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    Some really good events going on at the BIG DAY @ Hereford Butter Market today.
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    Great photographs
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    Some really good events going on at the BIG DAY @ Hereford Butter Market today.
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    The weeping window sculpture is absolutely fantastic, we visited yesterday and took some lovely photographs.
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    I cannot see why the Belmont Road cannot be made into a dual carriageway going into the City from railway bridge. Newtown Road over the rail bridge needs to be made into a dual carriageway too going out of the City.
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    Go straight here: http://councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/mgIssueHistoryHome.aspx?IId=50025072&Opt=0 The submission of a Local Transport Plan Annual Progress Report is a condition of continued Government funding for capital transport improvements and maintenance.
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    Pharmacy also being extended to include a consultation room
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    Let's hope they tarmac a decent surface down to Widemarsh Street.
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    When people lives are at risk the emergency vehicles should ram the cars out of the way and inform the police who should then prosecute the drivers.
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    Good it might tidy up this area. More jobs for people too.
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    We are friends with the guys over at YH and we understand their reasons. We were approached directly and a request was made to us to make an appeal via our portal, which we did. The good news that everyone was hoping for has been realised because Bob Gallier has now been found safe and well, which was the only immediate concern here.
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    UPDATE: Thank you to everyone, good news to report is that Bob Gallier has been found dafe and well.
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    We have not long ago had a development of 35 houses tacked on the end of the cul de sac and I can confirm that with just 35 more houses the traffic movement is noticeable so multiply that by 185 and you will have a permanent traffic jam problem in Hereford. The bypass will not solve the traffic problem
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    Your Herefordshire would not post this info because his disappearance although reported was not on the police website/Facebook page so to them he was not 'officially missing'.