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    I am surprised that Hereford Housing never purchased the cottages to make the new apartments go all the way around, there is a fenced off area where Ray Bubbs used to be full of weeds that have now turned into mini trees it looks a right eyesore.
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    This guy is a Hereford legend as your have already stated, he is clearly in a difficult place right now, lets hope that they find him safe and well.
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    Madley CP is closed Friday. This Notification recieved earlier via text: All - after reviewing forecasts and advice we will be CLOSED tomorrow (Friday) as travel conditions look poor. Also no buses or lunch provided. All - no breakfast club or Madley Pre School tomorrow either. www.teachers2parents.co.uk
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    As you can imagine this does take up a lot of resources on our server that said, it should be the same as it has always been however, we have today increased this to 4MB.
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    This is great, well done to all involved.
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    Herefordshire 4x4 Response is an organisation made up entirely of volunteers. In times of bad weather we assist the NHS, Fire & Rescue, Police and Search & Rescue teams. Our volunteers transport essential NHS Staff, Nurses, Doctors, Paramedics as well as essential medical supplies. If you work for the NHS, Police, Fire Service, Care Homes and even Meals on Wheels, and require transport during the snow please get in touch with the the Herefordshire Council Resilience Team on 01432 260223 and they will arrange for our team to be deployed. (Unfortunately we can not accept assistance requests from the public directly.) To find out how you can help please visit: Herefordshire 4x4 Response or their Facebook page
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    I hope the police catch these scumbags
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    Some really good events going on at the BIG DAY @ Hereford Butter Market today.
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    Great photographs
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    Some really good events going on at the BIG DAY @ Hereford Butter Market today.
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    We are in the process of changing hosts and upgrading the whole website. You may see some big changes taking place on the website over the next few days and the website may actually go offline for a short period of time while the transfer takes place. This will not actually happen until Friday or Saturday but we just need to give you notice incase you think something is wrong. If you cannot login, please find us on Facebook and Twitter until everything is up and running again. Thank you
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    The weeping window sculpture is absolutely fantastic, we visited yesterday and took some lovely photographs.
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    I cannot see why the Belmont Road cannot be made into a dual carriageway going into the City from railway bridge. Newtown Road over the rail bridge needs to be made into a dual carriageway too going out of the City.
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    Go straight here: http://councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/mgIssueHistoryHome.aspx?IId=50025072&Opt=0 The submission of a Local Transport Plan Annual Progress Report is a condition of continued Government funding for capital transport improvements and maintenance.
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    Pharmacy also being extended to include a consultation room
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    Let's hope they tarmac a decent surface down to Widemarsh Street.
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    When people lives are at risk the emergency vehicles should ram the cars out of the way and inform the police who should then prosecute the drivers.
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    Good it might tidy up this area. More jobs for people too.
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    We are friends with the guys over at YH and we understand their reasons. We were approached directly and a request was made to us to make an appeal via our portal, which we did. The good news that everyone was hoping for has been realised because Bob Gallier has now been found safe and well, which was the only immediate concern here.
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    UPDATE: Thank you to everyone, good news to report is that Bob Gallier has been found dafe and well.
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    I bet he can't wait to spend our council tax.
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    The " builders " have started to set up the Poppies Weeping Window at the Cathedral today . It is being set up so that if you walk up Church Walk towards the Cathedral you will have a very good view of the poppies streaming down from the roof of the Cathedral. I really hope that it's a success because I am aware of all the work / preparation that has been going on over the last few months - it give the City chance to stand proud and say "That was a job well done " .
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    I understand your concern but how could they hide it? Such challenging conditions. If they put a tarp up someone else would end up in the river trying to get a sneaky peak! If you have an idea of what is happening and don’t like it then turn in the other direction or educate the youngsters to what may be happening. Mini me has witnessed many unsavoury encounters but I educate her within reason. Besides it’s not best viewing for anyone- we are all nosey it’s in our nature. Anyway I digress.... thoughts are with Ash’s family at this time.
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    Wondering if over the next few weeks it will get worse ...............our two week collection of household rubbish was due for collection last Friday - we fully understand why it wasn't collected ( snow) but we have been told that our next household rubbish collection will be our normal collection in two weeks time .....at that time we are allowed to have the wheelie bin full plus 4 black bags of rubbish . Keeping the bags which will not fit into the wheelie bin will not be a problem for us but residents of flats etc may have a problem storing it for another two weeks and therefore dump it away from their residence. When collections are missed due to Bank Holidays etc another collection is rotated in very soon after the holiday with ,I presume , the Refuse Collectors being paid overtime , that may well be cheaper than collecting the fly tipped dumped bags of household rubbish.
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    Only taken 10 years https://www.wyevalley.nhs.uk/media/10909/Beginning-of-the-end-for-Hutted-wards-03.04.08.pdf Anyone know how many beds there are in the hutted wards? The new two level building with have 48 beds
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    I am not blaming the Tories solely , I am blaming what is happening and has been for the last few years. In the trade I am in it is the same , people are not spending like they were . It only accounts for a part but austerity kicked in after the banks failed , the banks have paid back 90% but austerity gets harder with no let up. People panic and the weak businesses or whatever will suffer . As an aside since the tories have been in office homelessness/ street sleepers have risen 35 % , that in itself isn't a good advert . We are in really bad times but there is always someone to point a finger at but who is manning the boat ?????
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    I'm shocked...BBLP been around the College Est roads twice today.We are seriously going to get dumped on Thursday & Friday with a foot + of snow expected.The good news is that it's going to get a little milder by Sunday.
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    Severe Weather Warning. Herefordshire Council is preparing to keep the county moving as the ‘Beast from the East’ moves in. The council’s public realm contractor, Balfour Beatty Living Places, is continuing to monitor conditions around-the-clock to ensure the county’s 14 priority routes are kept clear during extreme weather conditions. In preparation, over the past 24 hours, the Balfour Beatty Living Places team has gritted over 1,000 miles of road. This includes 600 miles of priority routes and over 400 miles of secondary routes. The county’s salt barns are fully stocked with 4,800 tonnes of salt available to the 30-strong gritting team, which operates 16 frontline gritting vehicles, four snow blowers and two quad bikes. Balfour Beatty Living Places contract director, Andy Williams, said: Councillor Barry Durkin, Herefordshire Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport, Roads and Regulatory Services, added: Precautionary salting normally takes place in the early morning or evening but additional action may be required during extreme weather. You can find the latest gritting route information on Twitter @HfdsStreets The latest information about Herefordshire Council services affected by severe weather, such as road and school closures, can be found at www.herefordshire.gov.uk/severeweather
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    I cannot see how people can blame the Conservatives most of the time it is down to poor management at the top with businesses it was no different under Labour, come on! Unfortunately this is a sign of the times, I get fed up of going into my local shop and when I cannot find my seize they ALWAYS tell me to go online, nothing like encouraging shoppers to go elsewhere eh.
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    I bumped into Cllr Bridges this week and explained about all this rubbish on Haywood Lane so hopefully it will get cleared up, this lane is notorious for fly tippers.
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    https://www.facebook.com/CouncillorElissaSwinglehurst/… Change of Leader. There will be a change of Leader in the Council; Cllr.Anthony Johnson has stepped down and Cllr. Jonathan Lester has been elected as the new leader, the official hand over will take place at the full council meeting on the 9th March. Jonathan is very able, he is relatively young but has ample experience having served as Cabinet member for Childrens services. http://councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/mgUserInfo.aspx… That snippet passed me by I did not know the new leader had been selected
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    Let it snow! Not even 1mm on the ground and already schools closed, what a joke!
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    The area you mention is a total mess, cannot believe that it is just been left as it is to be honest.
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    Where's Jesse. Not much noise from Jesse about Council tax rises, bypass routes and business rates in the town centre. Any comments?
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    Yes The Council's west for the bypass and he was for the east
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    I understand that but the land next to them is for sale from my understanding...I wonder if HH approached the people in these cottages in an attempt to purchase them before they submitted their plans for the new building works.
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    I like the new layout and still having a looking at all the additional features. Thanks for keeping us in the loop during this upgrade
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    Colin, many of us city councillors have already complained about the lack of grass cutting and there will be a meeting with all concerned on Wed next week to discuss the problem and hopefully , get a better solution.
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    We have not long ago had a development of 35 houses tacked on the end of the cul de sac and I can confirm that with just 35 more houses the traffic movement is noticeable so multiply that by 185 and you will have a permanent traffic jam problem in Hereford. The bypass will not solve the traffic problem
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    Your Herefordshire would not post this info because his disappearance although reported was not on the police website/Facebook page so to them he was not 'officially missing'.
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    A large police presence has been gathering this evening along the riverbanks. The river is being searched and the helicopter has provided assistance. This could be in relation to the search for the two missing people. A body has been recovered from the river. It is believed to be that of Ashley George who went missing on Thursday.
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    Driving along Haywood Lane I noticed someone has dumped a whole load of rubbish and clothing down the side of the embankment next to the railway tunnel. There is a huge amount there as you can see from these photographs.
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    We have eaten at Chimichanga and although we did enjoy the dishes we did feel it was quite expensive.