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Fraudulent banks, utility companies and corrupt courts

11 Jun 2014

Posted by megilleland in Open Forum
Support For Guy Taylor Needed
On today's UK Column News - https://www.youtube....h?v=n1v_ntEj7qs - Guy Taylor gave an update on his continuing battle with fraudulent banks, utility companies and corrupt courts.
To give a little background, Guy's fight began when a Barclays Bank manager allegedly created a fraudulent loan in Guy's name using a forged signature. Details of this can be seen in an episode of our documentary series Insight which can be viewed here: https://www.youtube....h?v=ehklozL6b90
Recently events came to a head when Guy had Bodenham Manor, a property bought by his father for cash and for which there is no outstanding debt, stolen from him when bailiffs, supported by 50 or more police evicted him and his tenants from the property. 
Guy has demonstrated that all this has happened on the basis of fraudulent documents, and as he showed on the UK Column News today, he has confirmation from the court where the latest documents were apparently issued from that they did not issue them and no hearing took place there.
Now they are attempting to steal his own home, on which, again, there is no outstanding debt.
So we are asking everyone who can possibly do it to come to Guy's home on Tuesday to support Guy in his efforts to see off this unlawful intimidation. We need as many people on site as possible equipped with cameras, video cameras and notebooks to record events as they happen. 
The eviction is due to start at 11am on Tuesday the 17th June 2014 at Pear Tree Farm, Carey, Hereford HR2 6NG.
We hope to see you there, but whether you can get there or not, please pass this to as many people as possible, and keep an eye on our lunchtime news programmes for updates.

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EU referendum - In or Out?

25 May 2015

Posted by megilleland in Open Forum

With the General Election now over - there is possibly only two years (2017) before we get a referendum on whether to stay in the EU or get out. Having believed we would have had a change of government, nationally and locally by now, I do not have much confidence that any referendum will be conducted fairly in order that the ruling poitical parties get the result they and the EU want.


What are the benefits of being in or out for Hereford and the county? Maybe some information and facts through this topic could help us make a reasoned decision when voting, although I think we will be staying in the EU at any cost. Not for the benefit of the citizens, but for all those entwined in the machinations of the EU political and monetary systems.

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Robert Owen Free school

25 Jun 2014

Posted by gdj in Open Forum

The £3 million pound renovation of the £1 million pound land and building at Blackfriars that the council handed over is continuing - it should look good but to spend this much money on so few children (20 to 30 at the moment) - is questionable.


As mentioned on previous threads, the Principal (headteacher) resigned in January after one term in charge and an interim from Manchester was put in charge.  They advertised for a new Principal and now have announced who has been selected.


It is a Mr Andrew Hubble.


Coincidentally, a Mr Andrew Hubble resigned as principal of an academy in West Walsall earlier this year after it was found by ofsted to be inadequate in nearly all respects including leadership and management.  I wonder if this is the same Mr Andrew Hubble.  And, if so, what the kids at the school have done to deserve someone with that track record. 


Still,  the nearby Barrs Court School appointed a principal with a very dodgy reputation and track record and has had to suspend her so it seems that some schools for vulnerable kids who can't fit into mainstream education can provide a dumping ground for failed leaders.  I say `some' because I know that other special schools and Pupil Referral units have excellent leaders and they and their staff do a great job that should continue. 


Normally the Hereford Times would trumpet any development at the ROVS - they have been strangely quiet on the new appointment.

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I told you it would get worse!

17 Nov 2013

Posted by megilleland in Newton Farm
Things are steadily getting worse on Hereford's estates with not much activity on the ground.
Here on Newton Farm not only are Herefordshire Housing cutting the bulk of the grass, but also the Council's agents (used to be Amey and now Balfour Beatty), and in the case of our street, we pay a service charge for Muir Group Housing to cut the grass and keep the area tidy. 
There is no co-ordination between these bodies, so some grass gets cut and other areas are left to be cut at a later date. This results in an unkempt appearance and local residents not knowing who is responsible for which piece of land. There are pieces of land which have never been cut this year. The problems around the electricity sub-station in Sherborne Close still continue, with fly tipping amd split rubbish bags spewing their contents over the pavements every weekend. Not much hope of anything been done as this has been occuring and visible to anyone passing through this area since the first post here in June 2010.
This lack of co-ordination and co-operation to maintain our estates goes back to 2002 when the council handed over most of our green, open spaces to Herefordshire Housing and other Registered Social Landlords, when they got rid of their housing stock. Since then and several recessions later we were told these alterations and efficiency savings would benefit us the council tax payers and be easier to manage in the future. As we can now see this way of working has failed. There should be one contractor to cover the whole area by adopting all the open space. Balfour Beatty having got their £200 million contract with the council, and possibly a phone line connected in the near future, things could be different, but I doubt it.

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Southern Link Road Preferred Route

08 Nov 2014

Posted by megilleland in Planning
Herefordshire Council Newsroom 7th November 2014
On Thursday 13 November Herefordshire Council’s Cabinet will consider route SC2 as the preferred route for the Southern Link Road.
A total of eleven route options for the new road have been considered and appraised by the council’s consultants Parsons Brinkerhoff and the results are set out in a preferred options report which will be considered by cabinet.
The assessment has concluded that in order to address the transport problems and promote growth within the South Wye area, a new Southern Link Road from the A49 to the A465 (with a link to B4349) is necessary. 
Public consultation took place in July and August 2014 looking at four shortlisted routes. Following consideration of the feedback, a detailed appraisal of a three alternative routes suggested by the public and third parties also took place.
Each of the three additional routes were appraised to the same level of detail as the four options consulted upon. Each of the final routes were appraised in terms of engineering considerations, economic outcomes, impact to the environment, and an assessment of the social implications.
The Southern Link Road forms part of the South Wye Transport Package, which aims to promote economic growth within Hereford while tackling specific problems in the South Wye area.
If Cabinet approve the SC2 route, a planning application will be submitted before the end of the year.  The cabinet report and the preferred option report can be viewed on the council’s website.


According to the report and Hereford Times this route will cost £25 million which appears amazingly cheap when compared with the costs for the city Link Road. Note that this route is furthest out from the city - no doubt so it can be infilled with housing. The loss of woodland at Grafton Wood should be compensated with planting of trees and screening along route.

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Fiona finally finishes

29 May 2014

Posted by gdj in Open Forum

According to an article in today's printed edition (quickly perused whilst queuing at petrol station),  there is to be a new editor and Fiona is being sent into exile abroad (well, Newport).


Does this herald a new dawn of high quality journalism, has circulation been falling?  Is it just time to move on after a few years?

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Perfect Pizza (Chicken)


Posted by Roger in Open Forum



Anecdotal evidence on the internet that 'Perfect' has not been open for a while .... 


Archive photo obtained via google .... 

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Nobody Discussing Healthcare?

24 Apr 2015

Posted by dazza333 in Open Forum
Why are none of you even slightly touching the subject of healthcare? Is it that you are happy to be treated by a hospital that has proven to be substandard? (CQC report on Wye Valley Trust, Oct 14)This hospital is in special measures and a 'Death Tracker' has been implemented by the CQC because it has the highest death rate in the UK..........discuss...

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Mr Chips Closed

18 Jun 2015

Posted by Colin James in Hereford City

I was in Commercial Road this evening and noticed that Mr Chips is closed, this is very recent as it was open was I was in town in the last few weeks. 


Mr Chips.JPG

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First Group Buses Hereford

29 Jun 2015

Posted by Roger in Open Forum


Statement from First Midlands


Monday 29th June 2015


Bus operator, First, has announced proposals to discontinue its bus services in Hereford. This includes the withdrawal of all its services and the closure of its depot on Friars Street from 5 September, 2015. 

First said that its operations in Hereford have not been viable for a number of years. Despite working hard to turn the business around and the introduction of a wide ranging Transformation Plan which included measures to attract more customers, there remains insufficient passenger demand. The continuing challenging economy has also contributed to Firsts proposed withdrawal. 

Nigel Eggleton, Managing Director of First Midlands, said: "Im disappointed that we are proposing to withdraw services in Hereford, but regrettably, we see no alternative. Despite our best efforts and hard work, only 3,500 customers per day travel on our buses. That level of demand is not enough to warrant a stand-alone bus operation. 

"We will continue to operate services as normal up to and including 5 September, however we are today engaging with Herefordshire Council on the future of bus services in the area. Given the volume of other bus operators that operate in and around Hereford, Im confident that customers shouldnt be left without a service."

As a result of the proposed closure of the Hereford depot First has started the collective consultation process with trade unions on the possibility of redundancies, with up to 40 jobs at risk.

Nigel Eggleton added: "Our proposals do not, in any way, reflect on the commitment of colleagues in Hereford who have worked tirelessly to provide the best possible service to the local community. Id like to thank them for their hard work and loyalty. We will be doing everything we can to assist everyone affected and will actively support any of employees who may wish to transfer to other First operations." 


First Group

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Weekly list of planning public notices affecting the city

18 Apr 2014

Posted by megilleland in Planning

List of planning public notices affecting the city

It is a legal requirement for the council to give public notice of certain types of planning application and other planning matters by the display of an advert in a local newspaper.
If you wish to comment, please follow the advice contained in the notice.
The Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) 
Order 2010 Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990, Sections 67 & 73 
Application Types: 
P - Planning permission 
L - Listed Building Consent 
AC - Conservation Area Consent 
SL - Affecting the setting of a Listed Building 
AC - Affecting a Conservation Area 
D - Not in accordance with the provisions of the Development Plan 
RW - Affecting a public right of way 
T - For a telecommunications mast 
Provision of a pedestrian and cycle link between the southern end of Station Approach and the northern end of Canal Road. Requiring demolition of existing store building in builders merchant. Proposal includes street lighting and associated landscaping at Jewson Builders Merchant, Canal Wharf, Canal Road, Hereford 
Extension to changing room at Bowling Club Rear Of Asda, Belmont Road, Belmont, Hereford 
Insertion of windows to the north, east and west elevations at Left Bank, Bridge Street, Hereford
Making safe existing garden and boundary walls at Hereford Cathedral School, 29 Castle Street, Hereford 
Site for the development of up to 135 homes (including 46 affordable homes), public open space, new access (including demolition of 144 Aylestone Hill). Structural landscaping, sustainable drainage including balancing ponds and infrastructure and associated works at Land at 144 Aylestone Hill and land to the east of Aylestone Hill, Hereford 
If you wish to make representations or comments you can during the period of 21 days beginning with the date of the publication of this notice quoting the relevant number: 
By the Website: Using the online comment form 
By e-mail to: [email protected] 
By post to: - Planning Services, PO Box 230, Hereford, HR1 2ZB 
ANDREW ASHCROFT (Assistant Director) – 10th April 2014 


Interesting applications concerning Left Bank, Cyclelink and land to the east of Aylestone Hill. Not sure where you find the online comment form?

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29 Jun 2015

Posted by Adrian symonds in College

Had a letter shove through my door from Eon, syaing they are going to replace our lamposts. so that means we will have those awful waste of space LED rubbish things.


i thought our council had no money and yet can afford toi do things like this.



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Summer Council 'Noise' patrols

29 Jun 2015

Posted by Roger in Open Forum

Sound advice and action on keeping the volume down

23 June 2015


From this weekend up to the end of August, noise officers from the environmental protection team will be out and about the county on Friday and Saturday nights as part of the launch of Herefordshire Summer Noise Awareness Campaign. Funded by a grant from the Police and Crime Commissioner, noise officers will be on call into the early hours of the morning monitoring noisy hot spots and investigating noise complaints.


Up to a 1000 noise complaints a year across the county are made to the environmental protection team, with a 50% increase over the summer months. The majority of these are about loud music, parties and barking dogs.

Noisy equipment that is audible from businesses can also cause complaints, especially if they operate through the night.


Marc Willimont the head of development management and environmental health said “We accept people have the right to enjoy themselves and some noise is inevitable in work and home activities. However we are asking that residents and businesses consider the noise they are generating and think about how excessive and prolonged noise could be affecting their neighbour’s quality of life.”


 “Whether it keeps them awake at night when they have to be up early for work, or stops them enjoying life at home during the day, noise can be a real problem. Simple steps such as informing neighbours of a planned party or leaving contact details if a barking dog is going to be unattended can prevent complaints and mean you can be contacted directly if any problems arise.”


“Fortunately, most residents and businesses in Herefordshire are considerate of their neighbours, but we will take firm action against the small minority who persist in causing noise nuisance. Where people refuse to comply with requests from the service to keep the noise level down, notices can be issued. Non-compliance of a notice can lead to a criminal investigation and substantial fines in the court. The council can also seize equipment such as stereos and TV’s.”


If you are suffering from excessive and prolonged noise disturbance during this time contact the team via the councils out of hours number 01432 260 000. You will be required to provide your details, the details of the noisy premises and how the noise is affecting you. Also access to the affected property will be required to monitor the noise. Excessive noise, duration and repeat offenders will be given priority on the night. 


Herefordshire Council

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Haunted Old Crow Cottage, in Willersley, Herefordshire

11 Mar 2014

Posted by Mick in Open Forum
I have just read this fascinating article, have a read it's a little spooky.
Old Crow Cottage.jpg
Inside the haunted cottage with tragic past which has been left to rot with more than 300 years of valuables...clothes, pictures, clocks all left untouched
Last owner of Old Crow Cottage, in Willersley, Herefordshire, was tragically killed last year
David Edward Penny, 72, died in a car crash on the road outside the house in October, 2013
Locals claim to have seen lights flickering inside the cottage, leading to rumours that the cottage is haunted
The Grade II-listed cottage was built in the 17th century and had been a village pub
The haunting signs of lives once lived still echo from every room in this long-abandoned ramshackle ruin.
Old Crow Cottage, a Grade II listed building, now stands eerily abandoned since 2009 - the clothes, pictures and other remnants from former inhabitants are untouched and lying under a thick layer of dust.
New photographs from inside the dilapidated cottage, in Willersley, Herefordshire, reveal the eerie atmosphere within the building which would once have been a family home.

Over the last few years, locals have even reported to have seen lights flickering inside the cottage, leading to rumours that the cottage might be haunted.

The last occupant was killed in a car crash on the road outside the home.

Urban explorer Dan Circa ventured inside after reading about its history online.

Dan, 28, from Manchester says: 'The cottage has been in the same family for many years and it looks like each generation has filled the house with their possessions.'

Read More: HERE
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

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Late night Thief

27 Jun 2015

Posted by ragwert in Open Forum

Anyone recognise this late night thief ?


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