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Found 4 results

  1. A 'Christmas Spectacular' of world class walkabout performers, live bands and the ‘Hereford Gift Card Golden Ticket Treasure Hunt’ are just some of the exciting plans lined up for Hereford this December, promises Mike Truelove, Chief Executive for Hereford City Life, a brand created by the Hereford Business Improvement District (Hereford BID) to promote Hereford. Mike added "following last years' difficult Christmas, Hereford BID has worked closely with the City Council to put on wow factor entertainment around the city that will include acts such as iGlobot - a giant walking robot that children will love, Nanook the wondering Polar Bear with his special friend, Xania the Ice Fairy, or Mysterian, the famous street magician. In combination with a program of live music, FREE parking on late night Wednesdays and an attractive regional shopping experience, there is every reason to come to Hereford this year - it will be tremendous fun that people will not want to miss". Herefordshire Council, from consultation with Hereford BID, Hereford City Council and Old Market will put on FREE parking on late night shopping nights during the last 3 Wednesdays before Christmas Day which are Wednesday 8th, 15th, and 22nd December. FREE parking is offered after 4pm in all Council 'Pay & Display' car parks in the city centre including Maylord Shopping Centre, Old Market Shopping Centre and on-street parking. Friar Street and private car parks are excluded from this offer. The 'light switch on' in Hereford will take place in the City Centre on Sunday 21st November, but for safety reasons there will be no official ceremony or time and they will come on gradually as installers set them up. Steve Kerry, Clerk to the City Council said "our priority is to ensure the public are kept safe and not encourage large gatherings. Councillors have taken the difficult decision to simply switch the lights on given the huge numbers we would normally see for this event. In future years we look forward to returning to a more traditional Christmas switch on - but for now, the public can still enjoy the stunning displays the City Council have invested in". The Old Market is also following a similar plan with their lights going on the same day. More detailed information on the Christmas events line-up for Hereford will follow over the coming weeks and can be found on Hereford City Life's social and web pages (www.herefordcitylife.co.uk)
  2. From the people at Hereford City Life ...this is a consumer brand of the Hereford BID HerefordBID_Hospitality_Watermarked_YouTube_H264.mp4 The fabulous local businesses featured in the video are: En BBQ Saxtys Venue Nightclub Castle House Hotel Green Dragon Hotel Left Bank King Street Kitchen The Courtyard Lupa
  3. ‘Hereford City Life’ backed by Hereford BID are launching the ‘Hereford Gift Card’! They are launching a brand new gift card to help encourage customers to spend their money with local Hereford businesses. The Hereford Gift Card is a pre-paid ‘Master Card’ based programme, that can be accepted by independents and nationals within Hereford city centre. Consumers The new Hereford Gift Card can be purchased as a gift for a family member or friend or even to give to someone to say thank you. The gift card is just like any other gift card that you see on the high street and you will be able to use it to spend in many of the local shops, cafés, restaurants and bars and all participating businesses in Hereford City Centre including Marks and Spencers, Primark, New Look, Timothy Hawkins Gallery, Saxtys, Pleasance and Harper, Toni and Guy, Fox and Mabel...to name but a few however, a full list of those participating businesses will be provided once the gift card is launched in the next few months, just in time for Christmas!! Businesses This scheme is another great way to encourage visitors to shop and spend with your business and can benefit many sectors, including retail, hospitality, leisure and service. How do I register? To register your business as an approved Hereford Gift Card location, please visit the registration page here https://hfd.news/kwj and follow the steps outlined. Costs Being an approved location for the Hereford Gift Card will cost you nothing other than the levy you already pay to us. Every penny the customer spends on the card will be loaded on the card too - there are no hidden fees! What if I have more questions? If you have more queries about the Hereford Gift Card and registering your businesses, you can find FAQs on the Hereford BID website using our link - https://hfd.news/2so or alternatively, please feel free to contact Hereford BID by email info@herefordbid.co.uk
  4. A stunning, floral display is being organised by Hereford Business Improvement District to welcome back shoppers into Hereford in May, with member businesses being offered 2 free hanging baskets each. Hereford BID Handy Team watering hanging baskets in Church Street Rhiannon Burns, Marketing and Projects Manager, explained, As part of their yearly Floral City service, available exclusively to Hereford BID members, businesses will be able to claim two free hanging baskets to add colour and decoration to their frontages. This all-inclusive offer provides free installation, maintenance (watering, feeding, deadheading) and removal at the end of the season. Rhiannon added, The Floral City service has proved popular in previous years, with many businesses taking up the offering to brighten up storefronts. Sadly, due to the first lockdown and subsequent restrictions, the Hereford BID were unable to provide this service last year but the team are looking forward to being able bring it back for 2021. If you are a Hereford BID member and would like to take up this offer, visit www.herefordbid.co.uk to find more information and an order form. Alternatively, contact info@herefordbid.co.uk. Hereford BID is a non-profit private company (limited) funded by 500 businesses in the city centre. The organisation has 3 core strands underpinning its business plan, a document based on feedback from its member businesses on what they want to see happen, these are: i) High Profile Hereford - Marketing and Events ii) The Hereford Experience – Safe and Clean iii) Business Voice – Lobbying & Support. The company is run by up to 15 board directors who are also levy paying members.
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