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  1. Thursday 23 April 2015 / Letters HT Comments were never 'open' on that archive letter. But first hand evidence is being given which seems pretty believable ....
  2. See here https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/media/3921502/car_park_notice_of_variation_of_charges_feb_2016.pdf
  3. I am not sure of the circumstances here but surely the police should be setting an example to the general public. This is not safe parking...
  4. Have you ever had a penalty charge notice placed on your car windscreen for parking in a Supermarket, KFC or private car park by some company who attempts to claim money from you by making these invoices look like some sort of parking ticket? I hate these SCAMMERS! Because in my opinion that is what they are, so I have decided to put together some articles and advice on what to do if you have a speculative invoice placed onto your car windscreen and links to various other sites offering similar advice. It is down to YOU, whether you decide to accept this advice but at the very least it
  5. Disabled badge stolen from car A DISABLED parking badge has been stolen from a car which was parked in Whitchurch. A couple left their vehicle unlocked in the car park at the Old Court Hotel in Whitchurch on October 12. HT
  6. From the letters page in the HT: WELL done, Herefordshire Council, another brilliant decision with the proposal to raise the Merton Meadow parking charge with a whopping 67% increase from £3 to £5 per day (On-street parking charges on way? Hereford Times, July 30). I would accept an increase is due, but I think an increase of 50p, taking the charge to £3.50 per day, would be acceptable. Who in Hereford (councillors excepted) could afford to pay £5 per day? I would hazard a guess those requiring full-day parking Monday to Friday are mainly city centre workers, many of whom are on m
  7. I saw today that yellow signs have gone up at Penn Grove Road indicating that traffic regulation is proposed between Moreland Ave and Admirals Close. That's where the commuters/students/hospital people park for free just beyond where the existing yellow lines stop. The details of the restrictions are not yet on the relevant Council page (link here) but they are sure to appear soon and will probably stop people parking on that section of road full stop. I'll be quite pleased if this happens as the current free for all makes driving along there inconvenient and sometimes dangerous. This foll
  8. So you have to pay an addtional 30p in order to pay for your parking? Do I understand this correctly? But you do receive free texts NOT! (You have paid 30 p for the privilege) From my understanding the previous service which was provided by PayByPhone was subscription free, so I am confused as to why Herefordshire Council have opted for this more expensive company? I see Oxfordshire Council have done the same see this article In London the Council have opted for the reverse, The London borough of Southwark have changed from RingGo to PayByPhone, see this article So wh
  9. Shoppers and visitors will be able to park for free in city centre car parks this Christmas as part of an ongoing campaign to promote Hereford as a Christmas shopping destination. Full Details
  10. The Herefordshire Council have an online survey about the parking in Hereford. In my opinion, there are far too many disabled bays along broad street and in King Street and Bridge Street they they could increase the maximum parking time to 2 hours, at least this way you have a little more time to shop etc.. The traffic wardens are too keen to issue tickets too, all of this does not encourage people into our city. This of course is just my view but there is an online survey which I think is worth completing, see below.
  11. Just a line or two regarding traffic orders. I contacted Cllr. Price Cabinet member highway in the hope he could speed things up regarding the three year wait to get a traffic order implemented. He informed me that he had asked one of the highway officers to look at it and let me know, that was in early October. After a couple of weeks I emailed the officer for an update, no response. Then about two or so weeks ago I repeated the same, still no response. I have just sent a third email, now this officer may be off work for some reason but we are normally informed if this is the case.
  12. As the vortex was given away to developers does this mean another car park put in the wrong place that is what happened at Newton farm waterfield road part of an arrangement that was done by the developers do you see a pattern emerging ?
  13. I am very annoyed with Hereford council for selling off the Merton Meadow Car Park for house building and not ensuring that the one thousand or so Long stay car park is replaced. When I wrote to them they said the old market site will have 600 new spaces. What they forgot to mention was some were going to be for the new supermarket at 2 hours max and the other would be short stay Car Parking. I have family that work in town and can not afford to pay £1.20 per hour out of their minimum wage to park. One of my family works for Tesco and they can enjoy free parking. Nurses, High Street workers,
  14. While out today I came across this planning notice on Waterfield Road proposing the construction of a car park. When I attended the public meeting at Eastholme before Christmas I got the impression that most of the gathering were against the car park being situated here, especially the anglers, as it was too far from the Belmont Ponds. The anglers would have liked a car park off Haywood Lane closer to the ponds. Has this application being advertised in the local press as you can easily miss the notice on the lamp post. The letters in the box on the planning application state the application i
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