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This was the result of the HT poll, which I didn't see until I read about it here, nevertheless, majority were in favour, even though the way it was worded could of been confusing to some, you had to click NO in favour of a tram and YES is you didn't want a tram and agreed with Councillor Price.



Your vote
Mooted proposals for a light tramway system to run along Hereford's Great Western Way have been ruled out by Herefordshire Council. Do you agree with this decision?
  • Yes – it would cost too much and is not a viable transport solution
  • No – it would be a good, cost-effective way to link both sides of the city
  • I don’t know.
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I have for a long time campaigned to have the traffic lights on the southern routes into Hereford to be turned off becuase from evidence obtained in various formats it has been proved that the traffic

These trams come in lots of shapes and sizes;            

Perhaps a good place to Start would be ask Bulmers, who still own their bit of rail, to give permission for an exhibition of possible trams! May be a mad idea but if we are able to show the public wh

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Time to stop talking about it guys. Find a business person who will do it or, as it is such a wonderful money making idea! form a consortium and get it going yourselves! I am not sure how many people from Newton Farm, Redhill & Hunderton will use the tram but if you have those figures then put a business plan together. It's not the duty of the council to do that and the external auditors would proably do their nuts if Council even suggested it,but a public consortium can put thier plans to the Council which then might put officer time together to see if it is viable!

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On 08/04/2016 at 22:19, Chris Chappell said:

Time to stop talking about it guys. Find a business person who will do it or, as it is such a wonderful money making idea! form a consortium and get it going yourselves!

Maybe we could get Ade Goodchild onboard. I'm sure he could spare £2m (he's made that in interest already!) To kick start it off. At least it would be Fully funded and named in his honour, as a little contribution to his adopted city.

Just convincing the council first and gaining application. Hypothetically, should Mr Goodchild agree,  under no circumstances would we the consortium, let slip to the council that cash is available!!

I think you may be surprised how many people would actually use it.

For the record Mr Chapell, it wouldn't be a money maker, it has never intended to be; merely self sufficient, efficient and affordable for the people, not to line our pockets like yourselves.
With the new technology of EV it would be even more viable now than previously.

Mr Chapell, would you care to enlighten us on the current stats for automotive travel within the city limits now? I am led to believe that a bus from NF RTN is £4+ and most I see are empty - I can see why!

I can dream.........

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Debating the tram issue again on H&W radio this morning - Jesse having his say. As Colin says start with turning off the traffic lights. Hereford Civic Society this Friday:

Friday 7 June 2019 at 6.00pm

De Koffe Pot, Left Bank, Hereford

Sustainable Transport Options for Hereford's Future

Jesse Norman MP, Highways Minister

A chance to hear from our MP about his transport ideas for Hereford with time for questions and debate.

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I see other media channels are jumping on this idea which originated here, I hate that, when one group have bee campaigning for years and years and then when it starts to gain momentum all the others inc the HT try and claim the credit with no mention of where the idea originated, same with the traffic lights idea.

Rant over 

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