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Phase 4a.jpg


Phase 4b.jpg


Phase 4c.jpg


These opposite are next to be demolished.










Growing up and seeing these flats everyday, seems a little sad now that they are going. I am sure that the new homes will look a lot better and be a lot more modern and green.

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Some good photos Colin. Yes it is a shame to see these old flats being torn down but the end result will be a 100 times better with better more modern facilities for people too. The only thing that I am surprised at is I that I read somewhere that the number of homes being replaced is a lot less? A bit like when the built the county hospital, less beds than were there before and now they are having to build another wing. I cannot understand why they have not build replacement apartments and I would of gone a little further and even added another floor to house more people especially with the housing situation the way it is.

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Steve, you are correct, the flats had 200 families living in them and the houses giving back to HHL is 130 of the 259, the remainder is for sale  through Keepmoat the builders. The tenants were asked before the flats came down did they want to stay in Newton Farm or move away, quite a few chose to move away. There are 2,3,and 4 bedroom houses and in the two blocks of flats there are 1 and 2 bedroom properties in the same block, the flats are 4 storey high with only staircases no lifts. There are also 14  one bed bungalows for elderly disabled tenants. A taxi driver asked me tonight was it true the cornish 2 bed flats are being demolished in 5 years time (I live in one of those) I had to say I have not been told, but the 3 storey flats on Ross Road are being demolished in 5 years so it is possible he has been given the wrong information.

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I had it confirmed yesterday by Herefordshire Housing Ltd the cornish 2 bedroom flats in Newton Farm are not being demolished they are the most sought after properties Herefordshire Housing own, very spacious inside, and have their own back and front gardens.


Victor - I have spoken to quite a few of the families who have moved from the flats, and they are happy with where they now live, some have moved into the cornish flats in newton Farm and in their words "they are lovely"

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BREAKING NEWS...........................

Today the Brickies were called off the new development flats opposite 'Old MacDonalds Farm'.

After an impromptu visit from the HSE around the whole site, it was only the scaffolding that was deemed unsafe. The only complaints that were made were by the tradesmen themselves who have lost 1/2 a days graft. These flats are due to be occupied by HHL by Christmas.


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