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    It really needs ANPR and CCTV equipment down there i think, will probably be the only way to stop them. Although i suspect they will just find another spot to decimate.
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    Have just looked at the advertising consent and it has been withdrawn
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    Good to hear that so many (at least 41%, those who responded to that particular consultation question) realise that Cllr Price's claims won't work for Hereford. Many more folk are beginning to realise that because it is only to open up more land for housing, this road will just make Hereford a horrible urban car-dependent sprawl with congestion much worse than it is now. What a waste of money. I really can't see all these planned new houses selling. And we all know how reluctant developers are to provide the "affordable" homes we really need.
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    Anticipating the confirmation of King Bobby's appointment, Silly Name-Making Consultants inc (formerly Cambridge Analytica) have come up with: Director for Smiley People, Tree-Huggers and Feel Good Environments. Hoople has been commissioned to design a logo to go on all public toilets (currently closed), bus stops (services suspended due to the heat wave) and litter bins.
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    If ever I got the chance to get into Plough Lane, it'd be like turning the public service model clock back to Year bloody Zero. I'd be like Pol bloody Pot, but a kind and goodly soul who was unburdened and without his narcissistic psychological faults and his need to collect skulls. To begin the culling and leaving their blood on the carpets, my approach to cleaning up the whole gaff would be a combination of an ordained Catholic Priest carrying out an exorcism, Dyno Rod flushing out the drains and Rent O Kill driving out the vermin. Then, after the whole cleaning up job I'd get all the staff together and I'd tell them, 'from hereon, there'll be no more bullsh.it' and I'd tell them to curtail their use of bloody email. And if there was any bullsh.it spoken, no matter by whom, I'd have a zero tolerance toward it. If I heard it, got wind of it or some ally told me about the bullsh.it, they'd be up in front of me desk and I'd tell them, 'you've been bullsh.itting. You're on your final warning. Thats what I'd do! Second day I'd begin me search to find the Chief Executive. I'm certain he doesn't exist but if I'm wrong and he is real and he's in there hiding I'd send him packing, probably through the top floor window with an instruction, 'be gone and don't come back. Your days of bloody outsourcing anything that's in your rotten in-tray are at an end. Clear off and take you're George Medal with you'. And that's just in two days! There's lots that needs to be done but in a month I reckon I'd have the good ship Plough Lane steering a steady course away from the fiscal brink and back to safer waters where common sense and good economic governance became the normal. Then, after I'd sorted the whole place out, supped me way through God knows how much ale, folk could knock on me door saying, 'pull your pants up we're coming in' and they could politely ask me to leave because my work was done. And I'd bloody go! There'd be no siege or barricading me door to continue me reign of terror. I'd pop me stuff in a bag, say me fare thee bloody wells and I'd get back in the Commercial where I belong with the lads. And that's what I'd do Nick and Martin. No more. No less.
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    Apologies everyone page 14 - I've just been corrected
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    There are some vile people in this world unfortunately
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    £200k for a 2 bed house?? Seems a bit steep to me for a timber frame rabbit hutch with a window box sized garden.
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    Voice followers of a certain age will know that this one is in the BBC Archives as one of the best bloops of all time (it was actually a tongue-tied bystander, attempting to describe the mayhem after a motorway pile-up). He probably was searching for 'chaos and havoc' but his brain unscrambled the syllables. Anyway, the train services yesterday between Bromsgrove and Hereford were choss and haverick, due to the warm weather, with unventilated relief coaches managing to convert the 1 hour train journey into a 5-hour nightmare. Failing Grayling has a lot to answer for.
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    Lance-corporal Allan Leonard Lewis was the only soldier born in Herefordshire to win a Victoria Cross during the First World War. But, as an adopted Welshman, his heroism is not acknowledged at all in Neath where he lived before the war. He is one of Wales's war heroes, and yet his sacrifice is not officially recognised in the place where he worked and joined the army. Tragically, Allan Lewis was awarded the VC posthumously because he was killed in action, aged 23, at Ronssoy during the battle of Epehy on 21 September 1918. His award was for 'most conspicuous bravery'. First, on 18 September 1918, he was in charge of an advancing section of the 6th Battalion, Northamptonshire Regiment which was held up by ferocious machine-gun fire as it attacked outposts of the Hindenburg Line. The official citation reports that, after observing how two enemy machine-gun teams were pinning down his men, Lewis 'crawled forward, single-handed, and successfully bombed the guns, and by rifle fire later caused the whole team to surrender, thereby enabling the whole line to advance.' This in itself was bravery of the very highest order, but Lewis was not finished. The London Gazette reported that three days later he 'again displayed great powers of command'. Unfortunately, though, 'having rushed his company through the enemy barrage' he was killed 'while getting his men under cover from heavy machine-gun fire.' By any standards, Lewis's actions at Ronssoy were remarkably brave, and he made the ultimate sacrifice in order to protect his men. But the fact that his heroism is not noted at all in Neath, or indeed anywhere else in Wales, adds an even greater level of interest and poignancy to his story. Although Allan Lewis was born just over the border with England, at Whitney-on-Wye, he was in many ways a Welshman, so much so that he had attempted to learn Welsh. One of nine children, he had left school at thirteen to work on the land, eventually becoming a gardener at Truscoed House near Llandeilo in West Wales. Lewis always enjoyed working with machines, though, and this led to him becoming an employee of the Great Western Railway. He moved to Neath, and, after a period as a conductor, he drove a GWR bus on the Pontardawe route. So, with such strong roots in Neath, why does he remain a forgotten hero, even in his adopted home town? Tireless research and campaigning by Mr Vyvyan Smith over the past forty years provides us with an explanation. Lewis joined the army in Neath in March 1915 and in doing so he left his job without seeking official permission from his employer. This seems to have been too much to bear for the managers of the GWR, and they long harboured a grudge against the man who was to die seven weeks before the end of the war. Indeed, not even the award of a posthumous VC served to change their minds. Other GWR employees who won a VC had locomotives named after them, but this honour was never afforded to Lewis. This extraordinary attitude clearly affected perceptions of Lewis in Neath where his name is not included on any civic war memorial. Surely, it is now time to acknowledge the significance of Allan Leonard Lewis VC, a Welsh hero who gave his life for his country.
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    It breaks my heart every time I walk past the Green Dragon to see the way it is going downhill. Time was when it was one of the jewels in the old Trust House group (before Charles Forte got his hands on it). Most English cathedral cities have one prestigious hotel that visitors can head for - whether to eat in or stay overnight. Except poor old Hereford!
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    Yes well they seem to be very snugg & cozy in bed together don't they?! my understanding is if HC need construction work doing & it's below £200k then it's the service provider integral who the tendering process goes through…which makes it ripe for abuse in my opinion. I'm also hearing that integral are to be replace as the council service provider in August but who is replacing them I do not know?! So today I've been chasing up integral to get some answers to my FOI…I can tell you they are a slippery bunch of eels giving me the run around eventually got through to their national accounts manager a man call John Eastley who thinks because there a private company he doesn't have to answer my FOI as being a private company it excludes them from the FOI process so then told me he wasn't going to continue the conversation that I should contact their HR department then abruptly hung up…(I think he was a little bit rattled that I should be asking such things). however I have his email address so he won't be getting off that easily…his behavior also leads me to suspect that he has got something to hide?
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    When I was drafting my submission to HC about the proposed Super Surgery, I took the trouble to consult one or two experts in the medical care field. I showed one of them the artist's impression of what is proposed for Station Approach. The response was: "This is simply hideous! Don't these people realise that an essential criterion of any sort of medical building - be it a giant hospital, a rural hospice or even a small dental surgey - is that it should be perceived as friendly and welcoming." I am attaching an image of a building that, to my mind, is far more friendly. What's more, its roofline adds interest and is not a million miles away from that of the Royal Mail Sorting Office on the other side of the Link Road.
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    Slightly off topic, but the Northern Magazine building at Rotherwas has been surrounded with Heras fencing recently and I noted today that 'Integral' signs were going up - next, S C Joseph vans no doubt. Something very odd about this ongoing and very lucrative arrangement.
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    Just another way Hereford is kept back in the dark ages. Wake up and smell the coffee, like prosperous places do. The council might not want Hereford to move forward but the people do.
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    I'm not taking it personally Denise,I'm just disappointed at the lack of response but I don't think it's just on this thread it seems to be across the board on all threads there doesn't seem to be the posters there once was posting…the disease of apathy is even spreading through the realms of HV with Hereford people voices falling silent which is not a good sign!
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    Hereford has a lack of modern decent hotels, this ticks all those boxes.
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    From my exceedingly limited knowledge of the subject people do it whether it is legal or not and have done so for years and years.
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    It is neither here no there, whether cannabis is for me or not, I shall neither confirm nor deny! However, a few of my lovely neighbours are rather fond of a spliff - and on these hot summer night, with the aroma wafting up through my bedroom window, I have to say, I have never slept so well!