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  1. A new car parking charge structure that has been introduced across the county today (17 May) will make it easier than ever for you to make an informed decision about where best to park your car. The new structure, which divides the price of parking into bands relative to proximity to the City or town centre, gives you the option to balance spending less on parking with a short walk, and ensures there are plenty of spaces available in the centre for short term users. Parking is now free in all market towns on Sundays and after 6pm every day, while in Hereford parking is now free afte
  2. New parking charges in Herefordshire (where applicable) mentioned below in the attached PDF, will take effect on TBC. If a car park is not mentioned, then the charges will remain the same as at present. A brief table showing the new prices is illustrated below 👇 NEW CHARGES: Any queries in relation to the above may be directed to the Parking Office (tel: 01432 260974) Email : civilparkingenforcement@herefordshire.gov.uk Many people disagree with increased parking charges by saying it will discourage them from visiting the city however, there are those who argue t
  3. Herefordshire Council advise of parking changes from today, Mon 5 Oct when using pay by phone parking, the bit extra you pay for the convenience has now reduced from 36p to 16p. You can still add-on the extra’s but you'll be charged separately- opting for a reminder 10p, extending your parking time 16p.
  4. As shops re-open, people return to work and more people visit Hereford and the market towns, the government has asked local authorities to introduce temporary measures that give pedestrians and cyclists the space they need to maintain social distancing and travel safely. The measures, which will include using temporary barriers and signage to widen footways, some timed or partial road closures and dedicated cycle lanes, will allow more space to walk and cycle in busy areas. Speed reductions to 20mph on some streets will help pedestrians and cyclists feel safer where road space is s
  5. Following a month of free parking in council car parks to support local businesses (charges resume Saturday 25 July), a county-wide review of parking charges has been launched. The review will look at the parking charges and concessions structure with a view to encouraging people to visit our towns and city centre while making the best use of the available spaces and reducing congestion. Local stakeholders will be asked for their input as part of the review, which is expected to be completed later this year. Cllr John Harrington, Cabinet member for infrastructure and transp
  6. Herefordshire Council have made a u-turn from last week when they reintroduced parking charges only offering a free 30 minute window as we reported in this article however, today there is some better news for local businesses as the council have now completely lifted the charges altogether for the best part of a month to help businesses recover from the Covid-19 lockdown. Parking charges lifted temporarily in town and city car parks to support business To support local business during this particularly difficult time and encourage people to visit their high street rather than sh
  7. I am surprised there are no complaints about Queenswood parking fines on here, possible because a lot of tourists are caught out by this scam. I recently received a Parking charge notice for failing to pay £1.50 for 40 minutes parking. The parking charge amount due is £100. I checked Tripadvisor.co.uk, since September 2019 Queenswood has received 27 complaints about parking fines out of 35 reviews, most that complained also said they would never visit again. I wrote to Queenswood to ask if they would consider cancelling the fine, they haven’t replied. How can this situ
  8. Car park users in Hereford will be able to enjoy 30 minutes of free parking, to make it easier for people to make essential visits. In response to covid-19, Herefordshire Council recognises that there may be many people who need to visit the city centre for essential reasons such as to visit pharmacies. To make this easier, and support local businesses, parking for up to 30 minutes in on street pay and display in Hereford will be free, until 6 July 2020. Herefordshire Council ceased charging at the start of the Covid-19 outbreak so that residents could go about their essential
  9. Car parking charges will come back into force from Monday 15 June in line with Government advice regarding the lifting of lockdown In line with Government advice regarding the lifting of lockdown car parking charges will come back into force from Monday 15 June. On 24 March, car parking charges were suspended across the county and the focus of parking enforcement activity has been on tackling unsafe parking, providing free parking for NHS workers and supporting the police to enforce social distancing. The need for good parking management is now greater than ever as the econ
  10. Electric vehicles charging in the council’s off-street car parks will soon be entitled to 30 minutes of free parking. The changes will take effect from Monday 16 March 2020, from which date drivers of electric or hybrid vehicles that need to plug in and charge will be able to obtain a free 30 minute parking ticket to display in their vehicle. Council electric vehicle charge points are available: Hereford; Garrick Multi Storey Car Park, Plough Lane, Shirehall and Venn Close Car Parks Kington; Mill Street Car Park Ledbury; St Katherine’s Car Park Leominster; E
  11. We have received several complaints from motorists in Hereford who have used Herefordshire Councils chosen parking partner app 'RingGo' The complains appear to focus of the wrong parking location at the point of payment, we are not sure if this is a glitch with the app or simply down to the app showing the nearest location number 'at the top' which most people would automatically select rather than the correct location number for the street that the motorist is parked in. This has resulted in genuine people paying for their parking only to find a parking ticket on their vehic
  12. As a recent first time visitor to Hereford is there anyone out there who can lend a hand? On a very wet weekday recently I struggled, no doubt like many others, to find a parking place near the City centre. Eventually finding a (hugely expensive) space in the Little Berrington Street NCP park I was beaten by the confusing payment instructions and took my car away to a more remote place to park. Sadly NCP chose to issue me with a parking fine, or notice as they like to call it. I want to appeal the notice, but NCP now refuse to tell me what the payment instructions were on display on the p
  13. HEREFORDSHIRE Council made £1.9 million profit in car parking charges in 2013/14 - more than £300k than the previous year. In figures released by the RAC Foundation, Herefordshire Council was 89th out of 353 authorities in the amount it made from parking tickets, permits and penalties. It collected £1,880,000 in the last tax year compared to 1,563,000 in 2012/13. Overall in 2013/14 councils in England made £667 million from their day to day, on and off street parking operations. After capital charges the net surplus was £549 million. By law
  14. Herefordshire Council has announced a countywide free parking pilot event. The pilot will enable residents and visitors to enjoy free parking for up to 4 hours after 10am on all council car parks in Herefordshire (except Friar Street, Hereford) on Saturday 9 February 2019. Monitoring and information-gathering will determine the wider impact of parking concessions on businesses, traffic flow and car park usage. Parking Enforcement Officers will observe traffic and parking patterns, but customers will not be required to purchase tickets. The event does not apply to on-street paid
  15. From Herefordshire CC 23/3/18 On-street Pay & Display parking times to be extended to support local business Herefordshire Council is proposing changes to Hereford City on-street Pay & Display, following feedback on the recently implemented scheme. The changes will allow visitors to stay longer and encourage use of nearby businesses. The changes proposed include: To extend the maximum stay to 2 hours across the whole charging zone, with an extended tariff structure (up to 30 mins - 50p, up to 1 hour - £1 and up to 2 hours - £3); To extend Pay & Display
  16. Free Parking The council’s Plough Lane car parks will be open to the public and free to park in on Saturday 31 March, 7 and 21 April, if you’re heading into the city centre to shop or watch the football. Postcode for the car park is HR4 0LE
  17. On Monday 29th January, 5.30 - 7pm Hereford BID members are invited to attend a parking meeting to discuss/ reflect and hear about the parking situation in Hereford. Many businesses have been touched by the changes made to waiting times/ meters introduced whilst both publicly and behind the scenes HBID have been constantly working on your behalf to ensure your views are heard and that we have a parking system that attracts visitors and shoppers. For more information and to download the monthly parking vouchers go here feel free to sign our petition here
  18. Supporting Local Independent Traders in Hereford FREE PARKING 2 hours FREE parking in Castle Street and 3 hours FREE parking at Greyfriars or the Town Hall car parks with the new vouchers, you can also park for 2 hours FREE along Conningsby Street. #hvshoplocal #herefordvoice
  19. Herefordshire Council has today issued vouchers for free parking to encourage customers to visit independent businesses in Hereford this Christmas. The scheme is in partnership with the Hereford Business Improvement District (BID) team and aims to promote independent businesses during the busy Christmas period. Cabinet Member for Transport & Regulatory Services, Cllr Barry Durkin said: The parking vouchers are available for local independent businesses to issue to customers. They can be used throughout December for 3 hours free weekend car parking at the Town Hall car park (access
  20. I have just read this article in the HT.
  21. I was parked in the Welsh Club car park for no more than about 10 minutes early this morning, while I dropped off my son to play football on the meadows, when I got back there was a guy putting a ticket on my car. I have been told by a friend now that I should not pay it because it is not a penalty, can anyone else through any light on this please?
  22. It has come to my attention that there has been a considerable amount of anger & frustration at the regeneration of 'The Oval' over on Mybook Facespace or whatever it is? In particular, construction traffic and muddy roads etc. As I have been briefed, the case is, that someone will get run over by the construction traffic, excessive amounts of mud on the roads and health and safety issues amongst others; One jolly fellow even posted the site managers phone number and email , the disbelief! Its not that hard to find!! As I live on said construction site, in their defence, they have two sw
  23. Well here is one topic that gets me every time. According to the latest media reports our relatively small hospital is now only second to Guildford for the most expensive 'first hour' in England.
  24. We have recently returned from Calella, which is a very busy and popular town on the Costa Brava. While travelling around we could not help but notice that in most of the very busy streets particularly around the commercial centres that there were very few disabled parking bays (unlike the UK where there are far too many in my opinion) and where there were disabled bays they seemed to be always empty. It was the same in Barcelona. So am I to believe that there are less genuine disabled people in Spain or are there just more scammers here in the UK?
  25. Since when have Keepmoat been in a position to dictate who can park on the public highway?
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