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  2. Where is the ward councillor? He should be all over this and working on your behalf to see the whole scheme is delivered, not just the bits that make money for the developer. I'm not familiar with the scheme in detail, but if its part of the planning permission then it must be provided. Planning won't get involved unless people complain and then they are duty bound to investigate. There may be timing proviso's laid down in the planning permission you can refer to. Sadly, you have to make a nuisance of yourself to get what has been promised, but on May 3rd I would be banging on the new councillor's door demanding support and action.
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  4. Don't get me started! There will be no 'urban gym' no community hub and no further upgrades! HH and BBLP are taking over the Keepmoat compound for materials storage for the rejuvenation of the oval block. As far as I have been informed the oval is only going to be "Faced up" to incorporate it's surroundings. No further redevelopment of lorry loading area at the rear etc. as previously outlined. I have been told that EVENTUALLY the compound area will be additional parking places. Hopefully this will also entail double yellow lines around the back of the oval also and a no left turn at the front near the chipshop. Too many times have I nearly been taken out by reckless drivers, whilst I try to exit opposite the chipshop. I very much doubt it! Too much opposition from businesses; god forbid that their customers have to walk 50yds to the shop or bookies! The window vanman and astra estate man also need some advice on parking, do they get taxis to the curb? TIMESCALE = 2025+ probably, going by previous track records.
  5. A man has now been arrested and the incident is over.
  6. I wondered what was going on when I walked past early this morning
  7. Breaking News: Hostage Situation. We have received 'unconfirmed' reports that a man is holding a male and a female hostage at a property in Poole Close. Armed police are at the scene and this has been an ongoing situation since about 3am. There is also now a fire appliance and crew on site. Police and Balfour Beatty have cordoned off Belmont Road (A465) between Walnut Tree Avenue and Asda and motorists are being diverted to the Ross Road (A49) There is no risk to the wider public. Police have advised the public to avoid the area. Police Statement:
  8. Last week
  9. What has happened to the proposed community centre planned as part of the Keepmoat Homes/Herefordshire Housing development at The Oval - Planning Application P131390/O approved with conditions on 18th September 2013? A facility which would benefit existing and new residents.
  10. Make your vote count is pretty difficult when there is only one name on the ballot paper. From The Slog today: In an astonishing drift towards Soviet democracy, 300 council seats in England have been guaranteed for one party or individual before a single ballot has been cast, weeks before the May 2nd polling day. The closed shop of shoo-in candidates affects around 850,000 voters across Britain. 150 councillors will win their seats without a single vote being cast. In these wards the candidates are running uncontested meaning these candidates ‘win’ their seats automatically. And Parties or independent candidates have also been guaranteed an additional 152 seats, as multi-member wards go ‘under-contested’ – i.e. where a lack of competition means that at least 1 seat in the ward is guaranteed for a particular party or independent candidate. The scandal of 21st century Rotten Boroughs has come to light thanks to painstaking research carried out by the Electoral Reform Society (ERS). And the most telling statistic is this one: While the Conservative Party will get 137 of these undercontested seats, Labour will get just 2 (two) This is because the Labour Party accepts that, in many Wards, FPTP (first past the post) leaves them with no chance of winning. Yet they appear not to be worried about giving their supporters zero choice at local level. In fact, from the Leader downwards, they oppose any move away from FPTP. How curious that a Party so often using “democracy” as its watchword should be so unconcerned about a lack of it. Make your vote count is pretty difficult when there is only one name on the ballot paper.
  11. A great view of this iconic building occupied by Laura Ashley as you leave the passage leading to Gilbies Bar, (St Peters Close)
  12. I recently placed an old metal tri- spotlight fitting in my green bin. No different from a tin can! All bulbs and wire removed just leaving the metal carcass. Subsequently it was removed and slung on my drive!
  13. I have finally had replies from the powers that be, and the pavements and road surfaces surrounding the redevelopment are going to to be resurfaced. After a long battle with Keepmoat, Engie, highways and Hereford council. Liability has been accepted and work will commence in May. Keepmoat have stated that the contractors will letter drop residential properties in the coming days. Needless to say if the work is not up to standard then I shall be persuing further with all parties. I have been without a pavement and raised drains outside my property for FOUR YEARS. This is not acceptable by any means. Keepmoat should be ashamed; but they're not; they've had their money!
  14. Mark is standing for City only
  15. I thought Mark Eden Dykes was also standing as a Newton Farm candidate? Not much information on Bernard Hunt- his leaflet was all about Cllr Edwards (rtd). Had a quick chat with Margy as she put a slip through the door, and she slipped up on her residence and knows nothing about the area! Had Glenda slip. No others. Don't get me wrong but there is no young blood, no one to target the youth. They get a bad rep because there is nothing for them to do! Yes there are a fair few bad eggs but this also rubs off on the good ones. People action with a header. That's what we need.
  16. The prefabricated bungalows in Beattie Avenue Hereford will soon just become a pile of rubble once the demolition work begins. Hereford Voice previously reported on plans submitted by Hereford Housing back in March of 2018 in this topic for the proposed demolition of 41 existing (prefab bungalows) in Beattie Avenue Hereford and the subsequent construction of 71 bungalows and houses with associated parking, private amenity, access and alterations to highway.
  17. High Town leases per sq foot most expensive in the City. Most premises in the City Centre are owned by pension Companies.
  18. Hereford's H. Samuel store to close By Charlotte Moreau, Ledbury Reporter The jewellery retailer is set to close this summer. THE number of empty units in High Town is set to increase with the loss of another big name shop. Jewellery chain H. Samuel have today confirmed that the company will not be renewing the lease on their long-established Hereford store. A familiar feature in Hereford's High Town, the store will permanently close its doors when its lease comes to an end this summer. An H. Samuel spokesperson said: "The H. Samuel store at 22 and 23 High Town, Hereford will close on June 22. "We continually re-assess our portfolio of stores on a store by store basis, particularly when individual store leases come up for renewal. "We are sorry to be leaving Hereford, however we do have a wide online offering." The company was keen to assure shoppers that the Hereford closure is an isolated one which bears no reflection on the future plans of parent company Signet's business estate overall within the UK but declined to comment further. The company, which was established in Liverpool in 1862, was acquired by the Signet Group, which also owns the Ernest Jones and Leslie Davis jewellery chains. H. Samuel currently has around 300 stores across the country and employs around 17,000 staff.
  19. Up to 119,622 views this morning.
  20. Good advice Colin. Despicable people out there who pimp on the vulnerable.
  21. By reporting a scam, you may prevent others from being scammed Scammers are targeting Herefordshire households by telephone, pretending that residents are due a refund on their Council Tax and asking for bank and card details. Herefordshire Council will always write to customers to advise them of any refund and would never ask for bank or card details over the phone. Fraudsters often use the phone to cold call their way into your home. They trick you by pretending to be from a trusted source, such as the council, your bank, the police, a utility provider or a computer company. Their aim is to get hold of your personal or financial information like bank details and passwords. Scammers can be very persuasive and relentless - if they can get access to your bank cards, or persuade you to transfer money into bank accounts they control, then most of their work is done. The good news is that it’s easy to protect yourself: If you receive an unsolicited call from a company you don’t recognise, hang up Never give out personal or bank details over the telephone Don’t feel pressured to make a decision over the telephone Consider a call blocking device to filter out unwanted calls If you think you have been targeted by a scammer, call Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 03454 04 05 06. Citizens Advice will give you advice on what to do next, and report the scam to Herefordshire Council’s Trading Standards team for investigation.
  22. Well yes, but this 'official' explanation says otherwise - unaligned Independents should be playing nicely with Herefordshire Independents. Guess Kenyon plays by his own rules. They've all had long enough to sort this out - IOC lost seats at the last election because they weren't organised in time and they've all had another 4 years to get their stories consistent. Poor proof reading as well (govemance - is that a love-in with the Gove?).
  23. You are getting your Herefordshire Independents confused with your Independent Independents. Some of the Independent Independents are working with the Alliance others are ploughing their own furrow.
  24. It's the local Lib Dem way of campaigning - slagging off, or worse, the opposition. I recall the Lib Dems disgraceful personal campaign against Mark Hubbard when he opposed them (and won) in Central Ward. A flyer from the current Central Ward's Lib Dem candidate cannot even correctly place Bartonsham and Portfields on a map.
  25. She's definitely standing for College as their ward councillor - the statements are linked further up the thread. She's standing against a UKIP and a Con. There isn't a City ward. There is a Central ward - Jeremy Miln is standing for Greens, against an Independent (proposed by Kenyon), which sort of contradicts the much touted 'cross party co-operation'.
  26. Somebody might like to ask a Con candidate about the Blind College - Council spends £6.25m on campus purchase You are viewing content from Sunshine Radio Herefordshire and Monmouthshire. Would you like to make this your preferred location? News Home More from Local News Monday, April 15th, 2019 6:51pm By Carmelo Garcia - Local Democracy Reporter Share on Facebook Share on Messenger Share on Twitter The total cost to local taxpayers to help rescue the struggling college for the blind in Hereford amounts to more than £6m. Herefordshire Council’s contracts and assets cabinet member Harry Bramer made the decision in February to spend £5,395,000 on purchasing the Royal National College of the Blind’s southern campus. The total capital cost amounts to £6.25m which included stamp duty, land tax and other purchase costs of £635,000. Extra costs to cover legal valuation, project management consultant fees and contingency costs are anticipated to total £220,000. Council officers say the project finance will be drawn from the development partnership capital programme bringing forward budget allocated for 2019/20. This is funded from capital receipts reserve. They also say that the RNCB will continue to occupy some of the buildings in the very short term with the view to moving their entire provision to the northern campus by 2020. Hereford College of Arts occupies the main building on the site while having access to other areas and will remain in the building for the long term providing an income stream to the council. The council will be considering growth opportunities with its development partner in the near future and will continue discussions with its key education partners. Chris Jenner, technical services acting assistant director, said in a report: “In the short term the property provides an income stream for the council under an existing lease to the Herefordshire Arts College which is due to expire in 2023. “This income could be deposited in a sinking fund to cover liabilities. “There is potential to increase the income stream through further letting of accommodation to the RNCB, effectively a sale and leaseback arrangement in the short term.” The site comprises a number of buildings including a grade II listed red brick Victorian building which is currently used by the arts college under a lease. Other buildings vary in age and use and includes a café. The property has parking areas at different locations across the site. The proposal was circulated to all political groups at Shirehall but no comments or questions were received leading up to the decision.
  27. Been told her campaigning in Widemarsh is very negative slagging off the Herefordshire Alliance candidates across the City. And her leaflet has been written by Hans Christian Anderson.
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