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    If the PM IS GRANTED A EXTENSION to leaving the EU then the UK will more than likely have to take part in EU elections...but I would urge folks in the UK not to take part in but rather boycotting with the setting up of picket lines to peaceful encourage people not to take part in them so as not to give them legitimacy so as to send a clear message to our corrupt politicians & the EU itself that we have had enough of there shenanigans in trying to keep us in the unholy union which is contrary to the referendum vote in 2016 But the big question is would people actually take part or just act like sheep in excepting their fate?
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    Just watched Nigel Farage launching the Brexit Party, and introducing first European parliament candidates, Coventry, 12th April 2019. Over the hour, while watching the video launch, 1245 other people had viewed it. Over the 24 hours since the video was launched 17011 have watched it. So maybe 875,000 views before the vote.
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    Cambo ..... I've never voted in Euro Elections. I know they are Regional, as far as the UK is concerned. I have gone out of my way to avoid voting in that vote. If there is no Brexit Party Candidate in my voting area then I won't vote in the EU Election. But, of course, there might not be a vote ......
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    Well put that person
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    That is your right but given you are a remainer I’m not surprised that you will vote in the EU elections I however will not because I do not recognise the legitimacy of it the EU that is given we should of left on March the 29th but far from stopping anybody physically from voting im suggesting a peaceful protest against voting so please do not try to insinuate that I am suggesting to forcibly stop you or anybody else for that matter from voting as I am not but I do feel it is a waste of time voting in that particular election.
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    The EU don't give a stuff how we vote because they will ignore us and still take our money.
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