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    All of this debate is fairly pointless unless we have details about the person in the tent.
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    I think if I was living in a tent in Winter and I had the chanced of having a pint or something stronger I think I'd take it , ffs I'd want to drown my sorrows as well. No one knows their situation , why they ended up in a tent . It only takes one or two bad decisions in life and it can all go wrong. Many are blinkered on the subject . Why does someone need to make a note of the time a homeless person buys a pint in Wetherspoons ffs. Think about it , really beyond belief .
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    Having read all the comments I certainly disagree with your comment especially as apparently they have been offered help,and assistance . The homeless person(s) must be willing to change their lifestyle . At 1115 today the occupants of the tent were in Wetherspoons taking advantage , I thought , of their offer of refill cups of coffee for £1.25 but I was wrong , it was pints of beer or cider . They know , fully that help is there for them , they just have to accept it .
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    This is a graveyard and the police should move this person on, leaving this person there will only encourage others
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