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    I have just been listening to the live stream from Full Council held yesterday at the Shire Hall in particular, the reactions from various Councillors about the alternative budget proposed by IOC. Live Stream can be found here At around 228 of the live stream Cllr Paul Rone speaks, during his brief response I notice that he says that if turning off the traffic lights is such a good revolutionary idea, then why has nobody else done it? Well actually Paul, quoting you using your own words from yesterdays meeting, "Seek Before You Speak" Turning off traffic lights has been successful in several towns and cities, one that comes to mind is Portishead, check out the video below: Portishead Traffic Lights Furthermore, you suggest that nobody has done this other than Invercargill in New Zealand, you also suggest that this place has a mere population of 7,500 people, well actually you are wrong sir, it is almost as big as Hereford! Education Lesson below: You also say that it would be dangerous for pedestrians?? I am confused as there is no suggestion that any of the pedestrian traffic lights would be turned off at all, they would still be working, if this was given a trail and yes that is all we have ever asked for, a trial. Cllr. Rone also suggest that it would work for maybe 12 hours and then there would be mayhem? Again, we have video evidence much of which you will find on our youtube channel where the traffic lights have been out of order for several days and it is common knowledge that when these lights are out of service and using our words, the 'traffic just flows' in Hereford. To suggest that the members commenting on here are irresponsible keyboard warriors is totally unfair, there has been a lot of research over the past 20 years including that of one of our members Martin Cassini, you can check out his credentials here Martin Cassini on the One Show Finally, you also ask why is nobody else doing this? Because people like you are all too quick to reject these proposals. Well as you can see above other towns and cities are doing this successfully or is your dismissal just down to the fact that this is not your or Cllr Edwards idea? Cllr. Rone and Cllr. Edwards, I am passionate about our city and keen to explore all ideas that may eliminate the terrible daily congestion in Hereford, I just wish others would look and explore some of these ideas.
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    Oh dear oh dear, poor old Paul. The problem with adopting the confident "I'm a good old boy, I know everything, trust in me" casual posture whilst listening adoringly to the sound of one's own voice is you do need to at least know something. And to know something you need to do a little more than half skimming and misremembering your Google search - it will come to many Kiwis as somewhat of a shock that Invercargill lost 48000 odd residents overnight. God, Paul made Cllr Bruce Baker look intelligent with his idiotic ramblings on Shared Space and or variations of Shared Space, a term coined by Ben Hamilton-Baillie, which was meant to be descriptive of intent, not specific in description - ie/ you can adjust it to suit your town/city's circumstances. Turning off traffic lights does not mean throwing the elderly, young and visually impaired into the road - crossings, even signal controlled, can and are often still used Trials by micro-simulation would be done first before any live trials The Highways Agency, now Highways England, offered to fund the micro-simulation Jesse Norman MP offered to help secure funding Poynton, a Conservative controlled town in Cheshire has adopted a Shared space road redesign scheme with great success The heavily congested Cab Stands junction in Portishead has had it's lights removed with a reduction in congestion and accidents Accident rates always go down when traffic lights are removed Council or corporate liability is almost nil when lights are removed - ie/ 'accidents are up to you guv and your own actions' Cllr Rone is not an expert in road design nor do we seek or care for his open crisp packet, elbows on the edge of the bar opinions Cllr Rone and the public do not care for my keyboard warrior opinions If there is a political and public will it is the duty of Cllr Rone and myself and others to explore the possibility of experts giving us their expert opinion Amey and or Balfour Beatty, will suffer a considerable reduction in budgetary income if lights are removed The Belmont (Asda) junction was a non traffic controlled roundabout years ago with more traffic using the road than there is now Likewise for the Steels Westgate (Tesco) roundabout This Conservative Cabinet has authorised the spending of over 5 million on trying to prove the case for a Western by Pass That's not provable because the Council officers can't actually produce documents to show if and how that overspend was authorised, I believe As a river crossing won't be completed for nearly a decade, let's crack on with easier and cheaper ways of getting the city moving
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    Yes Edwards is a lovely chap who mows the large green area in front of his house with a mower from Barry so that Balfour Beatty don't have too. Currently he is vice chairman of Herefordshire Council the Unitary authority and of course on a regular basis votes with his Blue mates. He will of course be standing again for City and County and if you want the status quo to remain you know what to do with your cross on May 2nd. Paul will be doing the same in Redhill out with mower, cooking at the Kindle centre but like Phil when it comes to the big difficult decisions like improving the traffic system in the City what will they do? Oh yes of course tell you more roads will be required one will be called a Bypass. Don't be fooled it's not a bypass it's a distributor road to allow the Tory paymasters such as Bloor homes to build housing to further block the west of the City. The sensible thing would of course be to build new bridges to the west and east of the city and convert the existing "lines" in a light tramway. Good luck all May 2nd
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    First point I respect your opinion however that does not mean I have to accept your argument as I do not & I would suspect you do not accept my side of the argument either? yes it is as anyone of voting age has the opportunity & right to do so except those I believe that are incarcerated? So those that decided not to vote for whatever reason should have no complaints at the outcome of any election or referendum as they unlike yourself did not take up there right to exercise that vote but you in doing so you should except the result regardless as you where happy enough to take part in the referendum. you say you except the system but yet you do not accept the result? So why take part in voting if your not willing to accept the outcome or is it just when it’s not to your liking? i did say that & the proof I have is every time one of them opens their mouth a lie pops out you even said it yourself that both sides lied during the referendum campaign where they not mostly all politicians? well more fool Cameron then isn’t it for calling it in the first place regardless of his reasoning but he did call for it & you willing like many others took part in it with no complaints at the time from yourself or anyone else for that matter I suspect? happily in the knowledge no doubt that it would be a landslide for the remain camp but shock of horrors the British people turned round & stuck two fingers up to all the arrogant remainer’s & the EU who all thought they’d never lose the vote...but they did & that’s democracy whether you like it or not? if they are called I will try to organise protests outside polling stations but if you wish to exercise your right to vote then that is your free choice to which you have ever right to do so as I do too have the right to peaceful protest against. again your 100 people in a room argument is floored as those 100 people in a room who do not exercise their free right to cast a vote that is there own fault so should have no complaints at the outcome neither those who voted against the result either as it just shows that they where unable to garner enough votes to swing the outcome in their favour.
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    Bobby darling, you inconsistent, contradictory, fatally overweight and yet surprisingly agile Hollywood Lothario, it's not a case of being 'not far from the truth' sunshine, those are exactly the words that came out of Phil Edwards's pinched mouth. Regards me and Adrian popping up with our tuppence's worth on HV, not only did Colin make me aware of this post and ask me to comment but Shared Space is something I and Colin and others are determined to bring to trial in Hereford City. Adrian has consistently been pushing for investment in 21st century solutions to our congestion and in particular has pushed hard for reinvestment in public transport and new rail links for the county. I admire him and his integrity hugely for it, And yes, elections are soon upon us (thanks for reminding me you rotund tart, as if I haven't been having sleepless nights already) and poorly paid Councillors (like most of the IOC and Greens and some Indies on 600 quid a month for 60 hours plus a week) will be girding their loins and resisting people like me's heavy sweating advances (that make yours on unsuspecting and confused young bar maids seems almost gallant) as I try to persuade them to stand again - and then try and firm up the resolve of those that have been persuaded to stand afresh. And when they say, why should I go all through this for 4 years I'll say "because you have to, because you know if you don't no one else will and we'll have another 4 years of a Conservative Council and even more irreparable damage will be inflicted upon us, we just must keep fighting". And also, I'll say to them, as they look at the ground defeated and pensive - "and also if you don't, you be like that fat, hairy, sweating tub, King Bobby. He of the extraordinary long pockets, who apart from being in a band once that had an absolutely mesmerizing, enthralling and extraordinary routine, where they nailed their (willing?) drummer to a cross, just sits there now at some bar plank, a look that may briefly mimic intelligence fleeting across his much admired visage as tries to gather his cognitive wits together sufficiently for the upcoming task, narrows his eyes in on the small pool of golden ale he once again manages to lift towards his doleful mug, with an almost admirable, turgid, cross eyed, determination, before he takes another greedy sup and places the sleeve down gently once more on the varnish with the pride of a young boy's first steps. Whereupon, with that pride and recent sense of achievement spurring him on, he resumes sprouting pure impotent horseshit about he how he was once going to change the world himself - by making making a donation of time or money to IOC or the Greens or the Indies - but then discovered it took effort and time and sacrifice and would mean getting off his ample arse. And there may not be money or time then for that extra packet pork scratchings.....so that was that then. However he was still able to offer the occasional snide remark to help the revolution on it's way.
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    I am just listening to this lay in the bath, I fast forwarded to the section where councillor Rone speaks, like you have said, it is not their idea Colin so they will always dismiss them, even though most Herefordians accept that the traffic situation is much better when the light are out of order, I think that is pretty evident.
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    Dave Greenow out
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    You’ve got to hand it to the good old Guardian when it comes to knowing which organ stops to pull out on the mighty Wurlitzer marked ‘Freedom of Information’. Last week they got the Cabinet Office to reluctantly admit that £5.5-million a month is currently being spent on management consultants, in “providing extra skills in planning Brexit-related tasks.” Pull the other one missus. The only ‘skills’ these suits are providing is in their ability to bank their ill-gotten gains as fast as possible, because their government-appointed paymasters – the Brexit ministers who are currently running in and out of radio and TV studios - are a bunch of no-nothing dimwits.
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    Well put that person
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    I have to disagree, I knew exactly what I was voting for, LEAVE the EU! I do not remember reading anything on the ballot paper about any deals etc.. I voted to leave the EU, that was to LEAVE the Custom Union, Leave the Single Market, LEAVE EVERYTHING! The Remoaners are adding their own complications to justify a second referendum.
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    I agree with Cambo. I’m not going to vote in this or any other Election. The social engineering programme has been completed and the people will now think, vote and do whatever they’ve been programmed to do. if you voted to Remain, you’re a good, kind and wise person. If you voted to Leave you are reckless, I’ll informed and you’re a tyrannical right wing neo fascist racist who hates anyone of difference. if you vote Labour, you’re a decent kindly good soul who cares about their fellow man and all the millions of oppressed people who’s lives have been destroyed by political groups who are not Socialists. That’s the reality. This is the end product of the Far Left Marxist Ideology that’s invaded our lives and compels people to vote the way they’re supposed to vote. Whether it’s this or identity politics that champions any minority group that claims to be being oppressed by a so called tyrannical oppressive male patriarchy, you and your sovereign individual views and opinions have been usurped by the collective groups that are drawn to ideologies that begin as a noble cause and end in domination and tyranny.
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    I have no problem eating an animal that is bread to eat but I draw the line torturing the animal first.
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    I understand some further work was carried out last November and after careful research the World War 2 names were added and paid for by Hereford City Council and a donation from Chris Jones. The RBL have arranged a dedication service at 2pm Friday March 15th with refreshments at Lads Club after. All welcome of course to honour these brave men.
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    Typical Tory response from Rone and also Phil Edwards supposed Independent who said pedestrians would be killed if lights turned off. Please dont vote for these numpties May 2nd
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    Turn the main traffic lights off! (obviously not pedestrian lights)
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    These are all good ideas and certainly worth exploring, always liked the tram along the Great Western Way idea, something else I believe he was against but there again he might have a thing may about trains
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    NEWS RELEASE – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Thursday 7th Feb 2019 COUNTY COUNCIL CEO IN COVER-UP CONSPIRACY Gloucestershire environmental group uncovers long-hidden ‘conspiracy’ to influence County Council scrutiny vote on controversial £600M Javelin Park incinerator contract. CEO of Gloucestershire County Council Peter Bungard may be subject to a charge of ‘misconduct in public office’ after secretly influencing a key scrutiny vote that has led to possibly the most expensive county council waste contract per tonne ever signed in the UK, according to Community R4C, a group campaigning for a circular economy in Gloucestershire. Mr Bungard urgently requested a private meeting on the evening of 19th November 2015 with Scrutiny Committee chair Brian Oosthuysen (aged 77 at the time). Having sworn Mr Oosthuysen to secrecy, Bungard insisted that he must use his casting vote on the committee to prevent scrutiny by the full council of revisions to the highly controversial Javelin Park incinerator contract, “or else it will cost the Council £100M”. Because of the lack of scrutiny, the revised and much increased contract went ahead unquestioned – and is now to cost Gloucestershire taxpayers an astonishing additional 30% (approx £150M) at a time when cuts are being made to essential social services. Bungard received a pension windfall of approx £195K from GCC that same year, awarded by the very same council Cabinet pushing forward the huge contract, and making Bungard the highest paid Council executive in the South West in 2015/16. Mr Oosthuysen went on to become Chair of the Council’s Audit Committee. The matter is now thought to be under investigation by Gloucestershire Constabulary’s Anti-Corruption squad. Community R4C, who have led local campaigns against the incinerator contract on grounds of cost and environmental impact says this latest reported incident is only part of a wider cover up. Legal challenges are now in hand or under consideration against the Council for breaching procurement law and misfeasance in public office. A recent request by locals for an independent public inquiry has been officially rejected by Mr Bungard who claims it would be a waste of the Council’s resources. The original incinerator contract was vigorously opposed by Gloucestershire residents but key financial details were withheld by the Council for several years until, after costly appeals by the council funded by taxpayers, disclosure was forced by an Information Tribunal. The delay allowed Urbaser Balfour Beatty to start work at the incinerator site from July 2016. The Council then tried to keep the £150 million cost increase secret but finally released details just before Christmas 2018 once construction was virtually complete. “The Council has been so very secretive that we did wonder what they were trying to hide, and we were really shocked when we found out about the astronomical increase,” says Sue Oppenheimer, one of Community R4C’s directors. “But the idea that a county council CEO, the most senior local civil servant, would pervert democracy in this way is just appalling. We need an independent inquiry to get to the bottom of this huge waste of public funds and the whole flawed and probably illegal process involved. If not, this could happen again, anywhere in the UK.” Ms Oppenheimer was first to hear the story from Mr Oosthuysen. “I gather he is now in communication with the police about the incident, and rightly so,” she says.“Brian Oosthuysen, now 80, is the most senior elected member of the County Council and commands huge local respect. It seems he has been misled and mis-used by Mr Bungard. Had he and his Scrutiny Committee known then what we know now, taxpayers might not be saddled with a £600M ‘waste elephant’ that discourages recycling, that the public never wanted and the council’s own planning committee refused.” Councillor Oosthuysen was unable to comment due to the police investigation being under way, but expressed outrage at the recently disclosed contract figures and what they imply: “What I can say is that I am very angry that both committees of which I have been chair were deprived of the information necessary to fully carry out their duties.” The Javelin Park contract with Urbaser Balfour Beatty has been surrounded in controversy from the outset with mass protests and even a hunger strike. At a “gate fee” of £189/tonne of waste, local taxpayers are now set to foot a bill of around twice the market rate for incineration, and three times the rate charged to private customers at the same facility. Community R4C has recently filed a High Court claim against Gloucestershire County Council, asserting the council has breached procurement law. Directors say the difference between the original contract and the revised one is so great that it should have been publicly re-tendered, allowing cheaper, more environmentally friendly solutions to be considered. Ms Oppenheimer added: “It may not be too late for the council to salvage something from this mess. If our High Court case finds that the council unlawfully favoured one supplier above market rate, developer Urbaser Balfour Beatty may be obliged to return the difference to the public purse under state aid rules. The contract would then have to be re-examined, and at that point some open discussion about what would really benefit the county can take place. That’s what we want to see. We hope these investigations, both civil and criminal, can help to achieve a better environmental and financial outcome for the people of Gloucestershire, and ensure this awful situation doesn’t arise anywhere else. You honestly couldn’t make it up.” ****ENDS**** EDITORS NOTES: Community R4C’s High Court claim (Details and papers can be found here), alongside calls for an Independent Inquiry, were sparked by the release on 20th December 2018 of documents following a long FOI process (in which GCC had appealed against an ICO notice to disclose). These documents revealed the details of cost increases that had been withheld from Councillors when they were asked to vote on the project in November 2015. Documents available on the Community R4C website show the planned incinerator is very inefficient, environmentally damaging and expensive. Community R4C Ltd is a Community Benefit Society based in Stroud, Gloucestershire registered with the FCA. Set up in 2015 to work towards a waste solution which would serve the community and protect the environment, Community R4C raised almost £100,000 in a groundbreaking Community Share Scheme to facilitate its aims and the building of an alternative waste resource recovery plant – the R4C plant – in cooperation with investors and partners. Community R4C has widespread support, both within and outside Gloucestershire including from well known campaigners for sustainability – among them Jeremy Irons and Jonathon Porritt. The society currently seeks a commitment from the council to work closely with Community R4C to ensure that changes are made to the incinerator contract, including: * removing the mechanism that gives incentives to recycle less and waste more; * ensuring that third party gate fees are equal to those paid by the Council taxpayers; * encouraging greater recycling and waste avoidance; * pre-sorting waste to remove recyclable material; * decommissioning or re-purposing the Incinerator as soon as it is economic to do so. Allegations of criminal misconduct were originally filed with the police in 2017 by local campaigner Jojo Mehta, alleging that public, press and many councillors had been actively misled by a small group of Cabinet members and council officers with regard to key figures in the controversial contract – information which it took a court tribunal to force the council to finally reveal. At the time Ms Mehta was told by the Inspector in charge that while he could see that the contract was severely front-loaded and problematic, there was not sufficient evidence for a criminal investigation, but that she should come back if further evidence emerged. The incident related here was submitted as further evidence, and in December 2018 police confirmed the investigation was being taken on by the local anti-corruption squad. Audit investigation re incinerator contract: In 2017, Community R4C raised a formal complaint about the value for money of the incinerator contract with the council’s external auditor Grant Thornton. Grant Thornton’s investigation remains incomplete, with the council’s audits for 2017 and 2018 still not signed off, and GT also failed to inform the Council’s Audit Committee of the procurement process and the £150 million contract cost increase.
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    For information ... The Defence Medical Welfare Service's welfare officers in Herefordshire are working closely with health professionals to provide tailored physical and mental health support to the aged veteran community in times of need, helping to reduce lengthy hospital stays and ease pressure on NHS staff. For more information and support, visit www.dmws.org.uk or contact local Welfare Officers Bethany Parham and Ashley Winter on 07785614832 or 07377722648, email awinter@dmws.org.uk or bparham@dmws.org.uk Going on from that .........one reads / hears that there is no help and assistance for Armed Forces Veterans Well to my mind there is . The Veteran or a member of his family / friend only have to contact one of the many Armed Forces / Veterans Charities for help , assistance ,guidance etc , that will start the ball rolling and if entitled all that's asked for will be given .......only condition is that it's NEEDS not WANTS ! I am happy for anybody seeking guidance to pm me .....
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    Aylestone Voice it is now your turn to enlighten - please what is the suggested conspiracy theory?
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    Hampton Elected Mr Harrington, John Dennis, It's Our County Independent Organised Capable. Turnout 38.44% Mr Baker, Bruce Allen, The Conservative Party Candidate. Votes 468 Mr Harrington, John Dennis, It's Our County Independent Organised Capable. Votes 611 Well done John
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    Bobblestock , votes counted 25.4% turnout and IND wins
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    They all go mad once they’ve tasted vast power. Thatcher went mad. Bush was mad before he won the Presidency. Merkel went mad. May looks to have gone mad. Macron, despite his youth and short tenure as the French President has gone completely mad and the maddest of them all is Tony Blair. The Great Liar with the Far Away Holier Than Thou Messianic Christ Like Eyes, who’s surely a narcissistic sociopathic pathological liar, genuinely believes he and only he knows the ways of The Lord. The bastard! It wouldn’t surprise if he began self harming and presented himself before the nation with all four wounds of the Holy Stigmata. Like the arsonist who remains at the scene of the blaze he started, Blair continues to hang about in British politics showering us all with his wisdom and urging us all to do as he demands and stay inside this unholy bloody Union despite the fact that we all pretty much concluded long before The Chilcott Report, the mans a War Criminal and has the deaths of a million people on his conscience. No wonder him and bloody Cherie Booth are in and out of the Confession Booth begging the Priest for forgiveness. If that’s not bad enough, now the bastard is plotting and scheming with George Soros betraying his Country, our people and bloody me who, whenever I read him, see him or bloody hear him he makes my fat face glow red and causes my eczema to itch.
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    More election talk from Conservative cloud cuckoo land. He needs to get out more especially to Herefordshire and check our council tax for a start.
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    A great view of this iconic building occupied by Laura Ashley as you leave the passage leading to Gilbies Bar, (St Peters Close)
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    Just watched Nigel Farage launching the Brexit Party, and introducing first European parliament candidates, Coventry, 12th April 2019. Over the hour, while watching the video launch, 1245 other people had viewed it. Over the 24 hours since the video was launched 17011 have watched it. So maybe 875,000 views before the vote.
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    Cambo ..... I've never voted in Euro Elections. I know they are Regional, as far as the UK is concerned. I have gone out of my way to avoid voting in that vote. If there is no Brexit Party Candidate in my voting area then I won't vote in the EU Election. But, of course, there might not be a vote ......
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    Interesting reading for my area , thankfully we have been Independant for a number of years , this year I see that the Conservative candidate resides in Ledbury some 20 miles away is Standing against the in post Independent .
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    Hereford Times - 28th March 2019 Opposition groups join forces in bid to run council By Ian Morris, Assistant Editor HEREFORDSHIRE Council’s three largest opposition groups have joined forces in a bid to oust the Conservatives from power at Shirehall. The Herefordshire Independents, It’s Our County, and The Green Party have agreed to support each other in the run up to the May 2 county council elections. Group leaders hope to form the Herefordshire Alliance if they receive enough support from the electorate for a change on the council. One of the alliance’s proposals is to remove the cabinet system and move to a committee style of governance, involving all elected councillors, as soon as the council constitution allows it. Its leaders are asking voters to get behind the alliance candidate standing in their area – whichever of the three groups that candidate is representing. It’s Our County co-leader Liz Harvey said the alliance was hugely important in bringing about change at the council. “Vote for us if you believe in a broad more representative council,” she said. “A vote for an alliance candidate in your area is a vote for us all.” Green group leader Trish Marsh said her party has always been keen to cooperate with other parties they share common ground with. “We have a strong record on this nationally and locally,” she said. “None of the opposition parties have the resources to effectively contest and win elections in all wards in the county. “We all have to make decisions about where to focus our energies, based on existing strengths. “We all have a shared interest in freeing the council from one-party control, improving scrutiny, sharing responsibility, and moving towards a more consensual, broadly-based politics.” Meanwhile, the Conservatives said it was their intention to field candidates for all of the council wards. Deputy leader Nigel Shaw said: “The Conservative group is aware that the opposition parties have had difficulty in finding candidates willing to stand in many ward areas, so their decision to work together in an electoral pact is not surprising. “It is currently our group’s intention to stand a Conservative candidate in all 53 wards of the county in order to satisfy the demand of the electorate. “The Conservative group is proud of its record of delivery during the current administration when many neighbouring councils have suffered severe budgetary problems. “One thing is clear, if you want a Hereford bypass then only voting Conservative on May 2 can deliver this.”
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    I notice that the Hereford Times website if offline yet again, it has been down for several hours. It was offline a few weeks ago too, very odd, you would think a website like that would be more rigid and reliable
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    I see this happening all the time, good to see this article, soon these NEW residents will be complaining about noise or something coming from their retail neighbours no doubt.
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    The Twitter account is now 'suspended'. I would guess that it was a totally rogue account. I obviously never 'followed' or retweeted the content!
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    With regard to a traffic lights-off trial - to show that congestion improves and courtesy thrives when people are free to use their inner lights - if things are organised properly, we won't need pedestrian lights, because pedestrians will enjoy equality with other road-users. Preparation for a citywide trial will communicate a shift in the balance of power: away from the motorist, and in favour of the vulnerable road-user (where power rightly belongs). If anything, pedestrians will be "more equal than others". Vulnerable road-users include side-road drivers because, like pedestrians and children, they are demoted and neglected under the current anti-social system of priority. See my website, Equality Streets, for more on this. Given equality, the only justification for lights is at multi-lane intersections at peak times. Otherwise, in the absence of a bridge or flyover, let all junctions - and streets for that matter - be all-way give-ways. Universal benefits include a transformation in road safety, air quality and quality of life. I'm looking for a city to go traffic light-free for a possible TV series. It will take care of the public engagement elements. Councillors: there are no liability issues. I have chapter and verse on that. Given a willing city and a TV series, Hereford could pioneer a peaceful revolution and be an example to the world. Sad note. Ben Hamilton-Baillie died recently of cancer. In later years, Ben ditched his own term, "shared space", in favour of "low-speed environments", partly because shared space is often confused with shared surfaces. We agreed on most things to do with traffic, diverging only on one point: Ben thought street redesign on its own could bring about the desired behaviour change from aggression to cooperation. I always thought it should be combined with a change in the basic rule of the road - from priority to equality - along with a new driving test, legal reform, culture change and re-education. Martin Cassini
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    Good to see this area of the city changing for the good
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    Letter in Hereford Times - 12th March 2019: Built into ordinary people (the majority of us) is a set of principles. These prevent us from committing criminal acts. We need neither fear of being caught nor of retribution as a deterrent. We acquire these principles, as well as self discipline, in childhood in a normal family. Very regrettably, our society in the last 40 years has systematically derided and attempted to destroy the normal family, advocating its replacement by a ‘menage’ of various sorts in which children grow unsupervised and with no examples set for them. We revel in the misfortune of having no father in the house, which may sometimes be chaotic and drug ridden. We now reap the harvest of our folly. We have managed to produce a generation including a proportion of undisciplined, selfish, knife-carrying individuals, totally lacking in self control. They will thieve, or murder as the urge takes them. More policing will help, but will not deal with the root of the problem. Nor can we expect the schools to solve this problem for us. Bring back the responsible father and mother in the home and give them the means to survive on adequate wages for a good day’s work, together with the time and space to bring up our children. Hubert Porte Madley Bang on Hubert thoroughly agree.
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    Well Done Cambo! Mixing it with Parliament's top echelons now. A very courteous reply too. I always much preferred her to her rather pugnacious husband and, frankly, I think she'd have been a better choice as Jezza's Deputy.
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    I also think unless we get a better deal than the current terrible one that we should walk away with NO DEAL.
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    Bobby, you know I adore you, despite your truth bombs. The allusion to your enormous girth revolves around us never having met but someone telling me that you looked a bit like me, What they meant was you had a beard. What I took from that was your were fat too. As fat as me, probably even fatter. Fingers crossed for May 2nd Mon brave, keep up the good work, your comments are much enjoyed.
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    John, Brilliant writing. Simply brilliant. Rarely have I been insulted so well. Mind, if you can go a little easier on my weight that implies I’m now become a tub of lard, I’d be grateful to you. Well done John. It was good reading and very well written. My best wishes and warmest regards to you, yours and your colleagues from IOC.
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    K.Butt, the Highways England chap with overall responsibility for this road was a very sensible, thoughtful and accommodating civil servant and manager, Andrew Butterfield. At the meeting at the Town Hall in Dec 2013 with Colin, Martin Cassini and members of The Hereford Transport Forum, he offered, wholeheartedly supported by Jesse Norman, to fund a micro-simulation trial of a 'lights out' scenario for both roundabouts and the bridge junction (Barton road). His only stipulation was that there had to be 'political will', explaining that although they did have the authority to act unilaterally on roads they were responsible for (the A49 is a trunk road and part of Highways England's Strategic Network) we really needed to get the support of Herefordshire Council. Can you see where things fell down? After many many e-mails and only after getting dear old Olwyn Barnett involved (in her role as Chairman she rose above party politics and as per her role, she gave her fellow Conservative Philip Price one hell of a roasting for tardiness - oh I so would have loved to have seen his face as he received the blow dryer treatment) did we get a reply from the Cabinet via Cllr Price telling us they could not support this idea. It is quite staggering that that was their position, it was an offer of a free trial, what was there to lose? Oh, except perhaps the possibility that it may work and be so much cheaper and effective than the building of more roads. I hear what you say about Phil Edwards, he is apparently a good parish Cllr but he seems to fail to grasp the bigger ideas and opportunities presented at county level. I remember being in a meeting where the Indies and IOC were being lobbied by the prospective independent police commissioner for West Mercia and IOC and many Indies were asking question of some depth, relating to the structure and effectiveness of this relatively new and politicised positions and if it was any better than the old police boards that were apolitical and Phil Edwards spoke up when Barry seemed a bit flustered, unable to provide adequate responses to some of the more probing questions, and said, "I like Barry, he helped me buy a new lawnmower for the community in Newton farm, I'm voting for him". Fair enough Phil, keep it simple.
  41. 1 point
    He runs a taxi, it is not in his interest to turn off the lights, the clock is ticking while the taxi is sat waiting for the green one
  42. 1 point
    This is a tragic story RIP young man and my condolences to his family.
  43. 1 point
    The tip has become such a job's worth I hear tip tales most weeks seriously needs a sort out
  44. 1 point
    and if in Rotherwas be much closer to the larger companies where the students are supposed to be doing the majority of their learning
  45. 1 point
    It’s very unlikely isn’t it! With Jean Claude Juncker still alive and showing no signs of him ever jumping off a Chanel Ferry and easing my pain, the Spice Girls reforming, terrestrial television dominated by celebrities cooking, dancing, singing, living together in a house or in the great outdoors just for our entertainment because that’s what they think we need, Katie Price going bankrupt which means we’ll get the chance to read her tenth biography titled, ‘my breasts and the men who’ve fondled them’, no signs yet that oily Macron the unholy reincarnation of Tony bas.tard Blair will get guilotined by the Yellow Vests, the chance that Kerry Katona might get pregnant again and Cheryl, whatever her name is nowadays gets to make millions out of her brand new Baby line in clothes sold on the advertising strap line of ‘My Bear loves these nappies ’, I reckon there’s little chance it will be a Happy New Year!
  46. 1 point
    Well the old Lakeland store on Commercial St is now under offer.Look at me puting two & two together..... https://propertylink.estatesgazette.com/property-details/6346647-12-13-commercial-street-hereford-hr1-2db
  47. 1 point
    That sounds brilliant! I've always found it quite busy during the day..... we take the dog down to the river that way, and there always seem to be plenty of folks about! I must say, I am more than happy to walk the dog by myself at night, and walk through town after dark. I have no worries. I DO think Hereford is a safe place to live....... but there is no way I would walk up the GWW by myself in the dark!
  48. 1 point
    I think it's a great idea, would be great if it could be linked up to rotherwas.
  49. 1 point
    We have hit over 100 individual signatures tonight which is brilliant. Please share the petition on social media and with your friends.
  50. 1 point
    "..Just a bus stop, as pointed out on another forum" That would have been me, Magic!! Well done Colin for persevering with this. There is so much support for your idea, that quite frankly it beggars belief that it hasn't been done. I shall sign your petition!
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