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Jesse Norman/Bill Wiggin


Posted by Denise Lloyd in Open Forum

Not quite sure what kind of reaction I will get to this but I will give it a go. 


With a Cabinet of 7 making decisions that will change Herefordshire for ever - no going back - are our 2 MP's doing enough to look after the county they represent? Two MP'S don't come keep cheap.  Do we ever really hear from them?


No 1 Ledbury Road/sale of Herefordshire Council farms/SLR/Link Road/bypass/ the list is endless these are county changing decisions and from where I am sitting this Council is on track to run this county into the ground and not only that destroying the appearance of the county.


Surely the pecking order should be Norman and Wiggin stepping in and saying steady on chaps don't you think it would be better if you tried this or did this but you don't why?


Whatever your views on Paul Keetch he worked tirelessly when the Foot and Mouth was playing havoc in the country - would either of these 2 do this?  I think not but you people may see it differently to me.

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'Snap Fitness' 24 Hour Gym for Hereford

17 Dec 2016

Posted by Colin James in Planning

Plans have been submitted for change of use of the ground floor below the Travelodge, from a public house (Class A4) to gym (Class D2) use. (formally restaurant) 







  • We are private club open to members only
  • The club is locked at all times, with secure door access only via a unique member ID card
  • Less than 1% of our members workout after 11:00pm and before 5:00am
  • We install and monitor at least 16 surveillance cameras covering all internal and external areas of the facility
  • Duress alarm systems are installed in every club including wearable pendant alarms and hard wired duress alarms that dial direct to a live emergency services operator and are connected by 2-way voice
  • Entry is via an electronic security tag that holds of of the member's information and is recorded in our computer system as well as our security monitoring system every time it is used. The doors are locked 24 hours a day and all members must swipe in even during club staffed hours 

Sound + Lighting

  • We engage regularly sound and acoustic consulting services when working with council during planning applications - example Noise Impact Assessments available on request
  • Considerable effect is placed in taking account of importance of location and type of A/c units, plus flooring and suspended ceiling solutions that mitigate sound and vibration levels
  • Lighting is sensor operated and will automatically turn off when no members are active in the club
  • Lighting levels of 320 LUX


No Contracts.png




Snap Fitness Website


See planning application P163878/F here


Landlord Pack PDF

Attached File  Misc.pdf   2.97MB   61 downloads

Remember where you heard it first!

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29 Jan 2017

Posted by DILLIGAF in Open Forum
Let's face it, Herefordshire Council have no money, Balfour Beatty can't be bothered and Highways Agency pass it back to local authorities; so we have Bob's cousin, No Hope!!!
I have started this thread to make us all aware in advance of the potentially dangerous situations of potholes on our roads. Keeping us safer, unnecessary repairs and avoiding them where possible. Most if not all would have been reported to Herefordshire Council directly anyway.
Please post locations and position i.e. nearside, centre, offside. Photos if possible (not if you're driving). Only edit post with FIXED when appropriate. Pease do not digress.

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Terrorist Attack in London - Arm ALL British Police

22 Mar 2017

Posted by Colin James in Police & Crime

It was waiting to happen but unfortunately there has now been a terrorist attack in London. 


Terror Attack.jpg


Westminster is on lockdown after a terror attack where a knifeman ploughed a car into pedestrians before stabbing a policeman outside the Houses of Parliament.

Two people have died and a number of people have suffered "catastrophic" injuries after in the incident where a number of people were mowed down on Westminster Bridge by the attacker.
Witnesses described hearing people screaming and seeing bodies scatter as the car is understood to have mounted the pavement just in front of the Houses of Parliament.


It is time to arm ALL our police here in the UK if you agree please sign the petition HERE

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Community Action Day - Belmont Rural Parish Council

23 Mar 2017

Posted by Adrian Bridges in Belmont

Community Action Day

Its no joke

We Need Your Help 

Saturday 1st April 2017



If you can spare ANY time then why not come along to 

Belmont Community Centre

10.30am - 1st April and help out with small projects around our Parish.
We’ll be tackling things like pruning, grass cutting, weeding, litter picking and planting. 
So if you can spare an hour or more then please come along; we’ll even feed and water you at the FREE lunchtime BBQ !!!
Keep an eye on our web site where you’ll find updates about the day 
for further information email: [email protected]
Attached File  CAD 1st April.pdf   1.22MB   12 downloads

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Wife of Hereford man to be deported to Philippines

20 Mar 2017

Posted by megilleland in Police & Crime

Heard this on BBC H&W Radio today.



Wife of Hereford man to be deported to Philippines

Man fears wife could be destitute if forced to leave UK

The wife of a British man will be left homeless when she is sent back to the Philippines, her husband says.

Rob and Marinel Bristow, from Hereford, married eight years ago.

Mrs Bristow had been refused a permanent visa and they were appealing against the decision, but this month she was arrested, detained and told she would be deported.

The Home Office said Mrs Bristow could not provide evidence of her husband's earnings needed for the application.

Mrs Bristow was taken to the Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre in Bedfordshire as she has been unable to prove her husband's earnings as a photographer meet the threshold of £18,600 for her to stay here on a spousal visa.

Her husband said she would be deported imminently.

"If she's sent back now she will basically be homeless," he said.

After the couple married, Mrs Bristow initially remained in the Philippines.

When a typhoon destroyed her business and property in 2013, she moved to the UK and applied to permanently stay, but her application was refused.

During the appeals process her passport and visitor visa expired and she was told to register at Hereford police station each month.

"We waited and waited for the result of the application and never heard anything and she went in as usual on 8 March and was detained," said Mr Bristow.

"They showed us the letter of refusal and then she was detained in the police station and moved to the immigration removal centre. That's the first we knew of the visa result."

The Home Office said: "Ms Bristow did not submit the required evidence to demonstrate her partner's income from self-employment. The required threshold is £18,600 a year."


Looks like we are turning into a police state with judges and officials using secret courts to determine the fate of established citizens. Won't be long before we are stopped in High Town and asked for our papers. Jesse Norman (our silent MP) has been contacted about this injustice, but so far no comment.

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No.1 Ledbury Road

21 Sep 2015

Posted by greenknight in Open Forum
If this is a duplication please forgive me however the clock ticks for No.1.

During the CQC meeting tonight at the Town Hall the friends,family and councillors past and present did a great job of raising the profile and plight of this unique respite centre here in Herefordshire. They were made to understand the shortcomings of WVT in the way the matter has been dealt with and also the lack of forward measures in place.

To exacerbate the situation staff are beginning to leave which could assist in its demise.

If it wasn't on the CQC radar then it should be now and perhaps a visit this week will work positively for the centre.
Should it close right now there are no viable alternative solutions in place.

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Mayor Jim Kenyon Suggest Additional Bridges

05 Mar 2017

Posted by Colin James in Open Forum

Mayor Jim Kenyon has put forward his idea's of additional river crossings for Hereford to help reduce the city's congestion problems.


See Hereford Times article below:


The city's Mayor Jim Kenyon is bringing forward a motion tomorrow (Friday) to Herefordshire Councillors for an eastern river crossing to be built in addition to the favoured western option.


The bridge, costing £30 million, would act as a fundamental link to go between Ledbury Road in Tupsley and the B4399 at Rotherwas.


Despite the eastern bridge failing to form part of Herefordshire Council’s Core Strategy, Cllr Kenyon wants it be considered along with a western route via Breinton.


He said: “This bridge would ease traffic in the city and is not instead of the western bypass but as well as.

“The former city Mayor said 50 years ago that within 10 years we would need one or two more bridges.


“So let's not settle for one bridge. Let's get both of them as that’s what we need.


"The national government says that in Hereford we need more housing so if that’s the case we need money for the western bypass and at a local level for the eastern bridge.”


Cllr Kenyon said that a new road leading to the bridge would be built through the middle of the joint housing and rugby development off Hampton Park Road.


The Mayor says that this ‘protected road route’ has always been earmarked for an eastern link and would be built alongside the Hereford Rugby Club development.


He says that the need for two more bridges in the city was proven only last Thursday when Greyfriars Bridge was closed due to safety fears at Asda petrol station.


“An hour after the bridge was re-opened nobody was in the city centre or the shops which cost businesses money,” he added. “Everytime the city centre is gridlocked people hear about it and simply don’t come.”


Herefordshire Council has given its backing to a western route near Breinton but the smaller city council agreed in January to start a pressure group pushing for an eastern crossing.


Cllr Kenyon’s motion requests that the council’s ‘executive’ support his idea and to bring it forward to the Board of the Marches Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) with the view to it being included in the LEP’s funding bids to government. 


“We need the eastern bridge to be in Herefordshire Council’s Core Strategy and I think that’s it’s ridiculous that it is not already,” added Cllr Kenyon “This isn’t a bypass but a bridge to ease congestion and it will act as an alternative for traffic around the city.”


I was unable to attend the meeting on Friday due to work commitments however I understand that only 11 voted in favour with 34 voting against it and 1 abstention.


Okay let's start naming those who objected for a start! 

A lot of this is more to do with with some councillors not liking others! It is a complete joke and these councillors should be working for the people of Hereford and not their own ego's!
Fair play to Jim Kenyon for trying...

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Where's the money going?

22 Jan 2017

Posted by megilleland in Open Forum

Looking through the latest expenditure figures for Herefordshire Council December 2016 and this entry stands out.


£481,700.54 REDACTED / Commissioning Capital (Expense Area) / Capital Expenditure (Cipfa T)


Nearly half a million pounds and we have no idea who is receiving this payment. Is it a person, a business or another? We obviously won't find out. 


A lot of expenses which are redacted are in the following expense areas. Including the above expense, a total of £876,326.27 was paid out in December. The next largest sum paid being £36,875. 


Adults Operations
Central Childrens Directorate Costs
Commissioning Capital
Education and Commissioning
Environment and Place
Growth Capital
Housing & Independent Living Capital
Learning Disabilities
Mental Health
Safeguarding and Family Support
Including the above expense, a total of £876,326.27 was paid out in December - the next largest sum paid being £36,875. This single unknown expense represents 54% of the total redacted expenses paid out. I am sure it was going to a good cause.

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Hereford City of Culture 2021?

30 May 2014

Posted by megilleland in Open Forum
Hereford Times: Friday 30th May 2014 in News By Bill Tanner

The Courtyard and Herefordshire Council have today (Friday) confirmed a partnership to create a local consortium to make the bid.
Over the next few weeks key local cultural organisations will be invited to join that consortium.
The UK City of Culture programme encourages the use of culture and creativity as a catalyst for change.
To prove its worth, the Hereford bid has to demonstrate the delivery of a high quality cultural programme that not only builds and expands on local strengths and assets  but reaches a “wide variety” of audiences over the course of the year.
The programme also has to show how  culture and creativity can lead to “lasting social regeneration” in contributing to related local agendas, supporting cultural diversity and cohesion, and creating demonstrable economic impact through investment and innovation.
Courtyard chief executive Ian Archer will advise the consortium. He played a key part in the initial stages of the successful Hull 2017 application.
Roger Morgan, Chairman of The Courtyard Board, said that the bid built on the centre’s nationally acclaimed cross-generational work as to how the arts can enhance lives and lifestyles.
“We believe that by bringing together all the major cultural organisations in the county we can extend this to bring an improved quality of life to the county as a whole,” he said.
Cllr Harry Bramer, Herefordshire Council cabinet member for cultural services, said the county brought “ an amazing cultural history and a vibrant and diverse contemporary cultural scene” to the bid.
" We have visual artists, craftspeople, musicians, performers, storytellers, historians, broadcasters, blacksmiths, photographers, designers, film-makers, writers, poets, dancers, developers, actors and directors. The council is committed to working with individuals, communities and organisations to do more for themselves and their local area,” said Cllr Bramer.
“I am really excited by the prospect of working with The Courtyard and the widest range of other organisations to take this forward. I am absolutely convinced that we have the skills locally to pull together a winning bid,” he said


This seems to have caused a lot of mirth on the Hereford Times comments. Is this the same man who wanted to cut the library service last year?

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Hereford Council aka Asset Strippers

20 Sep 2016

Posted by Denise Lloyd in Open Forum

Yet another asset of the county has been put on the market.


How did the Council come by these properties - were they purchased as an investment when they were going cheap were they bequeathed or were they bought to be used when the Council is as cash strapped as it is now.  Anybody know?  Whatever the reason the less assets on the books the more the interest on the cash borrowed of which there is plenty.


Moor House Hereford a beautiful Grade II listed mansion.


There are prestigious estate agents in Herefordshire yet the Council continue to source out of county professional services so even the selling fees do not stay in the county









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Activity at Wathen's

21 Mar 2017

Posted by adamski in Hereford City
Work underway there. Sadly not a newsagent and sweetie shop. However, could be good, apparently a good deli on one side and a decent takeaway sandwich shop to the left hand side, up against the Spread Eagle.

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Hereford Link Road

26 Oct 2015

Posted by Colin James in Edgar Street Grid and Courtyard Theatre

They have now demolished the BP garage in Edgar Street. Here are a few pictures I took over the weekend.


Link Road 3.jpg

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Asda GP Walk-In Centre To Close - Petition

28 Jan 2016

Posted by Colin James in Asda

I have heard from several reliable sources that the GP walk-in centre at Asda is to be closed.




Please SIGN the petition here


Cllr Glenda Powell managed to get over 700 signatures on a petition to prevent it being moved to the A&E department at the hospital back in 2010. (See this topic)

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Is this the future for workers?

20 Mar 2017

Posted by megilleland in Open Forum

Both articles in The Guardian this week:


UK Mail driver who was unable to work after car accident charged £800

Delivery company accused of ripping off workers over costs passed on for finding drivers to cover for sickness absences

Delivery company UK Mail has been accused of “ripping off” workers and using “inhuman” practices after it charged a courier nearly £800 when he was unable to work as a result of a car accident while on duty.

The £250m business, which delivers for retailers including Tesco, Homebase and O2, billed 47-year old Emil Ibrahimov £216 on the days he could not work after a car drove into him while he was carrying parcels from the rear of his van in east London.



Sick Parcelforce couriers can be charged up to £250 if they can't find cover

News of policy at Royal Mail-owned firm, which delivers for M&S, John Lewis and Hamleys, emerges after criticism of DPD

Parcelforce couriers who deliver packages for Marks & Spencer, John Lewis and Hamleys can be charged up to £250 a day if they are off sick and cannot find someone to cover their shift.

Details of the policy applied by the Royal Mail-owned business emerged days after rival courier company DPD was criticised for charging some drivers who take time off for illness. And it will fuel concerns about precarious working conditions in the “gig economy”, amid a series of disputes about the employment status of people who work for firms such as Uber and Deliveroo.

About a quarter of Parcelforce’s 3,000 couriers are self-employed owner-drivers, meaning they are paid per delivery and must fund their own vehicle, fuel, insurance and uniform. It has emerged that some owner-drivers who take a day off due to illness, but cannot find cover, are being told they must pay Parcelforce £250 per day missed.


It won't be long before we all pay to go to work! This on top of the Conservative government trying to increase self employed taxes in the Budget.

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Planning Committee Approves Southern Link Road

06 Jun 2016

Posted by Colin James in Planning

Herefordshire Council’s planning committee has approved the Southern Link Road (SLR) planning application today, Monday 6 June 2016.

The SLR marks the first phase of a bypass for the city and will assist in delivering new homes and jobs.
The road’s construction will also facilitate the implementation of active travel measures in South Wye. Plans include prohibition weight restriction on Belmont Road, shared use cycleways, new pedestrian crossings on Belmont Road and new speed restrictions in residential areas.
Councillor Philip Price, cabinet member infrastructure said:

 “Today’s decision is a significant move forward as it is the first step towards a long-awaited bypass. Hereford can now move towards a more financially sustainable future, with the provision of more homes and jobs.
We still have far to go, but this decision is the vital first step forward and allows us to continue to develop in line with the county’s emerging economic master plan. The Enterprise Zone at Rotherwas can now develop with the right infrastructure in place to support it. Although, to fully build out the Enterprise zone there is a requirement to have in place the bypass as planned; today’s decision goes some way towards that aim. This is good news for business and for Hereford as a whole.”
The SLR is scheduled to be completed by summer 2019. The rest of the bypass will be completed when further funding can be secured from the Government. Subject to funding the bypass in its entirety will be constructed between 2022 and 2027. The council has secured £27m of Central Government funding for the SLR.

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