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    Hang in there Laura ! Youre doing a fantastic job under extreme circumstances but don’t give up as I’m sure things will get better... Things will change I hope. the laws at the moment doesnt suit everyone but they shouldn’t be taking it out on you ! Mill come down tomorrow to tell a few people I think
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    Don't know about you but I'm so bored I went outside & knocked on my door then came back inside and said 'Who is it'
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    Coronavirus: James Dyson Confirms His Company Will Make An Initial Order Of 10,000 Ventilators In The U.K. CoVent: Dyson's ventilator The race to deliver much-needed ventilators to hospitals fighting coronavirus received welcome news today from British entrepreneur Sir James Dyson. A spokesman for Dyson confirmed to Forbes that an initial order of 10,000 units from the U.K. government has been placed, and work will begin immediately at the historic airforce base RAF Hullavington. Dyson confirmed in a letter, “Since I received a call from Boris Johnson, we have refocused resources at Dyson, and worked with TTP, The Technology Partnership, to design and build an entirely new ventilator, The CoVent.” Dyson adds that the new device can be manufactured “quickly, efficiently and at volume.” Adding that it is designed to address the specific clinical needs of COVID-19 patients. “The race is now on to get it into production,” Well done Dyson!! #HerefordVoice #Dyson #Herefordshire Source: Forbes
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    Glad we bought a Dyson now, well done to all the companies involved in making additional ventilators.
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    All key workers play an important role and these shop workers should not have to put up with any abuse, I hope I don't witness any of this or I may have something to say. Keep up the good work guys we are all with you.
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    Keep up the fantastic work guys we love you all. Ignore the twats, you will always get them unfortunately
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    Ignore the idiots Laura, you are valued and we need your guys right now more than ever, thank you for working and keeping the wheels of the country moving, we will beat this!
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    Let's hope all those who stockpiled bought condoms to,just to make sure they don't produce any more idiots.
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    Carers looking after my partner at home appeared today wearing masks. They say that those who have no family to help will be the priority if the virus gets out of hand. Good job there are two of us who can cope if this happens. These carers do an amazing job looking after the vulnerable who need special assistance every day.
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    its often offline, too many poxy pop ups and adverts probably caused the crash
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    Overreaction? That’s a knotty conundrum and a difficult one for me to answer. I’ve recently tested positive for this aggressive virus and yet I’ve displayed no obvious symptoms. No cough. No dizziness. No temperature. Nothing! Frankly, I’ve never felt better than I do right now. That said, I’ve unfortunately but happily for me been diagnosed and labelled as a a Spreader of the Virus. A Super Spreader to be exact. Which means, according to the local Health Authority that whilst I’m riddled from head to foot with the dreadful debilitating Corona Virus and I’m an obvious clear and serious threat to anyone and everyone sat in close proximity to me, I cannot possibly become ill with it myself, which is very good news. Basically, in short, I give it to everyone else without there being any mesureable negative impact upon me. Therefore, until such times as I’m legally and forcibly isolated from the rest of humanity and prevented from infecting thousands of others, I’ll continue to give what I’ve got without it having any negative impact upon my good health and well-being.
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    We have received an upsetting message from Home Bargains shop worker Laura Tibbs explaining how people are abusing her and her colleagues following the implementation of social distancing procedures as outlined by the government. Come on guys' we desperately need these key workers! Please be patient and say 'Thank You' to these lovely people when you are out shopping. Thank you Laura and to your colleagues, as difficult as this is for you all the majority of the country are behind 100%.❤️ #HerefordVoice #BeKind
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