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    Dave Greenow out
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    Dear oh dear. It’s Our County’s Whitecross ward member Sue Boulter has stood down today May 10. https://www.herefordtimes.com/news/17632626.county-councillor-resigns-just-a-week-after-election/
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    Aylestone Voice it is now your turn to enlighten - please what is the suggested conspiracy theory?
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    But Roger I seem to recall you were not voting - now you expect the elected person to call on you - bit rich isn't it? With any luck Kath also works unlike some of these retired Cons who are now no longer in the old boy network Con Club. Councillors who also work for a living have a different perspective and see the county and life for what it is like compared with some of these rich retired blow ins who decide to take up local politics initially to get them out of the house and from under the wife's feet. Must be a funny life for these old boys who have stuck with it and now find they do not have meetings to attend. Oh well they will now have to take up other pursuits to occupy their lives. They are very keen on suggesting people volunteer to do good work perhaps they can now set an example and give some back
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    She was an IOC Hereford City Councillor for Tupsley Ward, now promoted to play with the big boys and fair doos, anyone who manages to depose BW is to be applauded. I'm not sure of the new make up of the City Council, I haven't seen any analysis as yet, but I expect he'll have one or two blues for moral support.
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    Well done John Harrington.
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    Cabinet members ousted so far Councillor H Bramer OUT Councillor BA Durkin Councillor DG Harlow Councillor JG Lester IN Councillor PD Price OUT Councillor P Rone Councillor NE Shaw Councillor EJ Swinglehurst Cabinet support Councillor AW Johnson IN Councillor RJ Phillips IN
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    Well will you just look at that Breaking news: Harry Bramer and Brian Wilcox both lose seats.
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    Hampton Elected Mr Harrington, John Dennis, It's Our County Independent Organised Capable. Turnout 38.44% Mr Baker, Bruce Allen, The Conservative Party Candidate. Votes 468 Mr Harrington, John Dennis, It's Our County Independent Organised Capable. Votes 611 Well done John
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    Bobblestock , votes counted 25.4% turnout and IND wins
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    In The Daily Express today: Farmers deal with fly tipping on their land directly.
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    They all go mad once they’ve tasted vast power. Thatcher went mad. Bush was mad before he won the Presidency. Merkel went mad. May looks to have gone mad. Macron, despite his youth and short tenure as the French President has gone completely mad and the maddest of them all is Tony Blair. The Great Liar with the Far Away Holier Than Thou Messianic Christ Like Eyes, who’s surely a narcissistic sociopathic pathological liar, genuinely believes he and only he knows the ways of The Lord. The bastard! It wouldn’t surprise if he began self harming and presented himself before the nation with all four wounds of the Holy Stigmata. Like the arsonist who remains at the scene of the blaze he started, Blair continues to hang about in British politics showering us all with his wisdom and urging us all to do as he demands and stay inside this unholy bloody Union despite the fact that we all pretty much concluded long before The Chilcott Report, the mans a War Criminal and has the deaths of a million people on his conscience. No wonder him and bloody Cherie Booth are in and out of the Confession Booth begging the Priest for forgiveness. If that’s not bad enough, now the bastard is plotting and scheming with George Soros betraying his Country, our people and bloody me who, whenever I read him, see him or bloody hear him he makes my fat face glow red and causes my eczema to itch.
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    More election talk from Conservative cloud cuckoo land. He needs to get out more especially to Herefordshire and check our council tax for a start.
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    The same one that gave a false name and address and drove off after a crash in 2007, but later thought better of it. For failing to stop after an accident, Greenow was given a £300 fine and eight penalty points were put on his driving licence. For driving without due care and attention he was fined £200 and his licence was endorsed. Prosecution costs and a victim surcharge took the total Greenow must pay to £575. The local Con Ass said they fully supported him. The same one who obtained planning permission for a new house in the open countryside, contrary to policy and contrary to officer recommendation, signed off by the planning committee's conservative chairman's casting vote. It's just an independent way of behaving isn't it?!
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    A great view of this iconic building occupied by Laura Ashley as you leave the passage leading to Gilbies Bar, (St Peters Close)
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    The former Rockfield site was purchased for 6 million, a major sewer runs under the site hence the prefabricated student block. Please dont vote Tory and Libs May 2nd
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    What was his defence of the Blueschool Street overspend fiasco or did he hide behind some spurious excuse?
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    An absolute no brainer for me either and one of the best campaign ideas since the traffic lights. I will tweet this and add it to my Facebook page, nice fresh positive idea.
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    That sounds brilliant! I've always found it quite busy during the day..... we take the dog down to the river that way, and there always seem to be plenty of folks about! I must say, I am more than happy to walk the dog by myself at night, and walk through town after dark. I have no worries. I DO think Hereford is a safe place to live....... but there is no way I would walk up the GWW by myself in the dark!
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    I think it's a great idea, would be great if it could be linked up to rotherwas.
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    She won Miss Swinglehurst, Elissa Jane, The Conservative Party Candidate. Votes 653 Ms Setterfield, Maggie, Green Party. Votes 552
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    Well if Bernard Hunt, who is totally useless, can get elected it really does not say much about the voters in Newton Farm and/or the other candidates. But of course if you believe the conspiracy theorists he and others may be disqualified soon.
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