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    Hang in there Laura ! Youre doing a fantastic job under extreme circumstances but don’t give up as I’m sure things will get better... Things will change I hope. the laws at the moment doesnt suit everyone but they shouldn’t be taking it out on you ! Mill come down tomorrow to tell a few people I think
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    It going to be ok folks,Iv'e just pulled the plug out
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    Feel so sorry for these people who have had their homes wrecked by these floods
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    I had high hopes following the local election results 9 months ago. However, aside from kicking the bypass into the long grass (but at a ridiculous £0.5m cost) absolutely nothing tangible has happened to improve life in the County. Nothing. I appreciate a lot of problems were inherited and they want to fundamentally change policies but it's also about PR with the Council Tax payers, and all we're seeing is press releases for this, that and the other review. From reading the Hereford Times and comments, it seems the initial goodwill is quickly evaporating, because we're not seeing anything tangible on the ground. Do something, anything, no matter how small - turn off one set of traffic lights for instance. As for salary scales for 'Officers' how did that happen? Are these people worth £100k or more for so little done so badly? Of course not, but they're all looking after each other instead of doing the job. A benevolent dictatorship has never looked so attractive.
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    These pictures are unbelievable, I have never seen the river so high
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    This is not so much about what it is but who it is perhaps
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    Most of us will be dead n buried by the time anything is done. Why not show us you are really keen to aliviate some of the major problems in the City by starting with an easy one John which will cost nothing at all. Switch them bloody lights off on the Newmarket Roundabout.
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    Wishing everyone here a very merry Christmas
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    I'm not sure about the derogatory language, but at least he's responded. It's a crying shame that we seem to be stuck, for now, with BBLP's 'reactive' policy ie do nothing until someone complains for which we pay £20m a year (at least). It's just a waste of eveyone's time on something which should happen automatically in the background. The City in particular continues it's slow but visible decline as a result. I did note one of the new incoming Council's policies was to review the BBLP contract - I know these things take time, and they've got an awful lot to put right, but surely getting the old street cleaning team back together on a direct labour basis has to be a priority?
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    Boris for me and time to get shot of Corbyn and his cabinet of clowns
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    I went past it at about 6.45pm this evening and it was completely empty. Stands to reason if they have employed illegal immigrants they are unlikely to have their food hygiene certificates, but this level of filth is unforgivable. They've abused the system for long enough - time to go (which they will pretty soon if no one goes there).
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    Hereford the Awake! At last, a city with individuals at the helm with the gumption and vision to challenge the dysfunctional traffic system and adopt a progressive, enlightened approach! But beware. The rules of the road need changing. As currently misconceived, the rules promote neglect. How many drivers notice or stop for a mother with a toddler in a buggy waiting at the side of the road - the toddler at the optimum height to inhale the invisible toxic fumes that damage development and lodge in the brain, heart and bloodstream? It's nothing less than state-sponsored child abuse. To recoin Orwell’s phrase: all road-users are equal - and should take it in turns - but some are more equal than others. Drivers should give way to vulnerable road-users: children, disabled, blind, pedestrians in general. Not only are they vulnerable, they are non-polluting road-users. "No lights, equal rights" (Colin's phrase) sensitises drivers to the needs of others. When free to use our 'inner lights', we make decisions based on social protocol, rather than in blind obedience to a system that promotes abuse of our fellow humans. So in addition to deregulation, we need a programme of re-education. Also roadway redesign to express equality. This can largely be achieved through public meetings, media, and subtle signage. I look forward to working with John Harrington and helping make Hereford the first city to pioneer an enlightened, humane solution to most of its road safety problems, and many of its congestion problems.
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    Good to see a sensible editorial comment in HT re the western road to facilitate house building. The facts are there for all to see who can be bothered to read the various reports over the years. This poor attempt at a bypass was more to do with house building that would end with worse traffic issues on Whitecross Rd Three Elmes Rd and Kings Acre Rd. Bypasses by their very nature should bypass not be a link to house building. Also the plan was to build the bridge over the Wye last, so at least 5 to 7 years in the future leaving developers free to use the road for purely house building. Hopefully now plans will develop to build an Eastern bridge first to ease the issues in the City. Electric buses can be purchased and the light rail can be looked at. Hereford has taken to the Berly bikes better than expected. The County is moving in the right direction on a transport front the new administration is a breath of fresh air after years of neglect.
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    Comedy Gold Glen, enjoy your Bank Holiday.
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    Nothing has changed? Everything has changed! Give them a chance, the first Cabinet meeting is on 13 June - no doubt they will start to discuss it then - it's not something that can happen at a stroke.
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    Coronavirus: James Dyson Confirms His Company Will Make An Initial Order Of 10,000 Ventilators In The U.K. CoVent: Dyson's ventilator The race to deliver much-needed ventilators to hospitals fighting coronavirus received welcome news today from British entrepreneur Sir James Dyson. A spokesman for Dyson confirmed to Forbes that an initial order of 10,000 units from the U.K. government has been placed, and work will begin immediately at the historic airforce base RAF Hullavington. Dyson confirmed in a letter, “Since I received a call from Boris Johnson, we have refocused resources at Dyson, and worked with TTP, The Technology Partnership, to design and build an entirely new ventilator, The CoVent.” Dyson adds that the new device can be manufactured “quickly, efficiently and at volume.” Adding that it is designed to address the specific clinical needs of COVID-19 patients. “The race is now on to get it into production,” Well done Dyson!! #HerefordVoice #Dyson #Herefordshire Source: Forbes
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    Glad we bought a Dyson now, well done to all the companies involved in making additional ventilators.
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    Ignore the idiots Laura, you are valued and we need your guys right now more than ever, thank you for working and keeping the wheels of the country moving, we will beat this!
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    Found the pefect Anti Corona virus throat spray.To be taken five times a day
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    Yes & a blood donor too. Blood donors are always in need especially men. https://my.blood.co.uk/preregister
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    What happened to the Housing Infrastructure funding? Has Harrington lost that as well ?
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    This is a feeble excuse from the planners, there are vape shops springing up all over town, so what's the difference here?
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    Typically badly written and misleading press release from the Council. From the Zap-Map website; Rapid DC chargers provide power at 50 kW (125A), use either the CHAdeMO or CCS charging standards, and are indicated by purple icons on Zap-Map. These are the most common type of rapid EV charge points currently, having been the standard for the best part of a decade. Both connectors typically charge an EV to 80% in 20 minutes to an hour depending on battery capacity and starting state of charge. The Council’s current chargers eg at the multi-storey car park are 7kW, which will typically take 4-6 hours to charge, again depending on the battery capacity. 30 minutes is largely useless for the 7kW chargers and drivers will inevitably have to buy a ticket anyway - an hour would have been more sensible. If you can afford an EV, you can afford to buy a ticket!
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    Pepe's Piri Piri to open in former Matabeau Café in Commercial Street Hereford following a new letting agreement. A planning application to extend opening hours to 11pm at the vacant unit. The company's application said: "The proposed extension of hours will allow the business to open until 11pm serving customers with healthy grilled food, coffees and teas." If this planning application is approved, the restaurant will be open from 11am to 11pm seven days a week and will create 8 jobs. The consultation period will end on April 4. Pepe Piri Piri currently has 88 restaurants nationally with a menu offering Burritos, Wraps, Burgers and the famous Piri Piri Chicken plus many other items.
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    Denise is struggling! Who isn’t! I’ve come to the conclusion that you may as well vote for the Candidate who’s least likely to burgle your home and steal all your belongings or accost you outside the Commercial Ale House and beat you senseless for absolutely no reason at all. Irrational? Perhaps. But it’s no more or less irrational than voting for the oily, yellow bellied tw.at who promises you it all and then delivers you nothing. Voting for them and believing their pledges is an irrationality in itself and so, if I vote, and frankly at the moment I can’t be bloody bothered, I’ll vote for the Candidate who’s got the Far Away Messianic Christ Like Eyes who just might be carrying the marks of the Holy Stigmata that suggests to stupid gullible idiots like me that Jesus has returned for a second time.
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    That's been widened and resurfaced to a very good standard courtesy of Section 106 monies from the redevelopment of the old school site for housing, with a link bridge though to that housing over the brook. It shows up a lot of other cycle paths in the City for the run down and/or badly designed things that they are. The Great Western Way is a fantastic facility, years ahead of its time when it was opened, must have carried millions of journeys, yet it's in desperate need of upgrading, proper resurfacing, lighting and cctv. The cost is absolute peanuts compared to new roads. The riverside path was very badly surfaced by the Council and is unpleasant to ride. The new greenway is covered in graffiti from end to end - a bad oversite not to have put cctv in when it was built. Such a shame to see a flagship facility so abused and no effort at all to clean it up (it took over a month of complaining to get some highly offensive wording dealt with - BBLP didn't even bother to clean it, just painted over it).
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    There wasn't any funding (and there is no money we are constantly told) - the government didn't see the case for a bypass and had refused any funding. That was part of the issue. No potholes are filled because all that money is going to consultants. The Council were relying on the Marches LEP and contributions from developers but it was obvious that wasn't going to raise anywhere near enough. So they would have borrowed it, interest rates rise and then what? The County goes bust or, more likely, is taken over by South Shropshire. Definitely the right decision in my opinion. The crucial thing now is how they follow through with alternatives to properly manage traffic flows.
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    It is no wonder that less and less people shop in Hereford. This place will be closing next mark my words, I cannot see how it is costing so much to keep a couple of toilets clean, we have 2 toilets at home! It is not like there are loads to clean.
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    Just put the number in my phone,lost count of how many people through my business ask me if I know anyone who can get rid of them.
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    Getting off the bus this evening at 6pm came across a woman and I presume her daughter with a litter picker and black bag. In 20 years this is the first time I have come across another member of the public on Newton Farm trying to keep the environment tidy - well done.
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    I have just read this article: It is a pity that there is mention of Colin or Hereford Voice within any of this publication.
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    Mick... I was just thinking the same thing, I was half way to copying this story to put on here, you beat me to it. Hope Colin will contact them with his idea of the tram along GWW.
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    I see Phil Edwards and his volunteers are taking the credit for this on HT website, also what some people may not know is he asked the Belmont Parish council for £20,000 for this 2 months ago and he was refused the chairman of the parish council told me.
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    Plans to turn The Broadley's Pub in Hereford into a Co-Op store have today been refused
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    Regardless of ones political affiliations, it is bad enough to have one Prime Minister walking into the job without any sort of public mandate, but it looks ominously like history will be repeating itself again in 2019. ANYONE BUT BORIS
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    You should never vote Tory. All Tories care about are their Eton Banking Masonic Elite.
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    Aylestone Voice it is now your turn to enlighten - please what is the suggested conspiracy theory?
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    Cabinet members ousted so far Councillor H Bramer OUT Councillor BA Durkin Councillor DG Harlow Councillor JG Lester IN Councillor PD Price OUT Councillor P Rone Councillor NE Shaw Councillor EJ Swinglehurst Cabinet support Councillor AW Johnson IN Councillor RJ Phillips IN
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    The former Rockfield site was purchased for 6 million, a major sewer runs under the site hence the prefabricated student block. Please dont vote Tory and Libs May 2nd
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    What was his defence of the Blueschool Street overspend fiasco or did he hide behind some spurious excuse?
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    That is your right but given you are a remainer I’m not surprised that you will vote in the EU elections I however will not because I do not recognise the legitimacy of it the EU that is given we should of left on March the 29th but far from stopping anybody physically from voting im suggesting a peaceful protest against voting so please do not try to insinuate that I am suggesting to forcibly stop you or anybody else for that matter from voting as I am not but I do feel it is a waste of time voting in that particular election.
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    With regard to a traffic lights-off trial - to show that congestion improves and courtesy thrives when people are free to use their inner lights - if things are organised properly, we won't need pedestrian lights, because pedestrians will enjoy equality with other road-users. Preparation for a citywide trial will communicate a shift in the balance of power: away from the motorist, and in favour of the vulnerable road-user (where power rightly belongs). If anything, pedestrians will be "more equal than others". Vulnerable road-users include side-road drivers because, like pedestrians and children, they are demoted and neglected under the current anti-social system of priority. See my website, Equality Streets, for more on this. Given equality, the only justification for lights is at multi-lane intersections at peak times. Otherwise, in the absence of a bridge or flyover, let all junctions - and streets for that matter - be all-way give-ways. Universal benefits include a transformation in road safety, air quality and quality of life. I'm looking for a city to go traffic light-free for a possible TV series. It will take care of the public engagement elements. Councillors: there are no liability issues. I have chapter and verse on that. Given a willing city and a TV series, Hereford could pioneer a peaceful revolution and be an example to the world. Sad note. Ben Hamilton-Baillie died recently of cancer. In later years, Ben ditched his own term, "shared space", in favour of "low-speed environments", partly because shared space is often confused with shared surfaces. We agreed on most things to do with traffic, diverging only on one point: Ben thought street redesign on its own could bring about the desired behaviour change from aggression to cooperation. I always thought it should be combined with a change in the basic rule of the road - from priority to equality - along with a new driving test, legal reform, culture change and re-education. Martin Cassini
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    This sign is being used in Whitstable , Kent .
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    Cyclists should not be allowed to ride on footpaths, they are FOOT paths. I understand all the reason behind this but it is starting to become the norm and I think the police and local authorities needs to do more in the way of enforcing the law and by providing more cycle lanes, which I appreciate is difficult on a lot of narrow roads.
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    Illegal or not, when was the last time anyone saw a cyclist using a pavement being approached by an officer of the law? My front door opens directly onto the pavement. I've lost count of the number of times I've almost had a collision with a cyclist when leaving my house. Now I look both ways, as if I'm crossing the road!!! One more for you. A year ago I was walking along Broad Street, away from High Town. A cyclist was coming towards me on the pavement, no lights (it was dark enough to need them) and effectively going the wrong way on a one way street. I watched in horror as I became aware of a car approaching the cross roads from West Street. I was helpless to stop either of them. The cyclist seemed not only oblivious to how daft they were being, but also to the fact that they were approaching a road crossing, where pedestrians would always come to a stop before crossing. She went straight in to the wing of the car, her wheel hitting the car's wheel, she rolled over the bonnet, bike looked a mess and bloke swearing about the damage to his car, which was a lovely mini less than a year old. Cyclist was having a go at the driver! No insurance to pay for the car damage obviously. What if someone had been injured??
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    Watch UK Column live daily at 1pm or on demand to get into the reality of Brexit. We are not cutting ourselves off from the EU administration, but behind the scenes, assisting in the creation of an EU military force and adopting their laws and not creating our own. The whole thing is a smoke screen to maintain the status quo. I am tired of the anti brexit rant of the BBC and in the national press. Now it is seeping into our local press and local government and adding weight to the establishment's desire to keep themselves in the manner accustomed ie calling all the shots and shafting the British public.
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    An absolute no brainer for me either and one of the best campaign ideas since the traffic lights. I will tweet this and add it to my Facebook page, nice fresh positive idea.
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    Well done Colin you know my feeling on this issue up and at them!!!
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