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    Please support and share our latest advertiser: The Wasp Guys The Wasp Guys is a family run company. Originally from Hereford, we spent 20 years living and building our business in Oxted, Surrey. As a team we have been successfully eradicating wasp nests throughout Surrey, Sussex, Kent and London for over 20 years. We now have a family base both in Hereford and Surrey and our small family team can therefore provide an excellent service to both these beautiful places. We can nearly always offer a same day service or you can book us for a specific day that suits you. Please note we operate 7 days a week throughout the Summer, from 7am to 9pm. Our trained technician will invariably be with you for about 15 minutes. Generally all signs of wasp activity around the treated area will be gone within an hour. It's very rare we fail with our 1st treatment. If there were to be any activity after 48hrs, we would return and re-treat the wasps nest free of charge. 100% Guaranteed. Call Nick now: 01432 507300 - Mobile 07761 232470 (mobile number as we are always on the road) THE WASP GUYS (Nick's Wasp Nest Removal) have the expertise to rid any wasp or hornet problem you may have, quickly and efficiently. All work is 100% guaranteed and always at a low price. We are fully insured and DBS (formerly CRB) checked. For a local, efficient, friendly service call us today. Click here for the website and see over 600+ genuine Checkatrade reviews!
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    There wasn't any funding (and there is no money we are constantly told) - the government didn't see the case for a bypass and had refused any funding. That was part of the issue. No potholes are filled because all that money is going to consultants. The Council were relying on the Marches LEP and contributions from developers but it was obvious that wasn't going to raise anywhere near enough. So they would have borrowed it, interest rates rise and then what? The County goes bust or, more likely, is taken over by South Shropshire. Definitely the right decision in my opinion. The crucial thing now is how they follow through with alternatives to properly manage traffic flows.
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    And I wouldn't trust any un elected ex politician
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    I agree with everything Aylestone Voice has written, this was supposed to happen 50 years ago instead we got the Greyfriars bridge. The route from the south was to get houses built which in my opinion would just make the matter worse and there is no outlet to get to the north from the south. HC over the years have just wasted tax payers money on many fanciful things that cost more than the original price in the end. In regard to the new council alliance I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them. After just one week of being in office the Herefordshire Independent leader left the Alliance with some of the Independents because IOC caused a lot of trouble and the election promises the Alliance made to the electorate were immediately abandoned. You CANT TRUST THEM!!!
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    You know what to do stand for election yourself very simple.
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    It is no wonder that less and less people shop in Hereford. This place will be closing next mark my words, I cannot see how it is costing so much to keep a couple of toilets clean, we have 2 toilets at home! It is not like there are loads to clean.
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    Just put the number in my phone,lost count of how many people through my business ask me if I know anyone who can get rid of them.
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    Too many cyclists on footpaths these days it is ridiculous.
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    Given that the hospital removed all cycle parking when they built the hideous 'temporary' winter emergency portakbins in front of the main entrance last year, the powers that be there don't appear to have much interest in encouraging exercise and it's health benefits.
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