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    Herefordshire Council Contracts

    Aylestone Voice
    By Aylestone Voice,

    I see the Council have awarded a contract for the repair of the Hereford Library/Museum roof - £99K plus £20K

    As usual the work is to be done through the Council's privatised service company Integral but the work will be carried out by S C Joseph.

    I am sure it is all above board but just how many Council building contracts do S C Joseph receive? Their bid was £10K below those of the other bidders. Perhaps they know something the others do not.

    Friendly and Welcoming


    When I was drafting my submission to HC about the proposed Super Surgery, I took the trouble to consult one or two experts in the medical care field. I showed one of them the artist's impression of what is proposed for Station Approach. The response was: "This is simply hideous! Don't these people realise that an essential criterion of any sort of medical building - be it a giant hospital, a rural hospice or even a small dental surgey - is that it should be perceived as friendly and welcoming."

    I am attaching an image of a building that, to my mind, is far more friendly. What's more, its roofline adds interest and is not a million miles away from that of the Royal Mail Sorting Office on the other side of the Link Road.

    Handsome roof.jpg

    Duck Pond Day - 24th June 10am - POSTPONED!

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Duck Pond Day - Sunday 24th June 10-4pm.POSTPONED

    We need volunteers! 


    We will continue to paint the remainder of the metal fence, put up two new signs and generally clean up the surrounding area to include weeding and clearing over grown bushes etc.

    Please bring garden tools and garden bags etc like last time.

    We will try and arrange refreshments again, I am sure that Castle House Hereford will help out, they have always been excellent.

    Art Sculpture at Hereford Skate Park

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    THE Lord Lieutenant of Herefordshire will unveil an arts project inspired by Trafalgar Square’s Fourth Plinth this Friday.

    Hereford City Council has been co-ordinating the delivery of the project which will showcase the work of students and local artists.

    The new community project which partners with Hereford Skate Park and the Hereford College of Arts hopes to promote art and culture and showcase the talent of local residents.

    Lord Lieutenant for Herefordshire The Dowager Countess of Darnley will officially unveil the first sculpture, the Rotherwas Angel, at 4pm on June 22.

    Brian Stephens, skate park trustee and founder, said:



    “The skatepark is now regarded as one of the best in the UK and as well as attracting local users people visit the skatepark from all across the country.

    “Among the skateboarding community there is a rich vein of extremely creative people, and the culture is well know for its art work, films and videos.

    “The trustees wanted to give skateboarders an additional opportunity to exhibit three dimensional art work and this is now realised with the two plinths.

    “In Trafalgar Square there is what is known as the ‘fourth plinth’ which displays a new sculpture on a regular basis. “The plinths at Hereford Skatepark are Hereford City’s own version of this.”


    The plinths will catch the eye of people as they enter and exit the City on the A49. Information about the artists and the sculpture will be found in the gallery in the Boom Box on the skate Park.

    The first sculpture created by students from the Art College is based on a brief relating to the Home Front.

    Hereford College of Arts course leader Darren Williams said the project is an exceptional opportunity for the students involved to challenge themselves.

    He said:


    “It has been rewarding to see the development of these students over the last few months and how they have grown in confidence when dealing with all the other stakeholders, such as the city council and skatepark itself.

    “The work itself has been a response to a brief relating to the ‘Home Front’, in which they chose to recognise the efforts of the munitions factory workers at Rotherwas during the 20th Century.”

    A lot of work has also be done behind the scenes by Councillor Paul Stevens (Widemarsh).38360954_HerefordSkatePark.thumb.jpg.38fa1b34c68f525129f2149a93423f38.jpg

    The Ship Inn Proposal

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    The Ship Inn site could look like this if the new proposed project is accepted.

    As part of our on-going commitment to provide affordable housing, we are always exploring new sites and developments. We are currently considering the following schemes, but will not begin work until after a period of detailed feasibility studies and consultation.

    Ship Inn

    The Ship Inn has been closed for a number of years and has suffered from vandalism. We are looking to redevelop the site by creating around 35 new 1 & 2 bedroom apartments.


    Other projects include:


    Larkrise Housing, Much Birch

    We are working with the local community to create a co-housing scheme to provide 10 affordable and 10 market sale properties, as well as playground facilities and improved local parking. A planning application for outline permission has now been submitted. If  you have any questions about this project or would like to register your interest in a property, please contact Avril Shaw: 01981 541089 avril.shaw56@gmail.com or Kim Read: 01432 383991 kread@hhl.org.uk

    Larkrise is a group of local people establishing a co-housing initiative at Tump Lane in partnership with Herefordshire Housing.  Herefordshire Housing Ltd (HHL) is a charitable not-for-profit Registered Provider of affordable housing throughout Herefordshire.


    Perrystone Lane, Tupsley

    Proposed development of 17 affordable homes, outlined planning consent, compromising of flats, bungalows and houses. We anticipate this scheme to be on site by Spring 2016.

    There will be a public consultation on Wednesday 26th August 2015 at Hampton Park United Reform Church,Hampton Dene Rd, Hereford HR1 1UJfrom 3pm to 6pm, to exhibit and discuss our plans. Please come along if you wish.


    Planning Refused for Costa Coffee

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Planning permission was refused for a Costa Coffee to be located on a Retail Park on Holmer Road Hereford with concerns over lack of parking.

    Cafe 1.jpg


    Full details of decision below:

    THE COUNTY OF HEREFORDSHIRE DISTRICT COUNCIL hereby gives notice in pursuance of the provisions of the above Acts that PLANNING PERMISSION has been REFUSED for the carrying out of the development described above for the following reasons:

    1 The proposal would have insufficient parking and this would result in indiscriminate parking to the detriment of highway safety. In addition a lack of an allocated delivery vehicles unloading area would be likely to exacerbate this. The proposal is contrary to Herefordshire Local Plan – Core Strategy policies SS4 and MT1.
    1 The Local Planning Authority has acted positively and proactively in determining this application by assessing the proposal against planning policy and any other material considerations and identifying matters of concern with the proposal and discussing those with the applicant both at pre-application stage and during the consideration of the application. However, the additional supporting information has not overcome these concerns and has been found that it is not possible to negotiate a satisfactory way forward and due to the harms which have been clearly identified within the reasons for the refusal, approval is not possible



    Chimichanga may close in the New Year

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    We spoke with the staff at the Mexican food giant Chimichanga this evening following rumours on social media that they will be closing their restaurant at the Old Market Hereford in the New Year.


    We are informed by staff that a burger restaurant may be opening in their place but as we have stated this is only a rumour and nothing has yet been confirmed.

    Decriminalize Cannabis.

    By bobby47,

    I ain't no 'toker'. Wouldn't know where to buy it, how much to pay for it or what form of Cannabis to use but, since I've become older, wiser and more tolerant to change and different lifestyles, I've come to the conclusion that making Cannabis a controlled drug, in this day and age is a pointless exercise and all we are doing is criminalizing a group of good people who simply like to have a puff of Marry Joanne and howl with laughter at the moon.

    Times have changed and legislation should be for the people, by the people and for the benefit of the people and I no longer see any sense in a young man or woman getting a criminal record for using a natural herb and being hamstrung for the rest of their lives because of a criminal conviction or a Caution for what is essentially a peaceful activity.

    In these times of stretched and strained resources, little public funding and a vast amount of Cannabis readily available to millions of young people, what's the point spending huge sums of money to recover a few ounces of Cannabis each week and be fully cognizant that three or four kilos of Cannabis have got through the net and are out there in Hereford undetected by the Police and other investigative agencies.

    The whole Cannabis thing is a nonsense and its time for our society to accept that Cannabis is as much a part of our society as tobacco and alcohol but much, much less dangerous and problematic.

    Course, there are dangers and problem areas. Any fool can see them. But, accepting that since the Misuse of Drugs Act was introduced in 1971, nothing as come close to ridding our culture of Cannabis and indeed many other natural drugs so i say lets grasp the stinging nettle, use some common sense and make Cannabis legal.

    Should the five heads of the LA face a independent scrutiny panel?

    By Cambo,

    Should the five heads of the LA…who are Alistair Neil,Stephen Vickers,Chris Baird,Geoff Hughes & Karen Wright face a totally independent scrutiny panel that is a panel made up of people who are not involved in the day to day running of the council?

    as I believe they should. Because for me,these five hide in the shadows…never ever face true scrutiny…are puppet masters of our elected councillors? as I would say they are behind the true policy making?…conjuring up decisions,orchestrate plans,deciding what building developments go where,advise & coerce our councillors into rubber stamping what is in effect there own desires with little or no regard to true public opinion…As at the end of the day it is us,who's daily lives are affect by the outcome of their actions…which can last years if not decades in some cases?!


    Bikes seen stacked up under old bridge

    By ragwert,


    A pile of bikes have been seen under the old bridge possibly pulled out of the river.
    Police have been informed by don't seem to be interested.

    stolen bikes.jpg

    Parking in Hereford - frustrated visitors

    By John,

    As a recent first time visitor to Hereford is there anyone out there who can lend a hand?  On a very wet weekday recently I struggled, no doubt like many others, to find a parking place near the City centre.  Eventually finding a (hugely expensive) space in the Little Berrington Street NCP park I was beaten by the confusing payment instructions and took my car away to a more remote place to park.  Sadly NCP chose to issue me with a parking fine, or notice as they like to call it.   I want to appeal the notice, but NCP now refuse to tell me what the payment instructions were on display on the payment/ticket machine which leaves me unable to argue my corner.   I would go and take a photo myself but I live in London.  

    I would love to visit Hereford again another time to explore its charms some more, but this experience has put me off!  Is there any kind person who can send me a photo of the instructions on this particular NCP machine?  

    In anticipation of your very kind support.   

    Plans for new GP super surgery to go on display

    By megilleland,

    From The Hereford Times - 1st March 2018



    PLANS for a new GP super surgery in Hereford will go on display to the public next week.

    Work has been ongoing to look at the possibility of merging a number of doctors' practices in the city at a site close to the railway station.

    And the new primary care hub would be the main surgery for patients who currently access GP services at Greyfriars Surgery, Moorfield House Surgery, Aylestone Hill Surgery and Sarum House.

    The engagement event to display plans for the hub takes place next Thursday at Hereford Town Hall from 2.30pm to 7.30pm.

    The Hereford Medical Group has been working in partnership with local healthcare property company, Prime and design team One Creative Environments Ltd (One) to develop the proposals for a modern, high quality building to provide patients with the best possible experience when accessing primary care services.

    Representatives from the Hereford Medical Group, Prime and One will be on hand throughout to answer questions.

    No booking is necessary and members of the public are welcome to pop in at any time.

    Dr Andrew Watts said: “Our key priority is providing good quality medical care for our patients.

    "Unfortunately our current premises are outdated and at full capacity and so are no longer suitable, which is why we need new purpose built accommodation.

    "We are keen to share our plans with patients.”

    Bob Smaylen, Development Director for Prime plc, added: “Using our expertise in delivering primary care facilities we are developing proposals which will provide high quality facilities that improve patient experience. We are looking forward to sharing these plans with local residents and hearing their feedback.”


    Cheap fuel while stocks last !!!

    By ragwert,

    Tesco Express in Ledbury Road are selling Unleaded and super unleaded for £1.21.9 and diesel  and premium diesel at 1.25.9 until they run out.
    Fuel tanks are being replaced over a three week period from Monday 11th June.

    Fire at Breinton park homes

    By ragwert,

    Fire gutted a park home this evening. Four fire appliances and two ambulances were on scene the fire was close to setting alight other park homes.


    Plans for new multi story look to have been abandoned

    By ragwert,


    Plans for a new multi story car park on the Country bus station site in Commercial Road look to have been scrapped.


    Bill Norman Suspended

    Denise Lloyd
    By Denise Lloyd,
    Second senior management suspension as Cheshire East Council investigates misconduct allegations

    Second senior management suspension as Cheshire East Council investigates misconduct allegations

    A SECOND member of Cheshire East Council's senior management has been suspended as a result of an internal disciplinary investigation.

    Bill Norman, the council's director of legal services and monitoring officer, has been absent from his post since April and has now been officially suspended.

    The decision follows the suspension of council CEO Mike Suarez on April 27.

    A CEC spokesman said: The Investigation and Disciplinary Committee reconvened on Friday, July 14, 2017. The committee is considering allegations relating to the conduct of senior officers.

    As a result of Friday's hearing, the decision has been taken to suspend the director of legal services and monitoring officer in order than an independent investigation is undertaken.

    The chairman of the committee said: We would stress that this suspension is a neutral act taken in the interests of both the council and the director of legal services and monitoring officer.

    It is very important that this investigation is undertaken objectively and therefore it would be inappropriate to make any further comment at this stage.

    In line with arrangements made by the staffing committee on April 27, an interim officer is covering Mr Norman's role.

    As confirmed in April, CEC has made temporary appointments for its positions of chief executive, section 151 officer, and monitoring officer and head of legal services.

    The council confirmed that Jan Willis is being paid £1,025 a day, which will be reduced to a monthly salary of £10,626, as acting section 151 officer so current officer Peter Bates can focus on other responsibilities.

    Kath Dwyer has been appointed as acting chief executive follow the suspension of Mr Suarez over officer conduct in April, and Daniel Dickinson has taken on the responsibilities of Mr Norman.

    Mr Dickinson will be paid £2,621 a month on top of his existing salary for the duration of Mr Norman's absence.