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New Designer Flannels Store Opens In Hereford


Posted by Colin James in Hereford City

Red carpet opening for new designer store Flannels


Designer store Flannels rolled out the red carpet and celebrated in style with a VIP launch party in Hereford on Commercial Street last night.  




The glittering guest list included Paralympian gold medal winner Sascha Kindred, Hereford’s local Mayor Jim Kenyon and Mike Truelove from the city’s Business Improvement District, along with a wealth of other guests from the local business community.  

Each guest was given an envelope on arrival, with one lucky attendee finding enclosed a gift card and personal shopping experience worth £1,000.
Local customer Heather Hodgetts was the lucky £1000 winner and didn’t take long to buy her festive treats.  
The luxury retailer treated guests to a night of music, food and drinks showcasing brands such as Versus Versace, Stone Island, Kenzo, Giuseppe Zanotti, Michael Michael Kors and many more! 
Photographer: Phil Oldham @ Rex Photography
Jenna Triscott Flannels Marketing Manager said: “It’s fantastic to see so many people here supporting our opening night.”
“We’re really excited and proud to be part of the Hereford retail landscape offering the area the best shopping and luxury fashion experience.”
Guests enjoyed a champagne reception and tasty canapés were served up by Cellar Door. Entertainment came in the form of a fashion showcase with models from Gingersnap and music from local DJ’s Street Sellers.
Flannels is one of the UK’s leading luxury fashion retailers. The new 14,600 square foot store spans two floors and stocks both men’s and women’s luxury clothing, footwear and accessories, in addition to a dedicated space for children’s wear.   
The first Flannels store opened in Knutsford, Cheshire in 1976 and since then the company has successfully introduced designer fashion largely to the North West and Midlands regions. 
The opening will bring Flannels to Hereford and is a landmark moment for the company which already has a chain of successful stores in Manchester, Liverpool, Plymouth, Leeds, Birmingham, Sunderland, Swindon, Cardiff, Newcastle, Nottingham and Southport.  

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26 Oct 2015

Posted by Denise Lloyd in Open Forum

Herefordshire Council is considering selling off its' 5 thousand acres of farmland. It could raise 48 million pounds - as massive chunk of the 60 million pounds the authority needs to save in the next 3 years. The land is a huge asset though and has risen in value every year for the last decade. At a meeting this afternoon the council's Scrutiny Committee will recommended either a partial sale will some starter and progression farms kept on OR the sale of the entire estate. The sale will leave 51 families without their homes and businesses. Ian and Lorraine Salmon farm 66 acres near Leominster - they've just had their first child Isobel and face an uncertain future.....................

Does anybody know the outcome of this meeting?

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IRAQI & KURDISH Owned Shops Raided Again!


Posted by Colin James in Open Forum

***** IRAQI & KURDISH owned shops raided again! ***** 


Cigarette Haul.jpg


All of these shops hide behind names such as: Polski Sklep, Zabka, International Food, Kubus and Super Sams to name just a few and to be totally honest NONE of the shops that have been raided over the past few years including those in Eign Gate Hereford mentioned above have ever been Polish owned! 


The Polish community have been unfairly tarnished and labelled causing divide within the community unnecessarily.


This topic has been created to highlight these issues and if you click on ANY of the past police and trading standards raids listed below within this topic, you will clearly see that all of the shops and businesses mentioned are not owned by Polish people and the only connection is the produce that they sell, alongside produce from many other nations. Sometimes the staff employed maybe Polish or European to help sell these products.


Some of these shops even have the cheek to steal their names and the logo's from big corporate legit Polish companies and appear to get away with that too! Names like Zabka, Kubus and Biedronka are all large Polish companies and brands.


The ONLY Polish owned shop in Hereford as far as we are aware is Edysia at the very bottom of Eign Gate (opposite Peacocks) 


Here is a list of previous raids in Hereford along with the names of the people prosecuted.


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What does Herefordshire hope to get out of The Marches LEP?

10 Feb 2014

Posted by megilleland in Open Forum
Local Enterprise Partnerships are locally-owned partnerships between local authorities and businesses. They play a central role in determining local economic priorities and undertaking activities to drive economic growth and the creation of local jobs.
Government has provided all LEPs with a notional allocation of funding from the 2014-2020 EU funding programme and asked LEPs to develop strategies to identify how they intend to spend their allocations.
Due to the way that the EU classifies areas, the Marches LEP allocation is split between Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin (£67million) and Herefordshire (£23million).

Have your say - Consultation launched on Marches SEP

The Marches Local Enterprise Partnership has published its draft Strategic Economic Plan, which demonstrates how through accelerated growth the region could see an extra 40,000 new jobs created and 72,000 new homes built.
The 100-page document details how the Marches has the capability to deliver houses and employment sites at speed with a dedicated investment fund. And it highlights the importance of having the freedom to unlock land for development and support for infrastructure projects if the Marches is to achieve its potential.
The private sector-led Board of the Marches LEP, which includes the Leaders of the local authorities of Herefordshire, Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin, has approved the draft plan and is now inviting comments and feedback from organisations, businesses and communities across the region. 
Chairman of the Marches LEP, Graham Wynn OBE, said: “Our Strategic Economic Plan is an investment proposition. It says that with the right financial levers, investment by Whitehall and the private sector in our region, we can create prosperity and growth for the people who live and work here and the businesses which are based here.
“The plan is the result of extensive work and research, and now we are entering a period of consultation with stakeholders and the business community. This is a vital document, it is our bid to Government for a Marches Growth Deal.
“Our region is brimming with opportunity and this plan identifies the priorities which need addressing so that our region can deliver to its potential.”
The draft plan has received cross-county support from the Leaders of the three local authorities, with Herefordshire Council, Shropshire Council and Telford & Wrekin Council key public sector partners which will be delivering the LEP's programme of work.
Councillor Tony Johnson, Leader of Herefordshire Council, said: “This Strategic Economic Plan is an aspiration for what we can achieve working in partnership with each other and with Government. The Hereford Enterprise Zone is the flagship delivery project of the Marches LEP, and alone has the potential to create thousands of jobs.”
Councillor Keith Barrow, Leader of Shropshire Council, said removing the barriers to growth would see rapid development and delivery of shovel-ready schemes.
“We want the business community, our stakeholders, to support the vision we have for the Marches, which is for a strong, diverse and enterprising business base. This draft plan sets out how we think that vision can be achieved – it is ambitious but we have the experience and the opportunity on our doorstop to get this done.”
Councillor Kuldip Sahota, Leader of Telford & Wrekin Council, said: “We have worked in partnership across the three areas to develop a draft economic plan which demonstrates how we can build for the future, supporting businesses, creating jobs and building homes. We can demonstrate a track record in delivery with numerous current programmes under way, including the £250 million Southwater scheme in Telford.”
The Plan says growth is contingent on the creation of an investment fund; more freedom to unlock land for development; support for infrastructure projects, including transport programmes and having the flexibility to pool resources to address youth unemployment and skills as well as scope for supporting more higher and further education provision in the Marches.
The LEP also makes clear that investment in education and skills is a priority, highlighting the benefit to the region of Centres of Excellence such as Harper Adams University. The University recently opened its Agricultural Innovation Centre, part funded by the Marches LEP Development Fund, which will support the creation of more than 200 new jobs.
The Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) has now been published on the Marches LEP website and is available for download. Organisations are requested to reply with comments before 12 noon Friday 28 February 2014. 


Looks like the Marches LEP is going all out to get EU Investment - maybe because there is no money in the kitty here in Herefordshire. I thought Herefordshire Council was our local authority. I didn't realise decisions and policies would be made by an unelected quango operating out of Westminster and the EU. How do our councillors feel that this could be the beginning of the end for our local authority? I am surprised they are consulting local communities when there are only a few weeks in which to comment.


Draft Strategic Economic Plan


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Using a Mobile Phone Whilst Driving.

29 Sep 2016

Posted by Clarkester in Police & Crime

I notice in the news and press that the fine and penalty points for using a mobile phone whilst driving, is due to increase next year.

I'm sure most people will agree that this is a good thing, even though there seems to be little enforcement of the law by our boys and girls in blue.

The point to this post?  Ah yes, that...

I was waiting to cross Yazor Road in Hereford today (Thursday 29th September 2016) at approximately 12:50, one of the cars passing me was a rather distinctively decorated driving instructors car, complete with personalised registration (nice touch.)  

As she, oops sorry, as the car passed me by, I noticed the driver, with one hand on the wheel, the other down by their side was doing a marvellous "nodding dog" impression, something down on her, or his (her) lap was taking up quite a good percentage of attention away from the road, that's for sure.

What chance do we have to expect people to resist the urge to use their mobiles whilst driving when a driving instructor is quite prepared to openly do just that?!

Still, it was probably important, wasn't it?

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Shops raided arrests made

02 Dec 2016

Posted by Bilbobobby in Hereford City

Once again the HTIMES have ignored the positives by the local cops and council. 2 shops raided - Mila in Belmont Road and Supersam in Eign Street. 2 illegal immigrants arrested. 250k of contraband/illegal cigs plus large quantity of illegal alcohol. Both shops owned by the same man. Others arrested as well...3 days later alcohol licenses suspended. Not seen as a current story by the HTIMES disappointing

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Redevelopment of former Records Office, Harold Street

28 Jun 2016

Posted by twowheelsgood in Bartonsham

Disposal of the former Records Office in Harold Street - selling it to Cathedral School - was put to and approved by Cabinet in November last year, and we now hear that the Cathedral School are shortly to submit a planning application to clear the historic site and build a 40+ bed accommodation block for foreign students. 


More details when we have them!

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Barrett Development Hampton Dene

07 Dec 2016

Posted by greenknight in Planning
Now I wish to open a can of worms and I want opinion.
A lot of negotiations went on regarding this site and on balance it looks like a good result.
I however learnt something last week which throws a dirty rag over the whole site.

Herefordshire Council will not be adopting the site.....street lighting,maintenance,play areas,balancing ponds, everything in fact will be managed by a third party.

The cost...a staggering £360 per year fee for all properties including unaffordable homes. No doubt yearly increases will be capped however what action would be taken against those that wont/cant pay.

So unless you can advise differently your council tax on this site will be paying for just a fortnightly bin collection.

Very short sighted by the council and a guaranteed problem development for the future.

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Herefordshire Housing to make local man homeless after 45...

06 Dec 2016

Posted by Colin James in Open Forum

A local Hereford man whom I have known all my life, as his family are friends and neighbours that I grew up with is facing eviction from the home that he has lived in with his parents all of his life (over 45 years!).


Last year a dear neighbour and the father of my friend passed away in November and then this year, only a few weeks ago, his mother also sadly passed away. He has lost both of his parents within a year of each other.


He is now living alone just with the family dog in the 3 bedroomed house that his parents lived in for just under 50 years and the home that has always lived in and the home that he grew up in.


He fully appreciates that the house is better off being used for a family and it is clearly too big for him however, Herefordshire Council are refusing to house him and have basically told him that he needs to get out or face being evicted!


He would be more than happy with a one bedroomed flat but the Hereford Housing have told him no!


I cannot make head or tail of this but this is disgusting, this poor man is still grieving for his mother, who was only laid to rest a few week's ago and with Christmas fast approaching my friend is worried sick and is not sleeping, this cannot be right! 


(I will leave his name and details anonymous for now)

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Hereford Express Licence Review

04 Dec 2016

Posted by Colin James in Hampton Park and Tupsley

Hereford Express in Foley Lane are having their licence reviewed due to selling cigarettes and alcohol to underage people.


Hereford Express 1.jpg


During the course of an operation run by trading standards on 25th October 2016, Mr Selven Nathan DOB 25.10.1988 did sell age restricted products to two underage volunteers who were in fact sixteen years old. Namely one pouch of Cutter’s Choice hand rolled tobacco, a can of Scrumpy Jacks and a bottle of Blossom Hill Wine. This contravenes the Licensing Act 2003 and also the The Nicotine Inhaling Products (Age of Sale and Proxy Purchasing) Regulations 2015.

The seller mentioned above was interviewed at the time of sale and evidence gathered showed that Mr Nathan had no regard to the challenge 25 policy that he was aware of. He hadn’t received adequate training from the DPS nor was he aware of the condition regarding a refusals register.
We had received complaints regarding this premises that they were selling age restricted products to children. When interviewed under caution, Mr Nathan told me that he had been visited (that same week) by a college lecturer and advised that college student were being sold tobacco and alcohol products. But Mr Nathan did not ID either of the volunteers.
Giving the location of the premises being in close proximity to the college, it is the opinion of the service area that the licence to sell alcohol be revoked to prevent further sales in order to protect children from harm.
The sales show the DPS does not have control of the premises.
Herefordshire Council Licensing Policy states that any premises failing a test purchase will be reviewed
Full details can be found here

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How to lose One Hundred Thousand Pounds a day?

03 Dec 2016

Posted by bobby47 in Open Forum
Our local NHS Trust have achieved this remarkable achievement by following the ideology of Common Purpose, placing their complete faith in LinkedIn and its vast number of under achievers who swim amongst their members deluding themselves and us into ever believing that 'it's a business' and should be run in that way when it was, is and always will be a bloody service.
Back to the question though. How did they manage it. Well, a start would be in giving the land the old Hospitals once sat upon away at a very commercially and highly interesting price. Next to buggar all is extremely interesting.
Then you get the interested sharks from the private sector to agree to build you a new one, which, considering the future opportunities that'll emerge, they happily agree to do, just as long as they get some sugar at the very end of the feeding frenzy upon our public funds. The bloody rent!
You then get some Wiley, cunning and very clever sharp suits from the private sector who've been feasting for years off the highly rewarding PFI stupidity, pop them in a room and introduce them to the public sector suits who just happen to be bloody incompetent, know nothing about how to avoid getting ripped off and eaten alive, set a rate of rent which is hugely damaging to the future well being of the Hospital and, end up wth a building that's far to small than the one the County really needed, very costly to run with an accompanying annual costs that'd destroy any public service organisation that doesn't manufacture and sell anything and can never ever service the debt that the highly paid, let's pay the best to get the best, incompetent public service suits agreed upon because they were out of their depth, largely due to the fact they'd all reached their own level of personal incompetence many years ago whilst combing the greasy pole of Public Sector Money Games.
Once that's been done, you gather in all the past failures, the dross and dregs of the public sector, allow them to build their Empire Of Dirt, stock it so full of management the whole thing evolves into a bureaucratic beast of burden that begins to eat itself alive resulting in administrative chaos that's not helped because the very same idiots who gave the Hospital away to PFI are the very same ones who negotiated yet another highly expensive and badly procured project that nobody ever wanted or needed but it sounded like a good idea at the time.
Then, you begin outsourcing everything to the private sector, enabling the savings of imaginary millions, the creation of thousands of imaginary jobs and the opportunity to never be held to accountability because it wasn't ever going to be your fault and just to confuse anyone who dares ever look beneath the big lie, you create loads of bloody Partnerships who are there to share in the glorious failure of it all chanting, 'lessons have been learnt' guaranteeing to everyone that they'll dig deeper and deeper before ever admitting that they buggered it all up.
Next, create Arms Length companies that can secrete the dreadful failures and never be opened to public scrutiny. Then, once you start that, create some Partnerships. They're all pointless of course but it all looks so grand from their corporate perspective and adds greatly to the ever increasing cycle of confusion, chaos and the stumbling from one self created disaster to the other that's just around their corner.
Then, once the private sector have created their Health Care Support company that's staffed with hundreds of Nurses and Doctors who left the local Health Trust because the money was better and the stress less, you get to lose lots more money quite quickly on staffing costs. Costs that are so high you've absolutely no chance of ever breaking even in this lopsided game of The Public Sector Cash Trough.
Course, there's the hundreds of other contracts that were also negotiated between the Idiot and the private sector. Want a new phone. Pay me. New Light Bulb. Pay me. No matter what it is or how simply the job can be done. Pay me! You pay me over and over again until our contract with one another expires.
In short, every single component part of our local NHS Trust is tainted by a commercial contract negotiated by an incompetent bungling idiot who's either left the gravy train or, through sheer luck,has managed to cling on despite the part they played in losing us all one hundred thousand pounds every day of our seven day week.
That's pretty much how to lose that sort of money. You simply make one single crucial strategic appointment and allow that one single idiot to indulge themselves and allow their imagination to run riot.

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More City Centre Residents Can Complain if Plans Approved

04 Dec 2016

Posted by Colin James in Planning

Proposed plans have been submitted to convert the former Johnson's Dry Cleaners, first, second and third floors from retail space to residential apartments.


Dry Cleaners.jpg


We need to look at the bigger picture, the city centre will face no end of objections for future planning applications from RESIDENTS when businesses what to put up illuminated signs and extend business hours to accommodate functions in restaurants and bars etc, this happened recently when Yates applied to extend their opening hours (they won the court case in the end) and they received objections from the flats next door.


We should keep the city centre as a city centre and protect the businesses now and in the future, either that or a clause should be put in place for all new planning applications to cover new builds/conversions to prevent such objections, in other words, if you rent/buy a property in the city centre don't complain when the local business wants to put up an illuminated sign or extend their opening hours etc


Planning application here

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Restoration Photo's of Supermarine Swift WK275

28 Nov 2016

Posted by Colin James in Open Forum

A foggy day in March 2012, WK275 outside Sheppards surplus where she had sat for over 50 years. This was taken on the day a team from Jet Art turned up to start the dismantling process and extract the aircraft so the restoration work could begin.




All work carried out and photographs courtesy of Jet Art Aviation


Jet Art Aviation Facebook 

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Table Top Sale at Belmont Community Centre

30 Nov 2016

Posted by Tracy Bowes in Belmont



Just to let you know there is a table top sale taking place at Belmont Community Centre on Sunday 4th December 2016 from 1.30 pm.


Sellers should reserve tables in advance with a full payment of £5 and arrive at 1 pm.


Come along and maybe grab yourself a bargain.

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Bloody Celebrities!

30 Nov 2016

Posted by bobby47 in Open Forum
If they ain't dancing in the Blackpool Tower Ballroom, they're doing it on ice, and if they ain't baking a bloody fruit cake to entertain us, they're on a quiz show, on a rotten bus, in a bloody house falling out with one another or in the Australian North East coast jungle eating all manner of creatures just to earn their fee, win the barstard competition and get the chance to advertise for Iceland Foods and move on to the next pointless celebrity programme where we the bloody viewers are invited to phone in and decide whether or not we want them to carry on doing buggar all that supposedly thrills us and entertains our poor souls. The barstards!
There was a time, not so long ago, when their star would dim, the calls dried up, their agent told them to 'clear off and don't come back' and they ended up on the end of a coastal rotten pier playing Widow Twanky in pantomime. Not anymore mores the pity. Nowadays, when their voice goes, they can't sing a bloody note or something else prevents them performing and getting a generous round of applause, it signals the beginning of their second career of the celebrity programme entertainment circuit.
What bloody next? We've already got the bloody celebrity President. It'll be bloody Pope next. The barstards!
If I had anything to do with it I'd certainly introduce something harsher, some dreadful alternative that'd make them think twice about signing up for Celebrity this and Celebrity that. Shoot the barstards. By Firing Squad. If the public don't phone in on Premium Rates and acknowledge 'we like you', then take them out of the house, off the dance floor or out of the jungle, and shoot um! That'd sort it out and it'd definitely increase the viewing numbers.
And if death by Firing Squad is a little to harsh for some then amputate a limb or sever a toe or finger. Anything! Beat them senseless and roll them in nettles but just stop this celebrity culture that's dominating my television screen.
I know if I were a celebrity and I was fully cognisant that there was a very good chance that I could walk into the Celebrity programme and end up hopping out, I'd give it some serious consideration. And as for the Firing Squad bit, which I personally don't think is particularly harsh or excessive, we could involve our brave Armed Forces Men and Women to do the shooting,which, they've been highly trained to do in their past service to us,and then and at the same time raise some much needed revenue to help them.

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Toby Carvery Coming to Hereford?

28 Nov 2016

Posted by Colin James in Open Forum

I hear rumours that Toby Carvery are coming to Hereford? Possibly at the bunch of carrots... anyone?

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