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    As the site continues to grow, I am seeking more and more help from our members. I have today added ragwert to our team he will assist in posting news items and moderating alongside @DILLIGAF. Please welcome ragwert to the team, I am sure he will become a valued member of our growing team.
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    Not sure if this is allowed. Being totally new to this situation and know nobody to ask, am looking for care home for elderly mother with dementia. Have looked at all official websites etc.. Does anyone on here have any personal experieince with care homes in Hereford?
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    What a very good article , well researched and written by Nick Jones . The idea of turning older building into hotels appears to work very well in Spain , as I see it , the biggest obstacle to saving old buildings is Herefodshire Council , as Gridknocker pointed out the burnt out premises covered in scaffolding in a prime position with the Old House nearby must make visitors to the City believe that the Council just ain't bothered ,especially when it's pointed out that the building fire was 9 years ago . Going on from that the Council wanted to knock down the Old Boys Home for a new Fire Stn . High profile protests made them think again.
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    Following article in the Hereford Times today worth reprinting this story from the TFA in view of the current trend of this council continuing in withholding information and lack of transparency from the public: Bearing in mind the date of this article was November 2015, the council have had plenty of time to deceive us and perfect their own style of governance as witnessed with the Blueschool fiasco and more to come.
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    To approve the disposal of land by way of a 125 year lease adjacent to Hereford railway station to facilitate the development of a new healthcare centre. The disposal of land will: * Enable the delivery of new city centre healthcare hub * Provide a new prominent building adjacent to the city link road and station * Help deliver improved healthcare services in the city * Provide a capital receipt Recommendation(s) That: (a) the disposal by way of a 125 year lease of development land extending to approximately 1.155 acres (final area to be confirmed on detail site survey) adjacent to Hereford railway station (as shown at appendix 1) to Prime (UK) Developments Ltd or a company within the Prime plc group of companies be approved conditional on: * the development of the site as a new GP healthcare hub for Hereford * the lessee securing relevant planning permission * the purchaser agreeing lease terms with the GP’s * the development being completed within 3 years of the lease being completed * adjustment of the purchase price to reflect any agreed abnormal development costs as identified following receipt of site investigation and further due diligence by the purchaser. (b) the chief finance officer be authorised to agree the final sale price in the event of any identified abnormal development costs and complete the development agreement and subsequent lease on terms set out in this report to Prime (UK) Developments Ltd or a company within the Prime plc group. 5. The healthcare hub building will be approx. 2,750 m² over two/three storey’s with additional surface level car parking and would be the new main surgery for patients who currently access GP services at Greyfriars Surgery, Moorfield House Surgery, Aylestone Hill Surgery and Sarum House. It is anticipated that a planning application will be submitted on completion of the lease agreement. The purchasers have already undertaken pre-application consultation and the scheme is being refined to reflect comments received. Details here and location map here: Another example of continued privatisation of the NHS. Regarding the finance parts a) and b) above. Could this be the next Blueschool fiasco in the making?
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    Thanks all. Great to be part of the team.
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    I'm all in favour of the basic concept of a Super Surgery, though I never really understood why the excellent walk-in centre at Asda had to close down. But why is this new building being fast-tracked? Do I spot the fingerprints of a smooth-talking design-and-build salesman at work here? I know they don't exactly move at the speed of light, but the dear old Hereford Civic Society usually make an effort to see that new public buildings that go up in the city are a cut above the bog standard mediocrity of most d&b operations.
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    You have missed off King Street and Bobblestock surgeries, we had a letter arrive this morning, this lists is: Greyfriars Surgery Moorfield House Surgery Sarum House Surgery Quay House Medical Centre King St and Bobblestock Surgeries
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    This has probably been submitted by mistake. Have just read the very in depth report that was made for Whitbread about the application for a unit at this location. For this to be refused with the excuses as to why seems very odd to me.Why would a company go to extreme lengths and discussions including a pre application and response back from the planners to then be told at the planning meeting it goes against Herefordshire Local Plan – Core Strategy policies SS4 and MT1.
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    An absolute fantastic day at the River Carnival today in Hereford. The weather and atmosphere were perfect! For all those people that managed to visit, we are sure that you have had a wonderful day and the party on the Castle Green and music from the Nozstock stage continues into the evening. Here are just a few photographs that we took..
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    Lovely day at the Carnival. Joined the procession with two of my grandchildren who were part of the Riverside Primary School procession.
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    So says a very thought provoking article in the May edition of the Broad Sheep http://www.broadsheep.com/ Page 6
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    I totally agree with adamski's observation that we don't respect our old or historic buildings as well as other European countries. A topical case in point is the ugly fire-damaged hulk facing the Old House in High Town. It has been in that parlous state for nine years and at one time was causing so much offence that the normally mild-mannered Guild of Hereford Guides lodged a formal complaint with Herefordshire Council. I understand that restoration work is due to start any day now. Main contractor is Bayliss who have an exemplary track record in the building conservation field.
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    Should of been given a short sharp shock in prison too, SCUMBAGS!
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    Lets hope some visitors return .
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    This was a superb project from the very start. We have all witnessed lots of additional visitors to Hereford during this period. Well done to all involved.
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    Well done to all the team that worked from late 2017 to ensure that the Poppies Weeping Window was a great success . The Team including the volunteers that stood out in the cold , rain , snow to ensure that the visitors left with a very good feeling of the Poppies , the City plus of course the Cathedral should be so proud of themselves .Super result well done . Over 196,000 people visited Poppies: Weeping Window, by artist Paul Cummins and designer Tom Piper, when it was displayed at Hereford Cathedral between 14 March and 29 April. The sculpture came to Hereford Cathedral as part of 14-18 NOW’s UK-wide tour of the iconic poppy sculptures Wave and Weeping Window, which have been seen by over 3.75 million people to date. The artwork is carefully being removed from the cathedral and will shortly be presented at Carlisle Castle from 23 May to 8 July. Councillor David Harlow, Herefordshire Council’s Cabinet member for Economy and Communications, said: “It’s sad to see Weeping Window leave, as it’s been a wonderful addition to the county, but we’re delighted that nearly 200,000 people have visited the city and experienced the artwork. It was a pleasure to work in partnership with Hereford Cathedral to bring such an iconic and unique sculpture to Herefordshire. “It’s difficult to assess the exact impact Weeping Window has had on our economy, but we know a number of local businesses have reported a significant increase in trade, some as much as 25%. I believe our local economy will continue to thrive, as more people visit and move to the county to enjoy our beautiful city, market towns and countryside; Herefordshire really does have so much to offer.” The Very Reverend Michael Tavinor, Dean of Hereford, said: “The presence of Poppies: Weeping Window was an event of great significance to the cathedral and we were privileged to host it. Many thousands came to visit, young and old, from all over the country. Their reactions were as varied as the locations they travelled from, but a common experience seems to be one of remembrance, thanksgiving, regret and beauty and our wonderful volunteers (who were present in all weathers) engaged in many deep and profound conversations with our visitors. “For us at the cathedral, the artwork appeared as an ‘extension’ of the building itself. It helped to bring so many elements of the Christian faith we experience inside the cathedral, those of love, faithfulness, peace, justice and hospitality, outside into Cathedral Close. It was a wonderful partnership between cathedral, council, 14-18 NOW and our generous supporters and volunteers. I believe what we have experienced as a community in the last six weeks’, will live on in the lives of all who were part of this great and moving event. I’d like to express my warmest thanks to all.” Jenny Waldman, Director of 14-18 NOW, said: “We are delighted that over 195,000 people experienced artist Paul Cummins and designer Tom Piper’s powerful artwork at Hereford Cathedral. Wave and Weeping Window continue to inspire all who see them and give visitors the chance to reflect on the impact of the First World War.” Weeping Window is from the installation ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’ – poppies and original concept by artist Paul Cummins and installation designed by Tom Piper – by Paul Cummins Ceramics Limited in conjunction with Historic Royal Palaces. The installation was originally at HM Tower of London from August to November 2014, where 888,246 poppies were displayed, one for every British or Colonial life lost at the Front during the First World War. Together, the sculptures Wave and Weeping Window are made of over 11,000 poppies. To find out more about Poppies: Weeping Window at Hereford Cathedral, visit www.herefordcathedral2018.org or for more information on the 2018 tour, visit www.1418now.org.uk/commissions/poppies. Photo credit: 14-18 NOW Poppies: Weeping Window, Hereford Cathedral © Matt Cardy, Getty Images Published: Wednesday, 2nd May 2018
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    I have made a point to Jim Kenyon on a video complied by Your Herefordshire on their FB page about the traffic lights which Jim is featured in but Jim has made no reference to Hereford Voice or any of the other people that have been involved in the continued campaign you have been running trying to get these traffic lights turned off. I think it would of been just a little appropriate if Jim has made a reference to this long campaign because right now he is getting all the credit for the idea and that does not sit well with me. Jim is a good guy and I always support him but some recognition was in order here imo
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    If they weren't designed to last they ain't done bad . ( i had a relative who lived in a prefab for over 50 years ( not locally ) - they were very happy with it - it was their home , thankfully they were never moved on. )
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    I thoroughly agree with Colin on this topic. I have never been able to understand why HC has turned a blind eye to all the adverts on the back of that stand. Many people I know who drive through Hereford along Edgar Street have commented that they are an eyesore. They should ALL come down and the back of the stand should be painted matt grey of something similar to make it disappear visually. And on the subject of Edgar Street eyesores, does anyone else feel sorry for the folk living opposite that dreadful slatted vertical wooden fencing which was intended to 'mask' the Old Market's multi-storey car park? By the present look of it, the contractors barely gave it a lick of wood preservative when it was erected!
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    Well I was going to run a topic on this, I took a load of photographs only last week showing the amount of adverts on the Len Weston stand backing onto Edgar St, I am surprised that nobody has complained.
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    It is good to see I agree Colin but it shouldn't take a post on Hereford Voice to encourage Halfords to clean up their space, this should be automatic and a priority
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    Its a no brainer for me, I have always been with Colin on this, turn them off!
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    Well done Jim indeed! This would appear to be one of those rare victories for common sense we must all ring this date on our calendar's, to remind ourselves that just occasionally, it CAN happen! And Colin, I appluade your determination to try to improve our traffic issues - so a big "Thanks" to you as well !!