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    The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum Overnight, a well-organised gang of vandals broke into The Louvre in Paris and vandalised the priceless Mona Lisa, by indelibly lazer-printing a black moustache on her upper lip. The Indian government has announced that, due to the extensive pollution damage to the marblework of the famous Taj Mahal monument, it has commissioned a consortium (led by former Carillion employees) to paint the facade in the national colours of orange and green. In Washington, President Trump has tweeted that he is moving his official Presidential offices to Trump Towers, New York, and has written to Benjamin Netanyahu inviting him to set up a new Israeli Embassy in the White House. Meanwhile in Hereford, the council has published plans to build a flat-roofed three-storey 'Super Surgery' directly in front of the city's iconic Grade II-listed Victorian railway station. "What finer introduction could there be for international visitors arriving by train, for such events as the Hay Literary Festival or the Three Choirs Festival, than to be confronted by a lumpen structure possessing all the architectural elan of a nuclear fall-out shelter," said a council spokesman.
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    Just trimmed my hedge.
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    Re Maggie May's excellent comment above, the official definition of Green Infrastructure is: "The concept, in land-use planning terms, which highlights the natural environment." Quite apart from the fact that contractors needlessly felled a number of mature trees which stood beside the old W H Smith depot; and the fact that not a single tree was planted along the 800 metres of the absurd Link Road to Nowhere; I have been unable to identify anything whatsoever in the visuals of the box-like Super Surgery which indicates that anyone involved in this project has the slightest interest in the natural environment!
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    We have spoken with the store this morning and they are pleased that we have highlighted this issue and we have been reliably informed that Halfords have received quotes for up to £12,000 and are more than happy to pay to have a secure compound for their rubbish but the landlords of the Spur Retail Park are refusing to allow them. So in fairness to Halfords they have their hands tied here, although in the absence of a secure compound, Halfords Hereford are still responsible for the rubbish that is being blown across the neighbouring area and roads, this must be a priority.
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    She has just been interviewed by John Humphreys - such a lovely person congratulations
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    Congratulations, what a brilliant achievement
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    This guy is a Hereford legend as your have already stated, he is clearly in a difficult place right now, lets hope that they find him safe and well.
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    I am surprised that Hereford Housing never purchased the cottages to make the new apartments go all the way around, there is a fenced off area where Ray Bubbs used to be full of weeds that have now turned into mini trees it looks a right eyesore.
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    If you had told me this was a Russian KGB Torture Centre on the outskirts of Moscow, circa 1970, I'd have believed you!
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    It really needs ANPR and CCTV equipment down there i think, will probably be the only way to stop them. Although i suspect they will just find another spot to decimate.
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    Have just looked at the advertising consent and it has been withdrawn
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    Catching up with my reading on Wirralleaks just saw this - hope PC does not mind my reposting it: "As we said yesterday in our Spot the Blott post we do like to follow the progress of former Wirral Council alumni who have graced (and disgraced) our pages. Fortunately for us (and unfortunately for them ) there are correspondents around the country – and particularly from Bristol, Hereford, York and Sandwell – who have kept us informed of Wirral Council’s cast-offs and how they carry on regardless of any scandals or scrapes they’ve been involved in beforehand. However it would appear that we have a particular keen following in Cheshire East. Thanks mainly to the travels and travails of Wirral Council ‘s former head of law – the infamous Bill Norman. Firstly we hear that there are currently no less than SIX ( count ’em) police investigations concerning Tory led Cheshire East Council. Read more here : Cheshire East police investigations Kudos to the Cheshire Constabulary for actually taking allegations of Council corruption seriously which is more than be said of Merseyside Police who are seemingly too lazy and/or too busy exchanging funny handshakes and going to the confessional box to be bothered investigating legitimate concerns about Wirral Council . We’ll be interested to know whether the mud will stick and there will be a sticky end for Cheshire East councillors and council officers. However particular thanks go out to “A member of ItsRandom the Wirralleaks franchise in Cheshire East” who sends us this particularly interesting missive concerning Mr Norman and the use of Wirral based consultants ‘Sticky Change’. Now we know that ‘ Sticky Change’ may sound like an old Wirral Leaks headline from the days when we were covering stories about Wirral Council senior management sex romps but this change management consultancy firm website reads like satire to us : Sticky Change . Their ‘Our Values’ page has to be seen to believed (and sorry we don’t believe any of it). Any one who uses the word ‘ Passionate’ to describe the process of making money is to be viewed with great suspicion as far as we’re concerned. And as for the ‘ look at my backside’ quip – oh do give over ! It’s more a case of all my arse as far as we’re concerned.We’re not sure whether Wirral Council have ever used ‘Sticky Change’ (perhaps somebody would like to enquire) . Meanwhile read this and weep : Wirral Council and Cheshire East Council have far more in common than anyone realises, so its little wonder that whistle blowing staff and residents are in fear of speaking out. Bill Norman left his mark at both Councils, but the blame lies with those that allowed his appointment…..and they are the ones which always keep their jobs. When Councils appoint people like Bill Norman they know exactly what they are getting. Cheshire East and Wirral Council are not alone in appointing expendable people to take the flack when wrongdoing is exposed. Corporate organisations like to appoint people who share the values of the company, but what happens when the people at the top of an organisation not only tolerate wrongdoing but potentially reward employees via promotion for allowing it to happen. With these type of organisation all employees are seen as expendable. In fact to the people at the very top of many public sector organisations the sacrificing of employees is little more than a snake sacrificing its own skin – it means nothing because its still a snake. In fact looking at Bill Normans work history at other councils I would be amazed if Cheshire East Councils didn’t provide details of the payoff and compromise agreement as part of the employment contract for new starters. Most organisations want honest consciousness employees, but Cheshire East Council see these employees as potential whistle blowers and manage (bully) them out. Sticky Change……. I feel Cheshire East Council spending over £150,000 to bring in a consultancy firm called Sticky Change in order to help the authority tackle its ‘bullying’ culture is more about creating good PR to fool the public into believing that the leopard really wants to change its spots. It was reported that Sticky Change worked with Everton Football club and this might help explain my point. Football is a results based business, and even when the decision was made by Everton FC to bring in Sticky Change the directors knew that the manager would still be the one picking the team to play a 442 system. It wont be any different at Cheshire East Council. As Cheshire East Council seem committed to at least appear to be drag their reputation from out of the sewers then perhaps they would answer the question I made a week ago: The real question is when did Sticky Change work with Torbay Council – before, during, or after Bill Normans employment with Torbay Council? This is very important because Cheshire East Council need to be aware that the decision to choose Sticky Change as external consultants should be open to public scrutiny. Sticky Change previously worked at Torbay Council and it is important to know if this was before, during, or after Bill Normans time with the council? If it was during or after Bill Normans time with Torbay Council then Bill Norman and Sticky Change may have a connection. The fact that CEC didn’t mention Torbay Council in their press release when naming who else Sticky Change had previously worked with seemed strange, so was it a deliberate omission to avoid drawing attention to any potential link? Just months after the departure of Bill Norman from Cheshire East Council it was announced that Sticky Change would be brought in to tackle the bullying culture. So how and when did CEC first look at using the services of Sticky Change and did his overlap with Bill Normans time at CEC? Sticky Change are based on the Wirral and whilst working at Wirral Council its believed that Bill Norman also lived on the Wirral (Bill might have continued to live on the Wirral whilst working at CEC). Given the points above and Bill Normans very close geographical relationship to Sticky Change on the Wirral there is a possibility that there is a connection/relationship between Bill Norman and Sticky Change. What steps have CEC taken to ensure that the decision to use Sticky Change (and their independence) will stand up to public scrutiny? I cant speak on behalf of other people but I don’t think I would be comfortable discussing the bullying culture at CEC with consultants from Sticky Change if the above points remain unanswered. The fact that CEC didn’t seem to carry out any due diligence when appointing Bill Norman means how can anyone be sure that it wasn’t Bill Norman that recommended CEC to bring in Sticky Change? Sticky Change (Consultants) Ltd https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/05084024/filing-history Sticky Change (Partners) Ltd https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/05070937/officers"
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    Feeble Responses. When one reads the paucity of thought contained in John Bothomley's 85-word stream-of-consciousness submission on behalf of Hereford Civic Society; or looks at the pusillanimous contribution from Natural England (sic) - "Summary of Natural England's Advice: No Objection" - one is drawn to the conclusion that HC's Cabinet must be laughing their socks off. Opposition? What opposition?
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    I went to the consultation on these plans at the town hall I expressed that it look like a box & not very attractive!…if the design had the roof levels broken up & addsome sweeping curves then it might be more attractive? the architect said he would do that but in fact nothing on the plans have changed & this building is more in keeping with the industrial looking buildings across the road than the railway station building which is a shame really…no real thoughts has gone into the design but I don't think it's in the conservation area? so will be given the green light regardless of its ugly appearances.
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    Meghan's Mum what a star what a very dignified lady. The Sermon/Address was different very different we'll leave it at that. It all seemed to be a lovely happy safe day and thank God for that. Mrs Clooney absolutely gorgeous and he aint bad either.
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    Not sure if this is allowed. Being totally new to this situation and know nobody to ask, am looking for care home for elderly mother with dementia. Have looked at all official websites etc.. Does anyone on here have any personal experieince with care homes in Hereford?
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    Halfords still have a duty to keep the area around their store clean regardless
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    So because the landlords will not allow Halfords to build a bin compound the store still need to keep the area around them clean, this is a reasonable excuse but not a total excuse, clean it up.
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    Huge congratulations to Herefordshire rower Kiko Matthews who has broken the 'World record' to become the fastest female to solo row across the Atlantic Ocean. Kiko set off from the Canary Islands in January. She's raising money for the King's College Hospital Trust to build a new Intensive Care Unit. The same hospital which saved her life when she was diagnosed with a rare medical condition. Please visit her justgiving page
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    Some really good events going on at the BIG DAY @ Hereford Butter Market today.
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    Madley CP is closed Friday. This Notification recieved earlier via text: All - after reviewing forecasts and advice we will be CLOSED tomorrow (Friday) as travel conditions look poor. Also no buses or lunch provided. All - no breakfast club or Madley Pre School tomorrow either. www.teachers2parents.co.uk
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    As you can imagine this does take up a lot of resources on our server that said, it should be the same as it has always been however, we have today increased this to 4MB.
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    Herefordshire 4x4 Response is an organisation made up entirely of volunteers. In times of bad weather we assist the NHS, Fire & Rescue, Police and Search & Rescue teams. Our volunteers transport essential NHS Staff, Nurses, Doctors, Paramedics as well as essential medical supplies. If you work for the NHS, Police, Fire Service, Care Homes and even Meals on Wheels, and require transport during the snow please get in touch with the the Herefordshire Council Resilience Team on 01432 260223 and they will arrange for our team to be deployed. (Unfortunately we can not accept assistance requests from the public directly.) To find out how you can help please visit: Herefordshire 4x4 Response or their Facebook page
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    I hope the police catch these scumbags