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    County Councillor for Widemarsh Polly Andrews in her recent new letter has criticised the fantastic work achieved by the City Council in providing a memorial bench sited at the recently restored War Memorial on Widemarsh Common. How anyone in her position can possibly justify complaining about a beautiful bench? Which is a place for contemplation of our lost heroes during the two World Wars. We visited the memorial shortly after Armistice Day to see the recently added names from World War II and took these fabulous photographs in the Autumn sunshine and as you can clearly see there is no litter in site.
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    Having read all the comments I certainly disagree with your comment especially as apparently they have been offered help,and assistance . The homeless person(s) must be willing to change their lifestyle . At 1115 today the occupants of the tent were in Wetherspoons taking advantage , I thought , of their offer of refill cups of coffee for £1.25 but I was wrong , it was pints of beer or cider . They know , fully that help is there for them , they just have to accept it .
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    The city council have done a really good job here in restoring this treasured memorial and installing a bench. I notice that Polly Andrews claims in her newsletter that she was not informed about the decision to place this bench here, why does she is need be be informed at all? The city council have obviously gained all the permission that were required from the county council in the first instance, maybe her colleagues forgot to let her know. Definitley sour grapes, if the truth is known, she is moaning now because it was not her idea!
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    What a petty, sniping stance by the Councillor. This childish point scoring between the City Council and the District Council has gone on since the day that Herefordshire Council came about and the City Council was demoted to a Parish. Both sides are equally guilty - I've seen it time and again in meetings and is partly a product of poor leadership and partly far too many Councillors with entrenched views in position for far too long - time for a huge clear-out in the elections next May please. In the meantime, the Councillor's time would be better spent by challenging the £1m overspend on Blueschool House, which is in her ward and which she supported at the Planning application stage.
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    It was never an issue for me growing up, most of these cyclists ride on the footpaths then on the road as and when it suits them.
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    I think you may need to have a walk past, bags and bags or rubbish and empty beer cans. There are plenty of place someone could pitch a tent but I draw the line with it being in a graveyard.
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    I am sure that I will get slated for my response and although this person appears to be living out of a tent there are plenty of other places he could set up rather than in a graveyard. Authorities need to remove him from this location.
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