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Three Counties Hotel Sold

05 Nov 2015

Posted by Colin James in Belmont

I have heard from several sources over the past week that The Three Counties Hotel on Belmont Road may have been sold. 


Three Counties Hotel.jpg


Back in the middle of the summer I had heard that it had been sold to a local person who has care homes in and around Hereford but apparently that all fell through.


This latest news is only a rumour at this stage but it came from a good source. Has anyone heard the same thing? I may give Daniel a call and ask the question.

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West Mercia police to use drones

05 Oct 2015

Posted by Cambo in Police & Crime

West Mercia police are looking to use drones to help with policing…is this a good idea or are we now moving even more into the world of a big brother society?

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Hereford council survey


Posted by DILLIGAF in Open Forum
Please do take the time to fill this in. I was unaware of this until today, whereas only 0.02% of the 56000 people in Hereford have filled it in.
It's our county and what needs to be done. Don't complain if you don't fill it in. It even mentions a bypass!!

Please tell everyone you know to complete it.

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OAP drivers

07 Feb 2016

Posted by Jon Stannard in Open Forum
I've notice the amount of OAP drivers on our roads who are not fit to drive in my opinion,when should they hang there keys up??? I have a medical review at 45 yrs then every 5 yrs after that to keep my HGV license.
should this rule apply to all drivers???

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Illuminati,NWO,conspiracy theory's & the impendin...

08 Jan 2016

Posted by lpusseycat in Open Forum

The thing to note is After the shooting BBC interviewed 2 witnesses one was American one was English you did not see there faces .Ask yourself the question no French people around in that part of Paris seems odd it is the contrived plan by the Illuminati to put everyone in a false sense of fear. They create a problem wait for the peoples reaction then offer a solution that fits there agenda. Go on you tube and read about Albert Pikes letter to Manzzini written in 1878 then try and tell me i am wrong in what i have just written.

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Fire at Coutyard


Posted by ragwert in Open Forum

Fire brigade are at the Courtyard in Edgar St,anyone know anything?

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Hereford times strikes again

15 Jan 2016

Posted by DILLIGAF in Open Forum
Yet more great journalism from Hereford Times!! http://m.herefordtim...ital_operation/
At a time when our great hospital is at breaking point and already in the media for all the wrong reasons.
This story has no reflection on anything related to the current media coverage. The NHS did what it could for this gravely ill elderly patient in MAY, why Hereford Times felt the need to report it now is beyond me.
Many people have tragically lost their lives daily in the hospital, after all they are there for palliative care, some will make it some won't.
Are Hereford Times going to report on every one? It disgusts me.
Report on something significant that concerns us, BILL WIGGIN extra curricular activities, not this tripe. But no you pull that one! Why?

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Attempted Murder in Whitecross


Posted by Colin James in Whitecross

A 46-YEAR-OLD man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder following an incident tonight in Westfaling Street.


Hereford Times Article 

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CCTV surveillance on Edgar street / white cross roundabout?


Posted by Eleri in Edgar Street Grid
I was just wondering if there is CCTV surveillance on Edgar street / white cross roundabout as I had an accident there 2 days ago with someone who is black mailing me for money and need to prove my case.
Kind regards,

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Freedom Church Back In The News.

17 Jan 2015

Posted by dippyhippy in Open Forum

I meant to post this last night, but forgot!


I see that Freedom Church is making headlines once again, for all the wrong reasons. Over at Hereford Times an article states that they have been asked to leave Swansea University Campus, after blitzing it with leaflets, and holding religious services on site.


Not the first time their recruitment methods have been questioned. Anyone else remember the campaign which saw lollipops handed out to children outside the school gates? Tactics which at best could be described as showing a complete lack of judgement, at worst, rather sinister.


I also seem to recall being told that at one point in the not too distant past, a company whose staff consisted of  several leading lights within this church, had been given a contract to deliver sex education to pupils in some Herefordshire Schools. 


I have real concerns about this pay to pray organisation. 


How do others feel?

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EU referendum - In or Out?

25 May 2015

Posted by megilleland in Open Forum

With the General Election now over - there is possibly only two years (2017) before we get a referendum on whether to stay in the EU or get out. Having believed we would have had a change of government, nationally and locally by now, I do not have much confidence that any referendum will be conducted fairly in order that the ruling poitical parties get the result they and the EU want.


What are the benefits of being in or out for Hereford and the county? Maybe some information and facts through this topic could help us make a reasoned decision when voting, although I think we will be staying in the EU at any cost. Not for the benefit of the citizens, but for all those entwined in the machinations of the EU political and monetary systems.

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Historic Hereford Pub To Be Back Open Soon

06 Dec 2015

Posted by Glenda Vaughan-Powell in Open Forum



One of Hereford's oldest pubs will be back open before Christmas.
The Booth Hall closed shortly after the High Town blaze 5 years ago, access from St Peter's Square was closed off after the fire which impacted on the pubs trade.
However, a statement posted on Facebook this weekend states the pub will be back open on December 18. The post explains that the historic pub will focus on live music and entertainment when it reopens.


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Asda GP Walk-In Centre To Close - Petition

28 Jan 2016

Posted by Colin James in Asda

I have heard from several reliable sources that the GP walk-in centre at Asda is to be closed.




Please SIGN the petition here


Cllr Glenda Powell managed to get over 700 signatures on a petition to prevent it being moved to the A&E department at the hospital back in 2010. (See this topic)

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Asset transfer and stripping for the public good?

21 Feb 2014

Posted by megilleland in Open Forum
As we head towards the next council and general elections in May 2015, the current administartive bodies are rushing to get the cash into their tills. Having passed the majority of public services over to their private friends the assets of these public bodies entrusted to us are now in the forefront of a fire sale to get the last coppers from us. 
The latest deals involve the relocation of the fire station

Deal for new Hereford fire station is close

2:37pm Friday 21st February 2014 in News By Bill Tanner
A DEAL that seals the site for a new fire station in Hereford could be done by next month.
Forward plans prepared for Herefordshire Council show that a decision to dispose of the council's Bath Street - or County - offices rests with Councillor Harry Bramer, cabinet member for contracts and assets.
Coun Bramer  will consider the decision after next Friday (Feb 27).
The forward plan specifically outlines the disposal of land and buildings at the County Offices site as being for Hereford to the Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service (HWFRS)  to enable a new fire station for Hereford.
Earlier this month, heritage campaigners failed to get the offices, formerly the Hereford Working Boys Home, listed by English Heritage.
Alternatives to a fire station include a campus site for the county’s proposed university , an “innovation" or retaining the sites features as a frontage for flats.
The cash-strapped council  is keen on selling the site to HWFRS for a much-needed new fire station for Hereford.


and the Queenswood Country Park and Bodenham Lake nature reserve

Council considers transfer of top natural attractions

10:25am Friday 21st February 2014 in News By Bill Tanner
HEREFORDSHIRE Council is in talks with a “community group” looking to take over two of the county’s top natural attractions.
Queenswood Country Park and Bodenham Lake nature reserve could both be transferred out of council control.
The council confirmed this morning (Friday) that it had been approached by an  as  yet un-named community group over assuming responsibility for both sites.
In a statement, the council said: “As part of our community asset transfer process, we have asked the group to complete a business case which outlines how it would operate the locations and how this would benefit the public, along with providing various assurances around competency and financial viability.”
The council will consider the proposed transfer once a copy of the business case has been received.
In June last year, the council faced calls for “clarity” over its proposals for the future of Queenswood Country Park.
Opposition councillors wanted a guarantee from the local authority that the site on Dinmore Hill called one of county’s “most precious public assets” would not be sold off.
Then, the council said no decisions had been made on the overall future for its parks and countryside service ahead of a related savings plan.
The 170- acre Queenswood is managed by the council and the Queenswood Coronation Fund.
Forty-seven acres are made up of more than 1,200 rare and exotic trees from all over the world. Another 123 acres is spread over semi-natural woodland designated as a site of special scientific interest and a local nature reserve.
Queenswood survived a privatisation scare in 1988 when the then Hereford and Worcester County Council was forced into a denial of any plan to privatise its country parks after reports suggested it could happen.
Originally part of the Hampton Court estate, Queenswood has a history of public access dating from 1935 when it was bought by public subscription through an appeal organised by the then Council for the Preservation of Rural England.
It was handed over to the then county council “to look after for the people all the time” and prevent development that planning law at the time did not protect it from.
Bodenham Lake Nature Reserve is 44.5 hectares (110 acres) of varied habitat including riverside meadows, veteran orchard, newly planted orchard, a 'gravel' area and wet woodland. The lake itself is the largest area of open water in the county.



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26 Oct 2015

Posted by Denise Lloyd in Open Forum

Herefordshire Council is considering selling off its' 5 thousand acres of farmland. It could raise 48 million pounds - as massive chunk of the 60 million pounds the authority needs to save in the next 3 years. The land is a huge asset though and has risen in value every year for the last decade. At a meeting this afternoon the council's Scrutiny Committee will recommended either a partial sale will some starter and progression farms kept on OR the sale of the entire estate. The sale will leave 51 families without their homes and businesses. Ian and Lorraine Salmon farm 66 acres near Leominster - they've just had their first child Isobel and face an uncertain future.....................


Does anybody know the outcome of this meeting?

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