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    With the exception of only a small handful of members, and I'm not one of them, nobody else seems to care or bother with this forum nowadays. From where I'm sitting it's a shadow of its former self and if this rot continues in its current direction, which shows all the signs of travelling downwards, your man Colin could just as easily throw his hand in and quit leaving us all with nothing but the Hereford Times for our source of what's going on in the shire. Rather than just read a piece, make a comment. Throw the author a bone and offer up some encouragement. This here place, Hereford Voice, was once the 'must read' social network site for every single member of the Council hierarchy. Why? Because it and we mattered. Many were frightened to death of us and consequently were desperate to know what we were saying and then understand the possibilities that our views might gather momentum influence others and ultimately place them in a poor light. This should matter to everyone. Cast your minds back to the former Council Offices in Bath Street. If it hadn't been for Hereford Voice and it's more vociferous commentators, notably Dippy, Gridknocker, Cambo and Amanda Martin, then these bast.ards who's mouths are permanently stuck solid to the publics fiscal teat, they'd have flattened it and built a Firehouse on its site. Only because of this place has the old working boys home survived and has the chance of providing the city with a much needed accomadation resource. Use it or lose it! Do something yourselves before the rot becomes irreversible and people stop visiting this site because like us all they can't be bloody bothered anymore.
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    I see a bright and shiny kettle back in place!
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    The Office of National Statistics has recently published new figures that show the projected rise in number of households is not nearly as great as previously thought. I think that means that the total number of new homes Herefordshire Council wants to get built doesn't need to be so high. But we do need so-called "affordable homes". We definitely need more flats/apartments/small homes close into town so people can easily walk or cycle to shops, jobs, schools etc. and not spend their wages on transport. Developers don't make their usual huge profits on those though! See: https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/populationandmigration/populationprojections/bulletins/2016basedhouseholdprojectionsinengland/2016basedhouseholdprojectionsinengland#the-number-of-households-is-projected-to-grow-in-nearly-all-local-authorities-by-2041
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    Are the discounted rents coming to an end ? If so a few more will disappear in time . Hereford was boxing well above its weight thinking this development would be a success.
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    Friday 21 September 2018 100 years ago Allan was killed in action during WW1 and as a result of his bravery was awarded the Victoria Cross. He is the only Herefordshire born person to have been awarded a VC This Friday there will be two events to commemorate Allan. At 10.00am in the Lady Arbour Garden at Hereford Cathedral a plaque will be dedicated in his honour. At 11.00am at the Old Market shopping centre a statue of Allan will be unveiled. Please try and take some time out to attend these events.
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    May I formally propose that Bobby 47 be appointed HC's new Director for Economy and Place. £140k per annum is but a drop in the ocean for the breadth of intellect that this man will bring to the job. Apart from anything else, on his first days work at The Plough Lane Palace, King Bobby will be able to bring in a firm of Silly Name-Making Consultants, with the specific commission of dreaming up an even more absurd (and gramatically-impossible) title for this non-job than Director for Place & Economy.