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    Most of us will be dead n buried by the time anything is done. Why not show us you are really keen to aliviate some of the major problems in the City by starting with an easy one John which will cost nothing at all. Switch them bloody lights off on the Newmarket Roundabout.
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    Yet again Hereford City Council mistaken for Herefordshire Council, but good publicity for the proposal nonetheless, Can't come soon enough in my view, but everything is beginning to take rather too long. Just pick a simple one to start with and do it now!
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    Hereford Voice - Turn Traffic Lights Off! Campaign: Traffic Lights Out! Guess What...NO DELAYS!! 'The Traffic Just Flows' Councillor John Harrington kindly just send us this video, which clearly shows at 'rush hour' with the traffic lights out how smoothly the traffic just flows!! Please continue to support our long campaign to trail turning these lights off, sign our petition:
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