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    Getting off the bus this evening at 6pm came across a woman and I presume her daughter with a litter picker and black bag. In 20 years this is the first time I have come across another member of the public on Newton Farm trying to keep the environment tidy - well done.
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    With the scaffold down, some of the worst quality face brickwork I have ever seen is now on view. The workmanship is just appalling. It's even worse than the photo suggests!
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    To put this in perspective, when the Town Hall was opened in 1904, it had taken 2 years to build, from scratch, and that included slum clearance beforehand. No machines, all manual labour, finished inside and out to an extremely high standard. Yet this relatively small repair took almost twice as long as it took to build the Town Hall in the first place!
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    Watch UK Column live daily at 1pm or on demand to get into the reality of Brexit. We are not cutting ourselves off from the EU administration, but behind the scenes, assisting in the creation of an EU military force and adopting their laws and not creating our own. The whole thing is a smoke screen to maintain the status quo. I am tired of the anti brexit rant of the BBC and in the national press. Now it is seeping into our local press and local government and adding weight to the establishment's desire to keep themselves in the manner accustomed ie calling all the shots and shafting the British public.
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