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Harry Bramer

16 Apr 2014

Posted by bobby47 in Open Forum
I've been looking at his photograph. You can tell an awful lot by staring at the image of a local Councillor who's about to destroy something good and of importance to the people of Hereford.
For a starters, his eyes are to close together. I've never trusted a man whose got those eyes that imply, 'don't sit down and play three card brag with me because I'm a rotter, a cheat and a bloody big ninny.'
Course that ain't the whole lot. Not at all! You'd be a strange fish if you went around disliking everyone simply because their eyes were not to your liking. Im sure his loved ones would say, 'well, we like his bloody eyes just the way they are and anyone who says otherwise is an idiot and shouldn't have unfettered access to a keyboard.'
No! It's more than that. Much, much more than that. His head for example. Whilst its not overly huge, it ain't small and I don't like his hair cut. Where I come from you get a basin shoved on your cranium and the shears do the rest. This man takes great pride in his hair cut and that's another reason why I've come to the conclusion I wouldn't want to break bread with him. Anyone who takes that sort of pride in his hair cut instead of sitting down with a bowl on his head and getting his hair sheared off like the rest of us ain't to be trusted.
And I've been speaking to folk about Harry. He's not liked. I've yet to speak to anyone who says they like spending time with him fishing for barbel on the Wye. To a man, they say he's tight. Mean! So mean and tight, he'll turn the gas off when he turns the bacon over. That's bloody tight for you!
No! The facts here are speaking for themselves. This is a man with eyes set to close together, there's something about his head that I don't like, he ain't getting his hair cut like me and he's a man who's tight with his money.
Then there's the personality. Good grief! This poor man must have been badly scarred by his days as a child treading the boards playing King Herod every year until he reached puberty. It couldn't have been easy sat there when the teacher shouted, 'you boy. The one with the eyes set to close together. In all my days of producing Nativity Plays you are the best Herod Ive ever seen and whatsmore, if ever we decide to stage an Easter Play, you are my Pontius Pilate.
Yeah! You can tell an awful lot about someone by simply studying their photograph. And if you're reading this Harry, and you will be, unless you change course Im going to write you a part in a lurid tale about a man elected into Office who kept scurrying up my drainpipe demanding demanding something that I've yet to decide upon!
Leave the Working Boys Home be, build the Firestation that we don't need in some other place and stop destroying our heritage. Then, and only then will your torment end!

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Councillor Mark Hubbard.

29 Mar 2014

Posted by bobby47 in Open Forum

If Im right and its true that Councillor Mark Hubbard is considering not standing at the next local elections then I'd say to him, 'think again'.
I've watched from a distance the way in which this chap carries out his duties and there's no doubt that Mr Hubbard is a gifted and dedicated public servant and, given the state we are in, we can well do without losing people of his calibre.
During the time I've been contributing on this site and the Hereford Times you can't fail to appreciate the hard work and commitment some Councillors display. At one time, because I knew buggar all, I had no time for them at all. Now, because I've watched, read and listened I now appreciate the hard work of Mr Hubbard, Liz Harvey, Jim Kenyon and more recently Jon Norris.
Then of course there's our Glenda and Chris Chappell who, like their IOC colleagues work so hard to provide their best efforts to support their constituents. It's all these things that I once didn't know that I now know which compel me to thank these people who represent out interests.
But back to Mark Hubbard. He's founded a political party that's strong, its growing and its impacting and affecting the way in which we all now look at the political scenery in Hereford. My guess is, and it really is just a guess, is that Mr Hubbard handed over the leadership of his party because he was knackered and facing burn out. You can't graft like he does without it impacting upon your time and energies. Mind, I know buggar all. Im just guessing, but, if Im right, and I may be, we are going to lose one of our great local politicuans simple because he couldn't find a way of pacing himself.
Well it can be done. You can pace yourself and learn to manage your time and energy better. You simply stop trying to do everything, stop trying to please everybody, give of your best and having done that, do not give things a backward glance and worry about an outcome.
Now, more than at anytime Mark Hubbard needs to recharge his batteries, as do all the Coucillors who I've mentioned previously, and position themselves ready for the next election. This is very important and this offering is not meant to embarass Mark. If anything, he should take this as a compliment and feel good about himself.
The reason I've posted this? I've had the good fortune to form friendships with a lot of the regular bloggers. Many are like me, Gridnocker and Ubique. We are old. Our back legs have gone and our best, if we ever bloody had any are gone. However, there are many younger bloggers emerging and they are the future and they need people like Mark Hubbard to continue, get to the finishing line and when this Cabinet have gone, be in place to help rebuild our shattered economy and public services.
I'd say to Mr Hubbard, you've achieved remarkable things in a relatively short space of time and you owe it to yourself to fulfill the promise.
Today, I had the good fortune to meet Cambo. This is a young, highly intelligent young chap who's driven to make a change. It's people like Cambo, Dippy and Smartiano who are the ones who'll eventually pick up the baton, stand for Office and help get us all out of this mess.
Frankly, we don't need Mark Hubbard or any other hard working Councillor leaving the theatre now. Not now. If ever there was a time not to go its now.
My hope is that Mark Hubbard remains, I actually hope he gets rested up and returns to lead his party and rid us of this chaotic and deluded Cabinet who are bringing us all to a point in very close proximity to ruin.
On a personal note, I say to Mark Hubbard, you and your colleagues should be very proud of your many achievements but now is no time to be considering whether or not you should end your tenure as a Councillor. Have a little heart. Have a little faith and get the youngsters within these pages to help you with the burden and the load of responsibility.
Do this, pace yourself and delegate more and very soon, quicker than you might think, the fire in your belly will rise and you'll begin to feel like I do. Desperate and driven to throttle Jarvis and roll him round in nettles. Stinging nettles. Nettles harvested in August. The worst nettles. Bloody Jarvis!

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New Odeon Multiplex Cinema Opens May 22nd

Today, 03:50 PM

Posted by Alex in Edgar Street Grid

The dates have been announced for the opening of the Odeon Multiplex Cinema in Hereford as May 22nd.




The first films to be shown at the new Odeon are:
•         Bad Neighbours – Showing from opening
•         The Other Women - Showing from opening
•         Godzilla - Showing from opening
•         Blended – Showing from opening
•         X-Men: Days of Future Past - Showing from opening
•         Postman Pat -  23rd May
•         Maleficent - 28th May
•         Edge of Tomorrow - 30th May
•         22 Jump Street - 6th June
•         Mrs Brown Boys D’Movie – 27th June
•         Transformers: Age of Extinction – 10th July
•         Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – 17th July
•         How to Train your Dragon 2 - 4th July

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UKIP Meeting

06 Apr 2014

Posted by Frank Smith in Belmont

I have had this leaflet put through my door this evening and thought I would share it with you, I wonder how many people will attend?



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Max Clifford ~ PR Guru

16 Apr 2014

Posted by Roger in Open Forum



Jury has been deliberating for over a day now .... 


Banksy style stuff has appeared as he's in the news ...


If he gets cleared then he has been ridiculed and financially penalised ... So he is on a loser straight away! 


System is strange! 

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Black wheelie bins for Hereford

09 Mar 2014

Posted by Alex in Open Forum

I understand that Hereford will soon be having black wheelie bins and refuse collections reduced to once a fortnight.




Half the rubbish bags that are over a week old stink and that's if the local wildlife has not already opened them and dragged the contents along the streets. Not the best idea in my opinion.

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Traffic Lights Campaign - Part -Time Lights 7pm-7am

18 Apr 2014

Posted by Colin James in Open Forum

I have today implemented phase II of our traffic lights campaign and that is in the form of a petition from the very start!


[Please note that this is totally separate to our lights out campaign. This petition deals only with the traffic lights at night]




We would like both the Highways Agency and Herefordshire Council to allow the traffic lights at the junctions
where the A465 meets the A49 (Asda roundabout/junction) and
where the A49 meets the A438 Newmarket St (Old Market roundabout/junction)
to become part-time signals during non peak times from 7pm-7am
with exception to the pedestrian crossings which would still be in operation for the safety of pedestrians.
All of these traffic lights are relatively pointless during off peak times and often motorists become frustrated and impatient while being forced to sit at red lights, this can often be at 2am when there are clearly no other vehicles in sight!
By signing our petition you are in strong favour of these signals being changed to PART-TIME status from 7pm-7am


Please read the petition and you can offer your support by simply signing it. 


Part-Time Traffic Lights Petition Here

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Saving The Working Boys Home *UPDATE*

13 Mar 2014

Posted by dippyhippy in Hereford City

The OLM is due to open soon - an ugly building, which in my opinion will split the city in two, and most certainly have a detrimental effect on High Town.

It has been built with no thought for the environment in which it sits, and is regarded by many as a blot on the landscape.


We have some truly beautiful buildings in our city, and one of them is now at great risk of being demolished. I know many of you will not give two hoots about it, but I do! So much so, that I have challenged myself to write my very first thread!

The Working Boys Home was erected between 1878 and 1895. English Heritage has refused to recommend its listing on the questionable grounds that it is "not sufficiently intact or of sufficient architectural merit". It is within a designated Conservation Area, and is close to several other significant buildings with "Venn" connections. That's John Venn - surely one of this cities greatest ever citizens.

Many believe, myself included, that this building would lend itself to a sympathetic conversion for residential housing, in much the same way as the former General Hospital, and Eye Hospital.

Although I have made several phone calls, and spoken to a number of people, I have been unable to discover if Herefordshire Council has even invited offers from property developers.


Here is where it all gets a tad murky for my liking. Whether you care about this building or not, the following should ring alarm bells.

The notorious "land swap" deal between Herefordshire Council and the Hereford and Worcester Fire Authority has been stitched up, for want of a better phrase, between Cllr Johnson, and a Cllr Podger - who is the chair of Hereford and Worcester Fire Authority.

From what I can find out, this has been without the local ward councillor - Mark Hubbard - either being present, or even consulted!


This is an extremely one sided deal.

HWFA get an enormous 1.6 acre site.

Herefordshire Council get a site half that size, plus the bill for demolishing the existing fire station! Then, yes you guessed it, it will become a surface level car park!


This is not a good deal by anybodys standards!!


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Man Charged With Burglary At Knifepoint, Ross-on-Wye

22 Apr 2014

Posted by Roger in Police & Crime
Man Charged With Burglary At Knifepoint, Ross-on-Wye

A man has been charged with a burglary in Ross-on-Wye, where a vulnerable pensioner was confronted by an intruder with a knife, as well as a second burglary in Gloucestershire.

The burglary happened at about 2.30am on Tuesday 15 April in Three Crosses Road.

The victim was asleep downstairs when he was confronted by a burglar armed with a knife and demanding money. He handed over around £60 in cash.

Gareth Robins, aged 35 of Wall House Road, Ross, was arrested and charged on Saturday (19 April) with aggravated burglary.

He was also charged with a burglary in Newent, where a house in West View was broken into on Wednesday (16 April) and electrical items, cash and a wristwatch were among items stolen.

He appeared at Worcester Magistrates’ Court yesterday where he was bailed to appear at Worcester Crown Court on 11 August.


Issued:  Tuesday 22 April 2014



West Mercia Press Release

At face value this character sounds lucky to have got bail ... 

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Repair Cafe 30 Jan and Litterpick 1 Feb

28 Jan 2014

Posted by magicroundabout in Bartonsham
  • Tweak your bike at the Volly Repair Café (from the 30th of January) and get riding in 2014‏.

Repair Cafe 6 to 8pm Thursday 30 January 2014.

Volunteer Inn Harold Street

Every one welcome!   :Happy_32:

Bikes and clothing etc.

Last Thursday every month. Also veggie sale!


Litter pick Saturday 1 February 2014 - 2.30 pm 

Meet at meadow end of Green Street.   :Cool_32:  :Angel:

Spend an hour on Castle Green and around the Greenway route with your neighbours.

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Herefordshire Council In National Press: Welfare Assistance

21 Apr 2014

Posted by gdj in Open Forum

This time it is the council, not the hospital.


Front page story in the printed copy of the Guardian, today, Easter Monday, and in this link to the on line version.  


The story is about large sums provided by central government to councils to help those in dire straits due to welfare changes or problems.  I think Tony Johnson's view is that they aren't all that poor and he should be able to use the money for other things.


Conservative-run Herefordshire had county council spent less than £5,000 of its annual £377,000 allocation by the end of December last year, equivalent to 1% of its local welfare budget.It said its spending reflected low demand for crisis help, a claim disputed by Hereford Citizens Advice and Hereford food bank, which said they had been inundated with requests.


They will, of course, claim they are prioritising safeguarding the vulnerable and the money is better used for that - a claim which is being used again and again to cover up incompetence elsewhere.  And a claim that is not borne out by some of their actions.


So,  what happened to the rest of the money?   Was there any member questioning or scrutiny of any decision to divert the money elsewhere?  What data was used to justify it?

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Liz Hurley declares war after mice invasion

21 Apr 2014

Posted by Roger in Open Forum




Liz Hurley has thanked her legion of Twitter fans for rodent-killing advice after declaring war on mice at her home.

The Austin Powers star - who owns a £6 million home in Herefordshire and a pad in London - told her Twitter fans how she shrieked in horror after a mouse ran out from under the sofa.

She tweeted: "Mayhem. A mouse just shot out from behind the sofa.

"Screaming women (me loudest) and children.

"My mum on her way round with her two killer cats. I'm having a stiff drink."

She later told her 455,000 Twitter followers: "Operation Vermin started early this morning. On my hands and knees looking for evidence."



Western Daily Press article 


It's all cracked off in the Ledbury area! 


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Hereford makes the National Press

20 Apr 2014

Posted by Biomech in Open Forum

Slightly sensationalised of course




Patients were advised to go to Asda for urgent medical care after NHS units shut due to staff shortages

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Councillors Responses To Lights Out Trial

17 Apr 2014

Posted by Colin James in Hereford City

We had a meeting on December 6th 2014 in the Hereford Town Hall Chambers with MP Jesse Norman together with Paul Hillman and Andrew Butterfield of the Highways Agency, to discuss the possibility of a 'traffic lights out' trial along a short corridor on the A49/A465 in Hereford. 


The highways agency indicated that they were prepared to look into funding a micro simulation and MP Jesse Norman offered to assist with finding funding if required.


Jesse Norman also suggested that it would be a good idea if we contacted all of the local councillors in an attempt to get their support for a trial, we agreed and also thought it would be courteous and help our cause to have the local councillors support.


Cllr Jim Kenyon kindly arranged for our group (Hereford Reunited) to give a brief presentation to the Hereford City Planning Committee on January 15th which was also held at the Hereford Town Hall. Details of this meeting can be found in the Hereford Traffic 'Lights Out' Meeting Topic. In general, our presentation was received well by the majority of the committee even though the chairman on the day Cllr Bob Preece explained that the committee had no powers to implement a trial and could only make a recommendation to the HA at best. 

The Lord Mayor Cllr Phil Edwards also offered a letter of support from the Mayors Office.


Following this meeting and several weeks later John Harrington (Hereford Reunited) wrote an excellent letter to all the Cabinet which was published in the Lights Out Campaign Letter Topicasking if we could present our case to them, a copy is attached below. Several weeks passed with no replies from any councillor!

I then sent a bulk email to all of the Hereford Voice members on April 14th. Cllr Mark Hubbard and Cllr Jon Norris to be fair responded immediately and copied in all of the local councillors, now we have started to receive their replies and decided to publish each and every one of them as arrive on Hereford Voice for you all to read and comment on, they are as follows:


Attached File  Cllrs Lights Out Letter.pdf   42.01KB   19 downloads

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Former Hereford church for sale

20 Apr 2014

Posted by megilleland in Whitecross
Hereford Times: NEWS RSS FEED 
6:02am Sunday 20th April 2014 in News

Former Hereford church for sale.

ESTATE agents are inviting buyers to bid for a Hereford church.
Chandos Methodist Church has been closed since September 2012 after it was deemed surplus to requirements.
Estate agent Sunderlands and Thompsons now has the task of finding a buyer for the Whitecross site.
It is asking for offers in the region of £120,000, which need to be delivered by noon on May 1.
Any prospective purchasers are asked to make enquiries to Herefordshire Council prior to making a bid.
The church was built in 1903 on the corner of Chandos Street and Whitehorse Street.
But, two years ago, its worshippers realised that they could not continue to maintain the building and the decision was taken to close.
The congregation has since moved to St John's Methodist Church in St Owen Street.
Its Minister, Revd David Meachem, said that the move has "revitalised" St John's.
"The reason we closed Chandos Church was because, as what happens with a lot of churches, people worshipping got to the end and the maintenance was beyond their resources," said Revd Meachem.
"They took the brave decision to close it and join St John's.
"I was the Minister of both churches, so I oversaw the transition from old building to new building.
"Everyone who worshipped at Chandos Street moved to St John's and it has revitalised the life of the St John's congregation.
"We have a Sunday school that we didn't have before and most of the people who moved to St John's have active roles in the church.
"It has been like a blood transfusion - a real shot in the arm."
For more information about the sale, call Philip Ashman at Sunderlands and Thompsons on 01432 356161.


Why is this a prerequisite. Is it about planning or finance?

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