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    Folk I encounter on my peregrinations across High Town, sometimes stop me and ask: ‘Vicar – how did you come to be de-frocked?’ Oftentimes, this question is posed in Polish. I usually explain to them that I am bound by the terms of a Gagging Order signed by the then-Bishop of Hereford, The Right Rev Greville Chasuble, save to say it was a very minor misdemeanour, of no great import, involving a) an amateur abseiling session down the cathedral tower to raise funds for a hedgehog sanctuary at Tillington; and b) my total absentmindedness in forgetting to put on any underpants that morning. It was the graphic telephoto images, broadcast that evening on Midlands Today (which then went viral), which sealed my fate – and caused irreparable damage to the BBC’s Birmingham switchboard. But all that – as the former Mrs Membridge-Tinninges so aptly reminds me, in her annual Christmas card from Antibes – is now in the past. As Christ himself put it (in his sermon on the steps of Aldi’s Tel Aviv branch, I think it was): “We should always turn the other cheek - after first checking that a) we are wearing underpants and b) there are no BBC Midlands cameramen lurking nearby”. A happy Hallowe'en to you all. E. Membridge-Tinninges (Rev – defrocked)
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    I understand what you are saying Roger but I disagree with you as Hereford is the home of Freedom church so where better to start looking for other people who’s lives may have been ruined by them? It would be good if acitizen76 could give more detail on how there sister came to get involved with FC etc?
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    Whilst I’m a High Town man and have always been a High Town man and unless something really bad happens, like me getting flattened by a thirty tonne truck, I will always be a High Town man because I believe being a High Town man is essentially a good thing rather than a bad thing, i reckon that most High Town folk have held an inner belief that being a High Town man, or woman, both sexes are equally capable of showing loyalty to High Town, have long since become convinced that this closure can be a force for good for High Town. What we are talking about here is the past promotion of sin. Yes! Sin. Good High Town men, but more often than not bad promiscuous High Town women, who I reckon have been the main patrons to this High Town shop, have been popping inside the place browsing around, trying out this, that and the other, and after hours of decadent thoughts have emerged with their purchases fundamentally changed, charged and violently intent upon personal sexual gratification. Thats right! Sin and the promotion of it. We are talking here about erring and if there’s one thing worse than sin, as far as I’m concerned, it’s the erring that leads to the sin. If there’s no errers, then there’s no erring and if there’s no erring then you have no sin. It’s simple! High Town will be a lot better off once this den of vipers closes its door for the final time. Perhaps then, good decent honest men. Good High Town men like me can straddle the Hereford Bull or simply be slumped on a High Town bench, because we’ve supped fourteen pints of ale and are unable to stand upright, will no longer have to endure High Town women, who’ve emerged from that shop of sin, begging us to deliver to them our manly love. I for one am glad this shop has closed. Perhaps now we can all get back to a place where there was no need for this, that and the other that required long life batteries and instead return to the days of kissing, clumsy foreplay and a hope that during the act of lovemaking we didn’t die of a heart attack brought on by clogged up arteries whilst writhing around in the good old fashioned High Town missionary position we once used before bloody Summers decided to spice up our High Town lives.
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    Hereford boldly moves forward ... into the 1960's. Tragic.
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    I remember this. It was sickening! On the day after the transmission I was on duty at Samaritans where I took five calls. All five committed suicide. Whilst two of my callers had inadvertently dialled the wrong number and then decided to kill themselves, the three who had intentionally dialed Samaritans and then killed themselves, were deeply distressed by the film footage transmitted to good Herefordians who generally speaking were minding their own business diligently recycling their rubbish. As for the Compromise Agreements between the Clergy and you, I was one of the few who wasn’t armed with a big pointy stick to beat you with who, during an open forum was brave enough to argue you shouldn’t be paid a single penny for displaying your scr.ot.um from your elevated position and I still, to this day, maintain that the contents of that weeks Offertory Box should have been given to the meek, the mild and the downright stupid who regularly bet upon uncertain outcomes, rather than line the pocket of your shamed and loose fitting cassock.
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    I am sure that I will get slated for my response and although this person appears to be living out of a tent there are plenty of other places he could set up rather than in a graveyard. Authorities need to remove him from this location.
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    Where will Bobby 47 get his clothes from??
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    Extremely disappointed! Not as bloody disappointed as me. As if it’s a bloody surprise! There’s nothing bloody surprising about these latest losses, which incidentally, fall into our laps. Bloody Hoople and the bloody Council! If it’d been down to me I’d have grabbed it a birth, filled the bath tub with water, throttled the thing and drowned the screaming horror howling, ‘ take your last breath you unholy creation. Drown you bas.tar.d’! Bloody Hell! Me bloody eczema has flared up because of this little slice of pleasure! I mean, why on earth are Hoople now doing the wages for Hereford independent businesses. It makes no sense. Either through design or bloody accident their areas of interest have crept into areas of life in the County that have absolutely nothing to do with anything and other than trying to keep themselves bloody busy, I can’t see any reason why Hoople have been allowed to continue. And yet, despite the losses and despite there being no point in continuing the haemorrhaging of our bloody money, still the bas.tar.d thing keeps on rolling. I bloody despair! God help us!
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    if you were someone returning to Hereford after a few years,of being away,you could be forgiven for think that the old John Venn building,in bath street had been moved to the bottom of Aylestone hill…if returning from that direction! No it’s no good she’s still ugly…so how much is this ugly sister going to cost us more or less than her equally ugly sister down the road?
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    I walked through Venn Gdns / Park between Canel Rd and Commercial Rd a couple of weeks ago and saw that somebody had set up camp in the corner - quite surprised to see that the camp complete with two occupants is still there .,I fully accept that this is the life some people follow for whatever reason but should they be allowed to remain there ?
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    Ragwert. Is it shatterproof?
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    There is much that can be done, and what has happened is not ok. I have DM'd you. It doesn't matter how much money, it matters in how we can help.
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    Welcome to the forum acitizen76. This sect is often in the news for all the wrong reasons. Weird lot if you ask me and it all appears to be about money, did they take much money from her?
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    Your town has already made moves against them. Kicked off school property and restrictions from Universities. There have to be some of you out there. Do not remain silent. They rule when you let them.
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    I am so pleased they caught and fined this scumbag. Will he pay though?
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    This looks like a PFI as 'engie' are the only party with any money - Wikipedia says they are a French multinational electric utility company, headquartered in La Défense, Courbevoie, which operates in the fields of electricity generation and distribution, natural gas, nuclear and renewable energy. I don't see any partnership with the Council indicated, save that they own the land. Which begs the question, will they be selling it to to at least recover the £x million they paid for it?
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    Did they steal the drawings for this monstrosity from some old spy who came in from the cold from the former Soviet Union? along with the design of the super surgery down the road the poor old trains station is going to look well out of place stuck in between these two ugly sisters!
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    That building is a real blot on the landscape - nothing more I can say .
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    Marc Willimont‏ @Marc_Willimont FollowingFollowing @Marc_Willimont More Student halls of residence planning application has just been submitted on the old Rockfield site next to #Hereford railway station - to be determined by Herefordshire Council's planning committee. https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/news/article/666/student_accommodation_planning_application_submitted …
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    There is a link to this inquiry here. The inquiry is due to open at 10.00am on Tuesday 30th October 2018 at the Bridge Room, Hereford Left Bank, Bridge Street, Hereford, HR4 9DG.
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    The more I see and the more I read about our once wonderful British Police Service, the more I begin to understand the impact the new breed of leaders have had upon the Service and the public they serve. In the nineties society gave them and their ilk a foothold on the promotion ladder. Discarding common sense and an ability to be a thief taker, and instead concentrating upon academia and their degrees, these operationally lightweight blue sky thinkers have now got a stranglehold on the Service and worse, they now promote like minded souls who've infested every tier of the Police Service. It's a relentless chain of unforeseen circumstances that amount to a total f.u.ck up! Consequently, because of them and their so called steategic view of British societies, we've not only got Policing at a distance that impacts upon us all, we've now got idiotic badly thought out and composed ideas such as this Partnership thats cost us all an arm and a leg. Whoever thought this Partnership with a bankrupt Warwickshire Constabulary was a good idea? All it's done is divert West Mercia wealth into Warwickshire and fix the fiscal holes in their bloody boat. Our money has saved them! One only has to review the recent terrorist attack in Westminster that saw Sir Craig Mackey, following to the letter the advice of the Association Of Chief Police Officers to the public that when faced with a terrorist attack, they should do as he did and 'Run Hide &Tell' and it's very evident just how far away and detached the Police have become to their communities. Instead of getting out of his car and fighting back or using his car to crush the evil bars.tard, dear Sir Craig, a coward n the eyes of many, drove off to the comfort of his distant policing command office. Run, Hide and Tell, will get you killed! Worse! Some other poor sod will die in your place. You don't Run, Hide And Tell. You gather your thoughts, control your adrenalin, manage your fears, you wrap some garments around your forearms and not unlike a football hooligan you go on the attack and fight back. That's what you do! Don't behave like Sir Craig Mackey and all the others in the Police Service who've been trained to evade injury or harm at any cost. Ignore these idiots! These idiots who choose to tell us all to, 'Run, Hide & Tell', are the very same incompetent idiotic people who caused us all to amalgamate with Warwickshire and save us all millions and millions of pounds. Course, as is often the case, it all turned out to be a load of boll.ock.s! But never mind. As expensive as it was, we can comfort ourselves in the knowledge that Sir Craig is right behind us. About thirty bloody miles behind us and well way from any violence that's visited upon us the silly tw.at.s who help fund this madness.
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    I understand that Sharpe Pritchard are the solicitors acting for Herefordshire Council in the Public Inquiry into the compulsory purchase orders for the land the Council need to build the Southern Link Road. A friend has sent me a link to the home page for the papers for the Public Inquiry HERE. There are some very interesting objections that have been submitted and I must admit the Council dont seem to be saying anything new. What for example is happening about all the extra buses and safe cycle routes/20mph residential areas South Wye was supposed to be getting? Is it like the City Link Road where they blew most of the money on a big road scheme and spent the balance on sandwiches/pop and back handers?
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    Well I love the Old Market,and I shop in Debenhams and TK Maxx regular so it will be a sad day if they start closing some of the new stores. Personally, I think the Old Market has brought additional people into the city with all the new shops and restaurants since it opened.