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    I would in the first instance speak to your Ward Councillor or attend the next Parish Council Meeting and voice your opinion. There has been so much growth this year and many people are struggling to get on top of it especially with this heat. But I do agree with you it is a bally nuisance when you have to step into the road because of an overgrown hedge or a thoughtlessly parked car.
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    Such a young age, this is very sad news
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    Good to hear that so many (at least 41%, those who responded to that particular consultation question) realise that Cllr Price's claims won't work for Hereford. Many more folk are beginning to realise that because it is only to open up more land for housing, this road will just make Hereford a horrible urban car-dependent sprawl with congestion much worse than it is now. What a waste of money. I really can't see all these planned new houses selling. And we all know how reluctant developers are to provide the "affordable" homes we really need.