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Found 79 results

  1. A Volvo car has crashed into the wall at St Nicholas Church in Barton Road this afternoon. We are not sure how the vehicle managed to crash into the wall with the car facing in the wrong direction...We understand that an elderly couple were in the car. There is a recovery truck on site and we do not believe anyone was seriously injured. So our question now is should people have a mandatory re-test every two or three years once they reach the age of 70-75?
  2. The traffic lights at the Asda junction are out of order and have been all weekend and guess what? 'The Traffic Just Flows' Yesterday evening, (August bank holiday) we took a video which you can find here, which shows the traffic moving freely, there were no problems at all however, we were asked to film another video on a normal day during the rush hour, well here it is, this was filmed just before 0900 this morning and again you can see that the 'Traffic Just Flows' when these traffic lights are off.
  3. I have now implemented phase II of our traffic lights campaign and that is in the form of a petition from the very start! [Please note that this is totally separate to our lights out campaign. This petition deals only with the traffic lights at night] We would like both the Highways Agency and Herefordshire Council to allow the traffic lights at the junctions where the A465 meets the A49 (Asda roundabout/junction) and where the A49 meets the A438 Newmarket St (Old Market roundabout/junction) to become part-time signals during non peak times from 7pm-7am with exception to the pedestrian crossings which would still be in operation for the safety of pedestrians. All of these traffic lights are relatively pointless during off peak times and often motorists become frustrated and impatient while being forced to sit at red lights, this can often be at 2am when there are clearly no other vehicles in sight! By signing our petition you are in strong favour of these signals being changed to PART-TIME status from 7pm-7am Please read the petition and you can offer your support by simply signing it. #trafficlightshfd Part-Time Traffic Lights Petition Here
  4. Cllr. Jim Keynon has had a meeting with Hereford Council and it seems that they may have agreed to turn off the temporary traffic lights on the Edgar Street roundabout southbound for a week, it's now down to the Highway's Agency, so fingers crossed. At least if they trial this for a week we will know if my idea works but I am confident that it will be a lot better with them turned off. Nice one Jim!!
  5. Chris....I have had discussions with someone from highways regarding the SCOOT system.It is broke and has not worked for more than 10 yrs.
  6. Hereford Voice

    Snow - Hereford Road Conditions

    I took these photographs at 19.30 in Hereford this evening and as you can see the road conditions are pretty bad. This snow is like a powder and the wind is causing blizzard type conditions add this to the current -4 temperature and this is the result. The forecast is that it is only going to get worse overnight.
  7. After two years of asking for yellow boxes at Belmont Tesco, I met on site with Amey last November, I was advised we could not have yellow boxes without traffic signals, I ask for an alternative and we comprimised on 'keep clear signs' at the entrance to Northolme Rd, Abbotsmead Rd and Southolme Rd. I am please to advise that these will be put in on 20th March weather permitting.
  8. I cannot believe how the new signs look. This is the result of the new KEEP CLEAR signs How useless is that! restricted to one lane, so cars coming from Abergavenny will completely miss this and will still continue to queue preventing vehicles from Belmont getting onto the Belmont Road as you can see, this defeats the whole object and anyone trying to edge their way out from Belmont will cover this little sign! So I thought I would help Amey out by giving them a little clue on how it should look...
  9. A woman was taken to hospital and a child received minor injuries following an accident at the junction on Widemarsh Street along the new city link road yesterday evening at 5.50pm (Sunday) Photo courtesy of OPU Herefordshire
  10. New Safety (speed) camera currently being installed on the A465 opposite the Three Counties Hotel Belmont Road) Hereford. This is been in discussion for sometime so no real surprises here however, the traffic queues along this part of Hereford are constant so we do not envisage high earnings to come from this one... Your thoughts?
  11. Recommendations to approve the consultation will be made to Cabinet Herefordshire Council’s Cabinet will next week consider proposals to commence the next stage of public consultation on the Hereford Transport Package, which includes the Hereford Bypass and associated walking, cycling, bus and public realm improvements. The consultation will provide valuable feedback to inform the future decision on the preferred route for the bypass and other travel measures. Subject to Cabinet approving the process, the consultation period will consist of events to provide the opportunity to review proposals and feedback for residents, landowners and the public in early February. Councillor Philip Price, Cabinet Member Infrastructure said: Douglas Barrat, Chairman Invest Herefordshire added:
  12. The City Link Road will open to the public on Monday 11 December 2017. The road opens in time for the busiest Christmas Shopping period The road will mark a significant milestone in the regeneration of Hereford City following on from the successful opening of Old Market in 2012. Alun Griffiths (Contractors) Ltd will remain on-site for some weeks to undertake some final minor works and to finish the associated works to Barr’s Court Road. Once open the new road will provide an east to west route and a direct walking and cycling link from the Great Western Way to the hospital, railway station and colleges. The road’s opening will also reinstate a second entrance to Merton Meadow car park in time for the Christmas shopping period. Councillor Philip Price, Cabinet Member for Infrastructure said:
  13. There is an accident on Whitecross Road Hereford, just before the junction for Sainsbury's and Aldi. There are two vehicles involved, a red Vauxhall and a white Taxi. This is causing major traffic delays.

    The oval rat run

    This is a letter that I have sent to to our councillor today in the hope that I receive a response. I am sure that is also an issue in other areas, but when you are not even trying to join the que and waiting excessively, something needs to be done. As for the road surface saga - well its just a joke considering it’s a “new†development! I’ve driven on smoother farm tracks. I am writing to you in the hope that you may be able to help resolve some issues we are having on Woodward Avenue (formally Broxash Drive) Every weekday morning we have problems with traffic using the street as a rat run on to Belmont Road which is causing queues of traffic on our street and problems for residents not being able to manoeuvre vehicles on or off driveways. This morning the traffic was particularly bad on the street and vehicles were queuing up as far as the top of the road next to the children's playground and blocking every driveway. I came out of the house this morning with my 5 year old to take her to school in Madley and despite all the traffic seeing me getting in my car, not one car left me any room for me to pull off my driveway. When the traffic started moving I slowly started to pull of my driveway only for another car to then pull forward, blocking me again, and refusing to move for me to be able to come off my drive, despite me telling them I wanted to go in the opposite direction to them. When I was eventually given space to reverse off the drive I was unable to see down the road to see if anything was coming the other way as the vehicles were obscuring my view, I was lucky that there wasn't a car coming as there would have been no way I would have seen them, or them see me. There are also problems with drivers speeding down the road, especially towards the earlier part of the morning before the majority of the traffic builds up on the street. The road itself is an utter mess with major potholes all along the street and the extra traffic using the road is only going to make things worse, we have been told by the highways agency that despite this area being classed as a new development, there are no funds available to resurface this road. Unfortunately I think at some point in the future if these issues are not addressed there will be an accident on the street, whether due to speeding vehicles, poor condition of the road, or queuing traffic obscuring residents view/access off or on driveways.
  15. Colin James

    Hereford City Link Road Video

    The City Link Road opens in December. This short film will inform you how to use the road and surrounding streets.
  16. They have now demolished the BP garage in Edgar Street. Here are a few pictures I took over the weekend.
  17. Junction Changes at Station Approach Hereford. The City Link Road works at the Station Approach end of the scheme are progressing well and Alun Griffiths (Contractors) Ltd will be changing the priorities for vehicles exiting the railway station forecourt by removing the mini round-about to assist with construction work. From the 8 March vehicles coming from the forecourt area will ‘give-way’ to traffic coming to and from the station parking area. In order to undertake this work Station Approach will require a lane closure for traffic turning onto Commercial Road from 7pm until 5am from 9-11 March inclusive. From 16 March access into Morrison’s car park for Station Approach traffic coming from the Aylestone Hill junction will also re-open. Exit from the car park will continue to be via the far exit near the Royal Mail building. Herefordshire Council would like to apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience whilst we deliver the new road.

    The Oval Building Site

    It has come to my attention that there has been a considerable amount of anger & frustration at the regeneration of 'The Oval' over on Mybook Facespace or whatever it is? In particular, construction traffic and muddy roads etc. As I have been briefed, the case is, that someone will get run over by the construction traffic, excessive amounts of mud on the roads and health and safety issues amongst others; One jolly fellow even posted the site managers phone number and email , the disbelief! Its not that hard to find!! As I live on said construction site, in their defence, they have two sweepers constantly on the go daily, one is done by the forklift drivers with a big brush, the other is a contracted Wye Valley scarab thingy! The construction traffic will always allow traffic to pass where feasible, and wait if you are approaching. The trouble is really from other road users who have no consideration when parking at the oval and those who are racing around the site trying to short-cut the Belmont road traffic; many times I have had a near miss from oncoming traffic, who are speeding and unaware of the the Highway Code. Then you have the school walk folk moaning about how their kids are going to get knocked over on the road! Hello! - What are they doing on the road in the first place? As I too do the nursery ride, I use the lines, gaining entry from Newman Close, avoiding most of the construction traffic and using the highway code, and not using the Belmont road entry as most of these 'moaners' do. There is also the Ethelstan Crescent entry for those that live further up. As for Health and Safety, quit the fags, do more exercise than just walking the kids to school and keep your kids under control; You may live longer and keep your kids safe in the process! There are frequent site visits from H&S personnel, and I’m damn sure if there were any issues they will be dealt with immediately. Oh and as of Monday 11th the Oval road will be shut. So you'll have to walk further or use Goodrich Grove. The Oval Shops will be open for business as normal. Rant over. If someone would like to share to the Facespace page please do. Rich, Neil, Dave and the Keepmoat team have kept me happy.
  19. On April 15th last year there was this accident on the Asda (A465) junction Belmont Road Hereford in which a cattle trailer carrying sheep overturned, killing all 20 sheep onboard. I took this photograph this morning and as you can see, we are 9 months on and NOTHING appears to have been done with regard to replacing the broken lights?? How long does it take to put things back as they were?
  20. Belmont Road works postponed until 3 August National Grid statement We would like to advise motorists that the planned gas mains replacement work on Belmont Road in Hereford has been postponed for two weeks. The work will now start on Monday, 3 August and is expected to take four weeks to complete. During that time, there will be two-way traffic lights to control the traffic on Belmont Road by the junction with Walnut Tree Avenue. Herefordshire Council
  21. I have created an online petition to turn off the traffic lights at the Asda junction in Hereford (Where the A465 meets the A49) as the traffic flows much better when they are off!! if you agree, please sign the petition below. Click Here To Sign The NEW Petition (Please ALL sign the new petition as the original council petition has since been removed from their website) This will only take you a minute, Do It today!!
  22. Colin James

    South Wye Transport Package

    Herefordshire Council is seeking views on a range of possible active travel improvements (including walking and cycling) in the South Wye area of Hereford. Holme Lacy Road, view towards the Enterprise Zone Holme Lacy Road improvements (I am not sure I would agree that these are improvements! More Traffic Lights!!) The South Wye Transport Package (SWTP) comprises the Southern Link Road (SLR) and a complementary package of active travel measures. Planning permission was recently granted for the Southern Link Road and the project delivery continues. The council is now committed to progressing the complementary active travel measures in the South Wye area and will run exhibitions on the following days, at the following venues to set out the proposals and obtain as much feedback as possible: Wednesday 14th September at Three Counties Hotel, Belmont Road, Hereford, HR2 7BP. Wednesday 21st September at Hereford Business Solutions Centre, Skylon Court, Coldnose Road, Hereford, HR2 6JL. Monday 26th September at The Kindle Centre (next to Asda Supermarket), Belmont Road, Hereford, HR2 7JE. All sessions will run between 10am and 8pm. Council and BBLP staff will be available to explain the proposals and answer questions. Following these exhibitions there will be an information display at Tesco Superstore, Abbotsmead Road, Belmont, from the 29 September until 12 October. The information will then be displayed at Hereford Leisure Pool, St Martins Avenue, Hereford, from the 19 October until the consultation closes on Tuesday 25 October 2016. Councillor Philip Price, cabinet member infrastructure said: “The proposals for the South Wye area complement the construction of the Southern Link Road which is also the first phase of the Hereford Bypass. We are committed to improving cycling and walking infrastructure in the area, making it easier for children to walk to their local school, reduce traffic, improve air quality and health for everyone. The proposal will also improve access to the Hereford Enterprise Zone, making life easier for those who choose to walk or cycle to work at the zone. The problems in the South Wye area have mainly been caused by the level of congestion along the A465 and the A49. This has resulted in poor levels of air quality and noise and has resulted in large numbers of short distance trips being made by car. The proposed improvements will help to counter this.” The consultation will be available for completion on line from 14 September until the 25 October HERE
  23. Colin James

    Tram Talk

    Tram Systems - An interesting event for those of you interested in Hereford's future infrastructure. Merton Hotel Commercial Road Hereford 7th September at 1400 hours, please come and join us.
  24. Last night we had a very brief reprieve from the weeks of road works and traffic queues on the Belmont Road in Hereford. The traffic lights were removed! Today I drove into the city with no traffic whatsoever, traffic lights and roadworks were completely gone however, on my return late this afternoon, I was surprised to be sat in traffic again. Can someone please explain to me why oh why we have traffic lights for a few traffic cones that surround fresh air? If more roadworks are going to be started this week, why could they not just set up the lights and cones at the same time? Do we really need traffic lights on a Sunday? This also came as a surprise because there has been no work carried out on a Sunday since these roadworks began, yet some clown was working today in order to cause this chaos, this is totally unnecessary. On another note, I see that the cyclist thinks that the traffic lights do not apply to him... Just to be clear, these traffic lights are currently facing the Oval shops, there is a zoomed out photo below