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  1. I attended the BRPC Meeting last night at the Northolme Community Centre. During the public participation I asked if we could have at least 3 salt/grit bins for Glastonbury Close. One to be situated at the top of the close near Sydwall Road, another at the bottom of Glastonbury Close situated in the turning point on the final bend and the 3rd positioned near to the open space at the very end. Last Winter I drove to Tesco and collected grit on a few occasions and gritted the whole of the close from top to bottom as it is like an ice rink when the temperatures fall below zero. Over the years I have seen the bin lorry struggle and slide like you would not believe as well as vans and cars. I remember seeing some yellow bins some years back but they have since disappeared. I will also write to the clerk to request a few additional bins in and around Belmont too.
  2. Autumn colours at Hereford Cathedral taken early this morning
  3. WARNING TO WEST MERCIA CONSTABULARY I'm going to post on here (as it has more clout) if I do not get an answer to my email from Southside Cops. Needless to say my 'stop' left me feeling very uneasy, and I was guilt free! I will await a response from Southsides finest before I take this any further.
  4. The Greyfriars and Eign Gate underpasses are both in desperate need of some TLC. I took these photographs this evening and as you can see, it is very dark here, half the lights are not working. The lights that are 'out of order' are numbers 1 (entrance) 4, 5, 8 and 9 (on the exit). Look how dark the Greyfriars underpass is from Greyfriars end This underpass is in need of some new bright LED lighting throughout and on both entrances including the pathway leading to the actual underpass. I think the council need to provide a safe environment for residents and this feels far from safe as it stands. There is no CCTV coverage here either, this needs addressing sooner rather than later.
  5. Hereford Library and Museum Building This is a unique Hereford building, iconic: a splendid example of mid-Victorian Gothic. It is a landmark in the range of buildings in Broad Street. It houses the county library, the Hereford museum and an art gallery. It was originally built in the 1870s largely due to the generosity of James Rankin, a founder of the Woolhope Club, which is still housed in the building. Now disaster has struck, for during building works asbestos was discovered and the entire building is currently closed to the public. It will cost a substantial sum of money to put right. But even then it will fall way below the standards expected of a county library and museum. For the building has been neglected for years, for decades. The Hereford Library Users Group believes there is a unique opportunity to bring the building into the 21st century. The User Group has been invited, with other interested parties, by the Hereford- shire Council’s Cabinet to explore how it might be best developed into a 21st cen- tury innovative, cultural and community centre for the city. With radical thinking and the employment of the full resources of the digital age, it will be possible for this building, which we propose should be called The Rankin Centre, to take on an entirely new lease of life. It will be revitalized by a number of unique innovations using synergy between the library and the museum collections. It will become, again, a major attraction for residents and tourists alike, worthy of Hereford and Herefordshire. The Proposal What follows is an entirely new concept in the heart of the city of Hereford. The present building is the county’s central library and houses the main museum in the county. At present it fulfils neither of these functions adequately. It should become a major focus for cultural, educational and information seeking activities in the city and the county, as well as an attraction for tourists. The proposal has a number of distinctive innovations that include a new way of integrating library and museum offers, and a better way of accessing the library resources by introducing the concept of ‘discoverability’, including an informed gateway to archive sources. Over the next few years Herefordshire could have a new and innovative university which will require a library facility. There is also an intention to apply to be a Euro- pean City of Culture but the poor quality of what is at present on offer would al- most certainly disqualify any bid. This major omission must be dealt with for the bid will fail in the absence of a first rate library and museum. The Library Users Group proposes a cultural and information hub to bring together community ser- vices, a meeting place for young and old, tourism, business support, digital access, a modern library display and meeting areas and with links to services such as mu- seums and archives – a real hub for the county. There are excellent examples of such centres elsewhere, such as at the Norwich Millennium, Centre, the Winchester Discovery Centre, The Hive. Worcester, Brighton’s Jubilee library and the Tower Hamlets Idea Stores, all of which have been extraordinarily successful in rejuvenat- ing and inspiring the communities they serve. Such a centre in Hereford would support and reinforce the positive effects that the establishment of a university will bring to the county. The key to the proposal is a complete re-development of the interior of the present Broad Street building, with its listed and striking Victorian Italianate façade, which is in an excellent location in the heart of the city. However, the building is quite inadequate for a modern library and museum and is unable to provide the facilities that a 21st century cultural hub needs. It does not attract people to use it as is evi- dent from falling numbers. Present use of space, access and services is poor and is a gross under utilization of a prominent city centre site. The inner structure of the library needs to be torn out and a completely new arrangement of floors and access between them set in place. See the architect’s outline section, below. Full details in the attached PDF below. RankinCentre.pdf
  6. Please do take the time to fill this in. I was unaware of this until today, whereas only 0.02% of the 56000 people in Hereford have filled it in. It's our county and what needs to be done. Don't complain if you don't fill it in. It even mentions a bypass!! https://www.snapsurveys.com/wh/s.asp?k=144620162827 Please tell everyone you know to complete it.
  7. Hereford Times - Someone Using Same Name As Hereford Voice. They have registered using the names Herefords Voice and also Hereford Voices (Notice the S) I have written to Clive at the HT as someone has registered as Herefords Voice on their website, notice the S on the end of their name. We are: Hereford Voice
  8. Although it is rare on this family friendly forum, may I remind you all of the law as it is stated, regarding online bullying. The context is guided towards younger people, however the principle is still the same. Types of cyberbullying There are many ways of bullying someone online and for some it can take shape in more ways than one. Some of the types of cyber bullying are: Harassment - This is the act of sending offensive, rude, and insulting messages and being abusive. Nasty or humiliating comments on posts, photos and in chat rooms. Being explicitly offensive on gaming sites. Denigration – This is when someone may send information about another person that is fake, damaging and untrue. Sharing photos of someone for the purpose to ridicule, spreading fake rumours and gossip. This can be on any site online or on apps. We even hear about people altering photos of others and posting in online for the purpose of bullying. Flaming – This is when someone is purposely using really extreme and offensive language and getting into online arguments and fights. They do this to cause reactions and enjoy the fact it causes someone to get distressed. Impersonation – This is when someone will hack into someone’s email or social networking account and use the person's online identity to send or post vicious or embarrassing material to/about others. The making up of fake profiles on social network sites, apps and online are common place and it can be really difficult to get them closed down. Outing and Trickery – This is when someone may share personal information about another or trick someone into revealing secrets and forward it to others. They may also do this with private images and videos too. Cyber Stalking – This is the act of repeatedly sending messages that include threats of harm, harassment, intimidating messages, or engaging in other online activities that make a person afraid for his or her safety. The actions may be illegal too depending on what they are doing. Bullying by spreading rumours and gossip — The worst thing about social networking sites and messaging apps is that anything nasty posted about you can be seen by lots of people and these posts can go viral very fast and be shared by so many people within minutes in some cases. From what we have heard from people who have been bullied online, the most vicious gossip and rumours are often spread by people who were once your best friends so it's best to keep secrets and personal information to yourself. Only tell people things if it wouldn't embarrass you if other people found out about them. Posting false and malicious things about people on the internet can be classed as harassment. Threatening behaviour — Anyone who makes threats to you on the internet could be committing a criminal offence. It's against the law in the UK to use the phone system, which includes the internet, to cause alarm or distress. It could also be against the 1997 Harassment Act. If threats are made against you then it's essential you confide in your parents, or someone you trust so that they can make a complaint to the police. If you can't print out the threats use the "print screen" button or snipping tool to take a snapshot of the computer screen and then save that somewhere safe. Or if you have a phone or tablet, use the screenshot function and keep these images safe.
  9. Cllr Jim Kenyon, county councillor for the Tupsley ward, has helped arrange a litter pick and community day this Sunday, which he hopes will bring community spirit to the area. He said: "The encouraging thing for me is people from across the city want to sort this problem out and reclaim the lines and make it safe to use. "It is a thoroughfare from the south of the city to the north of the city. What we want is to make it a safer route." Cllr Kenyon said the bushes alongside the path are overgrown and this week Herefordshire Council's contractor, Balfour Beatty, is cutting it back over three days. This extra work is funded by the city council and match funded by the county council. Cutting back the bushes will reveal a lot of litter, so this is where the community can step in this Sunday and take part in a litter pick- bags and litter pickers will be provided. Help is also needed to cut back bushes by the exit and entry points to the lines- Cllr Kenyon asked for people to join Colin and to bring any spare loppers or hand saws. He said there will also be an update on the day about my requests for the LED lighting and the CCTV camera, which is due to be installed this month. Community groups are involved including Close House and everyone is welcome to join in. Parking is available at Hereford Rugby Club and there will be free refreshments at the rugby club at 2pm and the chance to talk to police and councillors. Cllr Laura Hall, from the city council, said she grew up in Hunderton and wants people to realise what a nice area it is. Meet at the rugby club at 11am. If you would like any more information contact Hereford Voice or call Cllr Kenyon on 07711 316013 or Cllr Hall on 07860 929863
  10. I joined this forum because I am interested in what is going on in Herefordshire. I have been somewhat dismayed at the personal attacks that go on, so much so that it has put me off contributing. I am now horrified to see my name in print as being a possible perpetrator of some heinous crime of " down voting posts" I don't even know what this means let alone how to do it. I would hope the administrator would clamp down on this sort of behaviour. It does nothing to improve the art of good debate!
  11. It has taken over 3 long years but today we have our first result! At long last and after campaigning by Hereford Voice we can now all enjoy hot food until 3am at weekends! And 4.30am on Bank Holiday weekends (except Bank Holiday Monday) I spoke with Tony from the Golden Galleon sometime ago informing him that late night food applications are being relaxed and now was a good time to apply for extended hours, he did just that..
  12. I posted this topic about CCTV on the Great Western Way Hereford on our Facebook Page on September 24th. This has reached over 24,000 people, we have had over 500 Likes and the topic was shared over 100 times, all of this in less than two weeks! We continue to grow our audience
  13. Installation work for the new CCTV on the Hunderton Bridge has begun. A tree to the one side has been removed, I assume to give a better view but a lot more clearing up needs to be done. There are so many overgrown trees and bushes, there is almost a canopy in some parts making it dark during daylight hours.
  14. Well I have been campaigning for a 'relaxation' in the way hot food licenses have been restricted to no later than 1.30am in Hereford for a long time, but today I have been given some really really encouraging news! Fancy a curry after a night out in your local nightclub at 2am? Well now you may be able too... I have had a very interesting conversation with a good friend of mine and a very reliable source this afternoon, who informs me that the previous licensing issues with regard to hot food are being relaxed and that positive changes are a foot. From my understanding, any existing restaurant/pub/club can now apply for a late license and providing they can prove that they will have no impact on CIZ or increase criminal activity because they are staying open later there is a good chance that permission will be granted or rather no objections will come from the police etc.. The applicant may need to apply initially for a Temporary Event Licence in the interim but if after a period of say a few months there is no significant increase in crime, there should be no real reason for the council or police to challenge their application. I have never understood why some of these food establishments have been prevented from still offering a home delivery service after 1.30 but that's by the by now. So if you or anyone you knows has a take away, restaurant, pub or club get them to apply for a late licence if they so desire and lets see whats happens. It would be interesting to see what happens if McDonalds in town re-apply now.
  15. Power cut puts more than 650 Hereford properties in the dark Hereford Times It was approx. 12.30 ... I am in HR1 ... Had to get the candles out! @wpduk
  16. Does anyone know anything about the guy selling £3/£5 raffle tickets on behalf of The Happiness Foundation outside the HSBC in Hereford town centre. Claims to be raising money to provide mobility scooters to people with various disabilities, but details appear to be very hard to track down on the internet. He seems to be there regularly and I hate to think of people being ripped off if he's not a legitimate street trader.
  17. HV has teamed up with Paul Daykin from T4C, I have offered to help and support his projects where possible. Paul is keen to meet up and discuss how we could possibly work on some joint ventures particularly south of the river in Hereford to add to the existing Hereford projects that are already completed or ongoing. Please check out the excellent T4C Website for all the details of this and other projects.
  18. Hereford Voice hit a new record today with 139 visitors online at the same time! I managed to get a screen shot by which time it had dropped down to a mere 136 visitors online lol
  19. I am sometimes amazed at the power of social media. I posted a simple photograph from HV back in 2010 of the old Belmont Pub on the HV Facebook page, with the words "Who remembers the Belmont Pub?" This has had over 10,000 views with 407 likes and over 40 comments, I was quite surprised at the numbers. Clearly people have shared this photo out to their friends but it just goes to show the power of social media and the extent of it's reach
  20. Chris....I have had discussions with someone from highways regarding the SCOOT system.It is broke and has not worked for more than 10 yrs.
  21. Please note that the the very first topic (Start New Topic) that you create is what appears on the 'Front Page'(portal), so a reasonably detailed topic with a sensible sized photo (approx. 640x480) is acceptable. If you have for example 3 photo's, select the one that you want to appear and upload it then click Add To Post and it will appear wherever you decide and also will be appear on the 'Front Page' (portal), then for the other 2 photo's you can still upload them but do not click Add To Post, as they will still appear but not on the 'Front Page' (portal) part. If the post that you want to make is big or has a huge amount of text, then please post the main part as a topic and once post appears, click reply and add the remainder of the post as a reply to your first one, at least that way you will not dominate the 'Front Page' (portal) with a endless load of text. You can also add a file in the same way as you would add a photograph. I have created a complete tutorial on how exactly to create a topic with or without photo's or files in more detail HERE which also explains about TAGS and how they work. So I thought I would take you all under my wing like this. I can make this little Twitter bird appear anywhere on here by just moving the code to where I want it to appear as you can see. I have also created another tutorial on how to link to external websites HERE. There are lots of things you can do when post like make the text appear in a different font and size or bold like this and you can also add some colour like this nice colour Blue. How about I underline this and make it italic You can centre your text to stand out Add bullets or numbers on the left for lists like this Or show crossed out text like this There are many functions available in order to get your message across in a better way but please remember: TYPING IN CAPITOL LETTERS ONLINE IS CLASSED AS SHOUTING. I hope this little tutorial helps because do not want to start limiting the amount of characters allowed. If you need ANY help on ANYTHING please just ask in this topic and I will try to guide you. It is not as difficult as some may think.
  22. I had a thought there are many people that blog on this site and we never meet I'm sure there will be many that like it that way but why not have a get together at my pub the victory in Hereford I am happy to provide a free curry and entertainment and maybe have a short question and answer with some local councillors it would also be an opportunity to grow the site and give Colin some recognition for the great effort he puts into it I certainly find it informative. Victory Pub Ledbury Road Hereford - Saturday February 1st From 7pm.
  23. Please select your preferred name choice from the list above for our lights out campaign group. This poll ends Tuesday 10th December 2013 - 2100 hours.
  24. I use this if I agree or if I disagree with a comment.
  25. Dave James Carpet Fitting Service. New carpets and vinyls supplied and fitted, with over 40 years experience! For a FREE no obligation estimate call Dave now for an immediate quote.
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