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    Hang in there Laura ! Youre doing a fantastic job under extreme circumstances but don’t give up as I’m sure things will get better... Things will change I hope. the laws at the moment doesnt suit everyone but they shouldn’t be taking it out on you ! Mill come down tomorrow to tell a few people I think
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    It going to be ok folks,Iv'e just pulled the plug out
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    We have acquired this old postcard recently and thought it was quite interesting.. The caption on the card says, "Hereford, Cathedral from the River Bank" It is printed and has been postally used dated September 15th 1908, what is written on the reverse is fascinating... see here >>> https://hfd.news/2rd
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    I'm lucky, I can store my waste on site, but will look forward to getting rid of it when the pressure eases. Think what you could do in 2 hours wasting time.
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    The Iranian Embassy Siege 40th Anniversary The Iranian Embassy siege took place from 30 April to 5 May 1980, after a group of six armed men stormed the Iranian embassy on Prince's Gate in South Kensington, London. Operation 'Nimrod' began. The gunmen, members of Arabs of KSA group campaigning for Arab national sovereignty in the southern Iranian region of Khuzestan Province, took 26 people hostage, mostly embassy staff, but also several visitors, as well as a police officer who had been guarding the embassy. On the sixth day the British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher ordered the Elite Special Air Service (SAS) to take over and they stormed the embassy and ended the siege by eliminating the terrorists and releasing the hostages. Go Go Go - The operation took just 17 minutes
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    To be fair hats off to PM Margaret Thatcher for being gutsy enough to give the final order for the SAS to go in, Home Secretary William Whitelaw could not make the decision so sent it across to the PM for her approval, of course she gave it in an instant, the rest is history as they say
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    A stunning sunset across Herefordshire tonight, thank you Ella for capturing this so well.
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    We are absolutely thrilled and excited to announce today that we have joined teams and created a new partnership with our brilliant friends over at Old Hereford Pics. The original Old Hereford Pics was established by local Herefordian, Chris Adcocks way back in 2008. The aim of their websites was to give a different look at Old Hereford with new and old pictures of its people, its buildings, its businesses and events from over the years and in Chris's words to offer After much deliberation Chris announced that due to family commitments and not having the hours to keep up with the continuous work involved in running Hereford's busiest old picture websites, he reluctantly said that they would have to close however, that was two years ago and after some discussions, we are delighted to have partnered both of our long established websites and we look forward to encouraging people to continue sending us their contributions, which will enable us to go from strength to strength. To help kick-start our new partnership, can we please kindly ask you to spread the word - LIKE and SHARE our new partners at Old Hereford Pics
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    Won a signed copy of a book written by one of the Team involved at the Hereford Armed Forces and Veterans Breakfast Club a couple of years ago - believe his code name was Mink.
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    Feel so sorry for these people who have had their homes wrecked by these floods
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    I had high hopes following the local election results 9 months ago. However, aside from kicking the bypass into the long grass (but at a ridiculous £0.5m cost) absolutely nothing tangible has happened to improve life in the County. Nothing. I appreciate a lot of problems were inherited and they want to fundamentally change policies but it's also about PR with the Council Tax payers, and all we're seeing is press releases for this, that and the other review. From reading the Hereford Times and comments, it seems the initial goodwill is quickly evaporating, because we're not seeing anything tangible on the ground. Do something, anything, no matter how small - turn off one set of traffic lights for instance. As for salary scales for 'Officers' how did that happen? Are these people worth £100k or more for so little done so badly? Of course not, but they're all looking after each other instead of doing the job. A benevolent dictatorship has never looked so attractive.
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    These pictures are unbelievable, I have never seen the river so high
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    This is not so much about what it is but who it is perhaps
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    Most of us will be dead n buried by the time anything is done. Why not show us you are really keen to aliviate some of the major problems in the City by starting with an easy one John which will cost nothing at all. Switch them bloody lights off on the Newmarket Roundabout.
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    Wishing everyone here a very merry Christmas
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    I'm not sure about the derogatory language, but at least he's responded. It's a crying shame that we seem to be stuck, for now, with BBLP's 'reactive' policy ie do nothing until someone complains for which we pay £20m a year (at least). It's just a waste of eveyone's time on something which should happen automatically in the background. The City in particular continues it's slow but visible decline as a result. I did note one of the new incoming Council's policies was to review the BBLP contract - I know these things take time, and they've got an awful lot to put right, but surely getting the old street cleaning team back together on a direct labour basis has to be a priority?
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    Boris for me and time to get shot of Corbyn and his cabinet of clowns
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    I went past it at about 6.45pm this evening and it was completely empty. Stands to reason if they have employed illegal immigrants they are unlikely to have their food hygiene certificates, but this level of filth is unforgivable. They've abused the system for long enough - time to go (which they will pretty soon if no one goes there).
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    Hereford the Awake! At last, a city with individuals at the helm with the gumption and vision to challenge the dysfunctional traffic system and adopt a progressive, enlightened approach! But beware. The rules of the road need changing. As currently misconceived, the rules promote neglect. How many drivers notice or stop for a mother with a toddler in a buggy waiting at the side of the road - the toddler at the optimum height to inhale the invisible toxic fumes that damage development and lodge in the brain, heart and bloodstream? It's nothing less than state-sponsored child abuse. To recoin Orwell’s phrase: all road-users are equal - and should take it in turns - but some are more equal than others. Drivers should give way to vulnerable road-users: children, disabled, blind, pedestrians in general. Not only are they vulnerable, they are non-polluting road-users. "No lights, equal rights" (Colin's phrase) sensitises drivers to the needs of others. When free to use our 'inner lights', we make decisions based on social protocol, rather than in blind obedience to a system that promotes abuse of our fellow humans. So in addition to deregulation, we need a programme of re-education. Also roadway redesign to express equality. This can largely be achieved through public meetings, media, and subtle signage. I look forward to working with John Harrington and helping make Hereford the first city to pioneer an enlightened, humane solution to most of its road safety problems, and many of its congestion problems.
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    Good to see a sensible editorial comment in HT re the western road to facilitate house building. The facts are there for all to see who can be bothered to read the various reports over the years. This poor attempt at a bypass was more to do with house building that would end with worse traffic issues on Whitecross Rd Three Elmes Rd and Kings Acre Rd. Bypasses by their very nature should bypass not be a link to house building. Also the plan was to build the bridge over the Wye last, so at least 5 to 7 years in the future leaving developers free to use the road for purely house building. Hopefully now plans will develop to build an Eastern bridge first to ease the issues in the City. Electric buses can be purchased and the light rail can be looked at. Hereford has taken to the Berly bikes better than expected. The County is moving in the right direction on a transport front the new administration is a breath of fresh air after years of neglect.
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    Good to see that the council are keeping this brilliant museum in shape
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    Good news that nobody was hurt, property can be replaced.
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    I agree Denise, the police are doing an excellent job right now especially arresting all these drug drivers. 👏
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    Excellent news the speed some drivers travel is frightening. Hope they spend some time in Kingstone!!!
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    Stick to the local news guys and keep up the good work.
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    Good to see that someone has been charged with this ladies murder.
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    All Nurses are Super Heroes in our book. Happy #InternationalNursesDay #NursesWeek
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    This is a nice tribute to the SAS and the 75th VE Day anniversary
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    Try this simple calculation to see what you will be doing this weekend ...
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    The Hereford May Fair has taken place for over 900 years! The first weekend of May is when we usually see all the showman's vehicles pulling up into Hereford. Hereford’s Mayfair has been with us since the 12th Century and it was originally known as St Ethelbert’s Fair and started back in 1121 and a street fair has been held in the city ever since. Every year the streets are closed off in the city centre and the thrilling rides and stalls with all their lights, music, food and prizes open for this three day annual street extravaganza. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus pandemic both The Hereford and Leominster May Fair events for 2020 have been cancelled. Will you miss this Hereford tradition? Here are some fabulous historic photographs of our May Fair together with some Pathe film circa 1920-1929 Billy Stevens Glamour Parade 1955 photograph courtesy of Derek Evans Studio Hereford King Street photograph courtesy of P Watts and Old Hereford Pics Photograph courtesy of Walter Pritcard and Old Hereford Pics
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    I am pleased to see Boris back at number 10 and I thought his opening speech was excellent.
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    Keep up the fantastic work guys we love you all. Ignore the twats, you will always get them unfortunately
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    Let's hope all those who stockpiled bought condoms to,just to make sure they don't produce any more idiots.
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    its often offline, too many poxy pop ups and adverts probably caused the crash
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    Overreaction? That’s a knotty conundrum and a difficult one for me to answer. I’ve recently tested positive for this aggressive virus and yet I’ve displayed no obvious symptoms. No cough. No dizziness. No temperature. Nothing! Frankly, I’ve never felt better than I do right now. That said, I’ve unfortunately but happily for me been diagnosed and labelled as a a Spreader of the Virus. A Super Spreader to be exact. Which means, according to the local Health Authority that whilst I’m riddled from head to foot with the dreadful debilitating Corona Virus and I’m an obvious clear and serious threat to anyone and everyone sat in close proximity to me, I cannot possibly become ill with it myself, which is very good news. Basically, in short, I give it to everyone else without there being any mesureable negative impact upon me. Therefore, until such times as I’m legally and forcibly isolated from the rest of humanity and prevented from infecting thousands of others, I’ll continue to give what I’ve got without it having any negative impact upon my good health and well-being.
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    Found the pefect Anti Corona virus throat spray.To be taken five times a day
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    A lot of water, 700 tons per second according to the news tonight passed thru the old bridge
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    At 23:00 GMT on the 31st January 2020 and after 47 years, the United Kingdom formally left the European Union and ceased to be a member of the bloc, Brexit has finally happened. There is still a lot to discuss and months of negotiation to follow. While the UK has agreed the terms of its EU departure, both sides still need to decide what their future relationship will look like. This will be worked out during the transition period, which now begins and is due to end on 31 December 2020. During this 11-month period, the UK will continue to follow all of the EU's rules and its trading relationship will remain the same. This morning you are waking up to an exiting new era for the UK, but who will be next? Share your thoughts with us.. #HerefordVoice #Brexit
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    Yet again Hereford City Council mistaken for Herefordshire Council, but good publicity for the proposal nonetheless, Can't come soon enough in my view, but everything is beginning to take rather too long. Just pick a simple one to start with and do it now!
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    Thank you Colin for all the work you do behind the scene to ensure HV is the voice of the area . A very happy and healthy 2020 to you and yours
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    I say that is an insult to a *** what about a bit of a dick!
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    Pepe's Piri Piri looks likely to be opening in Commercial Street very soon. It is good to see this area becoming more and more busy with new shops
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    Dear me, these range from mediocre to appalling. I've voted for the least worst but it doesn't fill me with any burning pride for the County. The 'unofficial' flag is better than any of these - what was wrong with that?
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    You have very difficult times ahead Martin , I wish you and your Partner all the very best positive luck and good fortune in the future .
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    Everyone recognises 'Art' with some thought behind it. A lazy teenage type 'tag' is just vandalism. There is a difference. Widely accepted in Society.
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