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Following a second consecutive Top 10 finish at The World Food Championships in America, The Beefy Boys will soon open their long awaited restaurant in Herefords Old Market Development.

On Monday 28th December, the restaurant specialising in Burgers, Street Food and Cocktails will start its soft launch - with priority seating and booking going to those lucky enough to have purchased a Beefy Boy Golden ticket. Those that didn't manage to pick up one of the sold out tickets will be seated on a first come first served basis.

The Beefy Boys - Murf (Anthony Murphy), Christian Williams, Daniel Mayo-Evans and Lee Symonds - have achieved legendary status for their grilling skills; their huge jump in the rankings at the 2015 World Food Championships was the biggest in the Competition's history and they have finished in the Top 10 for two years in a row. They also recently won The UK Burger Battle in Birmingham, and boast an international fanbase.

As proud Herefordians, they are keen to support local - sourcing their ingredients, branding and designs locally, from fantastic producers such as Neil Powell Butchers, Peter Cooks Bread and Wye Valley Brewery. They've even become the official roller derby helmet sponsors to Hereford Roller Girls.

Its great to be the first independent restaurant on the old market development, said Murf. We've sourced locally as much as possible from the food down to the restaurant itself; all of the design and artwork comes from Hereford College of Arts graduates, and the metal work, tables, chairs, bar and seats have come from local companies too. We've got a connection to the city that you just don't get with a chain. Theres a real food revolution that is happening in Herefordshire right now, its awesome to be part of it and we can't wait for people to see the new restaurant.

For more information about The Beefy Boys, visit thebeefyboys.com, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates.



Good luck lads from all at Hereford Voice

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Went in there today at 1pm opened at 1230. Full house. Had to wait an hour for our burgers, but that was expected, and it really didn't seem that long. The atmosphere was buzzing and we had prime seats next to the grill so watched the masters at work. There were no returned orders, that says a lot! The wait was worth it. By about 230pm the wait was reduced to 20mins. It really was a 1 in 1 out and they were still queing on our way out. A superb meal.

They are now closed till Thursday to "iron out teething troubles" as planned. The only thing that needs ironing out is my belly!!

Well done boys and thank you. And see you again soon.

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Went in first day of their soft launch last Monday.Waited about 20 mins and also sat upstairs by the grill.
Going again Friday just before we go and see Quentin Tarintino new movie Hateful 8 

Took a pic of their huge Barbie  :Grin:


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All the best to them.  The burgers are a bit too big for my tastes, but a lot of people really rate them, so I am clearly in the minority.

Again, good luck to them.

What I will ask though is how have they not come to the attention of a certain group of American hippity-hopsters?

Their logo is just a totally blatant Beastie Boys copy...  Just asking the question.

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Their logo is just a totally blatant Beastie Boys copy... Just asking the question.

Which one?? They have had many over the years! It's not copywrited or TM so it's fair game.

There are many similar logos, without lawsuits. Sun Microsystems & Colombia sportswear, Ubuntu & Human Rights. Chances are that ANY logo is similar to another. Design & Marketing I'm afraid.

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