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    The same one that gave a false name and address and drove off after a crash in 2007, but later thought better of it. For failing to stop after an accident, Greenow was given a £300 fine and eight penalty points were put on his driving licence. For driving without due care and attention he was fined £200 and his licence was endorsed. Prosecution costs and a victim surcharge took the total Greenow must pay to £575. The local Con Ass said they fully supported him. The same one who obtained planning permission for a new house in the open countryside, contrary to policy and contrary to officer recommendation, signed off by the planning committee's conservative chairman's casting vote. It's just an independent way of behaving isn't it?!
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    An absolute no brainer for me either and one of the best campaign ideas since the traffic lights. I will tweet this and add it to my Facebook page, nice fresh positive idea.
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    That sounds brilliant! I've always found it quite busy during the day..... we take the dog down to the river that way, and there always seem to be plenty of folks about! I must say, I am more than happy to walk the dog by myself at night, and walk through town after dark. I have no worries. I DO think Hereford is a safe place to live....... but there is no way I would walk up the GWW by myself in the dark!
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    I think it's a great idea, would be great if it could be linked up to rotherwas.
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