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  1. RT @ShineJob: Anyone who re-writes anything is a hacker. #Anonymous #MMM2018 #Stigmergy #Getgee #Autonomy #Diversity #Society #Social ????…

  2. @ActivePatriots @mwestie58 @IanPhilTrait @2tweetaboutit @trotman_deirdre @TRobinsonNewEra @reb_les @FeistyRealist… https://t.co/iVC3U344Dz

  3. Everyone should be aware that the Government is more concerned about power than being honourable men and women repr… https://t.co/gjyF0HfZsb

  4. Of course noW Richie Allen has been deleted.. anything to stop THE TRUTH GETTING OUT. Seek out Barrie Trower, his i… https://t.co/nR4DmM7GDF

  5. RT @welcomet0nature: Mercury, Venus and Saturn above the pyramids of Giza, Egypt. This occurs once every 2373 years. https://t.co/cVi2xD1Bto

  6. RT @PrisonPlanet: The new U.S. Embassy in London looks absolutely hideous. I should have included it in this. https://t.co/WOo3usOAbC