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Found 348 results

  1. Planning permission has been approved (with conditions) for a 65 bedroom Premier Inn hotel with ancillary restaurant, car park and associated works in Blackfriars Street Hereford. Once complete the hotel will employ around 25 people. Application P174776/F
  2. Young car drivers gather most nights on the Spur Retail Park Holmer Road Hereford. (Halfords | Dunelm | Hobbycraft | Maplin) most of the time they are sat in the car park in their cars. Gates were installed only a few months ago and it is down to the last manager to leave the park to lock the gates. This happened during the first few weeks only and now the gates never appear to be locked at night. These drivers sit there for hours and just throw all of their rubbish out onto the floor, this is disgusting! There are bins provided so there is really no excuse. It would be good to catch the culprits and have them prosecuted, I have already taken a few photographs and logged number plates.
  3. Herefordshire Councils planning committee has approved the Southern Link Road (SLR) planning application today, Monday 6 June 2016. The SLR marks the first phase of a bypass for the city and will assist in delivering new homes and jobs. The roads construction will also facilitate the implementation of active travel measures in South Wye. Plans include prohibition weight restriction on Belmont Road, shared use cycleways, new pedestrian crossings on Belmont Road and new speed restrictions in residential areas. Councillor Philip Price, cabinet member infrastructure said: The SLR is scheduled to be completed by summer 2019. The rest of the bypass will be completed when further funding can be secured from the Government. Subject to funding the bypass in its entirety will be constructed between 2022 and 2027. The council has secured £27m of Central Government funding for the SLR.
  4. Capital investment recommendations to be considered by Full Council in July Herefordshire Council’s Cabinet today (Thursday 28 June) recommended £12.827m for investment in local developments over the coming year. This is in addition to the £92.4m already identified in January for 2018/19. The recommendation will be considered by Full Council on 13 July 2018. The funds have been identified following a review of the capital programme - the money the council expects to spend on key projects over the coming year/s. Of the additional £12.8m considered today for 2018/19, £6.7m is from increased grants and external funding. Most notably, recommendation was given for the following additional investment: £931,455 for pothole repair following the harsh winter weather (giving a total allocation of £1.253m in 2018/19) £3.5m (£2m of which is a short-term loan) to support the development of a Cyber Security Centre by University of Wolverhampton to be based at Hereford Enterprise Zone, providing accommodation space for up to 20 cyber businesses, specialist research, training and educational facilities for businesses and organisations. The centre, which is due to be completed in 2020, would help the growth of a wide network of cyber-based businesses and institutions attracting national and international business investment. £1.116m additional funding for Hereford Enterprise Zone ‘Shell Store’ refurbishment (£294k of which is from external contributions), to create a centre for research, start-up and scale-up engineering and technology businesses and, through the NMiTE University, provide space for students to interface with businesses. In addition, £1.5m was recommended to support the conversion of Hillside rehabilitation centre to provide a nursing home facility for older people with complex mental health needs (such as dementia) in response to rising demand for this type of care. Work to look at the feasibility of converting Hillside for this purpose is in the very early stages, and so the funds identified are only indicative at this time. Councillor Nigel Shaw, Cabinet Member for Finance and Corporate Services, said:
  5. Colin James

    The Ship Inn Proposal

    The Ship Inn site could look like this if the new proposed project is accepted.
  6. Hereford Voice

    Planning Refused for Costa Coffee

    Planning permission was refused for a Costa Coffee to be located on a Retail Park on Holmer Road Hereford with concerns over lack of parking. Full details of decision below:
  7. We spoke with the staff at the Mexican food giant Chimichanga this evening following rumours on social media that they will be closing their restaurant at the Old Market Hereford in the New Year. We are informed by staff that a burger restaurant may be opening in their place but as we have stated this is only a rumour and nothing has yet been confirmed.
  8. As a recent first time visitor to Hereford is there anyone out there who can lend a hand? On a very wet weekday recently I struggled, no doubt like many others, to find a parking place near the City centre. Eventually finding a (hugely expensive) space in the Little Berrington Street NCP park I was beaten by the confusing payment instructions and took my car away to a more remote place to park. Sadly NCP chose to issue me with a parking fine, or notice as they like to call it. I want to appeal the notice, but NCP now refuse to tell me what the payment instructions were on display on the payment/ticket machine which leaves me unable to argue my corner. I would go and take a photo myself but I live in London. I would love to visit Hereford again another time to explore its charms some more, but this experience has put me off! Is there any kind person who can send me a photo of the instructions on this particular NCP machine? In anticipation of your very kind support.
  9. Fire gutted a park home this evening. Four fire appliances and two ambulances were on scene the fire was close to setting alight other park homes.
  10. megilleland

    Weeds verging on the ridiculous

    Can no one at Balfour Beatty and our councillors see the state of our urban roads in the city which are now getting out of hand. When the use of a garden hoe along the kerb would have removed most weeds we are now in a position that the weeds are so established that the only way to treat them would be with herbicides which in turn cause pollution. So the only answer appears to be is do nothing and our streets on our estates take on the appearance of an outback town - the only thing missing is tumbleweed. Together with the inability to get on top of the litter and fly tipping problems and blocked drains around the area it is apparent that the majority of citizens and those elected to represent us have no pride in our environment - a sad state of affairs. The picture of Glastonbury Festival and the accompanying litter say so much about the state of our country and mindset of those responsible. In Australia they appear to have come up with a safe, pesticide-free method of keeping their streets clean and tidy. And ironically this method is used by Glastonbury Town Council to keep their town clean and weed free. Belmont Road Hereford:
  11. megilleland

    Blocked drains and flooding

    With the recent heavy rain I am not surprised that there is flooding due to many blocked drains around the city. Here are some examples seen in the last 48 hours: 4 blocked drains with weeds growing out of them on Belmont Road going out between Challenge Church and the Oval turn. Constant flooding at the junction of Belmont Road and Goodrich Grove. Flooding at St Nicholas Street and Victoria Street on the cross roads. Also noted extensive flooding outside Glenda Powell's house on Charlton Avenue right across the road. It looks as if Balfour Beatty aren't prepared to pour money down the drain to clear them.
  12. Hereford Voice

    Texaco Garage Holmer Road Hereford

    Holmer Road Petrol Filling Station In Hereford. (Texaco) A planning application has been submitted for the proposed demolition of the existing retail store/kiosk and car wash facility. The erection of a replacement retail store/kiosk. The removal and replacement of existing petrol pumps and canopy, replacement of fuel tanks, re-configuration of car parking layout and installation of plant within an enclosure. Planning Application P181599/F
  13. The second phase of work to upgrade Hereford City Centre will begin on Monday 14 May 2018 with the refurbishment of Commercial Street. Balfour Beatty Living Places on behalf of Herefordshire Council will carry out refurbishment works on the Commercial Street area of High Town with neighbouring traders kept informed of progress throughout the works. The work is the second phase of a refurbishment project that will be consistent with the look of Widemarsh Street and High Street. Councillor Barry Durkin, cabinet member for highways and transport said: The work will be phased to ensure minimal disruption to businesses and shoppers. All access to frontages will be maintained. Work will continue through 2018 with a break for the busy Christmas shopping period. The Commercial Street phase of the scheme will be completed in early 2019.
  14. Hereford Voice

    Hereford River Carnival Weekend

    The Hereford River Carnival starts this evening for an action packed weekend of fun on and surrounding the banks of the river Wye. The awe inspiring Mappa Mundi Awakening procession starts things off in just over an hour at the Cathedral at 8:30, leading down to the Bishops Meadow. Saturday's fun starts at 10am with loads going on at Castle Green. There will be a dog show, food, Nozstock's live Music Stage and Street Carnival. On the River - the floats will be parading along with the Roundtable Duck race. There will be Dance Central, fun fair, stalls and food at Bishops Meadow. Come down and join the fun from 8:30pm tonight and Saturday 10am on the banks of the Wye in Hereford! http://www.rivercarnival.org/
  15. Hereford Voice

    Hereford River Carnival LIVE!

    What a fantastic atmosphere at this years 'Hereford River Carnival'. The weather is absolutely perfect and it is great to see so many people in Hereford. We had a wonder along the river banks in anticipation of the river floats heading along the river towards the Victoria Bridge. Here is a live video that we published on our Facebook Page and you will find the others we filmed over the past few days all on our YouTube Channel.
  16. Hereford Voice

    Healthwatch Herefordshire

    Healthwatch Herefordshire – the local health champion for health and social care has launched a new online engagement tool called The Feedback Centre, created by Midlands based software specialist Ekko, to help people in Herefordshire share their experiences about local health and care services. Healthwatch Herefordshire’s job is to ensure that the voice of patients, carers and service users is at the heart of improving health and social care services. Healthwatch gathers the views of the public views and represents those views to local organisations and makes sure they are taken account of. The new online Feedback Centre will strengthen the voice of people in Herefordshire. It is accessible on a variety of devices including mobile phones, desktop PCs and tablets, just by going to the Healthwatch Herefordshire website. People will be able to easily rate and share experiences of services in an engaging and simple way from wherever they are and receive responses from providers. Healthwatch Herefordshire believes that by helping patients and service users to easily express their views we can gather more feedback to improve health and social care services. Christine Price, Chief Officer of Healthwatch Herefordshire, said: ‘The Feedback Centre tool will support our engagement plans. We have much to be proud of with the health and social care services of Herefordshire that people use every day, we should recognise and celebrate this. But sometimes things go wrong and need improving, so the voice of our community must be heard to help get things right.’ ‘Healthwatch Herefordshire’s aim is to make sure that the patient voice comes through loud and clear to the professionals who plan and deliver our local health and social care services. That is why we have developed a simple yet powerful system that is accessible to the widest possible group of people from wherever they are.’ ‘Millions of people every day use online review systems to give their opinion about other services or products they have bought or used. We want to harness that behaviour to get patients, service users and their families to give us vital information about the health and social care. As an independent organisation, Healthwatch Herefordshire hopes to gain the trust of the public to tell us their full experiences of local services: the excellent and the good, as well as where things need to improve. We hope that by creating a familiar tool that we will be able to engage many more people in celebrating and improving health and social care here in Herefordshire.’ All reviews are vetted before appearing online to ensure an honest representation of each service provider is given, and service providers can submit a response to each review if they wish. Healthwatch will work with health and social care providers to create a transparent online forum and culture of using customer feedback to improve services and celebrate good services. It is hoped providers will also signpost patients to the feedback centre and post the feedback centre widget on their websites, to encourage openness and transparency. Healthwatch will distribute a freepost card feedback options to local services over the coming weeks for those people who aren’t able to access online. We will continue to offer our service on the telephone, social media, visiting groups around the county and go to events where we can talk to people face to face and listen to their views. Make a difference today and rate and review your latest health or social care experience go to Healthwatch Herefordshire
  17. As the weather warms up and we head towards the summer, the number of Blandford fly cases is increasing. The Blandford fly is a 2 to 3mm bloodsucking black fly, which lives near areas of water and gives a particularly nasty and painful bite. The fly normally bites ankles and legs, as it flies low to the ground and is most common during May and June. Karen Wright, Director of Public Health for Herefordshire, said: If you get bitten: 1. Clean the bite area and dry gently 2. Don’t scratch the bite, as this can lead to infection 3. Apply a cold compress or calamine lotion 4. Antihistamine creams are not recommended, as they can sometimes cause skin reactions 5. Cover large blisters with a dry dressing 6. If bites are on the lower limbs, there may be swelling of the ankles and feet for several days. Don’t worry about this, simply rest with your feet supported on a stool You should seek medical advice if you have: 1. Discomfort, swelling or red lines in the groin or armpit 2. A fever 3. A spreading redness or hotness around the bite, which lasts longer than three days
  18. This is Halfords rubbish on the Spur Retail Park that has AGAIN blown all across the car park and onto Perseverance Road. There is one odd cage which is open with cardboard in from Hobby Craft next door but 99% of this rubbish belongs to Halfords. We have seen this many times and nothing is ever done about it. Halfords really do need to be aware of their surrounding area and neighbours and secure their waste cardboard and rubbish more securely in a compound. We are aware that environmental services have spoken with them in the past but this is the total mess evident again today. The Hereford Community Clean Up Group only cleaned around this area a few weeks ago, come on Halfords you can do better than this! You have a responsibility to keep your immediate surrounding area clean, we will speak with the store manager today and highlight this issue.
  19. I have been reliably informed that the former Magistrates Court in Gaol St recently used by Elim Church has been bought by Nmite for £495,000 and will form part of the new Hereford University. I'm thinking this is a good move by them as the police station will also be a possible use when it moves to Edgar Street.
  20. A market of international traders selling top quality artisan-produced foods and craft products from around the world will visit Hereford in April. Flavours of the World, made up of 20-30 carefully selected stalls, will be in Hereford High Town, Friday 27 – Sunday 29 April, 9am – 5.30pm. Touring different themed markets in the UK annually for over a decade, Savoir Fayre’s latest market, Flavours of the World is crafted to stir the senses and appeal to locals and tourists alike. The organisers have worked hard to create an international atmosphere so people can enjoy exotic flavours and unusual aromas and delight in products they might not otherwise see or buy every day. The range for Hereford includes stalls selling Italian sweets and biscuits and delicate nougats; unusual cheeses not easily found in the UK which reflect the cultural and culinary traditions of rural France, and a stall which sells cured meats and scrumptious rustic saucisson sourced from every corner of Europe. There are also specialist stalls offering an unrivalled choice of ground coffee and mustards. Beyond the stalls that tempt the taste buds, the market has traders who showcase the beauty of international craft traditions. They include bowls and ornaments carved from Moroccan marble; Baltic amber set into handcrafted jewellery; finely woven Italian clothing; and rugs and throws from Morocco and Turkey. One stall sells an astonishing 60 varieties of beauty bars and natural soaps derived from olive and argan oil. Councillor Barry Durkin, Herefordshire Council Cabinet Member for Transport and Regulatory Services, said:
  21. Colin James

    Cleaning Road Signs

    I was out bright and early this morning doing my bit for the community, cleaning more road signs. Before After
  22. Hereford Voice

    Hereford Summer Vegan Fair

    Hereford Vegan Events are pleased to announce that the Hereford Summer Vegan Fair will take place on Saturday 28th July 10am to 3pm at the Shirehall, Hereford, HR1 2HP The fair will showcase a wide range of local vegan businesses and provide a platform for local vegan activist groups and animal charities. All profits will be donated to local vegan, activist groups and an animal sanctuary. Further details to be announced shortly. For further details or to book a stall please email herefordveganevents@gmail.com All applications for stalls should reach us by Friday 27th April and successful applicants will be notified on Monday 30th April. Stalls for activist groups and animal charities are free of charge, but subject to the same booking process, as numbers are limited due to space. Details of traders and groups attending will be added here once bookings are confirmed.
  23. Hereford Voice

    Rock The Barn

    Rock the Barn is the newest one day festival to hit Hereford! Bringing together some of the county’s finest bands, local food, drink and the counties biggest water slide. Hereford Round Table invite you to a day of revelry, in a barn, on the farm! Your £20 ticket is not just entry to the venue but also into the grand prize raffle where you could win a £100 cash prize or 6 months free membership at Halo Leisure (to name just a couple!). You can also camp for an extra £5.00 The Day starts at 2pm and and finished at 3am Confirmed Acts so far Raptor Bel The Goldblums Hot Tubes The Beefy Boys Hereford Round Table is committed to raising money for the local community and every penny of profit from the event will be donated to charitable causes in Herefordshire. Check out other events to see where your donations have gone: https://www.herefordroundtable.co.uk/ So book out Saturday 14th July in your diaries and invite everyone you know, to a barn party to end all barn parties…. see you on the Rodeo Bull! For more info contact us on 01432 367685
  24. Colin James

    New Stores Opening in Hereford

    On a more positive theme there have been some encouraging discussions about new stores opening in Hereford. Ragwert has informed us that the designer store Flannels is one of those shops due to open in the former H&M store in Commercial Street photo courtesy of ilovenewcastleuk Who else is opening in High Town Hereford?
  25. ragwert

    Poppy Display

    Took a few of the poppy display