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Local Firm TJ Baldwin Resurface BMX Track FREE OF CHARGE!

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Our complete and utmost respect shout out goes to 📣TJ Baldwin Burghill. 

TJ Baldwin has resurfaced the BMX track in Hereford totally FREE of charge! Yes FREE! We cannot think of many that would give up 2 weeks or their time for such a project.

115966663_10213981348447254_7142358683257021721_n-2.thumb.jpg.b8676d98d1d03ae6ccc7a851c58b6df4.jpg 116060009_10213981349047269_216059051471402781_n.thumb.jpg.83cedbd7e753f752a6e9e7a191813912.jpg

The track originally cost £80,000 when first installed, so a massive THANK YOU to Tony and Kev who deserve our absolute appreciation for this fantastic work that they have taken time out to complete. 👏👏👏

Thanks also to 👉 Councillor Sue Boulter who fought for most of the funding, we understand £3,200 came from the Hereford City Council and the rest was topped up from the local group that she runs, so thank you! Councillors rarely receive recognition so credit where credit is due.

This year has been a challenging year for many people so it is fabulous to be able to share such good positive news, please SHARE this news with your friends too. 👏

115473955_10213981348847264_7644582885149453924_n.thumb.jpg.27de1dc9e8d7324132ca5b239e4664fb.jpg 116262365_10213981348647259_3886212621079255030_n.thumb.jpg.7a0d19cc6954bd316b4414ba53315ec3.jpg

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7 hours ago, twowheelsgood said:

Tremendous gesture - I didn't even know this course existed! Where is it?

At the top of Westfaling Street HR4 0JG. Entrance between the Scout Hut and Quay House Medical Centre.


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