD2re

  13. Yes.... Yes f*** yeah!! Tell em boys https://t.co/Fqr7D0CKlh

  14. @JamesSACorey Aw man,that looks BAD ASS.... Can't wait for season 3... It looks well worth the wait

  15. RT @Anonymous_Nottz: Britain First Leaders Jailed for Hate Crime!! ((- SHARE IF YOU THINK THEY SHOULD BE BANNED FROM FACEBOOK -)) @Expo…