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  1. I understand your concern but how could they hide it? Such challenging conditions. If they put a tarp up someone else would end up in the river trying to get a sneaky peak! If you have an idea of what is happening and don’t like it then turn in the other direction or educate the youngsters to what may be happening. Mini me has witnessed many unsavoury encounters but I educate her within reason. Besides it’s not best viewing for anyone- we are all nosey it’s in our nature. Anyway I digress.... thoughts are with Ash’s family at this time.
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  2. A large police presence has been gathering this evening along the riverbanks. The river is being searched and the helicopter has provided assistance. This could be in relation to the search for the two missing people. A body has been recovered from the river. It is believed to be that of Ashley George who went missing on Thursday.
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