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  1. megilleland

    Brexit Is Finished.

    More than 7,000 employees at manufacturing giant JCB will receive a £1,000 Christmas bonus. JCB said machine production had reached a 73-year high in 2018 and it had recruited an additional 1,500 staff. Its chairman Lord Bamford said JCB had had "a very successful year". The firm - which has plants in Uttoxeter, Rugeley, Rocester, Cheadle in East Staffordshire and Foston, Derbyshire - said it was the biggest Christmas bonus giveaway since 2007. Lord Bamford added: "I am delighted that we are able to award a substantial Christmas bonus to thank our employees for their contribution." JCB has 22 plants on four continents manufacturing more than 300 products. In March the firm said growing global demand drove the creation of 600 new JCB manufacturing jobs. A new £50m JCB factory - set to open in summer 2019 - will create another 200 jobs, it added. Looks like they will have a Merry Christmas
  2. megilleland

    Could fewer bins mean less litter?

    More rubbish from the council and BB trying to do less again, but continually pocketing the cash. I sent a request concerning land ownership of a grass verge on the 9th October 2018 followed by two reminders and I am still waiting for a reply. Every Sunday morning for one hour I fill two bins of litter found lying in the street, shoved in hedges and dog poo chucked up in trees. I have yet to see anyone else living in the area do a litter pick and we have three council bins to use. Complete folly to take any of these away and you don't need consultants and studies to tell you the obvious.
  3. megilleland

    Brexit Is Finished.

    Defence is not part of Brexit - we will remain in EU with respect to defence. Handing over our hard-earned military forces to the EU and all MPs and Lords silent on military unification. There has been no change in the advancing integration of UK military forces into the EU structure - the subject is simply not discussed in political, public and media forums, which is testimony to the usual EU policy of implementation by stealth where possible. BBC: Local News Partnerships - the takeover of local news and media across UK Local newspapers, radio stations and media outlets are no longer independent Main Stream Media now not competing any longer - they are reinforcing each other. Next on agenda EU banking union: Tusk "EU treasury by June 2018". Brexit timetable might end with taxation without representation While all this is going on no interest or discussion on UK domestic policies because at the end of the day we will become a region of the EU. The greatest lie ever told to the people of Great Britain: Brexit without the exit.
  4. megilleland


    There is also a piece at the bottom of Waterfield Road and Southolme Road by the mini roundabout. Also at Treago Grove. The same p**s artist. Needs nipping in the bud.
  5. megilleland

    Christmas Dinner

    Well done Roger I am sure she will enjoy it.
  6. megilleland

    Where Are These Economic Migrants Coming From?

    Thanks for correcting me. So we have to wait till 2121 to find out whether there were too many people in the UK after the 2021 census.
  7. megilleland

    Surviving Winter campaign

    Surviving Winter campaign The Herefordshire Community Foundation is launching its Surviving Winter campaign to help local people survive the coldest season. It is keen to help as many people -and the organisations they rely on in the winter – to survive this year. According to Herefordshire Healthy Housing report in 2012 14% (one in seven) of households were considered fuel poor. The UK has one of the highest increases in deaths amongst the elderly in Europe. Each winter one older person dies every seven minutes from the cold. The campaign originally began as a vehicle for generous pensioners to ‘recycle’ their Winter Fuel payments and has now developed into a giving portal for anyone who wants to help support vulnerable people live well during the winter. The cost to the NHS in Herefordshire owing to cold homes is considerable.. Research from the national charity Age UK suggested that the cost of cold homes to the NHS in England and Wales is £1.36 billion a year. The figure does not include the cost to other services which much be significant. Considering this national figure, any activity to reduce fuel poverty and its associated effects in Herefordshire is likely to lead to consequential reductions in local health spend, GP referrals and hospital admissions. Philippa Spens, CEO of the Community Foundation, said, “This fund is vital, community foundations are one of the few organisations that help with responsive, crisis payments, when people really have nowhere else to turn and are desperate for help.” Last year, 59 year old Jane had recently separated from her husband after 30 years of marriage. Jane wasn’t used to supporting herself independently and fell on hard times. She had no money for food or bills. Jane eventually managed to find a job as a receptionist but had to wait a few weeks before being paid and was at rock bottom. Because she was earning nothing she went to the food bank for help and although they did help a few times, there was a limit to the number of times she was entitled to food from there. She’s also diabetic, and without food, she was struggling to manage the condition. She approached her Community Foundation and they assisted immediately by providing her with food vouchers and money for her electricity bill. This helped tide her over until her first pay check. 90 year old Norman benefited from a grant last year. He lives alone and has a serious heart condition. He said that the money he received from the Surviving Winter appeal ‘has taken a lot of worry from me. My electricity bills are so high as I feel the cold so much and have to keep the house warm. Your grant has helped me feel comfortable’. Winter Fuel Allowance payments are made in November and December to all pensioners across the UK and is not means tested. If you don’t need yours you can donate it to the Community Foundation and they will help those less fortunate. There isn't any way to simply divert the payment. Instead, the Foundation is asking for a donation of some or all of the benefit you receive. Even if you don’t qualify for the benefit you can send money. To donate online go to https://www.herefordshirecf.org/donate/#form or you can post a cheque made out to the Herefordshire Community Foundation, The Fred Bulmer Centre, Wall Street, Hereford HR4 9HP or ring 01432 272550.
  8. megilleland

    Where Are These Economic Migrants Coming From?

    I can't imagine them filling in the next census form. The census in the United Kingdom is decennial, that is, held every ten years, although there is provision in the Census Act 1920 for a census to take place at intervals of five years or more. A census of the population of the United Kingdom is taken every ten years. The 2011 census was held in all countries of the UK on 27 March 2011. It was the first UK census which could be completed online via the Internet. According to the "72-Year Rule," the National Archives releases census records to the general public 72 years after Census Day. As a result, the 1930 census records were released April 1, 2002, and the 1940 records were released April 2, 2012. The 1950 census records will be released in April 2022.8 Aug 2017 So we have to wait till 2093 to find out whether there were too many people in the UK after the 2021 census, but I am sure we already know the answer to this.
  9. megilleland

    Kubus Polski Sklep (Eign Gate, Hereford)

    Having listened to the article I am not surprised in the least. Interesting how the locals say the area has changed and the inability to stop the counterfeit trade due to bad legislation. However in the same area - The Daily Express 30th November 2018 £76m lottery winner has 48 hours to claim prize THE search for the winner of a £76million lottery jackpot intensified last night as the deadline for claiming on a missing ticket approaches. The winning ticket was bought in Lincolnshire - in seaside resort Skegness or market town Boston - and the £76,369,806 sum is the largest ever unclaimed prize. The winner will be able to buy plenty of counterfeit cigarettes (only £3.50 a packet) and open a chain of outlets to distribute them.
  10. Where are all these people coming from? Commenting, Lord Green of Deddington, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: The net inflow from the EU is still roughly the size of the British Army despite cries of alarm from industry over Brexit. Meanwhile, non-EU net migration at 248,000 is astonishing. It is the highest for 14 years and the result of the Government's failure to take effective action to reduce it over recent years. Meanwhile More British citizens leave the country than arrive 72,000 arrive against 124,000 leave. Table 1: Latest Migration Statistics, Year Ending March 2018 All Citizenships British Non-British EU Non-EU Immigration 614,000 72,000 542,000 226,000 316,000 Emigration 344,000 124,000 219,000 138,000 81,000 Net Migration 271,000 -52,000 323,000 87,000 235,000 10 Key Points on Mass immigration and Population Growth 1.The current scale of migration to the UK, 330,000 a year, of which roughly half is from the EU, is completely unsustainable. 2. As a result of this mass immigration our population is projected to rise by half a million every year – the equivalent of a city the size of Liverpool – for as long as immigration is permitted on the present scale. 3. England is already twice as crowded as Germany and 3.5 times as crowded as France. 4. The additional population growth makes congestion worse and adds to the pressures on public services. This comes at a time when public spending is being reduced. 5. One in four children born in England and Wales is to a foreign born mother. The rise in the number of births has put pressure on NHS maternity services. 6. It has also led to a shortage of school places. 60% of local authorities will have a shortage of primary school places by 2018. 7. The UK has a serious housing crisis. Mass immigration is the main reason for the additional demand. If it continues at current levels, we will need to build 135,000 new homes a year just to house new migrants and their families. This is 370 per day or one home every four minutes. 8. Population growth on this scale renders integration of newcomers virtually impossible. 9. Three quarters of the public want to see immigration reduced and half of them want it cut by a lot. 10. To stop the rapid rise in the UK’s population size, net migration would have to be reduced to well below 100,000 a year. It is currently at over 300,000.
  11. megilleland


    Yes you only sell assets when you need the cash. The Council will tell you that they are investing it future developments, but most of that is going to disappear on consultations and feasibility schemes.
  12. megilleland

    Money's too tight too mention

    Council expenditure for October 2018 Total spend for month £15,275,804.17 1. £1,984,514.09 Balfour Beatty Living Places Ltd 2. £1,349,077.00 West Mercia Police & Crime Commissioner 3. £1,312,781.00 Hoople Ltd 4. £1,296,015.50 Hoople Ltd 5. £1,044,809.82 Worcestershire County Council 6. £707,718.85 Balfour Beatty Living Places Ltd 7. £560,874.30 Hereford & Worc Fire & Rescue Service 8. £508,629.51 Balfour Beatty Living Places Ltd 9. £353,612.20 Marsh Ltd 10. £329,872.07 Fcc Environment Services (uk) Ltd 11. £259,793.10 Shaw Healthcare (Herefordshire) Ltd 12. £246,355.01 Whitecross@Stepnell Ltd 13. £207,843.98 Wye Valley NHS Trust 14. £126,479.75 Addaction 15. £113,353.62 Nottingham Rehab Ltd 16. £106,918.17 Nottingham Rehab Ltd 17. £105,049.63 Worcestershire Health & Care NHS Trust 18. £98,133.50 REDACTED 19. £90,361.00 Wye Valley NHS Trust 20. £87,417.80 Kier Construction - Central Div of Kier Construction Ltd Total spend of top 20 £10,889,609.90 = 71% of monthly total BBLP £3,284,711.75 Hereford & Worc Fire & Rescue Service £597,086.30 West Mercia Police & Crime Commissioner £1,350,077.00 Hoople Ltd £2,628,571.84 Marsh Ltd £447,316.22 Shaw Healthcare (Herefordshire) Ltd £330,005.69 Wye Valley NHS Trust £306,791.62 Nottingham Rehab Ltd £273,137.48 Worcestershire Health & Care NHS Trust £106,322.63 Worcestershire County Council £1,122,229.82 Total spent in month by these 10 £6,624,238.60 = 43% of monthly total :
  13. megilleland

    Where's the money going?

    The Daily Mail - 29th November 2018 Bleak winter for the NHS: More than 100,000 jobs are unfilled, trusts are £4.3 billion in debt and 1,000 more patients are waiting a year for treatment than in 2017, report warns * NHS had 102,821 dr and nurses vacancies across its trusts at end of September * And 3,156 were waiting more than a year for treatment when summer ended * NHS Providers' chief executive warns 'this winter may be worse than the last' On the same day in the same paper: The Daily Mail - 29th November 2018 UK aid spending tops £14 billion for the first time with the most money spent in Pakistan and Nigeria, official figures reveal * Government spends 0.7% of national income on foreign aid spending every year * The cash figure rose above £14 billion for the first time in 2017, latest data shows * Total rises each year if the economy grows but is very controversial among MPs * Around 63% of aid is spent directly by the UK in other countries, led by Pakistan * The remaining 37% is ploughed into aid agencies for a multilateral response Pakistan received the most direct cash from the UK, receiving more than £400million in development assistance. Nigeria was second on £327million. Almost £530million was also ploughed into multi-national efforts to respond to humanitarian crises caused by wars in Somalia, Syria and Yemen. Yet we supply arms to Saudi Arabia to blow to pieces the Yemen
  14. megilleland

    Change at the Council

    The Guardian 28th November 2018 Tory-run Northamptonshire county council bailed out by government Permission granted to spend £60m cash received from sale of HQ (extracts) The government has in effect bailed out Tory-run Northamptonshire county council after giving it unprecedented permission to spend up to £60m of cash received from the sale of its HQ on funding day-to-day services. The highly unusual move – accounting rules normally prevent councils using capital receipts in this way – means the crisis-hit authority is likely to escape falling into insolvency for the third time in less than a year. Ministers gave the go-ahead for the bailout after commissioners sent in to run the council issued a stark warning that without a cash injection, Northamptonshire would be unable to meet its legal duties to run core services such as social care. The report notes that the council has been dysfunctional and that morale is poor among “long suffering” staff. It also criticises its “lack of credible leadership and direction over many years”, though it notes there have been some improvements in culture and management over the past few months.
  15. megilleland

    After Brexit more trouble around the corner

    The Guardian 26th November 2018 UK has weakest wage growth in advanced G20 nations, says ILO (extract) Britain ranks bottom in group of nine wealthy countries for pay performance since 2009 Workers in Britain have seen the weakest real wage growth among the most advanced nations in the G20, according to United Nations data revealing the scale of the damage in the UK’s “lost decade” for pay. According to the UN’s International Labour Organization, Britain ranked bottom from a group of nine wealthy nations for its pay performance since 2009, after the financial crisis hit. Suffering a loss in real wage growth - which strips out the effect of inflation – of about 5% between 2008 and 2017, the UK ranked slightly worse than Italy and far behind other major G20 nations such as the US and Germany. South Korea saw the strongest real wage growth at 15%. Exactly what Robert Reich says.