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Efflorescence On the Walls.

08 Dec 2013

Posted by bobby47 in Edgar Street Grid
For those of you who ain't interested and I for one can't blame you, the new shopping development has salt all over its brickwork. Putting aside the fact that this means the bricks are substandard and we have damp in the brickwork before a single shop has begun to trade, we are now blighted by another problem.
It's an all to predictable problem that often emerges when you've salt deposits all over the bloody walls. It allways happens. Simulacra, or as its better known, bloody apparitions.
I staggered past the East facing wall this afternoon and they were there. They allways are. Bloody pilgrims, staring up in wonder at the salty brickwork screaming hysterically, 'Halleluzah', they shouted, 'Lordy, Lordy be praised. A sign!'
I told them, ' well who in Gods name is this salty image supposed to be?', 'we ain't certain, but we reckon its either the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mary Magdalena. Our monies on it being a gift from Jehovah.'
'Rubbish', I said, 'I know rubbish when I see it and this is rubbish'. Mind, I can understand the fools seeing this as a sign. It's clearly a woman and to be fair it does look like a biblical Icon but I told them, 'I've read the New Testament from front to cover and not once has the good book mentioned that either of these two women were keen participants in athletics'.
This salty image clearly depicts a woman pole vaulting over a horizontal bar, wearing a sports bra and clutching a vaulters pole and her skirts, and whilst I accept it could be a genuine apparition, I'd need to hear some seriously compelling evidence to convince me that Mary Magdalene or The Virgin Mary were ever active competitors in Judean sporting events.
We don't want lepers, people with headlice and Ricketts tipping up here and draining our already overwhelmed public services, so I say, lets get this salt off the walls before our local economy takes another hit and we become the latest place for these bloody pilgrims to visit.

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Fair Play To Balfour Beatty

25 Mar 2015

Posted by Colin James in Belmont

Well I will be the first to put up my hand and say that Balfour Beatty have done a fantastic job of clearing the overgrown bushes in Glastonbury Close once and for all.


I spoke with the guys doing the work just before 8am on Friday morning and after a chat they agreed that just a trim was obviously not going to be enough and if you going to do a job at least do it right! This teams whole attitude was spot on to be fair and now we can see around the corner again. 




I believe in giving credit where credit is due and to be honest I cannot fault these guy's, 100% better than it has been for many years. Thanks must also go to Councillor Vaughan-Powell for taking my complaint to Balfour Beatty and getting this job listed.


Well done everyone!

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The Youth Vote

14 Mar 2015

Posted by DanGuerche in Open Forum

I hope this is Ok to post Colin. 


Thursday 26th March - doors open at 8pm Play is hosting a "Rock the Vote"


The idea is simple - all the major parties have been invited, Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dems, Greens, UKIP, Its our County - all have replied and confirmed attendance. 


This is an "open Question Time" style of discussion from 9pm in the club. 


So - if you are interested in Politics, care about who should be the next MP for our great City but unsure who to vote for, this could be the place to help you decide! 


Candidates take to the stage at 9pm. 


IF you have a question you wish to ask - please feel free to post here, and Ill add it to the mix and report back the answers if you cant make the event. 


Rock the Vote (2).jpg

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Lets hear more from the silent majority!

07 Feb 2015

Posted by greenknight in Open Forum

With local and general elections just around the corner I would dearly like to activate the silent members within the site. I also believe we should also have a go about raising awareness of Hereford Voice perhaps placing an advert in the Hereford Times.

I really believe that this site has all the potential to make local politicians take notice of its electorate but we need more members and more apolitical diversity.

I have suggested to Colin about making a donation towards the advert which I feel should be one/half page (cost permitting) with a single strap line to maximise impact.

If you feel I'm talking rubbish please feel free to express that but if we want to get things going we need to be organised and preferably without flying a national political flag.

The right decisions for the best county in England!

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How Many Empty Shops In Hereford 2015?

23 Jan 2015

Posted by Colin James in Hereford City

Well we are just over a year on from the last time I did this exercise in this topic (December 2013), so lets see what has changed and see what the differences are...


1.Widemarsh St.jpg

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Hereford Train Services

13 Jan 2015

Posted by megilleland in Open Forum
Monday 12 January 2015 in Hereford Times News by Bill Tanner

Service now handling 3.5 million passenger journeys faces review
WITH over 3.5 million journeys now taken on the rail link between Hereford and Shrewsbury, a users group is long overdue.
Now, such a group has arrived in the guise of the Marches Rail Users Alliance (MRUA).
And MRUA has wasted little time in signalling its intentions.
This week, ahead of a review of Arriva Trains Wales as the operating franchise, MRUA has identified four key issues with the line that it is “keen to discuss” with Arriva, the Department for Transport and the Welsh Assembly.
They are:
1. Provision of an hourly stopping train between Hereford and Shrewsbury
At present, says MRUA, the pattern is irregular with a “considerable imbalance” at certain times of the day.
Examples are cited as a gap from Church Stretton to Shrewsbury between 1504 and 1655 and another between 0938 and 1138 southbound from Craven Arms to Hereford. 
MRUA wants an hourly stopping train interspersed with faster limited stop services.
2. Capacity Management
Members of MRUA’s constituent groups find increasing overcrowding on certain trains.
MRUA wants most trains to be made up of three cars with additional capacity to meet the heavier passenger flows.
3. Connections
MRUA has picked up on frustration at apparent poor connections at Hereford (for the Worcester line), Shrewsbury (for Wolverhampton and Birmingham) and Newport (for London and the West).
Passengers at smaller stations are said to face waiting areas that are “very basic” and a cafe at Hereford that closes at 18.00 when the station is still busy.
4. Integration for onward travel
MRUA says this could be improved at most stations at modest cost and in some cases may be deterring travel.
Cited as examples of scope for improvement are: pedestrian approaches at Hereford and Ludlow, car parking at Leominster and  bus service information generally.
MRUA represents an alliance of the Rail User groups along the high capacity rail link between Hereford and Shrewsbury, which has a population of 200,000 living within easy distance of six stations.
Current rail use is high with over 3.5 million trips made into or out of Hereford, Leominster, Ludlow, Craven Arms, Church Stretton and Shrewsbury and passenger numbers have increased because of  early improvements by Arriva Trains Wales.
But MRUA says the service provided has not kept up with this growth.
MRUA chairman Professor Leslie Lumsdon said: "Given the continued annual fare rises, we deserve better. It is important for passengers to make their views known to the train operating company and others responsible for delivering our rail service. These views can be fed through to the companies interested in bidding for the Wales and Borders franchise in 2018."
Responses to the issues raised by MRUA can be put to its secretary Ian Slater, at [email protected] or Prof Lumsdon at [email protected] or 01584 877588.


Are the lifts operating yet on the station. I was last told they would be working by the end of June 2014, but the scaffold bridge is still in place.

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Am I the fool?

24 Mar 2015

Posted by greenknight in Open Forum
So I have a dilemma.
I know that soon the election will be over my vote cast, for richer....no probably poorer though for some there will be hard times for sure.
Now I'm thinking that my Council Tax will rise and my hard earned cash will be placed into the Bank of Herefordshire for local politicians to break down and carve out into tiny little pieces though this will be no fishes and loaves scenario.Not everyone going to get a bit not even a morsel but I will have no control on who gets what.
What if there was an option to part with just a little more but on the proviso that you named that organisation or group who you felt were most in need. I'd want it ringfenced oh yes bigger than the bloody Berlin Wall,perhaps two fences after all Steve McQueen got over one!
You see Mrs Knight and I are not wealthy far from it! We don't expect a significant pension and inheritance is for the fortunate. We do expect to work on in some form or the other well past 65. However we are happy..content in our Castle Bungalow and mini wheels outside.
If I could choose three pots I would part with another £50 a year. A noble idea or am I the fool?

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We need your help please!

25 Mar 2015

Posted by magicroundabout in Open Forum
We need your help please.  
If you have an email address, can use the computer and can click to fill in some simple surveys (Do you agree this statement etc), then you can help Hereford win £20,000 of local grants. Once you register it is simple to focus on gaining the points.
You may already have heard about this "Big Energy Race".  If not, the Big Energy Race is a countrywide competition with the prize being £20,000 of energy grants for the winning area.  hEnergy people have entered for Hereford and we are currently 2nd overall.  Our team is called the hEnergy hat throwers. 
I know it is a marketing ploy backed by the big companies - which is why I want Hereford to win and take the grants from them!
Lancashire is currently first and we only have a few days to go to the end of March.
Please help!   :Happy_32: 
Log on, register and have a go for Hereford please.
The links won't work for me - Search Google for "Big Energy Race" and sign up to our team please.

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Parking on Aylestone Hill (and nearby streets)

16 Jun 2014

Posted by Roger in Open Forum

I saw today that yellow signs have gone up at Penn Grove Road indicating that traffic regulation is proposed between Moreland Ave and Admirals Close. That's where the commuters/students/hospital people park for free just beyond where the existing yellow lines stop. The details of the restrictions are not yet on the relevant Council page (link here) but they are sure to appear soon and will probably stop people parking on that section of road full stop. I'll be quite pleased if this happens as the current free for all makes driving along there inconvenient and sometimes dangerous.


This follows on from existing proposals to stop all that dodgy parking on Aylestone Hill (lines are yet to be painted) and a Public Meeting which was held at Brockington Towers on 30th January:


Hereford Times Report


When the lines do appear the cars that do end up getting shifted are sure to clog up somewhere else because the drivers' are obviously looking for free parking. Even using the new Council car park at Station Approach for £3 a day adds up to £60 a month (20 working days) which is certainly not cheap.


Certain people think the Council are bringing on these parking issues themselves. Such as causing the fiasco outside the Leisure Centre where all the car park has emptied out onto the adjacent A49 ... 



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Mothercare Hereford Closing

25 Mar 2015

Posted by Colin James in Hereford City

Another sad day for the city, after 35 years in Hereford, Mothercare is closing it's store  on the 30th due to the lease coming to an end.




Cafe Nero have now purchased the new lease. (scoop)

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Balfour Beatty rejects Carillion takeover

18 Aug 2014

Posted by twowheelsgood in Open Forum

It's only a matter of time before this happens, following which there will be cost cutting and dumping of unprofitable departments, with 'Living Places' no doubt first in line. And then where will be ? It'll be the Jarvis/Amey stitch up all over again. Or do the sensible (and cheapest) thing and revert to direct labour?




Carillion by the way are currently claiming £1.3m compensation from Edinburgh City Council after bad weather prevented the Niddrie Burn Restoration Project from completing on time … yes - builder sues council for allowing bad weather. 

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Hereford Locality Weekly Briefing W/E 20 March 2015

20 Mar 2015

Posted by Colin James in Open Forum



Dear Councillors and Parish Clerks,


During the last week we are pleased to report that the reactive team in the locality completed the following works:


  • 96 square metres of carriageway patching (potholes and other surface deterioration)
  • 31 square metres of footway patching
  • 13 gully’s cleared
  • 1 gully replaced
  • 10 fly tips removed
  • 735 metres of ditching work
  • 560 metres of public right of way (PROW) vegetation clearance
  • 85 loose footway blocks/slabs re-bedded.


Please see below a summary of our key activities within the Hereford Locality over the last week.


Update from Shane (City South – Belmont, St Martins & Hinton, and Tupsley Wards; Rural – Backbury and Hollington Wards)


The above mentioned reactive works included –


Backbury Ward

·         Carriageway patching on C1292 opposite Sufton Rise

·         Carriageway patching on B4399 from Dinedor Mill Bridge to B4224 opposite Heathfield House.


Belmont Ward

  • Carriageway patching in Northolme Road
  • Fly-tips removed from Newton Brook.


St Martins & Hinton Ward

  • Pothole repair in Walnut Tree Avenue


Tupsley Ward

  • Pothole repair in Litchfield Avenue
  • Carriageway patching in Eign Road
  • Gully replaced in Ledbury Road
  • Speed restriction signs repositioned and cleaned in Hampton Park Road.


Some of the issues I have addressed this week  –


·         Inspected trees in Carwardine Green and arranged for crown reduction on one tree

·         Attended a fuel spill in Belmont and arranged for granules to be sprinkled in a number of area

·         Inspected and raised jobs for gully cleansing in Hampton Street and Harold Street

·         Raised a job for a pothole repair in Quarry Road

·         Carried out an inspection on PROW FWD4 (Fownhope) and raised an order for repairs to defective steps down to a stream crossing

·         Carried out an inspection on PROW FWD10 (Fownhope) and raised an order for repairs to the crossing boards on a bridge

·         Met with landowners at Crow Hill, Upton Bishop, to reach agreement on remedial works required on newly laid fencing

·         Carried out PROW inspections on LD14 (Little Dewchurch) and AC13 (Aconbury)

·         Raised a works order for the reinstatement of zig-zag lines outside Marlbrook School

·         Inspected and raised an order for footway repairs at Croft Close

·         Raised an order in respect of 6 potholes in Kilvert Road

·         Carried out 16 NRSWA (street works) inspections – one failed inspection

·         Carried out statutory inspections of A and B roads with Mike.


Update from Mike (City North – Aylestone, Central, St Nicholas, and Three Elms Wards; Rural – Credenhill and Hagley Wards)


This week I have – 


·         Commenced the Aylestone annual safety inspection (56 roads)

·         Raised a number of ad – hoc c/way pothole order for Bath Street, Britten Close, C1189, Three Elms Road, College Road

·         Raised an order for repairs to steps on PROW path BT10

·         Completed the monthly A roads safety driven inspection with Shane

·         Competed the monthly B roads safety driven inspection with Shane

·         Carried out 4 x NRSWA street works inspections

·         Raised gully cleaning orders for College Road

·         Raised a road sweeping request for Kings Acre Road

·         Commenced the monthly Hereford City Centre walked safety inspection


Update from Phil (Rural – Burghill, Holmer & Lyde, and Sutton Walls Wards)


Hereford rural works –


This week I have been carrying out statutory inspections and NRSWA enquiries within the Weobley locality.  With the exception of a meeting on 18.3.15 for a drive around Marden with  our Asset team I have been working exclusively in Weobley.


Herefordshire Council website is the one-stop-shop for up to date information

Maps for pot holes are available on the Councils website –



We hope the above is of interest.


Kind regards

Shane, Mike & Phil.


Shane Hancock | Senior Locality Steward (Hereford – City South)

Balfour Beatty Living Places | Unit 3, Thorn Business Park | Rotherwas | Hereford | HR2 6JT

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Clear Up Herefordshire!

21 Mar 2015

Posted by Frank Smith in Open Forum

I'm not sure what I think about this, I do think its a good idea but are we not already paying a contractor to do this???


Clear Up Herefordshire! On behalf of Balfour Beatty Living Places

Herefordshire Council contractor Balfour Beatty Living Places (BBLP) is backing the first national Community Clear Up Day on Saturday (March 21), the first day of spring.

A hundred “available to borrow” litter pickers are being lent to community groups and BBLP has arranged to pick up all the extra rubbish at pre-arranged collection points.

Cllr Paul Rone, Herefordshire Council’s cabinet member for transport and roads, said: “This is a call to arms for communities great and small to help us end this litter scourge by taking greater pride in our neighbourhoods.

“It is time to roll up our sleeves and bring the broom back out of the cupboard because by looking after our local areas we can help make them better places to work and live.”

The Bromyard Downs Common Association, working with the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, is leading a big clear-up on Sunday.

Project Manager Hannah Welsh said the Downs was a popular beauty spot: “There’s quite a bit of rubbish and we want to clean up this beautiful area. Volunteers are welcome to come and join us.”

Herefordshire Council spends nearly a million pounds every year on street cleansing. Cllr Rone said that people had to recognise that dropping litter and forcing councils to clear up the mess meant that they had to divert cash from key areas like caring for the vulnerable.

He said: “Those irresponsible individuals who are dropping litter divert our limited resources away from the elderly, very young or a whole range of vital services.”

BBLP supports community clear-ups picks and supplies litter packs and can arrange rubbish collection.

To request a litter picking pack which contains litter pickers, gloves, high visibility vests, hoops and black rubbish bags, and arrange for collection following a litter pick, please call 01432 349504 or use the “contact us” link on the Herefordshire Council website: https://www.hereford...ov.uk/contactus


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Lack Of Respect For Local Environment!

16 Feb 2015

Posted by Colin James in Open Forum

A total lack of respect for the local environment! This is Widemarsh Brook taken on Saturday and it was highlighted by Dave Throup (Environment Agency Manager for Herefordshire and Worcestershire)on Twitter today.


Widemarch Brook.jpg

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The Venue Opens This Week!

24 Mar 2015

Posted by Colin James in Hereford City

The Venue (formally The Jailhouse) Opens This Week!



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