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    I suggest you go and have a look at the mess being made here! More than just a quick pint in Wetherspoons too, lots of empty bottles of whiskey as well as plenty of other rubbish. I am in agreement with most of the other member in that this is a graveyard, there are many other places that a tent could be pitched, not forgetting that this person has been offered alternative council accommodation and refused all help.
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    This is a graveyard and the police should move this person on, leaving this person there will only encourage others
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    There are plenty of places to pitch a tent around this city and a grave yard is most definitely not one of them! I understand that this person has been offered alternative accommodation and as is often the case, they refused help.
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    I think you may need to have a walk past, bags and bags or rubbish and empty beer cans. There are plenty of place someone could pitch a tent but I draw the line with it being in a graveyard.
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    I am sure that I will get slated for my response and although this person appears to be living out of a tent there are plenty of other places he could set up rather than in a graveyard. Authorities need to remove him from this location.
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