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  2. Absolutely, these are and will ALWAYS be Nazi German Death Camps! They just happened to be located in the Centre of Europe in Poland.
  3. Bobby you are a very knowledgeable chap to save me looking it up the Red Army was Russian was it? The Red Army moved in and put an end to the Death Camps which were without doubt too shocking for words. My question is did the rescued people then have a hellish time with the Red Army? Or perhaps I am getting my history all mixed up no doubt you will clarify
  4. Following the cessation of hostilities of World War 2 and what the world subsequently learned of the Holocaust, the Death Camps were called the German Death Camps. Thereafter, in an effort to ease the pain of the surrendered German people we then began to call them Nazi Death Camps so as to mitigate the disaster that befell Germany and its people. A noble thing? Yes, why not if it meant that Germany could be soothed of the shame and pain of the Second World War. However, In recent years that language began to change for the worse. These places of cruelty and human shame suddenly became Polish Death Camps. As if Poland and its people hadn’t suffered enough. Brutalised by both Germany and the Soviet Union, something no other nation on earth had to endure, now they’re being given ownership of these terrible places. There are no finer more proud patriotic people than those of Poland. During those dark years of German occupation they produced the likes of Irena Sendler (read her Wikipedia page) who saved thousands of Jewish lives, hundreds of RAF fighter pilots who made more kills than any others, they helped save Britain from invasion, and produced a formidable driven force of freedom fighters that terrorised the occupying forces of Germany. Quite simply, the Polish never surrendered. Just like the British, despite the overwhelming power and evil of the Nazi forces, Poland never gave up. And so, when you read in some pro EU mainstream media outlets that the Polish Government are now in some way trying to undermine the history and memory of the Holocaust by legislating to end the use of language that now describes these places of evil as Polish Death Camps, it’s simply not true. The Polish Government and their people only want the Camps to be called what they were and still are. Nazi Germany Death Camps!
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  6. Looks like Herefordshire Council is down for £0.8m cut, which is less than the £1m overspend on Blueschool House - if that hadn't been allowed to happen (and WHERE did the money go to?) HC would be +£0.2m up on the deal.
  7. What happens to the millions we are getting to nearly fund the by pass from the Housing Infrastructure fund?
  8. If a bypass was started today how long would it take to be up and running and how much would it cost?
  9. Looks like we are to see continued austerity in Herefordshire. I happened to see this on Twitter yesterday. I wonder what the Jess and Bill have anything to say about this! We are blessed with 2 Con MP;s and yet we are to suffer a cut in our funding https://t.co/sMgyd8GAbS?amp=1
  10. Breaking News: We have been reliably informed that a western river crossing crossing in Hereford won't be achieved (via current plans, being reviewed at the moment by the new administration) for at least 7 years - or longer! - what should be done in the short to medium term to solve our congestion issues? Should we look at other options or concentrate on a bypass? The focus for the new council is to seek alternatives to a bypass in the short term, such as a better infrastructure for cyclists, electric buses serving the city and surrounding towns and villages. Developing popular schemes like turning off a number of traffic lights (not pedestrian lights) as part of a trail in an attempt to reduce the daily congestion within the city. None of the above is diverting from a bypass but in reality, even if the go-ahead was given tomorrow morning for a second river crossing, there are many time consuming procedures that have to be followed, for example; Consultations with government bodies and various departments and also the local residents whom would live within area of the new bridge. A business plan has to be presented then an application for planning which alone can take 18 - 24 months, following all of this, if planning permission is finally granted, then the council need to look at compulsory purchases, again, this can take several years. Finally, once all signed off the bridge and roads need to be built! We are currently running a simple yes/no poll on Hereford Voice to see whether local people believe Hereford needs a bypass and from almost 2000 votes in less than a week the results clearly show an overwhelming 89% of people want a bypass, which comes as no real surprise however, as you can see from the explanation above, it's not likely to happen before 2030, with this in mind, perhaps we should embrace and explore all other alternatives in the meantime.. #HerefordVoice #Herefordbypass #Hereford
  11. I know the Hereford Voice have campaigned for a trial to turn off some of the traffic lights, this appears to be gathering momentum. Good news and well done to Colin, who I know has constantly pushed for this for many many years.
  12. Good to know that you take security serious, thank you
  13. While this is all good, I think that this group has long proved their point and now I feel that they are just doing what the council contractors should be doing, I'm sure the contractors Balfour Beatty will be laughing.
  14. Hereford Voice has an active SSL Certificate (we have had this for over 2 years and renewed again today). You will notice the secure padlock just before our domain, for added peace of mind. Your will now see our PositiveSSL Trust Logo on the main page of the website. Why Use a PositiveSSL TrustLogo? Visible trust indicators, like the PositiveSSL TrustLogo, are proven to improve visitors’ engagement with sites, increasing purchases, use of online services, and the sharing of sensitive information. A Positive SSL is the most popular SSL Certificate introduced by the most trusted CA Comodo. It's a domain validated SSL that can be issued by just verifying domain ownership. The certificate is designed to encrypt website for low volume online transactions and secure information.
  15. In The Hereford Times 25th January 2020 I pick up litter once a week in an area around where I live, usually on Monday as any cans or plastic bottle and any other recyclable items can go in my green bin before the dustmen empty it on Tuesday. It does make a difference to the street scene. The other thing that needs doing is clearing the kerbs of weeds - this does make the area looked after. To get an idea of the problem on the estates look at my previous posts under I told you it would get worse!
  16. On the phone to council's regarding rubbish and recycling. No definite phone number on website on who to speak to so rang 260000 and went through their introductory message. Pressed the extension required and put on hold "one of our customer service team will be with you shortly". 10 mins later after being thanked for holding the message. said I could go to the website www.herefordshire.gov.uk and this put me back to where I started. A page of departmental phone numbers on one page on the website would be helpful to dial direct rather than jumping through hoops at the council's convenience. After all this would be the list of numbers their receptionists would use to put you through to.
  17. you can ring Hereford 260000 when the operator replies, tell him which dept you want and he will put you through. this number operated between 9am-5pm Mon-Fri.
  18. Originally penned by Mr James himself. However it has also been noted that many of Hereford Voice inceptions have been hijacked by HC and recently be re-aired. Not a bad thing but credit where it's due please.
  19. Yet again Hereford City Council mistaken for Herefordshire Council, but good publicity for the proposal nonetheless, Can't come soon enough in my view, but everything is beginning to take rather too long. Just pick a simple one to start with and do it now!
  20. Pity there was no mention of Hereford Voice in this bulletin
  21. Traffic Lights Out Trial Hereford. Hereford Voice have been campaigning for years to have some of the traffic lights in Hereford (not pedestrian lights) turned off, as most agree with our motto, 'The Traffic Just Flows' when the lights have been out in the past. It is looking like we may have a trial sometime this summer. This was featured on this evenings ITV News #HerefordVoice
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  23. We were advised last year that the bypass had bee paused, we have to wait yet another 6 months, frustrating indeed, I did believe that the new council would be more proactive than this tbh
  24. I think they must have turned it off and on again - it's all ticketyboo again, bonuses all round.
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