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  2. We have the highest employment rates (no surprise as the population has increased) and the lowest unemployment rates for ages. So this knife situation is existing in a sub culture. Outside of the mainstream. We've had 3 years of 'navel gazing' over 'Brexit'. We should leave with 'No Deal'. Then get onto knife crime. Obviously we then have multiple years trying to do trade with the EU whilst trying to eliminate the Elephant in the Room. Which is the Immigration/Free Movement issue. Not to be confused with someone trying to have a two week holiday outside their own Country. Or even a 4 day break. I've just been bought return flights to the EU for April. So I have to watch all this stuff!
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  4. There was a landslide in The Commons by MP's to trigger Article 50 to leave the EU. As per their Manifesto's. I'll just park that there.
  5. Half of my street never read the leaflet. They put the green bins' out today. They may be puzzled why they weren't emptied.
  6. The lottery winner seems to have opened a Twitter account in March 2019. Maybe even today or yesterday. Purporting to be offering 10 x £1M prizes via Twitter, on a random basis, for following/retweeting his prize offer. He has attracted 7605 followers ~ 15 of which I know. The account is unverified by Twitter. I don't know if the account is genuine.
  7. Well done to the winner and we wish him all the best, enjoy your winnings!
  8. Attended my Doctors for a blood test today , because I am having problems with my medicial problem (PMR) asked for a Dr appointment, cannot be classed as emergency although I am having pain a few hours a day . Result ....... Dr can phone me on the 10 April or can see me on the 23rd April ................ I am now writing to my Dr and advising her that to reduce the pain I intend to increase my steroid tablets .........asking her to advise me if that's ok by her ...........putting the ball in her Court . Time will tell ..........
  9. If it were me, and I’d won, the very first thing I’d do would be to telephone The Priory where all the rich and famous people go to deal with their addictions. I would book myself a 14 day residential stay at this place of sanctuary for about six weeks time. Whilst I’ve currently got no major debilitating addictions now, and I’ve no need to visit The Priory just yet, because I’d frankly be wasting their time, by the time I’d acquired a five kilo sack of Cocaine and snorted the contents of the whole sack whilst holed up in The Queens Suite of the Dorchester Hotel, by the time I did eventually snort the entire contents of the sack and then tipped up at The Priory for my arranged appointment, I’m pretty confident that I would then be in need of a great deal of care and treatment.
  10. Lost publicity opportunity for Herefordshire by holding the PR presentation in Malvern.
  11. Far too much for one person to win - only hope that he can see through the vultures and listen to the few sensible financial advisers..Hope some local charities and good causes will benefit from this win.
  12. We have just had a local person here in Hereford win £71 million pounds and this of course has generated a lot of comment in the local press and local radio. Obviously other than the way money will change their life there are other problems facing them on how they will live their life in the future. Many years ago in the 1970s, I purchased a book in a junk shop - EF Schumacher's "Small is Beautiful". ironically his book came out on the eve of the vote on the European Common Market in 1975 – but he believed such scale led to a dehumanisation of people and the economic systems that ordered their lives. You don't come much bigger than the flatulated EU. Many of the issues Schumacher raises we are still wrestling with. He questioned the shibboleth of economic growth as the central preoccupation of politics; he talked of resource constraints on economic development. Above all, he insisted again and again that human happiness would not be achieved through material wealth. Its such a shame that many of our national and european politicians only seek to increase their own material wealth to the detriment of those around them. What Schumacher wanted was a people-centred economics because that would, in his view, enable environmental and human sustainability. (extracts from the article below published 2011 The Guardian) It was a radical challenge which, like many of the ideas of the late 60s and early 70s (feminism is another example), were gradually adopted and distorted by the ongoing voracious expansion of consumer capitalism. Niche brands such as The Body Shop in the UK or Ben & Jerry's ice-cream in the US attempted to build a "small is beautiful" model of economic enterprise that put relationship, craft and environment at the heart of their way of working. They were later snaffled up by corporate giants. Small became cool but only as part of a branding strategy which masked the ongoing concentration of political and economic power. Gigantism has triumphed. But his point is still valid as the wellbeing debate today demonstrates; despite our increased wealth since the 70s, we are no happier. Schumacher warned against exactly the issues we are now dealing with as levels of mental illness – depression, anxiety, panic attacks, stress – rise and the World Health Organisation predicts that depression will be the second most common health problem in western developed nations by 2020. This was what Schumacher feared, and his answer was "small is beautiful". Go back to the human scale: human needs and human relationships, and from that springs the ethical response of stewardship to the environment. The EU needs breaking up - its just too big to care.
  13. I can't seem to post a comment on this topic in the Hereford Times today. I am not sure what it is that the HT do not like so I am posting the comment on here. They have posted comments I have made concerning the above.
  14. Its not the knives it's the morons behind them. These people need identifying. With nothing worthwhile to do with their life these individuals will always take the risks and opportunities to make a quick buck.
  15. Last week
  16. Your topic title is what it is. Then you mention very little about knives! There is a Policy/guidance decision, on sentencing, to be made about anyone caught in possession of a knife in criminal circumstances. A 'deterrent' sentence is required. Any current guidance is obviously not a sufficient deterrent. As people caught with knives (in garden variety circumstances) are not being locked up in a routine manner.
  17. I'm in HR1 in Aylestone and my Wednesday collection on 20.03.19 has been moved to Friday 22.03.19. Green bin. The previous collection arrived at 4PM ish so the only thing missing now is my new time. So I'll put the bin out Thursday night.
  18. Keep to the original topic please guys or it will be difficult to locate these topics in the future. This topic is about the Scaffolding at the Town Hall.
  19. The local planning authority should be prosecuting the owners of these grade two listed buildings for failure to maintain them...............oh!!
  20. Italy IGNORES EU warnings over China’s ‘colonisation of Europe’ to sign Beijing deal ITALY is likely to risk the European Union’s wrath by signing up to China’s monumental global investment plan when President Xi Jinping visits Rome later this week, as Brussels braces itself for rebellion among frustrated member states which feel let down by years of the bloc’s austerity. Mr Salvini said: “If it is a matter of helping Italian companies to invest abroad, we’re ready to talk to anyone. “We’re absolutely not going to let foreign companies colonize Italy.” Antonio Tajani, president of the European Parliament, added his fears over Italy’s cosying up to China: “We cannot become a new colony of the Chinese empire.” But it's alright for us to become a region of the EU and not a sovereign state. The EU don't like it up them. Pity our politicians don't have any balls. As one person commented: Gosh, a trading relationship that doesn't demand that you surrender your national sovereignty, pay money simply to TRADE, nor demand that you allow unfettered immigration. No wonder the EU is wetting itself at what CHINA is offering, this sound suspiciously like FREE TRADE without domination by the stronger party!
  21. The Secretary of State for Transport has confirmed the compulsory purchase and side road orders for the southern link road in Hereford. The southern link road, which will be constructed from the A49 to the A465 and linking to the B4349 Clehonger Road, will provide easier access to the Hereford Enterprise Zone, and looks to reduce congestion on current routes and increase capacity at key junctions, bringing significant improvement especially to the Belmont and Lower Bullingham areas. The construction of the new road will commence later this year when the necessary statutory process are completed and will be complemented by improved walking and cycling routes so that residents can make healthier choices about how they travel. The confirmation of the orders has been received following the outcome of a public inquiry held in late October / early November 2018. Copies of the confirmed orders and associated plans will be available to view from Thursday 21 March 2019 at Blueschool House in Hereford, HR1 2LX. There is the opportunity to appeal the validity of the orders or the decision-making process (not the decision). Any appeal must be submitted by 16 May 2019.
  22. I ate 3 Burger King 'Meals' in a row earlier this week. On consecutive days. Purely on a convenience basis. As for the new Hereford location .... Hey Ho!
  23. With regard to a traffic lights-off trial - to show that congestion improves and courtesy thrives when people are free to use their inner lights - if things are organised properly, we won't need pedestrian lights, because pedestrians will enjoy equality with other road-users. Preparation for a citywide trial will communicate a shift in the balance of power: away from the motorist, and in favour of the vulnerable road-user (where power rightly belongs). If anything, pedestrians will be "more equal than others". Vulnerable road-users include side-road drivers because, like pedestrians and children, they are demoted and neglected under the current anti-social system of priority. See my website, Equality Streets, for more on this. Given equality, the only justification for lights is at multi-lane intersections at peak times. Otherwise, in the absence of a bridge or flyover, let all junctions - and streets for that matter - be all-way give-ways. Universal benefits include a transformation in road safety, air quality and quality of life. I'm looking for a city to go traffic light-free for a possible TV series. It will take care of the public engagement elements. Councillors: there are no liability issues. I have chapter and verse on that. Given a willing city and a TV series, Hereford could pioneer a peaceful revolution and be an example to the world. Sad note. Ben Hamilton-Baillie died recently of cancer. In later years, Ben ditched his own term, "shared space", in favour of "low-speed environments", partly because shared space is often confused with shared surfaces. We agreed on most things to do with traffic, diverging only on one point: Ben thought street redesign on its own could bring about the desired behaviour change from aggression to cooperation. I always thought it should be combined with a change in the basic rule of the road - from priority to equality - along with a new driving test, legal reform, culture change and re-education. Martin Cassini
  24. Here are a few photographs taken along the river path opposite the Hereford Rowing Club this evening.
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