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  1. I just responded on the FB page but yes this happened to me before Xmas, parked in Castle St but I had input the number for St Owens St, I was issued a ticket and they would not remove the fine even though I could prove that I had paid to park for an hour, I'm sure that I had input Castle St so it could be a bug with the app regardless of that if you have paid to park the council should revoke the ticket, its expensive enough to park in Hereford as it is
  2. This has turned into a complete farce tbh, its NEVER going to happen, if we are not careful we will lose this opportunity forever.
  3. I should not laugh really but I did find this quite funny
  4. We loved it too, it was a beautiful day for them and the crowds, nobody does a Royal day better than England :)
  5. I cannot see how people can blame the Conservatives most of the time it is down to poor management at the top with businesses it was no different under Labour, come on! Unfortunately this is a sign of the times, I get fed up of going into my local shop and when I cannot find my seize they ALWAYS tell me to go online, nothing like encouraging shoppers to go elsewhere eh.
  6. The is no need for this to happen, it looks like there is a lot of clothes which could of been left at either a clothes bank or charity shop. I hope they catch these people.
  7. This is getting interesting, you have been very busy with the website. I do like the new layout and changes.
  8. Oh yes please, something to look forward to this year, this looks like it could be a good day and if successful may lead to bigger and better concerts in the future, they have to start somewhere so not a bad lineup for the first concert.
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