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Fraudulent banks, utility companies and corrupt courts

11 Jun 2014

Posted by megilleland in Open Forum
Support For Guy Taylor Needed
On today's UK Column News - https://www.youtube....h?v=n1v_ntEj7qs - Guy Taylor gave an update on his continuing battle with fraudulent banks, utility companies and corrupt courts.
To give a little background, Guy's fight began when a Barclays Bank manager allegedly created a fraudulent loan in Guy's name using a forged signature. Details of this can be seen in an episode of our documentary series Insight which can be viewed here: https://www.youtube....h?v=ehklozL6b90
Recently events came to a head when Guy had Bodenham Manor, a property bought by his father for cash and for which there is no outstanding debt, stolen from him when bailiffs, supported by 50 or more police evicted him and his tenants from the property. 
Guy has demonstrated that all this has happened on the basis of fraudulent documents, and as he showed on the UK Column News today, he has confirmation from the court where the latest documents were apparently issued from that they did not issue them and no hearing took place there.
Now they are attempting to steal his own home, on which, again, there is no outstanding debt.
So we are asking everyone who can possibly do it to come to Guy's home on Tuesday to support Guy in his efforts to see off this unlawful intimidation. We need as many people on site as possible equipped with cameras, video cameras and notebooks to record events as they happen. 
The eviction is due to start at 11am on Tuesday the 17th June 2014 at Pear Tree Farm, Carey, Hereford HR2 6NG.
We hope to see you there, but whether you can get there or not, please pass this to as many people as possible, and keep an eye on our lunchtime news programmes for updates.

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Parking Meters In Hereford

30 Jul 2015

Posted by Colin James in Hereford City

I have just read this article in the Hereford Times.




ON-STREET parking charges could soon be coming to Hereford city centre.

Herefordshire Council is going out to consultation on a plan for 22 kerbside parking meters within the city’s historic core.

The Hereford Times has learned that the consultation on the £350,000 scheme – potentially worth up to £295,000 a year to the council – was signed off at cabinet level this week.

Also proposed is an overall increase in off-street parking charges across the county – effective from October and expected to raise an additional £1 million a year for the local authority.



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Abandoned House In Newton Farm


Posted by Colin James in Newton Farm

This was posted on our Facebook page today:


Does anybody know the owner of 29 pixley walk . It was abandoned over 15 years ago and it's left to ruin . It's now a health hazard and a total eyesore on the estate . Also now the gates have blown down its open to children and one of them will be seriously hurt before long . The council don't seem to want to know.


Pixley Walk.jpg

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Mr Chips Closed

18 Jun 2015

Posted by Colin James in Hereford City

I was in Commercial Road this evening and noticed that Mr Chips is closed, this is very recent as it was open was I was in town in the last few weeks. 


Mr Chips.JPG

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Nobody Discussing Healthcare?

24 Apr 2015

Posted by dazza333 in Open Forum
Why are none of you even slightly touching the subject of healthcare? Is it that you are happy to be treated by a hospital that has proven to be substandard? (CQC report on Wye Valley Trust, Oct 14)This hospital is in special measures and a 'Death Tracker' has been implemented by the CQC because it has the highest death rate in the UK..........discuss...

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Morrisons Supermarket (Hereford)

14 Mar 2014

Posted by Roger in Open Forum

Morrisons posted a profit warning recently ... 


Robert Peston (BBC) on the subject


So why are they trying to aggravate customers by having a TalkTalk hit squad hovering as you leave? I let it go last night as these salesmen have to earn a living somewhere ... but I got grabbed again tonight by the same guys who had forgotten we had a conversation last night which had ended with me saying I was not remotely interested in their product. 


I was also in a bad mood as the offer product I went in for was bare on the shelf.


Also the car park now has so many rules that it puts you off going there. Machines that need you to type in your car registration number for instance. That loses my interest straight away! Plus ANPR cameras.


And I've not even started on the till situation! 

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...and Here's How Our Urban Streets Should Look...

26 Apr 2015

Posted by Amanda Martin in Open Forum

I attended a hustings in Dinedor on Friday when Cllr Peter Sinclair-Knipe assured the audience that he was very much in favour of the new Southern Link Road. This, you will recall,  is the Cabinet's shameful roadbuilding swan song which will spawn acres of shoddy new hutches and a big fat profit for house builders south of Hereford.  It would also  incidentally,  ruin Jean and Michael Harris's beautiful garden, although Cllr Sinclair-Knipe didn't mention that bit, probably because he doesn't care.

Inevitably, the subject of the Council's pi*% poor record on transport came up.  
I was guillotined for not phrasing my contribution as a question but blatantTory plants were allowed to speak at will about footpaths, stiles and what a wonderful job farmers and the Council are doing in looking after the countryside.

Meanwhile Cllr Sinclair-Knipe, with his massive expertise and broad perspective in this field, was getting into his stride with an incoherent stream of party briefing key words like "jobs" "growth" and "market forces" and shrewdly anticipated the argument I would have made had I not been cut off with "When you say THE CONTINENT, you mean HOLLAND !  Cycling is all very well but YOU WON'T GET PEOPLE OUT OF THEIR CARS" and HOLLAND is FLAT and what about when it's RAINING and *cue triumphant chuckle*,  you can't get much shopping on a BIKE can you and, and, and (pause for tweeting birds)" ...................people haven't got TIME !!"      Apparently, though we all have time to sit in traffic jams. 


Now Julian's walking round the house repeating "YOU WON'T GET PEOPLE OUT OF THEIR CARS........"  
and suggesting Cllr S-K  probably drives along in his Turbo deluxe f*c _king Shogan tank with a shotgun pointing out of each window blasting peasants and wildlife.  


Here's another gem: " It's all very well all these arts festivals, but WHO"S GOING TO PAY FOR THEM? EH? EH? The businesses? ARE THEY GOING TO PAY??"       Not very "Big Society".  

....and here's how our urban streets should look

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Murder In Hereford

22 Jun 2015

Posted by Colin James in Hunderton

We are hearing reports of a fatal stabbing in Hunderton. A man in his 30's was stabbed late last night.


UPDATE: The victim has sadly died so this is now a full murder enquiry.



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Sunset Over Hereford

11 Jun 2015

Posted by Colin James in Open Forum

I took this photograph from Kingsthorn this evening and thought I would share it with you. Stunning view of the Black Mountains in the distance.


Sunset Hereford.jpg

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Police Need To Find Owner Of This Bike

13 Jul 2015

Posted by Colin James in Police & Crime

Police need to identify the owner of this bike. Please contact PCSO Jenkins.





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Do the Police check the GWW?

31 Oct 2010

Posted by M. Preece in Police & Crime
A friend of mine came home from town along the great western way the other night and commented to me on how scary it was along that walk. The lighting was very poor and could do with more lights being put up and brighter, she also suggested to me that it would be more reassuring if the Police drove along there at various times to check the area, especially when people are walking home alone at night.

How would one go about asking for extra brighter lighting along here and ask the Police to frequent the area at various times? thus reassuring people with their presence?

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Freedom Church Back In The News.

17 Jan 2015

Posted by dippyhippy in Open Forum

I meant to post this last night, but forgot!


I see that Freedom Church is making headlines once again, for all the wrong reasons. Over at Hereford Times an article states that they have been asked to leave Swansea University Campus, after blitzing it with leaflets, and holding religious services on site.


Not the first time their recruitment methods have been questioned. Anyone else remember the campaign which saw lollipops handed out to children outside the school gates? Tactics which at best could be described as showing a complete lack of judgement, at worst, rather sinister.


I also seem to recall being told that at one point in the not too distant past, a company whose staff consisted of  several leading lights within this church, had been given a contract to deliver sex education to pupils in some Herefordshire Schools. 


I have real concerns about this pay to pray organisation. 


How do others feel?

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First Group Buses Hereford

29 Jun 2015

Posted by Roger in Open Forum


Statement from First Midlands


Monday 29th June 2015


Bus operator, First, has announced proposals to discontinue its bus services in Hereford. This includes the withdrawal of all its services and the closure of its depot on Friars Street from 5 September, 2015. 

First said that its operations in Hereford have not been viable for a number of years. Despite working hard to turn the business around and the introduction of a wide ranging Transformation Plan which included measures to attract more customers, there remains insufficient passenger demand. The continuing challenging economy has also contributed to Firsts proposed withdrawal. 

Nigel Eggleton, Managing Director of First Midlands, said: "Im disappointed that we are proposing to withdraw services in Hereford, but regrettably, we see no alternative. Despite our best efforts and hard work, only 3,500 customers per day travel on our buses. That level of demand is not enough to warrant a stand-alone bus operation. 

"We will continue to operate services as normal up to and including 5 September, however we are today engaging with Herefordshire Council on the future of bus services in the area. Given the volume of other bus operators that operate in and around Hereford, Im confident that customers shouldnt be left without a service."

As a result of the proposed closure of the Hereford depot First has started the collective consultation process with trade unions on the possibility of redundancies, with up to 40 jobs at risk.

Nigel Eggleton added: "Our proposals do not, in any way, reflect on the commitment of colleagues in Hereford who have worked tirelessly to provide the best possible service to the local community. Id like to thank them for their hard work and loyalty. We will be doing everything we can to assist everyone affected and will actively support any of employees who may wish to transfer to other First operations." 


First Group

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Save Belmont Library

17 Dec 2013

Posted by Adrian Bridges in Belmont

Belmont Library Hours Update


We have today received confirmation that Herefordshire Council Cabinet members who have agreed to retain the opening hours at Belmont in recognition of the partnership approach with Belmont Community Centre and Belmont Rural Parish Council.


At last some postivie news. I am not sure what the other libraries opening hours or if these are to be amended / reduced. Once this is known I will have them published.



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The High Town Bomb Site

07 Apr 2014

Posted by Aylestone Voice in Open Forum

Is it not about time that something was finally done. A short time ago the owners did some tidying up but this included taking off the temporary roof thus opening up the building to the elements.
Is there nothing really that can be done?
Do the Council not have the powers either to require the site to be developed or to CPO it?

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