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Brexit: If you agree sign this petition

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Brexit: If you agree sign this petition


UK Government and Parliament

Petition: We must leave the EU completely in March 2019 - No transition period, No delay

Theresa May is betraying the British people who voted to leave the EU by making the UK stay in until 2021 and paying billions of pounds to the EU while we stay. No immigration control, no border control, no sovereignty - an absolute betrayal of the 17 million voters who chose to leave.

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I've signed it Martin but it is really a pointless excercise. Our wonderful Vote To Leave wasn't supposed to have happened and so, because 'they' don't want it to happen, it will not happen. Not in the way we wanted.

The EU Commission, our members of parliament, our ruling elite and big business want their Empire to continue and so we will continue to be ruled by German arms length control, we will continue to absorb the millions of people generated by Free Movement Of People and we will eventually, once we've been smashed, crushed and generally given a good kicking from our continental friends, reapply for new membership of the EU. Sadly, as has been pointed out by a particularly nasty MEP who's a slavish follower of Verhofstadt, we will be forced to adopt the Euro currency and surrender much much more to please our political masters.

It's gone and the petition is a last ditch excercise in pointless futility. Every single Empire in human history, including the British Empire and the European Union rely upon only two single things. A source of cheap labour, which at present is generated from the East of the Continent and the stupidity of the people who are required not to think for themselves.

As for the future, once the current source of cheap labour runs dry,,,, they'll speedily admit three or four other poor nations, get them to move West or East, depending upon who's got the wealth then and they'll become the new source of cheap labour.

Course, once they run out of poverty stricken countries who are prepared to graft like stink for low wages there'll only be one available option Martin!!! That's right,,,,Russia!

They'll continue their expansionistic policies, provoke Russia, create a regional conflict, have a war, hopefully win, liberate the Russians who never ever wanted a war in the first place and get them to become Europes last source of cheap labour. Thereafter, once we are all fu.ck.ed up and Europe is ruined, all the other member states will get together and conclude, 'Britain was right to Vote Leave'!

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And with robotics coming in there will be many people discarded. As of today note that the petition has been signed by only:


North Herefordshire
Bill Wiggin MP, Conservative

70 signatures
0.08% of 88,014 constituents

Hereford and South Herefordshire
Jesse Norman MP, Conservative

52 signatures
0.05% of 99,146 constituents

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Martin, if those figures are correct it confirms to me that our people are indeed stupid and highly susceptible to dictatorship. It's desperately despairing to watch our people ignoring the warning signs that tell me we are in a big hole of trouble and have no interest in discovering how deep our hole has become.

As for your interest in our future military role of strategic importance, it's not a short hop of thought to imagine NATO crumbling because parts of Europe refuse to pay their way and support the Americans and then the EU Commission forming their own EU Army and allowing its forces to be directed by German leadership.

Fanciful thinking? Not really. Once the ability of NATO diminishes to be replaced by the ideology of the EU, any restraints applied to Germany during 45/46 will no longer be applicable. German defence spending will increase, their power will grow and despite the WW2 understandings that bind Germany to non aggression, those ties will slowly loosen or disappear, and without anyone's asking or NATO control or leadership, the Germans, followed by their poodles France, will begin for a third time their quest to win back the glory that has eluded the pair of them for over two centuries.

As for Germany and it's people, they simply cannot help themselves. They have to orchestrate. They have to meddle. They have to organise and they have to control and dominate. It's their nature and there seems to be little appetite to stop it before all control of them is lost and once again we will be faced with finding solutions to 21st century problems caused by Germany and it's quest for domination.

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