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Hereford Voice | 'Councillor Sessions' | Cllr Gemma Davies Introduction

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Cllr Gemma Davies |Ā Cabinet Member - Commissioning, Procurement and Assets.

At Hereford Voice our slogan has always been 'Having Your Say' and through our network we are going to give you the opportunity to ask your questions to some of our Councillors.

Councillor Davies has kindly agreed to take part in our series of 'Councillor Sessions' and following her introduction which was recorded last night she will taking your questions. Please feel free to leave your questions below and Cllr. Davies will do her best to answer as many as possible over the coming weeks.

Rules: Abuse will Not be tolerated and offensive comments will be deleted and may also result in that person being banned. Please ask sensible questions on any subject that Cllr Davies maybe able to address and answer in her capacity at Herefordshire Council.

Please ask your questions, we have set out a few examples below;

šŸ”¹Council Assets (Town Hall | Shire Hall | Library & Museum)

šŸ”¹Waste Strategy (Recycling)

šŸ”¹Procurement and Commissioning Strategy

šŸ”¹Facilities Management (Maintaining Buildings etc)

šŸ”¹Public Toilets

šŸ”¹Maylord Orchards

Please note: Hereford Town Hall scrutiny meeting took place earlier today, Cllr Davies recorded this video last night.

Previous 'Councillor Sessions' follow our hashtag šŸ‘‰ #hfdvcs

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Yes it looks like we are going to be recycling depots for the council and they will still leave the streets in a mess with litter and weeds. It all started going downhill years ago when the council cut the open grass areas and didn't collect the grass, making the areas unsightly and looking neglected.

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1. It appears that the Job Centre is movingĀ to Maylords Orchard. What then is to happen to Blueschool House and how does the Council reconcile the expenditure on that building, which if memory serves was close to Ā£2 million, and the loss of rental income from the Job Centre?

2. Recently Cllr Harrington in discussing the transport hub at the railway station expressed a dislike for any scheme to have bus or similar shelters placed in front of an historic building. This being the case when do the Council intend to remove the bus shelters which obscure and spoil the view of Shire Hall, and which also interfere with commemorative events at the War Memorial?


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I understand the Council have commissioned and received an independent report on the the Blueschool House debacle. Is this public and if not why not? What was the conclusion? Is there any prospect of recovering monies? What actions have beenĀ taken against those responsible for the huge overspend? Please don't at any point say lessons have been learned, because they never, ever,Ā are.Ā As Aylestone Voice has said, the Job Centre appears to be relocating already - who is paying for the refit of the Maylord Orchards offices and, if it is the Council as landlords, how is it being managed and what will the (fixed) cost be? As I believe Blueschool House wasĀ someĀ sort of joint venture with the Job Centre, will their early departure cost us even more money, or the other way round?Ā 

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I have watched many of the zoom Council meetings, which have now mostly moved to live streamed meetings. The quality of the latter is extremely poor, terrible camera work and much of the sound hard to make out and cutting out, which largely defeats the object. It is also surprising to note most of the meetings taking place at the Moat House, presumably at some considerableĀ cost, when the Council have poured many millions of pounds in Plough Lane (mostly empty I understand) and the Shire Hall (closed for seemingly endless building work), as well as the Town Hall (for sale, best offer over Ā£1) and of course Maylords Orchards. There are other buildings as well, it's hard to keep track of the property empire that provides such a luxurious lifestyle to certain local builders. Given the Council's ties with the state of the art IT providers Hoople, why can'tĀ we haveĀ properly presented and audible streams Council meetings from a fixed venue?

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