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  1. Verging on Wild is a group of volunteers working to improve biodiversity on our roadside verges. We are working with Herefordshire Council, Balfour Beatty Living Places, Herefordshire Wildlife Trust and several other wildlife organisations. We want to see a change in verge management across the county and we want to protect the best verges by listing them as Roadside Verge Nature Reserves (RVNRs) and managing them for biodiversity. Protection for our rich and varied verges Road verge flora is deteriorating in many parts of the UK – 87 of the verge species are facing possible extinction – including favourites like harebell, field scabious and ragged robin. The decline is caused by the way we cut and manage verge habitat and the increasing fertility of roadside soils. Cutting begins in the spring and is repeated in the summer so that few plants have a chance to set seed before the mowers arrive. Summer flowering plants, many of which typify our beautiful hay meadows, are disappearing from our verges. The result of this mowing regime and the practice of leaving the cut vegetation to rot down in situ, has caused a decline in roadside species and an increase in weed species such as nettles, cow parsley and hogweed. This is bad news for wildflower numbers and diversity. It is also bad for populations of bees, beetles and butterflies that rely on these plants for food, and for the birds that eat these invertebrates. What a gorgeous welcome to Bishops Frome! There are nearly 300,000 miles of rural roadside verges in the UK, so if this decline can be reversed, the contribution to nature will be huge. Rural verges are equal to half our remaining grasslands and meadows, so if we can change verge management to benefit wildlife, it will make a significant difference. A rural county like Herefordshire can make a great contribution to this with good verge management. Reversing the decline – “Cut Less, Cut Later” Plantlife, the UK’s wild plant conservation body, is behind a national project proposing a new wildlife friendly approach to managing verges. They produce clear verge management guidelines for landowners, local councils and authorities, the gist of which is “cut less, cut late". In Herefordshire in 2018, three friends decided to take action to improve our local verges and “Verging on Wild” (VOW) was formed. VOW is now affiliated to Herefordshire Wildlife Trust and working to encourage Herefordshire Council, Parish councils and their contractors to follow the best practice guidelines. Herefordshire Council and Balfour Beatty Living Places are now considering changes to the verge management in Herefordshire. Herefordshire’s listed verges Verging on Wild is also working to reinstate good management for a list of special verges which are the best wild flower verges in the county. These are called Roadside Verge Nature Reserves (RVNRs). VOW is organising groups of volunteers to do signage, monitoring and management on the listed sites. Many enthusiasts have already proposed their own local sites which have now been surveyed and added to the list for their protection. It is wonderful to see these verges in flower and alive with bees and butterflies, so if you would like to be a verge guardian and help look after a listed verge near you, please contact Verging on Wild. suzanne@lowerhazelfarm.co.uk, annecrane59@gmail.com, sally@sallywebster.net Further Information See “The good verge guide” and “Managing grassland road verges” here Sign Plantlife’s petition here Watch a brilliant presentation on verges from Phil Sterling of Butterfly Conservation here Source | Herefordshire Wildlife Trust
  2. A West Midlands Ambulance Service technician has tragically died whilst on duty in Herefordshire this morning. The ambulance crew were on route to a 999 call when an object struck the ambulance’s windscreen at 8am. It happened at the junction of Moreton Road and the A49. Multiple resources attended the scene, which included two emergency ambulance crews, paramedic officers, the Midlands Air Ambulance from Strensham and two Mercia Accident Rescue Service doctors.A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokeswoman said: West Midlands Ambulance Service Chief Executive, Anthony Marsh, said: West Mercia Police are asking anyone who may have seen the incident or have dash-cam footage to contact them on 101 quoting incident 00101i of 24 April.
  3. Our fabulous local independent retailers have all reopened in the last few weeks including all those lovely shops and boutiques in The Independent Quarter and Hereford Butter Market We have a new a nail salon, mobile phone shop and the new tasty Yorkshire wrap! A new pizza restaurant, as well as some fabulous coffee bars, take-aways, bistros, wine bars and pubs and the all new outside seating! New eateries offering Korean BBQ at your table and Amazing Asia all coming soon to the Hereford Old Market Shopping Centre and we have some fabulous hotels too and let's not forget Saxtys Bar & Club which is reopening in May!! June brings Knife Angel Hereford to the Hereford Cathedral We also have some wonderful new planters with seats and trees in the city centre which will look superb once they fully blossom. We love our city and county and we like to shout about it and promote everything POSITIVE. It's all too easy to moan but we are privileged to live in such a beautiful part of the World. We will continue to promote local business and encourage people to visit Hereford and Herefordshire. Keep looking out for our continuous opening headlines POSITIVE NEWS | POSITIVE HEREFORD The lockdown has been a very challenging time for people and businesses alike but there is light at the end of the tunnel.. Join us in our campaign and 'BE POSITIVE' about this fabulous city of ours. 'Positive Hereford' Follow our hashtag #positivehereford
  4. Sad to learn the sad news of the passing of Sir Clive Richards, he was a great supporter of so many good causes in Herefordshire and throughout the UK, including a huge generous donation of 1 Million pounds to St Michael's Hospice - Hereford. Sir Clive Richards - Photograph courtesy of St Michael's Hospice Hereford. The Hospice said; Charity The Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity (CSRC) was established on 16 May 1986 by Clive Richards, a serial entrepreneur and his wife Sylvia. The Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity is committed to supporting Education, Healthcare, Heritage and Arts CSR Charity Website
  5. Have your say on the future of rubbish and recycling in the county. Monday 7 December 2020 to Sunday 7 February 2021. This consultation is closed. Consultation reports are available. The council's current rubbish and recycling collection contract is due to end in 2023. Since the current service was introduced the government has announced a new national resource and waste strategy and we will have to make changes to collections to ensure these new requirements are met. Also, in 2019 the council declared a climate and ecological emergency and has an ambition to make changes for a more sustainable county. In December 2020 – February 2021 we asked for your views on the future of rubbish and recycling collection services in the county. You can read the outcome of the consultation in the documents below: Summary consultation outcome Full consultation outcome report All of the feedback gathered during the consultation will now be considered along with other reports before councillors make a final decision on how rubbish and recycling collection services are provided in the future. This decision is expected to be taken in April/May 2021. Other documents: Future of waste summary - residents Future of waste summary - businesses
  6. Herefordshire Council asked people across Herefordshire to let them know their thoughts on the future of waste and recycling in county. Find out what was said, take a look at the results of the consultation & find the next steps, HERE
  7. Herefordshire Council teams have recently completed a programme of resurfacing and drainage works on the U92415 - Easthampton Lane, Easthampton, Shobdon in #Herefordshire.
  8. Online marketplace Local E Sourced has been chosen as a finalist for Britain’s best environmentally sustainable business 08th APRIL 2020: Local e Sourced based in #Herefordshire has been shortlisted for the UK’s best environmentally sustainable small business at this year’s Small Awards. In its fifth year, The Small Awards is a nationwide search for the smallest and greatest firms in the UK, across all sectors. It is organised annually by Small Business Britain, which champions, inspires and accelerates small businesses in the UK. Local E Sourced is an online marketplace exclusively for independent businesses, founded in March 2020. Offering the ability to buy multiple products from any number of suppliers with a single delivery charge. Makes products more accessible, helping reach new customers while creating a unique shopping experience with a focus on celebrating and promoting local businesses and products. By shopping with Local e Sourced, you are minimising the need to import food leaving behind it a huge carbon footprint. Instead, you are supporting small, independent suppliers. By shopping local, we are keeping a significant amount of money within the area, that will help grow local businesses, create jobs, improve tourism and generally improve the quality of life in the local community and become less focused on cheap imported, lesser quality goods and support those who work hard to provide on our doorsteps. Local e Sourced has been chosen as one of five finalists for the new ‘Net Hero’ Small Award, launched in the run-up to this November’s UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), to recognise small firms demonstrating exceptional commitment to environmental sustainability. With eleven unique categories, the Small Awards celebrate the dynamism of the UK’s small business sector, across everything from longstanding family businesses and innovation-led start-ups, to social enterprise champions. said Michelle Ovens CBE, Founder of Small Business Britain. Hamish said, Hamish Light Judged by a panel of leading enterprise experts, the winners of all award categories, along with the overall winner of Small Business of the Year, will be announced on 13 May 2021. This year, in light of current covid-19 restrictions, Small Business Britain will again be hosting its award ceremony as a lively virtual event, instead of the traditional glittering gala dinner. Small businesses across the country will zoom in together for an evening of fun celebrations, featuring entertainment, special guests, speeches, networking and more! About The Small Awards The Small Awards, launched in 2017, targets the whole small business sector focusing on businesses often overlooked by other awards. The Small Awards is run by Small Business Britain, the UK’s leading champion of small businesses, supporting all 5.8 million small businesses in the UK – no matter their location, their sector, or their ambition level. Through a series of reports, events and campaigns, Small Business Britain champions, inspires and accelerates small businesses in the UK to foster growth and increased confidence. https://thesmallawards.uk https://smallbusinessbritain.uk
  9. All 3 appliances from Leominster Fire Station were required at a large building fire, near Ludlow late last night. Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service crews from Hereford, Ledbury, Tenbury and Leintwardine, were all in attendance. Firefighters used breathing apparatus, main jets and hose reels to bring the fire swiftly under control. 📷 HWFRS Leominster
  10. 🔷 Money for bypass | Outsourcing services and Herefordshire Council's commitment to build 2,500 affordable new homes 🔷 In this final session from Councillor Harvey she answers more questions put to her from our previous topic here about money for the Western Link Road (also known as the Hereford Bypass), and why do the council often outsource services. Hereford Voice would like to thank Councillor Liz Harvey for taking the time out to answer questions and engaging in our Councillor Sessions, we hope that you have found these useful. More Councillors will be engaging with you this year as part of our 'exclusive' Hereford Voice 'Councillor Sessions' Our 'Councillor Sessions' are not limited solely to the current administration, we welcome 'Sessions' with Councillors from ALL parties representing Herefordshire. 🔜 Follow Hereford Voice for more Councillor Sessions coming soon
  11. Herefordshire Council teams have recently completed a programme of resurfacing and drainage works on the C1125 - C1129 to C1124, Marden in Herefordshire.
  12. 🔷 Furlough and Purchase of Maylord Orchards 🔷 In this session Councillor Harvey answers more questions about whether Council staff were furloughed and the purchase of Maylord Orchards for over £4 Million. Councillor Harvey will be answering more of the questions from our previous topic here in her final session later this week. More Councillors will be engaging with you this year as part of our 'exclusive' Hereford Voice 'Councillor Sessions' Our 'Councillor Sessions' are not limited solely to the current administration, we welcome 'Sessions' with Councillors from ALL parties representing Herefordshire. 🔜 Follow Hereford Voice for more Councillor Sessions coming soon
  13. This grass snake was seen in the Forest of Dean this week. The photo was taken from distance but how beautiful to see such a wonderful creature in Herefordshire. Photograph courtesy of F.D.Williams Have you seen any snakes in the County?
  14. West Mercia Police Statement: 👉 https://hfd.news/x0q Around 3pm this afternoon (Friday 2 April) we were informed a helicopter had crashed in a field off Bromyard Road in Ledbury, Herefordshire. Emergency services are currently at the scene. Two people were on board the helicopter and while the extent of injuries is not yet known, they are not believed to be serious.
  15. Herefordshire Council teams have recently completed a programme of resurfacing and drainage works on the A466 to Pendiggott, Orcop, Herefordshire. Contractors have also completed a programme of resurfacing and drainage works on the A465 to The Vroe, Rowlestone, Herefordshire.
  16. Following a meeting of Herefordshire’s Safety Advisory Group, it has been determined and agreed with the event organisers that due to the pandemic, it would not be prudent to hold the Leominster and Hereford Mayfair events in their usual slots at the end of April/beginning of May. Instead, they are planned to be rescheduled as follows: Leominster: Thursday 29 to Saturday 31 July inclusive Hereford: Tuesday 3 to Thursday 5 August inclusive The Hereford May Fair will celebrate the 900th anniversary of the granting of its charter in 2021, while the Leominster Fair can be traced back to the 17th century, and both events attract many residents and visitors every year. Events and activities are being organised to celebrate Hereford’s 900th anniversary and details of these will be available on the Herefordshire Council website in the next few weeks.Dean Deakin, Chairman of the South Wales and Northern Ireland Section of The Showman’s Guild, said: The streets come alive during the three-day festivals each year as crowds flock to enjoy their unique festival atmosphere and myriad of entertainment. On behalf of Herefordshire Council, Cllr Tyler, Cabinet Member Housing, Regulatory Services & Community Safety said,
  17. Following extensive works to the B4224 road from Fiddler's Green to Fownhope Herefordshire following which was severely damaged by Storm Dennis in early 2020. The B4224 was dealt a double blow by the storm, which caused a 6.5 metre wide landslip and a separate partial collapse of a 100-metre long retaining wall. Balfour Beatty explain that work at the landslip site is now accelerating, and to help explain the stages they need to go through to reach completion, they have put together some information below. 👇 The road is scheduled to reopen this Friday to all traffic.
  18. It has been confirmed yesterday (22nd March) by a local vet that a dog has sadly died from contracting Alabama Rot after walking in Eastnor Deer Park. Photo courtesy of Eastnor Castle Eastnor Castle said in a statement:
  19. Waste found dumped in two locations in and around Bromyard had been taken away from Poundstretcher refurbishment Herefordshire Council has won an Enforcement case against two friends who were found guilty of fly tipping two loads of waste which were found dumped on Bromyard downs and in a layby near to Acton Green crossroads. John Hodgkins (40) of Redstone Lane, Stourport-On-Severn and Isaac Janes (48) of 78 Layman Walk, Stourport-On-Severn both pleaded guilty to two counts of fly tipping at Hereford Magistrates’ Court on 9 March 2021. The pair received fines and costs totalling £1072.00 each. At the hearing, the court heard how in October 2019, Hodgkins and Janes had been paid £400 to take away refurbishment waste from the former Poundstretcher store on Eign Gate, Hereford. The waste was later found dumped in two large piles on Bromyard downs and in a layby just off the Acton Green crossroads. Although no evidence was found in the fly tipping, officers from Herefordshire Council’s Community Protection Team were able to obtain CCTV and ANPR images to trace the offenders. David Hough, Herefordshire Council’s Trading Standards Service Manager, said: The Community Protection Team will investigate unlawful waste disposal and fly tipping cases that are reported via the Herefordshire Council website or by calling 01432 261761.
  20. Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service were called to a house fire near Bromyard Downs just before midnight last night. Firefighters from Bromyard, Leominster and Malvern were in attendance and tackled the house fire using hose reels, main jets and Breathing Apparatus to extinguish this fire. #herefordvoice #herefordshirenews #herefordnews
  21. Friends of Castle Green are now able to begin the much needed renovations to The Pavilion after securing funding for the repairs. Hereford City Council are granting £7,000 towards the project, which will enable the community group to begin the first phase of improvements to the building. Paddy Nugent, Friends of Castle Green Director said; More details here #herefordvoice #herefordnews #positivehereford
  22. A microbudget UK Horror Feature is being made in Herefordshire. It's called "Wyvern Hill" and on its way very soon. UK horror director Jonathan Zaurin is to tackle his first feature film later this summer and it already looks like it’s one to keep an eye on. Wyvern Hill is described as ‘the story of one woman’s struggle with reality’ as a series of gruesome killings is shaking the small county of Herefordshire, UK. It tells the tale of Beth, a woman in her sixties who starts to show signs of early Alzheimer’s. Her daughter and son in law move into an old house large enough to accommodate the three of them so that they can look after Beth during this difficult time, that house… Wyvern Hill. It isn’t long before Beth begins worsen but is it her Alzheimer or is there SOMETHING in the house. I recently had a little chat with Jonathan to find out more about Wyvern Hill, what we can expect, how he feels tackling his first feature and when we can expect to see this new UK horror. What can people expect from Wyvern Hill? I think people coming into Wyvern Hill can expect a twisted, violent tale with plenty of twists and turns along the way… but also hopefully a very moving drama about a set of characters that are very unusual for this type of horror films. We tried to create an atmospheric, brutal horror that will deliver on tension, suspense and visceral horror but also to create a true drama in which you will get to love and care for the characters who are thrown into a horrible situation. It’s two films in one in a sense, but that’s something that always interested me, the fluidity of genre, I don’t see it as stiff, I see it as a multitude of potential combinations of narrative conventions, plenty of which we haven’t seen yet! How are you feeling about your coming feature as a Director? How have you been preparing? To be honest, nervous is the first word that comes to mind haha! Look here’s the thing about Wyvern Hill, it’s a microbudget, we’re really not spending that much money (total budget around 5k) and we were prepared for it to be exactly that, a (hopefully) high production value microbudget film… but then it started growing (while the budget stayed the same) and now we have a tonne of amazing people involved! For example our main actress Pat Garett who has spent the first half of her career working with Jim Henson and Frank Oz on things like The Muppets Christmas Carol and The Little Shop of Horrors amongst other things. And so since we started the production the cast has grown to welcome some incredible, established and rising, actors! And the crew has grown to welcome some amazing talent which I can’t quite reveal yet ha! But also the usual suspects and collaborators, first of all my wife Sarah who always produces, Jérome Bardon who is a consistant figure at LBS films, having produced and written a number of films for us but also Mike Coombes who has been a longtime friend and collaborator and who was Georgie in Portrait(s) , Joe Nurse who played Baby Gerald in Santa Baby, Pete Bird with whom I worked on several shorts and Michael Sanchez, the genius from Belgium who is slowly becoming our official composer as he did the music for both The Pit an Santa Baby! the special effects are being As far as preparing, again it’s a microbudget film so the idea is to try and get as much as my knowledge and time allows me to get done, myself. So on this I am officiating as director, DoP and editor and currently we are in a phase where I swear a lot and try to do my shot by shot breakdown between the thousands of emails from cast and crew all day everyday! When are you due to start shooting? We are due to start shooting with a very limited Cast and crew end of August. These are the first wave of scenes which we are shooting before our main actress arrives to Hereford. Then things start seriously kicking off on 11th September. We’re having to do that also because we obviously want to protect our cast and crew from Covid which represents as you can imagine, quite a challenge on production. What are your plans for the film upon completion? When is your proposed release date? The plans are to tour the festivals and find a distributor! We are already having those conversations with some fairly interesting people… We are basically fairly confident with that though, part of our History at LBS Films is that we, over the last 4 years, have created a series of Award Winning shorts for ridiculously low amounts of money (from £80 to a maximum of £300), all of which ended up being actually VERY profitable both financially and artistically, despite the (almost) total lack of distribution opportunities for shorts! In that respect we were lucky to meet Tood Rodgers at Meridian Releasing who gave our films a huge platform, and now Todd is a producer on Wyvern Hill! So in a sense the feature is a logical continuation of what we’ve been doing but hopefully with the proper potential channels for distribution available to us! How did you come across the script? A few years back I did a BA (Hons) at Hereford College of Arts. My last year was spent making a film called Dirt and we had a course leader replacement halfway through. Long story short the new course leader was Keith Temple, a fairly well known and very talented TV writer who worked on basically every major UK show. We clicked immediately and we expressed the idea of working together at some point. I hired Keith to play a part in my then new short film The Pit and from there a conversation started. Keith had an idea for a horror film but he was a bit nervous about writing it as he had never written pure horror (although his Dr Who episode comes close). So I told him that if he wrote it… I’d get it made. Initially it was called Suburban Shadows, and a lot of work and a year and half later, there it is, ready to shoot: Wyvern Hill. Source
  23. We reported yesterday that Malvern Copswere out on bike and foot patrols on the Malvern Hills following barbed wire being hung across several tracks on the hills. Below are more disgusting photographs showing this evidence of such a vile act! Photographs courtesy of Malvern Police Last August we also reported similar incidents where nails had deliberately put into pieces of wood on bike trails in the Forest of Dean in this article Why would people do this? Anyone with any information please call 101 and quote log ref: 0622_i_07032021 #herefordvoice #herefordnews #herefordshire
  24. Rail and Bus for Herefordshire in partnership with West Midlands Railway launch a new project for Ledbury Railway Station under the banner of 'Your Community Your Fund' Ledbury Town Ledbury is an historic medieval market town on the West Midlands Railway network. It owes its origins to the church and the establishment of St Katherine’s Hospital for travellers by the Bishop of Hereford c.1231 at a crossing of medieval pack-horse routes. The hospital remains todays as well as its Master’s House from which the establishment and small farm was supervised. Around the cross roads grew the medieval town which is now a jewel of heritage buildings from Elizabethan, Georgian and Victorian times. The Railway The railway arrived in 1861 after considerable engineering works boring tunnels through the Malvern Hills and spanning the valley of the Leadon at Ledbury by a magnificent viaduct which still carries the trains today. The station at Ledbury was a fine building which also had a licensed refreshment room. There was a large goods yard and a small locomotive shed. In 1885 a branch line through the town to Newent and Gloucester was built with a superb skew bridge over the Hereford Road. The line closed in the 1950s and today it is a town trail that will take you from the station to the town centre. Town Grows - Railway Declines By the 1960s Ledbury was a growing town but the railway was in decline. The reshaping of British Railways (the Beeching Report) saw the closure of many stations and lines. Ledbury was lucky to retain its trains but the station was reduced to an unstaffed halt and the splendid buildings were demolished. The station and trains grew remote from the town as cars and buses became the main form of transport. In the late 1980s a transport geographer living in the town negotiated with British Rail to open a small wooden ticket and information office at the station and operate as an agency. This was eventually agreed and it became one of the forerunners of community rail linking the community and its station. The enterprise still functions today. Rediscovering the Railway The project of the late 1980s was but a beginning. Rail usage began to increase. Between 1998 and 2018 the numbers increased by over 100% from 101,387 to 216,606 passengers per annum (source: Government annual station usage statistics). In 2021 Ledbury is set to further build on the previous success with a new project at the station. The project, funded through a grant from the West Midlands Trains Community Fund, with additional support from Ledbury Town Council and Ledbury Civic Trust, will enable a new glazed display cabinet to be positioned at the station containing an art map of the town and its heritage buildings together with a history of the town and its railway in original calligraphic script. Local community artists will be producing the art and calligraphic work and the project will be managed for Rail & Bus for Herefordshire by local transport geographer Gareth Calan Davies. This is an exciting community project designed to bring station, community and town even further together whilst promoting Ledbury as a jewel of a heritage town on the West Midlands Rail network. It will help encourage visitors to the town and strengthen the community whilst at the same time supporting and encouraging use of the train service. Find out More and Keep in Touch Regular news items about the project will be produced including more info about the history of the town and railway together with introductions to the artists involved in the project. To keep in touch contact Gareth Calan Davies, project manager for RBfH onghal@btinternet.com telephone 01531 633594 www.rbfh.org.uk To find out more about this and other community rail projects throughout the West Midlands contact Fay Easton Stakeholder & Community Manager at West Midlands Railway onFay.Easton@wmtrains.co.uk www.wmr.uk/about-us/your-community-your-fund PDF attached Town and Railway Powerpoint V5.pdf
  25. Having Your Say | Hereford Voice Councillor Sessions. At Hereford Voice our slogan has always been 'Having Your Say' and through our network we are going to give you the opportunity to ask your questions to some of our Councillors. Cabinet Member - Finance and Corporate Services - Councillor Liz Harvey has agreed to be put under the spotlight to answer your questions in the second series of our 'exclusive' Q & A sessions. Rules: Abuse will Not be tolerated and offensive comments will be deleted and may also result in that person being banned. Please ask sensible questions on any subject that Cllr Harvey maybe able to address and answer in her capacity at Herefordshire Council. Councillor Elizabeth Harvey Herefordshire Council tax setting meeting is this coming Friday 5th March, which is formally ratifying all the parish precepts, the fire authority and police charges and the county council tax rise which have each already been debated and agreed by their respective authorities. Cllr Harvey is more than happy to explain all about that however, please be minded that there is no scope on Friday to revisit the 4 99% county tax uplift. Please ask your questions, we have set out a few examples below; Finance Council Budget Council Tax Value for money Corporate Services #herefordvoice #herefordnews #hereford #herefordshire #hfdvcs
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